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IaHarleyrider's Story
by IaHarleyRider

I hear the sound, like the distant loud purring of a large cat...then the roar. I know it's you! That sound of your Harley sends shivers through my body. The sun is just rising and I can see your black clad leather figure riding that black Harley down my street. I stand, mesmerized, watching you as if you come out of a mist in a dream. Looking at you coming closer...riding the motorcycle, black as midnight, with the reflection of sun shining off the high, polished chrome...I stare as you stop in front of my house, drop the kickstand and pull off each leather glove. I can feel my heart is racing as you reach for your helmet. It skips a beat when you pull it off and your blonde hair is such a contrast to the black of your leather collar. You look like a Nordic god in black leather, and I can see your blue eyes looking for me. Reaching for my leather jacket, I slide it on and walk toward you, watching your eyes follow my leather-clad legs and hips. I feel excitement building in me as I near you...closer. I finally stand next to you, and nervously say, "Hi, I'm glad you're here."

You reach in my jacket and caress my breasts for a moment, before smiling and zipping it up for me. Your voice is calm and sexy as you say, "Hi, baby, climb on."

Looking into your blue eyes, I feel myself wanting your hands back on my breasts. You must have seen my thoughts, and as you slide your helmet on, you laugh, "Later for that, honey. I want to feel them again as much as you want me to!"

I slide into place behind you as you start the engine. The sound reverberates through me, as it always does, and we pull away from the curb, proceeding up the coastline.

My arms wrap low around your body, resting just above your leathered legs...I snuggle closer against your ass. My thighs open and snug against you, tingling from the bike's steady hum. Reaching down, I feel you rub your hand up and down my thigh, letting me know you're well aware of my thighs spread wide open behind you, against your ass.

There is no traffic this early, and it's just the two of our bodies reverberating with the hum of the bike between our legs. The Pacific Ocean is to our left as the wind whips around us, and I snuggle into your back. I watch the sun climbing in the sky making the ocean seem as if it has diamonds sparkling over its surface - we start the descent down the cliff road to the coast. The downshifting makes the engine send waves of sensations through my legs to the juncture of my thighs...I am thrust against your ass and back. Smiling to myself, I lean forward and my breasts crush against your back. I can smell the ocean and hear the gulls crying their song on wing. With the smell of the leather of your jacket and the crisp air, I feel my senses intoxicated, a growing need in my body.

Riding down to a grotto by the ocean that's secluded from traffic, we climb off the bike. I watch as you shake the kinks out of your legs and stretch your back, removing your helmet to free your hair to the wind. It only takes you a moment to unpack the saddlebags and spread a blanket on the sandy shore. Pulling me down close to your body, we sit watching the waves crashing on the rocks in the distance.

Suddenly, you stand and reach down to me. Taking your hand, you pull me to my feet and unzip my jacket, dropping it to the blanket. Your hands start to slowly caress my breasts.

Your voice is deep as you whisper, "Is this what you've wanted since your thighs were wrapped around my hips?" Looking into your blue eyes, I lean into you and you know my answer.

Stepping away from me, I watch as you slowly unzip your pants...I love how your legs appear as the black leather slides down them.

Again, your deep voice whispers, "Get undressed, baby. I have something for you."

Your grin makes it all too apparent where your thoughts are. Slowly, I move my hands to the zipper on my leathers. Inch by inch, I lower them...teasing you...then slide the leather down my legs and fold them on the blanket. Wearing nothing now but a lace T-shirt and lace panties, I sit down on the blanket and look up at you saying, "I need you so badly. It seems like ages since I have had your body next to mine!" It is all you need to hear; I see your eyes blaze with lust.

Your hands slide under the elastic of my panties and over my clit, and your words, alone make me wet for you, "Does my baby like the vibrations from the Harley on her little clit more than from me?"

"No, I need your fingers on me, please touch me!"

Your fingers open the sweet lips of my pussy and rub my sensitive flesh. Your other hand pulls the panties down my body, exposing me to you.

With need building in both of us, I push your head toward my nipples and feel your lips kiss and lick them. We are both wanting and needing the same union.

I whisper, "I need you inside me!"

"Yeah, baby, open your thighs for me, wider honey!"

You are above me...strong...naked. Your knees spread my thighs wider. Positioned for possession, you slide your cock into my pussy and I feel the slow acceptance as you sink in. You move like a well-timed machine, in and out of my body, and the sensation is like flying....slowly dancing the same dance. Leaning on your arms above me, you continue in smooth strokes, watching me lift my hips to meet your body's sensual rhythm. I need you in me deeper, and my legs wrap around your waist, feeling you driving up to your balls...deep.

Smiling down at me, you whisper as you pull out of me and roll on your back, "Come here, sweet bitch. You want to ride something, then ride me."

I am so wet, and love the look of that thick cock standing...waiting for me. I move over you slowly and position my pussy above your cock, ready to lower my body onto your waiting shaft, when you say, "First, sweet bitch, bring your pussy to my mouth." You pull me up over your chest and I have my pussy above your waiting mouth.

Kneeling above you and looking down into those blue eyes of yours, I watch as you begin your slow leisurely way of licking my outer lips...tickling...running sensations over me.

"Pinch your nipples for me, honey, while I do what I want."

Reaching for my already hard nipples, I pinch them and love the soft feel of the brown tips as they harden. Looking down between my thighs, I watch and feel your tongue moving in long, slow strokes up and down the length of my pussy lips. My pussy is clit feels swollen and sensitive...I know I want to come soon. I want to move faster on your mouth when you slide your mouth away and demand, "Ride my cock. Sweet bitch, fuck that cock!"

I slide down your body with a burning need, and position myself above you. You place your hands under my thighs and lower me, as you want. Inch by inch, you teasingly slide in my wet pussy, dripping for your cock. Finally, I push down harder, ignoring you, trying to hold me away...I need to be fucked and I hear you laugh, +"Good baby, now ride!"

I can feel you under me, in me, as I start to slide up and down your hard cock. Your hands under my hips lifting me up and driving me back down. With each pull down on my hips, you thrust higher into my needing pussy.

"Yes, moan for me sweet bitch, that's it. Which do you want to ride, the Harley or me?"

Looking into my eyes, you see my answer. Grinning at me, you rock into my body...pulling...thrusting...Again...Again. Waiting!

Then you see what you've been waiting for. I throw my head back, arch my back and impale my body on your driving cock. Slamming you deeper within my core...crying your name, my pussy begins to spasm and clench tighter on your cock within me.

I can feel my body gripping you like a tight, smooth leather glove. The first wave of your release drives within me, and I hear your moan of pure satisfaction. Not ready to let go of the feeling, you arch your back, driving your hips high off the ground.

Finally, feeling the last of your cock spilling its seed into me, I lean forward in exhausted pleasure on your chest. Cradling me in your arms, we don't move...our breathing and senses slowly return. The sounds return to my senses and I can hear the gulls crying again and the sound of the ocean in my ears.

Leisurely, we sit up, smiling at each other, and, hand in hand, we walk to the ocean's edge to play in the cold water. Still without a word, in our own world of sensation, we walk back to the blanket and slowly dress.

We walk over to the Harley, and as it jumps to life, so much a part of you, I climb on. Sliding close to your back, spreading my thighs wide to slide them around you, I feel as if we are one. I feel the engine under me as we start the climb back to the main road. Your hands are sliding up and down my thighs, and as you pat my thigh, as if saying, good girl, you lean back and I hear you laugh and say, "So when we get home, want to go for another ride, honey?"

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