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Intimate Strangers
by Lily

You were coming out of the gym and I wasn't watching where I was going. Our bodies slammed into each other and I fell. The heel of my shoe stuck in the grate near the curb and sent me sprawling. There I lay my skirt riding high on my thighs. The lacy tops of my stockings peeking out below the hem of my skirt. The top two buttons of my blouse opened and exposing the lacy camisole underneath. You reached down to help me up but not before letting your eyes travel slowly up my body. I watch a slow smile spread across your face as you lift me to my feet.

"Are you all right?" You ask.

My eyes widen hearing your voice. 'so sexy' I thought. "I think so " I said, it came out in a whisper. You brushed off my back and then my skirt. My skin warmed under the touch of your palm. I gasped as you softly brushed off my ass.

You heard it and your grin deepened. "Here, let me" you say reaching for the buttons on my blouse. Your fingers moved slowly and I watch as you refasten the buttons. I was sure you could feel the speeding beat of my heart. Your hands brushed against the top of my breasts as you moved them to my waist to steady me. The heel of my shoe was broken and our heads bumped as we both bent to pick it up at once. We laughed and it relaxed me for a minute until you reached up and rubbed my forehead. I was shocked by the sudden heat from your touch. You felt it to and took your hand away.

"Sorry about your shoe, can I give you a lift somewhere?" I stared at you for a moment trying to decide what to do. I wanted you so much and I was sure that you could tell. My nipples were hard points showing through my blouse.

"Please" I said huskily and took your outstretched hand. I decided for once to take what I wanted and worry about it some other day.

You led me to a truck and helped me get in. I gave you directions and we rode in silence to the small house I had just moved into. We pulled up in front and you turned the engine off and leaned against the wheel just looking at me. "Can you stay for a while?" I ask. I see that slow grin again and it sends waves of heat through my body. I realize I was holding my breath waiting for an answer. "All right" you say not moving for a minute, the way your eyes watched me was like having hands run down my body. I unlocked the front door and kicked off my other shoe. You closed the door and leaned against it.

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked bending over to move my shoe.

You moved behind me then and said "No" I felt your hands, first on my hips. I stood slowly a moan escaping from my lips. It has been so long since anyone had touched me. I took a small step backward and felt the hard length of you pressing against me. I leaned into you and felt your arms wrap around me. I am letting a complete stranger touch me I thought but couldn't make myself move. I wanted you so much. "Are you sure?" Your voice cut through my thoughts.

"Yes," I say with only a brief hesitation. Still you just hold me letting me get used to the feel of you pressed against me. "Let's go into my room." I hear myself say. You follow me up the stairs. You walk over and touch the floor length mirror on the side of the bed adjusting its angle and then turn back to me. Your hand reaches for mine and you close the distance between us. We stand in front of the mirror looking at our reflections in the glass. I watch you. I watch your eyes as they move over me.

Then I see your hands slowly sweeping up my sides over my arms, barely brushing my neck. Your fingers pull at the comb holding my hair up. It falls over my shoulders and I watch as the strands slip through your fingers. Your hands wrap around my throat softly stroking downward. I shiver as you reach my shoulders and watch as your fingers undo each button of my blouse. You slide it over my shoulders and down my arms. It floats to the floor. your shirt follows it to the ground. I hear the metal teeth of my zipper sliding down. Your fingers caress my hips and my skirt slips to the floor. I stand in creamy white stockings held up by a lacy garter belt and tiny lace panties with matching lace camisole. My breasts swell out the top of the camisole and you trace them softly with one calloused finger.

You pull off your shoes and I watch your reflection as you undo your pants and pull them down until you stand naked behind me. You turn me sideways and your fingers fumble with the tiny buttons of my camisole popping them open one by one. My breasts spill out as you open the camisole and pull it off me. Your fingers hook into the elastic of my panties and pull them up slightly. They separate the cheeks of my ass and the bare lips of my pussy. You pull them down my thighs and they drop the rest of the way. You sit on the bed and pull me into your lap. We watch the mirror together.

Watch your fingers pinch my nipples making them even harder and darker. Making them swell from your touch. I begin to pant as your hands run from my knees to my inner thighs spreading my legs slowly. In the mirror our eyes meet and darken. I sit here spreading my thighs so that you can see the dark red patch of hair and the bare swollen lips below. Your fingers calloused and blunt move gently and softly touch each lip. Following the seam you caress me. I moan as you dip one finger lower wetting it with my juice. The tip of your finger rubs back and forth slowly. My hips buck against you wanting more. One of your hands travels to my waist and then higher kneading my tits with your fingers rolling first one nipple and then the other between your thumb and finger. I watch as your fingers push between my lips and deep into my pussy a tear rolls down my face from the need for you for this.

My body moves out of control rocking against your fingers. I grab your hand trying to force you to move faster and I cry out as I come on your fingers. while you watch me in the mirror I loose all control. I try to close my eyes but you wont have it. "Look at yourself" you whisper in my ear, still stroking between my thighs, "See how hot you look flushed and excited and oh so sweet." I open my eyes and watch your fingers moving inside me. I begin to gasp for air. You push me to my feet and lay me back on the bed. You face me and your cock is throbbing. I reach out to touch you, my fingers trail down your chest over your stomach winding into the hair, touching you everywhere but your cock. My long nails graze so close teasing you. You move closer kneeling between my legs. We glance over at the mirror at the same time looking at the reflection of our bodies. We watch as you lower yourself to kiss me. I feel the entire length of your body hot against mine.

My nipples rubbing against your chest your cock rubbing against me. Your lips on mine your tongue dipping between my lips, I suck on it and bite your lips while my back arches wanting to feel even more of you. My hips begin to rock slowly my breathing speeds. "So sweet" you rasp as you slip the head of your cock just inside me and then back out. The head glistens with my cream and you slide it back and forth over my clit and then push it back inside me just a little further this time. I sit up slightly to touch you I moan as my fingers slide over my clit to touch you, to run over your cock even as you move it in and out of me. you pull my hand away and pin it to the bed. you pull the pillows under me propping me up more It forces you farther inside me and I whimper "It feels so good."

You smile at me "Yes baby" you whisper as you pull out rubbing your cock up and down my slit back and forth teasing at the entrance to my ass before sliding back to my pussy and slowly sliding into me. Deeper this time rocking slowly leisurely in and back out torturing both of us. I feel your balls begin to slap against me, the sound excites me more and I turn to watch your reflection as you bury yourself deep inside me over and over again, your strong arms holding you just above me so my nipples scrape against you. You move quicker my thighs spread wider. I wrap one calf over yours, the skin slides smoothly. My hands run over your sides, your hips, my nails dig into your ass as you move faster and harder. Long strokes shake the bed. I begin to cum tightening around you, you groan "Oh yes baby now!" as you slam into me I wrap both legs around you and hold you deep inside me. I arch into you my body shaking as spasm after spasm rocks my body I scream as the force of our orgasm rocks us both. You pull me over to my side still buried deep inside me and hold me caressing my back and stroking my hair.

We lay in silence as you kiss my forehead cheeks, lips and neck. Our hearts pound together both gasping for breath. Tears of relief and emotion spill from my eyes because you have made me feel so good. We calm slowly in each others arms...Intimate Strangers.


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