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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
by Maqueuse

I still can't believe it. Santa Claus is real! I'm not kidding. Okay, I stopped believing in Santa a long time ago. In fact it was probably when I was eight years old. I'm 19 now and back from college, and I came home to visit my mom. She lives by herself, and has ever since my dad left us. Well, it was Christmas Eve, and I heard a sound from the living room. At first I thought it was Mom putting presents under the tree, something she has insisted on doing all our lives. I used to laugh at how she would still try to make me believe in Santa after all these years by signing the presents, To: Jack From: Santa. She would even go so far to eat the cookies and milk she insisted on keeping out by the fireplace.

Well the noise didn't stop, and suddenly I thought I heard a thump, like something had fallen. So to make sure mom was okay I went downstairs to see if she was okay, I was really quiet just in case she had dropped something, and I didn't want to ruin her Christmas fun by spoiling her "Santa" fun. So I crept down the stairs and peeked into the room. I couldn't believe my eyes! Mom was standing there in a red teddy with a see through robe, and she was kissing a man dressed in a Santa costume!

Mom has really taken care of herself since the divorce, she is thin with long brown hair, and she has large breasts. She was pressing those breasts into this mans hands. She started to kiss the man's rosy cheeks and nose all the while undoing his sash and pulling off his hat. Whoever this guy was he believed in costume authenticity. He had a full grown white beard which seemed to flow down onto the red velvet suit. Mom had his shirt and pants off in short order. The man was naked except for his underwear, which was a red velvet pair of briefs. She shucked them down his legs and I just stared at the size of this man's cock. It had to be 9 inches and at least 3 in diameter. Mom was on it in a second. She started kissing the guys cock circling her tongue around the head. The guy was moaning and then put his hands on Mom's head and started to push her down onto his cock. Making her take it into her mouth. He didn't stop until the whole thing was down Mom's throat, and she was loving every inch. She started to moan as the man started to force her head up and down the cock faster and faster.

Suddenly the man pulled out of mom's mouth and picked her up off her knees. He yanked her teddy robe off and pulled her breasts out of the low cut piece of lingerie. He put mom on the floor and started to suck and bite on her nipples. Mom began to moan. I was so hot I started to massage my own breasts, and then I took one hand and put it down into my panties and began to finger my clit. Santa by this time had mom's teddy off. He pushed her large breasts together and started to pump his cock into my mom's cleavage. It was so unreal, my mom's head was up and she was sucking on the end of Santa's cock every time he got close to her mouth.

He started to pump harder, and I knew that the man was close to cumming on my mom's breasts and neck. She knew too. Mom squeezed her breasts together for Santa, and he went to town. He was moaning softly and finally began to jerk as he came hard all over my mom's neck and chin. She smiled and started to lick whatever was close enough to her mouth for her tongue to catch.

Santa wasn't done. His cock was still hard and he started to kiss his way down Mom's body. He didn't bother with taking off the teddy because it was crotchless, and I sat and watched Santa eat my mom out. He spread her thighs and lifted her ass up to his mouth with his hands. He slowly traced his tongue around Mom's shaved pussy lips, and slowly dipped his tongue down her cleft. He must have hit her clit on the first time because she arched her body up to his mouth and started to moan harder. Santa started to lick her harder, and my mom's thighs encircled his head as if she were trying to pull his face into her pussy. By this time I was so hot that I had totally soaked my underwear and was furiously rubbing my clit. Mom came hard on Santa's mouth, but she didn't scream like I wanted to do she let out a low moan and kept pumping her hips up to meet Santa's mouth.

Santa continued to lick Mom for a little while and then he covered her body with his and shared a hot open mouthed kiss with her. He got up on his knees, and pulled mom up and guided her into a kneeling position with her ass facing him. For the first time since I arrived he spoke.

"Molly, have you been a bad girl this year?" he started rubbing her ass with his hands, teasing her by rubbing one finger down into her pussy and putting just the tip inside of her.

"Yes" Mom said, "I've been so bad." She was going wild pushing her ass back against his hands trying to get that finger deeper into her aching cunt.

"Do you know what happens to bad girls?" he asked in a low tone, "They get spanked." And with that Santa pulled his hand back and smacked Mom hard on the ass twice. She seemed to enjoy it as she moaned. He gave her probably ten whacks and then got behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy hard. She started to cum as soon as he pushed into it. Again it was so quiet it was like watching a porno with the sound on mute. The only sounds that she made were low moans as she bucked her hips back to meet Santa's heavy thrusts. As soon as she was finished he started to cum in her pussy. He pushed his cock all the way inside of her and grunted as he came inside my mother.

He pulled away from her and began to dress. Mom was just laying there on the floor breathing hard. He got up and drank the milk and ate the two chocolate chip cookies mom had put there. By this time mom had gotten up, and retied her robe. Then to my amazement the guy went to the chimney and pulled a big red velvet bag out of it. He distributed presents to the stockings and under the tree. Then he went over to Mom and kissed her hard on the mouth. He ran his hands down her body one last time before he pulled away from her.

"Molly" he said, " I'll see you next year, try to be good. Merry Christmas!"

Now at first I thought that this guy was carrying the charade a little too far. And then he went and stepped in the chimney and brought one gloved finger up to his cherry nose, and up the chimney he went!! I couldn't believe it. Mom sat down and started to rearrange the presents under the tree, and I heard a commotion on top of the house. I quickly ran to the back window and watched as Santa and his sleigh flew away from our house. I heard Mom start to get up and quickly ran to my room.

The next morning I went downstairs, and looked in the living room there was nothing out of place and there were the presents that Santa brought stacked under the tree, with a couple more that mom must have added last night. Mom looked up as I walked in the room, and she smiled at me.

"Well honey, Santa came last night." She said with a smile.

I looked at my mother, and smiled right back at her, and said, "Actually, Mom, if I counted right Santa came twice last night!"

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