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I'm So Sore
by PumpDeg

I had always wanted to see Jeanne's great tits, and had looked down her top many times, when I was giving her a top belay. You see, I'm a rock climber and when a woman is climbing up toward you, it is very easy to look down her top. In fact it is almost impossible not to.

Any way, back to my story. This happened on a climbing and camping trip. We had climbed all day and were exhausted. Everyone went to bed early. About 1AM I got up to let the dog out of the motorhome and saw Jeanne sitting on the picnic table of the next campsite. I went on out to see if something was wrong and she said that she was so sore that she couldn't get to sleep. She had an oversized T-shirt on and absolutely nothing else. I offered to massage her shoulders to try to get them to relax. She told me that her shoulders did hurt, but that what was really sore was her legs. I couldn't see any problem there!

I went back into the camper to get the mineral ice and a wash cloth and towel to clean up afterwards, and went back outside. She had lain down on the picnic table on her stomach and was waiting for me. I could see the bottom half of both cheeks of her ass but no more, because she had her legs tightly together. I told her that I couldn't put mineral ice on her with her shirt in the way. She sat up to take it off and I saw her beautiful tits completely naked for the first time. They were even bigger than I had imagined, and that is saying something. She laid the shirt down on the table, stretched out on top of it, and I started to rub the mineral ice into her shoulders and back.

I felt her start to relax from the heat and massaging, soon she started moaning with relief. After a while she that her legs hurt more than her shoulders and would I please work on them for a while? Would I? Try to stop me! I moved down and started to work on her calves, I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job. I had a hard time concentrating. I kept looking at her crotch. As I worked my way up her legs I really struggled not to touch her tender pussy lips; the mineral ice would burn terribly. After working on her thighs for quite a while she finally started to relax, and then started to moan again. When I stopped massaging her legs she looked back over her shoulder and said "Thank-you". Then put her head back down to enjoy the lack of pain. I told her that I needed to do the front of her legs as well and she turned over with no hesitation.

When she got settled on her back, I saw the most beautiful site I had ever seen. Now, Jeanne's tits are big but they didn't flatten out the most large breasts do. I went to work on her legs and I'm afraid that I didn't do a very good job. I just couldn't keep my eyes off her neatly trimmed cunt.

I cleaned the mineral ice off my hands and leaned down to kiss her. She pulled my head down when I tried to break the kiss. She said that she wasn't done yet. I started rubbing her, (just In case they were sore too), she arched her back and pushed and pushed her breasts into my hands. It took both hands to cover one tit, and I've got fairly large hands. I moved down to suck her nipples and moved my hand on down to her cunt. Her pussy was very wet and my fingers slipped into her pussy very easily.

I started to finger fuck her and she spread her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest. That did two things, it really spread her cunt lips out and it pushed my head away from her tits. I moved down to suck on her pussy and found the tastiest little snatch. I put my bib on and really got into eating her pussy. I really enjoy eating pussy and I've had women tell me that they wanted to insure my tongue. It wasn't long before she started to cum. I lapped up her juices as fast as they came pouring out. I think she came twice, though it was hard to tell because they were so close together. When she finally settled back down she told me that it was my turn and to sit on the edge of the picnic table. She took her time sitting down on the bench between my legs and I just about went crazy with anticipation.

When she finally looked up at me she smiled and said, "Lunch is served". She sucked my cock into her mouth and easily deep-throated my 7" hard-on and proceeded to give me a very good tongue-lashing. She was humming deep in her throat and it felt great! It didn't take long before I was ready to explode. As I shot a good load into her mouth she looked me in the eye and tried to smile around my cock. When I was finished she pulled her head off of me and showed me her tongue covered with cum then swallowed. She asked if I could get it up again and told her that it would depend on her.

She went to work on me again and soon had me rock hard again. When she was satisfied with my hard-on she got up and moved to the end of the table. She lay down on her stomach and when I got behind her, she reached back and spread her cheeks and told me to take my pick. I've always enjoyed fucking a beautiful asshole. I slipped my cock into her pussy and started to pump in and out nice and slow. She met every stroke with one of her own and we set up a nice rhythm. As we continued, it got faster and faster, soon I felt her shudder in another intense orgasm. When she settled down I pulled my cock out of her cunt and lined up on her asshole. When she felt it touch her hole she moaned and pushed back against me. As it slipped past her sphincter she groaned and said that she liked it hard and fast in her asshole.

I did my best to make her happy, but couldn't hold out long enough for her to cum even though she was rubbing her clit fast and furiously. Just before I was ready to erupt she told me to take it out and cum in her mouth again. When I pulled out of her asshole she turned around and deep throated me again. When she felt me start to cum she backed off until just the head of my cock was in her mouth and sucked so hard it was almost painful.

My knees buckled and my cock slipped out of her mouth. The next shots landed on her chin and tits. She scraped it all up and licked her fingers clean, then cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue. She looked up at me and smiled said thank-you and told me that we would have to do it again tomorrow. I can hardly wait!

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