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The Initiation of Bliss
by PeterBam

Her name is Bliss. She is 24 years old, has incredible Auburn hair that falls below her shoulder blades, emerald green eyes, and a stealthy 34C-23-32 figure on her 5'7" frame. She sits, in a secluded area of the park, waiting. Waiting for someone she has never met. Answering a personal ad from a magazine. She doesn't know why. She doesn't know anything about him, other then they share a common interest.

She can feel the wetness between her thighs, the anticipation is too much and her body is betraying her intense desire, her secretions have begun to flow, her hand is between her thighs, a finger absent mindedly begins to rub her baby smooth shaven pussy through her panties. They are damp as she pushes the material into her slit. A soft moan escapes her lips, her clitoris is throbbing, she is so hot, so wet, her mind wanders, it is his finger she wants, his cock. She whimpers, her lips trembling, she shivers through an orgasmic wave, this feels so good...She thinks about what it will be like to be dominated by this man! To be his slave and to be at his beg and call? She has never done anything like this before. She only knows a yearning for the unknown excites her. Her desire to experiment is so strong that she wants to try it all and the danger of the situation is not a factor! Without thinking she brings her finger up to her ruby red lips to taste the thick honey that now coats her finger. The taste and scent makes her even hotter, her urges become stronger and stronger! She wants a big cock to suck, and balls to fondle.

She wants to be inundated with cum. She has missed the slightly salty, sweet, musky taste! Her juices are dripping out of her slit now, down to her little puckered asshole, again her hand goes down and this time two fingers slip under the edge of her wet panties. Her fingers easily part her lips and she pushes them into her waiting hole. She begins to finger fuck herself, oblivious to her surroundings. She spreads her legs wide and as she does, her labia opens wide and out peeks her beautiful clit! It slips through her clit ring, and begins to swell even more, She wets her little spike with her fingers enjoying the sensation, feeling her vagina contract. Involuntarily her back arches and she begins to ride the thunderous wave of her orgasm, her body stiffens and shudders, drenching her fingers with her sensual desire. All this for the man she has not yet met. She is anxious to start this relationship, one of lust and unbridled sex, one she hopes will fulfill all of her secret and most intimate desires!

"Don't turn around" a voice says from behind her... A blindfold quickly placed over her eyes and a ball gag stuffed into her mouth... He whispers into her ear..."I have been watching you, and you have been a naughty little girl, fingering your pussy like that for all to see". He takes her by the arm and puts her in his car. She hears him tell the driver to take them to the club. He removes the gag, telling her how pleased he is that she answered the Ad. He removes her blindfold, asking if she had ever done this before, she replies no, trembling. He takes her hand and brings it to his lips he can smell her scent, inhaling deeply and then sucks her finger into his mouth looking into her eyes. She belongs to him now. He cleans her fingers, licks his lips, smiles and says "MMMMM, I like you already."

We are going to an exclusive club, and you are not dressed appropriately, remove your clothing and put these on." He hands her a black satin bustier, a pair of black sheer silk stocking, black garter belt, a pair of black 6" spike heels and a leather diamond studded collar. " Give me your panties slut, you will not be needing them. From now on you will only wear what is provided, panties are not allowed." When they arrive at the club the blindfold is placed over her eyes again and a leash attached to her collar! Heat engulfs them the moment they enter. The pungent scent of sex permeates her senses, her body again betrays her. Her pussy is dripping and with no panties her inner thighs are now wet. She is leaned against some sort of padded platform. She hears voices, male and female! Then she is told that her blindfold will not be removed until after her initiation! She is placed down on the platform her breasts pressed against the padding, her arms and hands extended over her head and tied together with a silk scarf and secured. Then her legs are spread as wide as possible and even then some, a spreader bar placed between them so that it is impossible for her to move her legs even one inch! The height of the platform is operated by a winch and adjusted in such a way that it supports her body but her whole pubic region and ass is spread wide and quite open for anyone to see! She feels very vulnerable, excited, very horny and anxious for the initiation to begin! Voices fade and come closer as she feels a hand cupping her sex from behind, She lets out a soft moan! A couple of fingers are pushed roughly into her cunt going deep all at once and she screams!

Immediately she is told to be quiet or the ball gag will be placed back in her mouth. She quiets down as her system adjusts to the intrusion of her body! Then the fingers slowly start to finger fuck her cunt in an almost loving way, She relaxes and starts to enjoy the ministrations! She feels the hand being replaced by a cock, She likes what she feels! It feels so good to have a cock in her cunt. Just as she feels the pressure of her eminent orgasm, She feels the cock swell and explode, depositing it's load of hot jism deep inside of her, She needs more. She moans as the cock is withdrawn, cum runs out of her pussy down her thighs. She hears some commotion behind her and another giant big fat cock is roughly pushed into her wet freshly fucked snatch, stretching her cunt to the limits, a wild very fast fucking ensues. She tries to grab this cock with her vagina, wanting him to help her over the edge. Again the fuck pole throbs, again she is left begging for more. She groans in frustration.

A female voice whispers, "Be quite you slut or you will be punished." Just then she hears a swishing sound and her ass burns with the sting of a whip. She screams and the ball gag is shoved into her mouth. Another strike of the whip, and another cock is shoved into her whore hole. Again and again she is filled, again and again she is brought to the edge. How many times, she has lost count. Her thighs and legs are covered with cum. Her pussy aches from the pounding. Finally she hears his voice. "You are doing well my slave" his huge cock entering her hungry hole. His cock feels so good, she wants to tell him how much she wants him, how much she needs him. She feels a tongue begin to massage her clit, her head shaking back and forth, she groans against the gag. He begins a slow rhythm using the full 10"s of his cock as he takes long slow strokes. Withdrawing his member completely out of her cunt and then slamming back in. The tongue is driving her insane, her body tenses against her restraints as her cum gushes around his beautiful cock. Cumming like she has never cum before! Over and over again she is cumming, each orgasm takes her to a new higher level! He continues to fuck her, picking up the pace until his hips are a blur. He is grunting like a wild animal pounding her cunt making her his. "Who is your Master? Who is your fucking Master? Answer me you fucking cunt!" He demands. She feels his cock swell as he slams one last time into her womb. His cock throbs inside her and she can feel his cock deliver his load, his seed, deep inside her cunt. "You! You are my Master!" She cries out. Finally stars and white light...

She doesn't know how long she was out! It is hot and her body is glistening with a combination of perspiration and cum! She is still tied over the platform and the spreader bar is still attached. The ball gag is still in place and she can hear a female voice? Her mind wanders... Exhausted she wonders what is going to happen next. She passes out again...

To be continued, if there is enough interest.... Please let us know what you think, any suggestions would be appreciated!


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