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Imagine - The Strawberry Fields
by bigwoolly

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The morning after, we walk hand in hand, meandering across The Strawberry Fields... only our footprints mar the smooth carpet of snow. The Strawberry Fields--a lovely area of Central Park, New York City's memorial to John Lennon--is covered by an inch of late November snow glinting brightly in the early morning sunshine. Looking around the beautiful landscape we see our footprints are the only ones. But then we are so much in love we are not sure our feet even touch the ground. An occasional bumping of hips, an occasional meeting of lips. In the busiest park in NYC, we find that we are all alone in The Strawberry Fields. Amazing! It is wonderful to be in love! As we walk through the crisp clear air (nothing like cold and a snow to clean the NYC air), we feel so lucky to have found each other. Lucky?

Yes, lucky. The gods of fate had shone kindly upon us. We were so lucky four months ago when we first chatted on IRC. Our connection was instant. Time passed slowly waiting for our second chat, scheduled for a few days later. After that one, we chatted for hours nightly. The more we talked the more we found ourselves saying the same things at the same time. So many interests in common, so many anecdotes from our past to share, similar likes and dislikes with values, books, music, art, recipes and so much else. Our feelings were transmitted by the written word on the computer screen. Real feelings! Friends always warn about chat, saying don't get fantasy mixed up with reality. Well, our feelings were real, very real... sensing one's reaction to the written word before the reply appeared on the screen. Soon the chats escalated to "cyber", the internet answer to sex. But for us it wasn't sex, it was lovemaking. Wonderful lovemaking, so full of emotion and caring and sharing and love. Such intensity of feelings that one would believe impossible by such a "remote" connection. The next escalation was natural enough; crudely referred to as Phone Sex... for us it was lovemaking on the phone. Wonderful, but not a substitute.

The phone rings. Its her, breathless, announcing that she has just been told that she is to attend a convention in New York City, near my home, in two weeks. I don't recall what was said from that point on. So four months after we meet on internet chat, we are going to meet in person. I drive anxiously to the airport. We recognized each other immediately (she is so beautiful) from pics exchanged. She is stunning, petite at 5'3"; dark brown hair to her shoulders... a recent perm framing her oval face... fair skin like pale ivory silk, and brown eyes showing a radiance from within, her lips are perfect, smiling warmly... so inviting, and her nose is just right too. Her body is lithe and fit, required to support her large breasts, with feminine curves flaring at her hips. Dressed in a conservative business suit, there is no doubt the lady is a fox, heads turning here and there to stare unabashedly.

Running to greet--like lovers in a B movie beach scene--crossing the room, oblivious to those around us. Arms encircling... a giant hug... oh it is so good to actually feel her body touching mine. Our lips meet... moving, nipping, licking, tasting. Gasping a deep breath, we break to look in each other's eyes. It's there... Love. Hand in hand we go to the baggage carousel, looking at each other most of the way (bumping into a few hapless passengers). Both of us starting sentences at the same time, so much to say, so much to do. Anticipation building, but not nervous, we have known each other for a lifetime.

Driving to the hotel, she rested her hand on my thigh. After not really touching for four months we had to be touching now, each thinking... soon, but not uttering a word about it. The trip was excruciatingly slow, traffic was normal... absolutely terrible. We babbled incessantly, one statement tripping over the other; both of us so excited. Our anticipation, which started four months ago, and got serious when the convention was scheduled, continued to build. As we finally reached the UN Plaza Hotel, overlooking the East River and the UN, we let the valet parking attendant and the bellhop and the doorman do their thing so we could concentrate on each other. Check-in was efficient, we were in our room in minutes, only to be made to wait for the bellhop with the luggage. After such a long wait we were not going to waste those minutes. We hugged and kissed, running our hands over each other to touch what we had been touching electronically. It was good. A knock at the door forced us to break, straightening clothes, primping for a bellhop who couldn't care less about anything but his tip. Well he got a generous tip quickly and was gone.

Together at last. Our lips met in a passionate kiss... tongues entwining, licking, tasting... inhaling our scents (smell, the most deprived electronic sense)... lips moving on lips... bodies pressed tightly together. For two weeks we had carefully rehearsed our first lovemaking on chat and the phone--so tender and so romantic. Poof, the planning was for naught, urgency prevailed as our fingers nervously fumbled with buttons and fasteners, clothes peeling off to fall willy-nilly in a heap. Naked, we pause to stand and look at each other; silly grins on our faces, eyes approving what our minds have already accepted. Moving together, inhaling our scents, our skins touching for the first time, so electric... almost overwhelming emotions... mutual moans thru grinding lips... hardening nipples poking my chest... our growing heat pressing still closer. Holding the kiss, we kneel... then she lays back on the carpet, legs splayed, her fingers parting naked pussy lips... inviting. I accept, coming to her, rubbing my cock in her wetness, brushing her clit, glans to glans... so hot... rimming the entrance... my glans enters as she rises to meet me, legs locking around my waist... as I thrust she pulls... one stroke, in all the way, filling her cunt with my throbbing cock. Ecstasy. Frozen as one, savoring the sensations. Our urgency held in check momentarily because we have waited so long for this union. Then we start fucking... for real. Faster and harder with each stroke... writhing, bucking, tremors and tingles... contractions... passion building so fast... I lean over to lick her right breast, lips encircle her rigid nipple, I hum... hummmmmm... hummmmmm. So near the peak... I bite her nipple, we cum... together... as one. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Returning from the heavens slowly, we cuddle closely, touching, nuzzling, kissing, licking, hugging... unable to get enough of each other. Eventually regaining our strength, we make our way to the bedroom to make love tenderly. More than once, trying to catch up for a lifetime.

So the next morning we go for a walk. Wending our way through the city, freshly covered with snow, just enough to scrunch as we step. Chattering on and on, sometimes taking turns, sometimes talking at the same time. More sharing. We haven't paid attention to our route. Happily surprised to find that we alone are making footprints in the snow covering The Strawberry Fields. John Lennon's Strawberry Fields. Imagine.

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