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In the Shadow of the Stone
by unplugged

- For cuddles -

We had been traveling through the countryside of Ireland for 5 days know. It was a beautiful country, but I was starting to get bored. There are only so many sheep a man can take. We were approaching Blarney Castle, home of the infamous Blarney Stone, the magical stone that gives the gift of gab to all that kiss it. The tour bus pulled in next to the Blarney Mills and parked next to a number of other tour busses. People were walking between the castle and the store and the other attractions. Our tour guide suggested that we all check out the store before taking in the castle but I decided to head straight to the stone. It was one of the really interesting things I wished to see.

I climbed the stairs of the ruin to the top. Little remains of what once must have been a magnificent edifice. Stone fit together tightly, solid, warding off invasions of past armies. This was history. This was what I had come for. At least that's what I thought.

There was a line waiting their turn patiently to lean over backwards and kiss the stone and I stood and watched as each laid on their back as a gentleman as old as the castle itself held them firm as they stretched to the stone. One woman in particular caught me eye. She was average height with a shapely behind. I found myself starring at her ass as much as the kissers of the Blarney. She had a short skirt on, and I didn't want to miss the show as she leaned out and down to the stone. I kept trying to see her face, but her companions were in front of her so she never turned around. She finally reached the stone and knelt down, her white skin of her knees pressing against the cold stone of the castle. She leaned backwards as the old man grasped her around the waist. She had to slide backwards, pushing herself with her feet to be able to reach the stone. This is what I had been hoping for.

I secretly smiled as her legs arched apart and the soft pink of her panties smiled at the world. Someone in the crowd laughed and said, "Best ya be coverin' yerself, darling" and as quickly as that my view was gone. But it had had an effect on me as I felt the stirring in my shorts. I felt a bit embarrassed for peeping, but no harm no foul if figured. At last, the young lady pulled herself up and stood and I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew the woman. Not well. But I did know her. She worked in the office downstairs in my building. I had often seen her walking into work in the morning, her hair done up to the 9's, a smart business suit that seemed to accentuate her curves, not hide them. I had even thought of speaking to her one day as we rode the elevator together, but stood in silence, not know what to say to someone so pretty. I had never been good at talking to the ladies. I did not have the Irish "Gift of Gab".

She turned to walk away before I could say anything and disappeared down the stone stairs and it was my turn to kiss the Blarney Stone.

I walked slowly back to the bus, replaying the glimpse of Ronda's pink panties in my mind. I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and clumsily bumped into a woman. In my embarrassment, I fumbled trying to pick up the pile of boxes that I had dislodged from her hands when I looked up and saw that is was Ronda. "Don't I know you?" she exclaimed, an intoxicating smile on her face.

I smile back and said "Yes you do. I work in the same building as you. I've seen you so often and been a secret admirer of yours for months. I can't believe I've never had the nerve to speak to you before. Isn't it incredible that someone I think of so much, I bump into half way around the world in such a romantic setting?" Our eyes locked on each other's. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Jewels set in such a finely chiseled face. "I hope you don't take this as rude," I said, "but you are incredibly beautiful. I love your eyes. Would you like to have a spot of tea? I have two more hours until my bus leaves."

"I'd love to," she replied.

She took my hand and we walked off toward the town. We talked small talk, about the weather, our lives, our loves. We stopped and marveled at the gardens that grew along the streams on the country road. Standing on a stone bridge I turned her to me, gazing into her eyes and kissed her. I half expected her to resist but she didn't. She returned the kiss with an equal passion, our lips parting as our tongues played tag with each other. I pulled her to me and her arms wrapped around my waist holding me tight. I knew she must be aware of the growing passion below. How could she not feel it? Yet she pressed to me even harder as I grew. Suddenly she broke the embrace and laughing ran off the bridge and down the grassy bank to the river.

She smiled slyly over her shoulder as she ran as if tempting me to follow. I sprinted after her and found her waiting below the bridge. Her eyes were aflame. They burned me with their heat. Without a word we were in each other's arms collapsing to the ground in our entwining embrace. First one, then the other rode on top. We rolled in the grass, unable to get enough of each other's attention. Our clothes melted away in the heat, our skin boiled under the touch of our fingers and mouths. This and that of each others bodies were caressed, were tasted, were explored. Each mystery was sought and discovered. Each treasure savored.

We at last found ourselves one. I in her as if it were always meant to be that way. She astride me, her knees tucked next to me, her heavenly breast swaying above me as I ravished them with my eyes and my hands and my mouth. Our hips circled against each other, our passion growing to the point we knew we must reach together. Ronda threw her head back, her hair cascading down her back, her eyes rolled back, glassy, half hid in the slits of her eye lids. We were lost in each other, in the moment when the earth shook. We both muttered something incoherent and then we yelled "James!" as we reached a thunderous climax together. Wave after wave of passion and desire washed over us. She collapsed in my arms. We were both exhausted, spent, satisfied. I stroked her hair as I shrunk within her. She pulsed there with little involuntary spasms as I shrank. I reveled in the ecstasy of the touch.

"Next time, don't be so shy in the elevator!" she whispered kissing my lips gently.

We kissed again and returned to our busses, with the promise of a reunion back in the states.

Thank you Blarney Stone.


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