The Best Erotic Stories.

by Gil

Jeremy lay dying. It wasn't unexpected, he had been terminally ill for several years. What really bugged him though, was that he was only 13 years old and hadn't gotten to do all the things boys his age dreamed of. Hell, he was still a virgin, even though he had started puberty the previous year, before he got really sick. At least, he was at home and had his cat Emmi, a gift from his parents when he became bed-ridden last year. Jeremy wasn't too frightened at his impending death and Emmi was a big reason why. She seemed so empathetic and spent most of his days curled up next to him.

Emmi, his choice of names (though it seemed to fit her), was all black except for a few white hairs above her eyes and on her lower belly. She had a long tail and beautiful green eyes that seemed to say "talk to me, I understand". She comforted him; that is until now. Emmi was lying on Jeremy's chest and he couldn't seem to get enough air; he couldn't breathe and didn't have the strength to push her off. Emmi's green eyes stared into his and gently seemed to say, "let it go... let it go". Jeremy trusted her and relaxed...and stopped breathing.

The sun shone brightly through the tall trees; it was a beautiful day. Jeremy slowly woke and opened his eyes. He gradually discovered that he was lying in a small glen in what seemed to be a moss-covered depression, surrounded by a profusion of multi-colored wild flowers. Close-by, he heard what sounded like a small brook babbling softly over its stone filled bed.

Suddenly, Jeremy realized he wasn't alone. Next to him, curled into his chest and stomach, was a warmth-giving, sleeping form. Jeremy opened his eyes fully and curiously examined his sleep-mate lying next to him spoon fashion, with her back to him. It was a she, and what a she! Small, about four foot ten inches of lithe human female. As his awareness expanded, he discovered that both he and she were naked.

Closer examination revealed to Jeremy that this girl, woman really, had pale, almost white skin, long jet-black hair, eyebrows to match and beautifully large eyes. At the moment they were closed so he was unable to ascertain their color. She had a heart shaped face with freckles dusting the bridge of a snub nose, wide generous lips and a small cleft or dent in her chin. Jeremy raised his head and noticed that her breasts were quite beautiful. About the size and shape of tennis balls, with pink quarter-sized areolas on the mid-upper slope, they sat high on her chest and close together. Her nipples were small and pointed. Jeremy's eyes wandered lower and noticed a slim, flat stomach that gently sloped and rose to a thin rectangular strip of silky, jet-black hair thinly covering her pubic area. This was followed by slender but well-muscled thighs, which met well-defined calves, delicate ankles and dainty feet. She was gorgeous.

At this point, Jeremy realized that something else wasn't quite right and began to examine himself. No longer a scrawny 13 year-old wasted by illness, Jeremy discovered that he was now older, quite tall and muscular. He reached up and touched his head, shocked to find an abundance of dark brown curls falling around his face. Previously he had been bald due to the chemotherapy.

Jeremy also noticed an unfamiliar sensation between his legs and leaned back to discover with awe that he was sprouting a rather large erection. The beautiful woman in front of him moaned at this loss of contact and unconsciously scooted back up against him, trapping his erection between the soft, warm cleft of her buttocks. Stunned, it dawned on Jeremy that he no longer felt weak and tired. In fact, it had been quite a long time since he could remember feeling this well. Jeremy breathed in deeply and marveled at this incredible sense of well being. He felt absolutely terrific!

What the hell was going on? Jeremy suddenly remembered being unable to breathe and not having the strength to push Emmi off of his chest. What had happened? Equally as sudden, Jeremy became aware again of the woman in his arms as she sighed and pressed back against him. He felt a hot, somewhat moist warmth near the tip of his penis and involuntarily felt his hips jerk forward. Jeremy felt a smooth but hard-ridged surface softly circling the very tip of his penis. It seared him with its heat and his hips gave another involuntary jerk.

Suddenly, he felt something give and the tip of his penis was enclosed in warmth and something tight surrounded him just behind the crown of his penis where it met the shaft. Jeremy moaned at the hot warmth and tightness surrounding the head of his virgin penis. The beautiful woman in his arms moaned and nestled closer, sending another half inch of his penis into the incredible heat and moving the tight grip another half inch down his shaft. God she was small and incredibly tight. It occurred to Jeremy that he was making love for the first time in his life, and to a complete stranger! Suddenly, she whispered, 'Jeremy?' and he froze.

'Jeremy?' she repeated and he managed a stuttered '' while wondering "how does she know my name?" and then, "who in the heck is she?"

'Jeremy, are you familiar with the female anatomy?' she asked. Confused, Jeremy said 'not first hand, but I did go through sex education before I got sick' not sure she would understand what he was talking about.

'Well then, Jeremy', she said taking his hand that had been lying over her hip and moving it between her legs, 'do you know what this is?' She took one of his fingers and inserted it between the lips of her vulva at the entrance to her vagina. It was slightly wet and his finger easily slid in to the first knuckle.

'Your vagina?' Jeremy guessed, more than a little confused.

'Very good, Jeremy', she replied. '...And that being the case, Jeremy, where do you suppose you have somehow managed to misplace your cock?' For a second, Jeremy was stunned at her intimate use of the word "cock" and then it dawned on him what exactly was behind her words.

'Oh My Gosh' he started and in anticipation, she reached back and firmly cupped his ass holding him in place, as he attempted to pull back.

'It's alright Jeremy, just hold still for a moment' she said. Again, Jeremy found himself frozen in place, but no less aware of the hot, moist feeling surrounding the tip of his penis and the now even tighter grip still holding him half an inch further down his shaft.

'Jeremy' she said, 'your cock is somewhat thicker than what I am used to passing through this particular portal, but it isn't unpleasant and perhaps we might continue if you'll promise me turnabout is fair play.'

Jeremy had no idea what the heck she was talking about, but it felt so good at the moment, he was, as most men are, prepared to agree to anything. 'Okay' Jeremy said, 'what do we do now?'

'Why Jeremy darling' she purred, 'now you fuck me in my ass, of course.'

Her "dirty" words caused his penis to swell in girth and she gasped at this response and he, in turn, gasped at her response, which was to tighten her sphincter muscle on that precious half inch plus tip still hotly ensconced within her. 'Jeremy, darling' she murmured.

'Yes?' Jeremy whispered.

'Is this your first time whatever?' she asked.

'Yes' he replied.

'Perhaps it might be easier Jeremy, if I were to have a little more control'

'How?' Jeremy asked.

'Lie on your back, Jeremy.' As he acquiesced and rolled onto his back, his penis pulled free of her clutching anus with a "phufft" sound. Jeremy felt a cool breeze caress the residual wetness on his shaft and moaned. She groaned at the abrupt and slightly painful withdrawal.

Kneeling next to Jeremy, she looked deeply into his eyes and he realized that they were the most beautiful emerald shade of green. They were also filled with an expression that only later would Jeremy learn is called lust. This gorgeous, small, elfin like woman moved a leg across Jeremy's waist and straddled him. Reaching behind her with a small hand, she grasped his thick penis and maneuvered herself and him until his tip once again touched the now slightly distended ring of her anus.

Abruptly spitting into her other hand, she reached back and wiped her saliva onto the head of his penis. Once again, Jeremy felt the head of his penis pushing against the hot oval of her tightly muscled anus. Only this time, though he knew exactly what was happening, he lay still. Slowly, the pressure increased until suddenly he felt the head smoothly slide inside and heard a deep-throated 'aaaaahhhhhh' from her.

Dazed, Jeremy's eyes never left her face and those large beautiful green eyes, gone wide with shock or anticipation, he didn't know which. The now familiar warmth once again engulfed him and the tight elastic grip of her opening grasped his shaft once more.

Even as his eyes glazed with pleasure, Jeremy saw her head drop down and her long black hair fall forward, partially covering her small but firm breasts. Her flat stomach rippled as she shuddered, whether in pain or pleasure he was still too much a novice at this to tell. 'Ooohh Jeremy, your cock feels sooooo good in my ass.' She gasped and he swelled with excitement over her words. 'Now Jeremy darling, pay close attention.'

Suddenly, Jeremy felt a push around his shaft, which seemed to open up her back passage as she dropped down and he felt himself slide another half inch into her warmth. Next, he felt a tug on his shaft that felt like something was trying to tug it deeper inside, while at the same time gripping him in a vise like hug. Again the push, then the tug and hug, Jeremy felt his penis slide deeper into the gripping, warm wetness. It was like being gripped by a hot velvet glove and Jeremy heard his moan match hers as she forced her anus down the shaft of his cock, deeper and deeper into her rectum.

The sensation was an incredible first for Jeremy, but still he managed to lie still even as he asked in a quivery voice, 'what, I mean how, are you doing that?'

As Jeremy looked between the taut muscles on the inside of her straining thighs, he was surprised to see that there were still several inches of his penis shaft that she had yet to impale herself upon. 'Jeremy darling, you really must try to pay closer attention' she admonished, placing a finger to her dimpled chin in thought. Finally, with a 'let's try this' she leaned back and braced herself with her left hand on the middle of his right thigh. With her right hand, she reached back between his legs and under his scrotum until she found the entrance to his tightly puckered anus with her slender index finger. Pushing gently against the virginal entrance she said 'Now push, Jeremy, just like when you are going to the bathroom.' Somewhat embarrassed, Jeremy complied and felt his anus opening and her digit entering to the first knuckle.

Jeremy was surprised at just how sensitive the nerves in the muscle of his anus were. It felt good and a little bit full too. Jeremy wondered if it felt the same for her, considering how much thicker his penis was than her finger and also considering how much more deeply he was penetrating her. Reflexively, Jeremy's anus clenched the tip of her finger and he felt himself tighten around her fingertip, while at the same time his penis seemed to swell and expand. Darn, it felt good!

'I think you've got it' she exclaimed delightedly. Jeremy, warmed by her praise, repeated the push and clinch sequence with his newly discovered sphincter muscles and groaned with pleasure as he felt her finger move deeper into his milking rectum. Soon, she had her finger buried to her palm and when she curved it up caressing his prostate, Jeremy temporarily lost control and jerked his hips upward. She yelped as this unexpectedly sheathed the last few inches of Jeremy's cock into her hotly clasping rectum.

Quickly she pushed out with her muscles to ease the accommodation, sighing 'My goodness Jeremy, my ass feels so full of your hard cock', as she began to move her hips in a gentle circle, while keeping him fully buried to the hilt. Slowly she raised up, pulling little by little off of his impaling cock, until just the crown rested inside her clinching asshole.

To Jeremy, the incredibly tight friction, as well as the sight of her widely stretched anus surrounding his cock was wildly exciting. He stared in awe as part of her rectum distended and pulled out along with his cock, apparently refusing to let go. He gasped with pleasure as she pushed with her sphincter and slowly slid her asshole down to the base of his rigid cock. As soon as she settled, Jeremy felt her finger withdraw almost completely from his rectum, only to be slowly but firmly reinserted.

Up again, then slowly down his shaft, finger withdrawn from his now unconsciously clenching rectum, finger reinserted with a flick against his prostate in between, she established a rhythm with a gradually increasing tempo. Jeremy felt his penis swelling and getting harder and in response she began self-lubricating, getting wetter and slicker, her hot interior muscles clenching and pulling, milking without mercy his hard and throbbing erection. As she established her rhythm she hissed, 'Jeremy, play with my pussy, touch my clit.'

Jeremy knew that pussy was a euphemism for vagina, but blushed as he stammered 'cu...cuh...clit?' thus admitting his ignorance.

'Why Jeremy darling' she responded, 'shame on me, "clit" is short for clitoris and it's located here', taking his hand she guided it to the juncture at the top of her labia.

Jeremy's jaw dropped in astonishment as he noticed "it" for the first time. "Short" was anything but an apt description for her "clit". 'Now Jeremy' she gently chided him, 'it's not polite to stare.'

"Holy cow" Jeremy thought "it's almost as big as my pinky finger."

She continued as if reading his thoughts, 'I don't know how many clitoris's have been exposed to you Jeremy, but yes, mine is somewhat larger than normal and exceedingly sensitive. When I get excited it extends out from beneath this hood here and becomes quite firm, almost like your cock, Jeremy.' '"Normal" clits' she elaborated, 'all things being relative, are usually pea-sized or smaller and the shaft is almost always hidden under the hood.' 'Now close your mouth Jeremy before "something" flies in' she giggled. J

eremy closed his mouth with a snap, but continued to stare. 'How, I mean what, can I do to it, for you I mean, to make you feel good that is?' Jeremy finally managed to get out. 'I am so glad you asked.' She responded with a soft laugh. Taking his hand in hers she took his thumb and forefinger into her mouth, copiously wetting them with her saliva. She then placed the two fingers on either side of the shaft of her clitoris and showed him how to gently stroke up and down its length, gasping softly at his beginner's expertise. 'Like a duck to water.' She murmured, not wanting to interrupt his new found fascination as he gently frigged her clit, with a dreamy "lost in place" look on his face.

Consumed with salacious thoughts of "lessons to come", she increased the strength of her clasping rectal and sphincter muscles, which had continued to contract unconsciously during their conversation thus keeping his slightly softened but still firm cock tightly imbedded deep up her tight ass. Jeremy responded to this increased intensity with a low gasp, as his penis swelled and hardened within her buttery soft back passage. He moaned as her hand gently explored underneath his testicles and rediscovered the nether gate to his and her paradise. Together their breathing grew labored as she gently but steadily rose and fell on his tumescence. She feeling the fullness of his cock, nerves tingling, excitement rising with the slick friction; he feeling her hot, velvety wetness clinging to him as her muscles gripped and tugged at the full length of him, their fingers mutually strove to push each other over the edge.

'Shall we try for two, Jeremy?' she whispered as he felt a second finger align with and then cross, as in "King's X", with the first. Suddenly, she slammed all the way down on his cock and at the same time brutally thrust both fingers fully into his anus twisting and turning them as she squirmed in his lap. Jeremy's eyes snapped open and with a sharp intake of breath, he felt himself explode deep inside her ass in his first ever orgasm.

With his first spurt, Jeremy's fingers unconsciously clamped down on her clit and suddenly she stiffened, stretched her neck back and joined him in ecstasy, yowling up and into the light. Jeremy felt her pussy and asshole spasm uncontrollably as his cock shot load after load deep into her bowels, emptying his testicles. Their cries aroused the surrounding forest, the mocking birds ceased mocking and angrily flew off over the tree tops' green...with extreme envy.

She leaned into his chest as their breathing slowed, gently stroking his neck. Jeremy blushed as he first felt and then heard his penis retract from her still gently clasping warmth with a "shplop". The next intimacy occurred as she softly broke wind and she started to giggle.

As Nature's final bequest to Jeremy's dignity; her still distended anus began to leak copious amounts of sperm down her thighs, over his scrotum, finally pooling in the soft moss and rich, deep earth beneath them. As her giggles turned to outright laughter, Jeremy gave up and joined in her mirth. 'Jeremy' she whispered into his ear, snuggling closer as his arms enfolded her petite form, 'remember your promise; turnabout's fair play.'

Bewildered, Jeremy stuttered, 'wh...wha...what?' Suddenly it occurred to him, 'Say...I don't even know your name.'

'Why Jeremy' she said, 'I thought you knew. I'm Emmi! And as for the rest...we have all the time in...'

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