The Best Erotic Stories.

by Runyon

Tom and I have been together for seven years now. . . just long enough to get the itch I guess. Tom is 40 and getting even better looking with age, I'm 35 and holding my own. I still have lots of guys at work hit on me and even several of Tom's friends have tried it. I just take it as a compliment and move on. every thing is fine with us, marriage wise but lately we've been doing some things a little wilder than ever before. we skinny dip in our pool in the day time, daring the neighbors to look, and we went dancing at a club, where I wore a very short skirt and no panties or bra. several guys got a good look and I was in great demand as a dance partner. we went home from the club an almost wore out the mattress.

I guess that's what brought up the next thing in our lives, Tom came home from work on Tuesday, all grins. he had received an invitation to a new club that had just opened called high wire. I had heard of this new club at work, it's a private club that it supposed to be for swingers. I told Tom what I had heard and he said that he was told that it was a sexually free club but you could just participate as much or as little as you wanted and there was no pressure. he said he'd like to go and see what it was like, if I was game. I said well maybe, but I'd have to think about it.

Well Tom didn't mention it again for a couple of days, but I'll admit that's about all I though about, so on Thursday when he said what about we go Saturday I said why not. Tom said that I should buy a dress for the club because what I had wouldn't fit I said what should I buy and he said something I couldn't wear any place else. I was beginning to get the message that this was going to be wilder than any thing we'd done yet. the more I though about it the more turned on I got.

Friday after work I went out to buy a dress, I had no idea where to look for a sex dress but a couple of girls at work told me of some shops and gave me a big wink. I bought the most outrageous dress you could imagine it was see through with just a little darker lace over the nipple and crotch area. I tried it on and it was the sexiest thing I ever saw. I thought there was a good chance I could get arrested in it before we ever got to the club.

Tom came home and wanted to see the dress I said not till Saturday I was afraid he wouldn't let me wear it, if he saw it first. as it turned out there was no worry about that.

Saturday morning I got my hair done and waited for the big night. about 9:00pm Tom said to get ready as it was time, I took a big tequila up to our room and stripped down and pulled the sheath over my body. I'm rather proud of my body. and it a good thing because I was naked in a dress. I had to drink all that glass and another to even think about going into public dressed like that. I walked downstairs and Tom hit the floor. I said you said a dress I couldn't wear any place else. he said well you got it alright, but I could tell he was excited about taking me out in the dress. he was going to show me to everybody, and see what happened.

We drove to the club and it was really elegant, no trace of sleaze. valet parking, a door man and a beautiful setting overlooking the beach. we approached the door and the doorman never even noticed I was naked, well might as well have been. we walked in and the place was really full of people. most of the women were as naked as I was, I saw why the door man didn't notice. immediately a topless waitress took our drink orders, and they came almost as fast, I took a big slug of my tequila and looked around. all at once a beautiful girl walked up to me. kissed me on the lips and caressed my breast. she said welcome to high wire, are you new? I said yes , and she said I though so, you are beautiful and your friend isn't bad either. I was going to say Tom was my husband. but I don't think it mattered here.

I could not believe what was going on, I was standing in a club full of strangers, mostly naked with a beautiful woman playing with my tits and was making no effort to stop her. it felt as natural as anything I'd done. I thought I'd better introduce Julia to Tom (she told me her name when she kissed me) Tom was very glad to meet her as she is stunning. Julia told Tom he was over dressed and asked if minded her getting him more into it. he naturally said no and she started taking his tie off and unbuttoning his shirt. she pulled him close by his tie an gave him a kiss that dripped with passion. she then gave his coat an tie to a topless check girl who gave him a chit . I noticed that a lot of men had on Chippendale costumes, and thought if we come again I'll get Tom one, he'd really look great.

Julia took us on a tour of the club explaining the rules an stuff. there was a dance floor and couples were dancing naked, and simulating sex. Julia explained that genital contact was forbidden until you crossed "the line" in the club. there was a line in the rear and beyond that were group an private rooms. Julia took us to a group room and it was filled with about fifty people having group sex. Julia said if you entered you were expected to have sex any way with any partner that approached you. I said I didn't think we were ready for that yet. Julia said most people weren't at first. she said it was a good place to meet tho. Julia had been walking us around holding Tom and my hands. she had kissed us both several times and continued to caress my tits.

Julia got me aside while Tom was watching the group sex and asked if we might like to go to her place? I said that would be nice, and she said are you willing to share him. I hadn't thought of Tom with another woman, but I said I'd share him with you Julia. she said great but will he share you with me. wow , that hit me so hard my knees shook. I thought we're this far I guess he will, and told her I thought so.

Tom got his coat from the girl and I told him we were going to Julia's. he got a big smile and said lets go. Julia had come in a taxi and asked if we had room. we had the big car so we both said great. as our happy group got to the car Julia said that her and I should ride in the back like Tom was a chauffeur. as soon as we got into the back seat and started off, Julia was all over me. she kissed me for a very long time running her tongue down my throat. I was sopping wet and I felt her fingers start to probe my pussy. it was the first time I had ever been with a woman. it felt natural and I was smoking hot

I had noticed Tom adjusting the mirror when he started to drive and knew he was watching this beautiful woman ravish his wife. by the tine we got to Julia's we were all hotter than we've ever been. we walked in and tore off our clothes, Tom was harder than I've ever seen him and he immediately went after Julia . Julia went to her knees and started sucking him. I dropped down beside her and we both went after him. it was so exotic I was kissing Julia and kissing toms cock all at the same time. we were kissing and sucking and playing with each others tits. suddenly Tom couldn't take any more and wanted to fuck Julia, so I helped him. I would suck her tits and kiss her while he fucked her

Tom soon came and laid back spent. Julia jumped up and got him a big drink. She asked him if he wanted to share me with her, and watch. He said that he wanted nothing more. Julia then took me as only a woman can take a woman the moment her hot tongue found my clit I came. In the next hour I never stopped coming.

Tom and I are going to the club again, I'm getting him a Chippendale outfit. I still see Julia, and will till she tires of me. Tom knows and I think it turns him on. I will always have men, but I also will never be with out a woman, Julia made me whole.


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