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Julie Ch. I
by Zach

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I was plodding through one more hour of homework at my study desk when I heard my sister's playful voice.

"Hey big brother. Whatcha up to?" Julie said as she leaned into my room.

"Killing myself with calculus."

"Calculus? School's almost out for the year! You've got to stop studying so hard Tim-bo, you make me look bad with your straight A-s."

She was on her way up from tanning in the back yard and had on one of her skimpy bikinis. The sight of her petite, sexy frame in that flimsy suit was a welcome break from my studies.

"Besides, I need an opinion on my new tan." She continued as she pulled one side of her bikini top over to show her small, evenly tanned breast. I noted the lack of tan lines. She'd been sun bathing topless as usual. She must have put the top on just to make a show of flashing herself to me.

"Got to think about college Jules, but I'll gladly take a break to check out a sexy body." I said as I eyed her exposed tit.

"Aw, Tim, You really think my body's sexy?" she asked and released the cup of her bikini top which slid back over but caught on her now erect nipple keeping her exposed. She slid her hands down her tummy and hips seductively, stopping to work her fingers under the hem of her bikini bottom and pull it up tight into her slit.

"Hey, who said I was talking about you?"

"Oooh! You are going to get it!" she yelled as she pounced over to my desk and put me in a headlock from behind.

The situation was a bit ridiculous as she was a petite 117 pounds and I was solid 170 from weightlifting. I grasped at her small forearm that was wrapped around my neck in mock attempts to free myself.

"Argh," I gasped "can't ...breathe..." I reached up behind her head and pulled the string that tied her bikini top and pulled it across my shoulder.

Now, the situation was even more ridiculous. I knew my sister was quite an exhibitionist around the house. My undoing her top to stop her pretend attack on me was like giving a shot of whiskey to an alcoholic as punishment.

"Oh, you bad boy" she said as she finished pulling off the top herself and laid it across my lap "You love to see my little titties don't you?"

Julie did have small breasts, very nicely proportioned, but small. She was right though; I loved to see them.

I could feel her now bare chest against my neck. Her nipple rubbed my ear. This was farther than she usually went in our little games. Mostly it was just her flashing and me looking, not much touching.

"I can't help it sis, they're so darned cute!" I said, curious how far she would go today.

"That's a much better attitude. Even though I know you're just sweet-talking me to get a show," she said releasing her hold on my neck and slid around to straddle my lap. I let my hands rest on her thighs. Her arms were around my neck again, but not aggressively this time. She was playing with the hair on the back of my head and her tits were right in my face.

"Now sis," I said, my face just inches from her bare chest, "I wouldn't sweet talk you just to get a show." and not being one to leave well enough alone I said, "I can get that anytime!"

"You've just got to be a smartass!" she exclaimed but did not move from her position on top of me. "And here I was playing so nice." She finished in her little girl voice. "Just for that I'm not going to show you my ass today!"

"I guess I'll have to be content with these cute titties then sis. I've never had such a close look at them and I must say I'm quite enjoying it. It looks like you are too." I was looking directly at her erect nipple now. "And they haven't even been touched yet, would they get harder if I touched them?"

"Ooh, you are a naughty boy to ask that of your little sister, first you want to gawk at me, now you want to grope me." but she thrust her chest out and leaned her head back, all but coming right out and asking me to feel her.

She's right though; I can't resist being a smartass.

"Well, don't worry sis, I won't touch them..." She suddenly snapped her head back and I saw anger flash in her eyes. I'd brought her to new territory and then left her hanging. She thought that I was really trying to make her look like a fool.

But I finished quickly, "...because what I was really wondering, is if your cute little nipples get harder when they're sucked!"

I'd just raised the stakes higher than ever in our history of skin games. Her anger was replaced by a sly, questioning look. She looked at me with her lips barely parted.

"You wouldn't." she said, daring me.

I leaned in slowly, making her suffer as I drew my mouth closer to her right nipple but she made no move to pull away. I made my mouth form an "O" and brought it to almost touching the end of her breast. I took a breath and blew directly on her nipple. This elicited a stronger reaction from her than I thought it would as she shivered and squirmed on my crotch, which brought my manhood to full and painful attention inside my sweats.

"Oh you big bluff..." she began, thinking I was being cruel again but her words turned into a sharp gasp as I suddenly closed the distance and put my mouth on her right nipple and began to suck and lick the sensitive tit.

I closed my lips tightly over the nipple and squeezed as I pulled back making a wet 'thwip' sound as it slipped from my mouth. Julie groaned softly.

I looked up into her eyes. "Did you say something sis?" I said now sliding my hands up her thighs to caress her tiny waist.

Her answer was to guide my head back down to her nipple and I immediately continued my work.

I took as much of her breast into my mouth as possible and sucked down to the nipple, then again, and again, then I switched breasts and continued. She began to rock back and forth on my now bulging crotch and running her fingers through the back of my hair gasping occasionally and moaning often. My hands had moved to her ass and I pulled her pelvis into me in time with her rocking motion. I slathered over each of her tits. I took the flat of my tongue and licked from the bottom to the top of her tits and from side to side. Her mounds were now coated with my saliva and I kept it up relentlessly.

After several minutes of this, she stiffened and pushed my face harder onto her breast while grinding her crotch on the bulge in my sweat pants. I took her nipple into my mouth then and gave it a gentle bite that pushed her over the edge. She made small jerking motions on top of me for several long moments that slowly tapered off until all I heard was a muted whimpering from her as I let her cradle my head against her chest and I ran my hands down her smooth back and over her ass. I marveled at the fact that she had orgasmed just from having her nipples sucked; expertly sucked, I added smugly to myself.

When her small spasms ended, I leaned back a bit to look at her. She was in quite a state. The crotch of her bikini was soaked through and so was the front of my sweats where she had been grinding her sex into me. Her breasts were slick and shining from my efforts, and not just the nipple. She was wet from the top of her mounds to the hollow at the bottom where they would sag if they'd been big enough.

Finally she leaned back and looked at me with misted eyes.

"Oh, Tim that was..."

"It sure as hell was sis."

To Be Continued...


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