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Johnny Pt. I
by Johnny Anonymous

Johnny was a very fine looking boy. He was the spitting image of his father, or at least that's what they all said. He looked like his father, and talked like him. He also had his father's voice, telephone voice and whisper. Sometimes his own mother couldn't tell the difference, especially if he was whispering- they were totally indistinguishable at that !

He was pretty much of a man for his age. He was just a teen, but looked about 27 or more. He had hair on his chest, had been shaving for years, and he walked, talked, and treated women like a full-grown man.

As aforementioned, he was the spitting image of his father... well, except a few details. The most obvious one (but, alas, only to him!) was the size of his cock. Only one word was appropriate for its description: MASSIVE. His father's was just moderately sized, 7 inches long, while his was more than 11 inches long, and as thick as his arm. He couldn't grab it with one hand. The head of the cock was even thicker. The whole thing was like a gigantic mushroom or something.

He knew all about his dad's measurements because... well, that leads to a SIMILARITY between the two men: They desired the same woman! Yes, poor Johnny was infatuated with the one woman most sacredly forbidden to him: his own mother.

Well, she was stunningly beautiful, and had an age difference of only 14 years with her son. Her name was Angela, and she was a beautiful, extremely juicy, super-sexy, fully-blossomed 31-year-old woman, with blond hair, rich chest, incredible, round but firm buttocks, and long, straight legs, that made most actresses and supermodels look like dust-laiden hillbillies. Johnny's father, Ralph, was her first and only one, at least to Johnny's knowledge. Johnny had started to see her with a man's eyes, rather than a son's eyes, when he was about 12 years old. He had bought a porn magazine, and went to the toilet to masturbate when his parents left the house for work. When he opened the zine, he was stunned: There was a woman getting some big, bad cock in her pussy, ass, mouth, you name it... well, she was just like Angela! It wasn't her, but it was just like her, that's for sure!

Johnny started to want to see her as often as possible. He would spy on her as much as he could, just to take a glimpse on her shockingly beautiful body. He had also spied on the lovemaking of his parents (that's where he got his father's penis measurements).

He had secretly wanted her for 5 years. In time, he met girls, and hoped to forget her, but it didn't happen. He had sex with the girls, and they almost fainted each time he entered them with his gigantic, massive thing. They had many, multiple and exhausting orgasms, and he sure as heck loved the whole sex thing, but deep inside he knew he would feel sexually fulfilled only when he made Angela his own.

Ralph, Johnny's father was a housekeeper by profession. Actually, he kept houses of rich people, or hotels, clean and tidy, by living in them when the owners were away. He got paid some very generous amounts of money that way. In the deal, the owners of the house actually paid his own rent too, so that he wouldn't lose his own house! This year, they would move to a house in the midwest. It was a two-storey building, old and sturdy, almost like a castle (without the fortresses and Castle walls of course!). The house had it's own stables, pool, tennis court etc. It belonged to a rich man who only used it during the summer.

The family arrived on Saturday afternoon. A man was there to show them around and help them settle in, then he left. They were alone, with lots of provisions. In the evening, they all had a nice dinner, and went to bed. Johnny had his room, and his parents had theirs. Johnny tried to sleep, but a few noises from his parents bedroom kept him awake. He heard a few scratches and rattles, a sure sign that his parents were engaged in some serious lovemaking. He imagined how it would be for him to be in Ralph's place. With that thought he masturbated. A bit later, the noises were over. He heard his parents room's door open and close. He heard the steps of his mother going to the bathroom. His father stayed in his room. He probably slept, as usual after the sexual encounters with his wife..

An instant urge to spy on her just took over him. He got on his feet, and opened the door with utmost attention not to be heard. He slowly, carefully and silently walked the corridor, and reached the bathroom. He rested his right hand on the wall, and carefully looked inside.

The bathroom was dimly lit, but he could easily see all the beautiful features of Angela. He could see her beautiful back, ass and legs, and from the mirror he could see her face, neck, tits and belly. He could only see a few pubic hairs, but sorry, no bush.

Johnny kept looking at his mother. He felt his cock rising sky-high. He so much wished he could just go in there and fuck the living shit out of her, make her faint after the trillion orgasms he would give her. It was this thought that made his cock even more gigantic that usual. He started trembling. His hands started trembling as well. He felt he had to get a better grip of the wall. He did. His little finger accidentally touched the bathroom lights switch, and turned it off.

Darkness. Silence. Total, solid fear.

"Who is it?", whispered Angela.

"Holy Cow!" thought Johnny, as he had actually given himself away. He did not know what to think. If Angela understood who it was, it was the end for Johnny. However if she didn't...

He was just like his father, and in the darkness, it wouldn't be easy to tell the difference. And if he whispered, he could just maybe fool her. Well, one way or another, he couldn't just stay there, because his last days on earth approached!

"Shhh ... We'll wake up Johnny!" Johnny whispered to his mother. His heart pounded like 120 volcano eruptions a minute.

"Oh Ralph, you little... come here to momma" whispered Angela to Johnny, not having understood a thing. Johnny's heart lost a few, but after that response he realized he could actually fulfill his dream... maybe he could fuck her, if he was careful.

"Just stay as you were, honey" whispered Johnny. He heard some motion from the bathroom. He approached slowly, careful not to hit anything and give himself away to the real Ralph, his father, because THAT would definitely be his end! His hands touched some soft and hot skin. It was Angela's back. She was just as he said, with her back towards him. Perfect! It would be even more difficult for her to understand the difference now.

He started fondling her back with his right hand, ever so gently, so that she wouldn't understand anything. She started purring like a cat.

His hand started to get lower and lower. He felt her middle and the beginning of her ass. It was so beautiful and silky... The skin was so hot and smooth, Her ass cheeks were so round and great.

His other hand started caressing her arms and neck, then slowly slid towards her chest, He felt the bulging of her tits, so round and beautiful. He touched her nipples, so poignant and hard.

Her breathing was getting heavy. He was caressing his own mother, and she thought he was his father! His heart pounded like crazy, and his cock was absolutely torturing him for a release.

His right hand started fondling her ass cheeks, while his left took care of her tits. He kissed her in the back of her neck and ear. She moaned, and he felt her getting hair-raisers.

His right hand started probing in the gap between the ass cheeks. Soon he felt the little hole of her anus. He started playing with it. She started breathing even more heavily.

He removed his hand from her asshole, licked the fingers, and put it back in her ass. He played with her little asshole, and started inserting the tip of his index finger in her anus. She half-whispered, half-screamed with surprise, and simultaneously started panting.

After he slid the tip of his finger, he started finger-fucking her with the tip. Slowly, gently, but with control. She started to pant even more heavily. He slid his index finger out of her asshole, and grabbed her ass. Gently, he drew it closer to him, outward, while he drew her tits closer to the sink. She was positioned with legs spread, ass poignant back and torso parallel to the ground.

He put his right hand back in place, just outside her anus, but this time he probed a little further in. He touched the beginning of her cuntlips, just beside her anus. His heart was about to explode to many, tiny, oversexed pieces. He was to actually touch and fingerfuck her cunt! Boy, oh boy, he thought... He probed his hand a little further. He had a good grip on her cunt now. He could feel the cuntlips, moist, hot, swollen, ready for everything. He could hear her panting, asking for a great fuck...

He touched her clitoris, and started rubbing her. She started moaning. He started rubbing it seriously. Soon she was panting with his rhythm, also trembling with lust.

He slid his middle finger a bit back, tilting his hand slightly so he could probe her clit with his index finger. He felt the crack of her cunt. He inserted his middle finger inside, slowly, inch by inch. Soon it was all inside. She lost a breath, and started breathing even more heavily.

Soon his index finger and ring finger followed. He inserted all three fingers slowly, listening to the "glitssssss" sounds they made because of the friction with her cunt. She started moaning heavily.

"Oh Gawwwwwd...yesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me, yessssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhh..."

His left hand abandoned her tits and went straight down to her belly. He sensed her trembling, as he touched her pubic hair., then the beginning of her crack on the mound of Venus. Alas, he couldn't play her clit with his left hand, her position didn't allow it. Well, what the heck, lets fuck her! he thought, and directed his left hand toward his pants.

He unzipped his pants and let the beast out. He put some saliva on his left hand, applied it on the cockhead , and put it between the asscheeks, right on the gap. She lost a breath with surprise.

Slowly, he slid it inward. In a very short period, that to him seemed like a century, he found the moist area of her cunt. He could feel the moisture and the heat burning the tip of his cockhead.

He positioned his hand under her legs, between his cock and her cunt. He could feel his cock pressing against her swollen , moist and hot cuntlips. His middle finger touched her clit, right beside his cockhead. With a slow motion. he began sliding the monster inside.

He heard all the incredible, watery sounds of the cuntlips spreading little by little for the colossal cock to enter. He could feel her hot, wet flesh pressing against his cockhead, sliding along it, gripping it with a kind of slow, liquid but hot and velvet grip. Soon, he had his cockhead in her cunt.

All this time she half-panted, half-whispered, half-screamed, half-fainted. It was the biggest cock she had ever experienced. How on earth did Ralph get THIS big? It was about double the size she knew!

"Aw Ralph...yesssssssssssssss... awwwwwwwww... its soooo huuuuuge... you're ripping me apart...... Ohhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh. my gawwwwwwwwwwwd.... yesssssss... fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me yesssssssss ahhhhhhhhhh..."

She had his cockhead in her cunt. He felt the area with his right hand, just to feel how it all was. Well, her cuntlips were stretched to their limit. They formed a perfect circle, outlining his head perfectly. Her clit was swollen, as well as her cuntlips. The head of his cock was totally inside... he could touch only the main part of his cock. The head started exactly under her cuntlips.

"My god, my cockhead is in her cunt mother's very cunt!!!" he thought, and even his very thoughts trembled with lust.

He slid his cockhead out, and slowly back in. He felt it with his fingers, how it stretched her cuntlips even more. He started playing with her clit, while dipping only his cockhead inside her hot, steamy cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh...yessssssss... ahhhhhhhhhhhh" she whisper-screamed, all the time taking care not to wake up the boy. If she only knew that the boy she was afraid to wake up was screwing her with might, and her real husband was sleeping the sleep of the righteous...

"Ohhhhh fuck me...ahhhhh" she whisper-cried to him.

He started sliding the whole thing inside, inch by inch.

She lost many a breath. It was super huge! It filled her up completely, and when she thought it couldn't go any further, it just did. And his body didn't even touch hers yet. It stretched the muscles in her cunt in a complete, total fashion. It was the most unique feeling of absolute cunt fulfillment she had ever experienced. She couldn't understand how Ralph got this amazing supercock. All these years she knew him inside out, or at least so she thought but this... this was MASSIVE!

He felt her cunt muscles straining not to get ripped apart by his massive tool. He slid inside her, inch by inch by inch. He felt the tip of his cock touch her cunt bottom. She lost breaths.

He withdrew his thing so that only the head was in. He slid it back in, also slowly. When he touched the barrier, he pushed even more inside. Again, she lost many a breath She couldn't talk, only whisper a few vowels between her gasps for breath. Boy, he sure gave her the fuck of their lifetimes!

Soon, he couldn't go in any further. He repeated the slow penetration ritual, until he was as inside as possible. Then he started pounding her.

She almost fainted. It's sooooooo huge, I'll die right here, she thought. Well she didn't. She came about a billion times, though!

He was pounding her with total passion and abandon. Every now and then, he felt her cunt tremble and tighten up a bit, the again more loose, the tight again... she was climaxing all the time.

"Oh yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyessssss ahhhhhhhhhhh"

She was approaching a very big climax.

He couldn't keep himself any longer. He pounded her with all his might. His cock was ripping her apart. His body pounded her ass, and by now all his cock, balls to tip of cock head was ramming her cunt. He felt his head swell, ready for the cumming of a lifetime.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhfuckfuckfuck......come inside me you motherfucker...YESSSSSSSSSSSSS..I cumcumcum...ahhhhhhhhhhh" She almost screamed outloud, well almost!

They both came with the greatest passion they had ever felt. He filled her cunt with gulp after gulp after gulp of hot sperm. He felt her tremble like an earthquake, so deep, violent and truthful.

She felt his already massive thing swell, become even more massive. She couldn't help it...she climaxed with the most intense climax she had ever, ever had. She almost died of lust feeling the swollen gigantic superprick ramming her, throwing all that gallon of sperm in her hot cunt. Oh shit.. she wasn't on the pill...

She quite about fainted.

He had fulfilled his fantasy.

He withdrew his cock out of her cunt. He started playing the head with her anus. She didn't move at all. She was probably unconscious, as all the girls he ever fucked.

Soon his prick was erect again. Her ass muscles were completely loose, as she was knocked out. He started pushing his cockhead inside her anus, slowly and carefully. She almost woke up, but she only mumbled a bit.

"I will fuck my mom's ass, and she won't know it until I'm done!!" he thought, and the thought of him ass-fucking his parent gave his prick an extra inch in width.

He continued, until all his prick was inside her.

She started waking up, and felt lots of pain from her anus. My God, he fucked her from the ass!

"Noo...please not there...I don't want that...God it hurts sooo' so huge...oh God..." She whispered with pain and, yes, growing lust. She started actually liking the incredibly big cock ramming her ass.

Soon he was ramming her tight ass like a second cunt.

"Oh yess fuck me Ralph yes ah God oh yeaaaaaaah...fuck me fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckme!!!"

Very soon, she felt the superprick swell again and start squirting in her, as she approached her first and greatest anal orgasm in her life. That's all she ever remembered. She fainted afterwards.

It was the most painful, intense orgasm of his life. He struggled not to faint himself. When he got hold of his senses, he withdrew his cock from her ass, put it back in his trousers and lifted his mother on his arms. He took her to her and her husbands room, slowly opened the door and walked inside. His dad was sleeping like and ox. Great.

He took her to her side of the bed, lie her down, and cover her. Oh shit... he hadn't wiped the cum of her...what the heck...just leave it there. It doesn't matter any more right? Or does it?...

Anyway, he kissed her in the lips, and slowly left the room, closed the door behind him, went to his room, and slept the most incredible sleep of his life. Well, who knows what happens tomorrow? If he only knew...

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