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by Rodrigo

Sometimes you can open up to a complete stranger in a way you couldn't with anybody else, tell them your deepest darkest secrets, and maybe find out something about yourself. My name is Jack Prescott, and I've got a story to tell. It's one of those stories that just eats you up until you let it out, only thing is this is the kind of story that your not supposed to let out. It's the story about how I fucked my daughter.

Do I have your attention now? Good. I'll tell you because I have to tell someone, and it might as well be you. I feel like a kid at Christmas who got the best toy in the world, but can't show it to his friends. I feel like a teenager again, I also feel guilty as hell.

Let me give you a little background, my daughter is Jessica Prescott, she's nineteen, five foot six, I guess she's about a 34c, she's got dark brown hair that's slightly wavy and goes down to just past her shoulders. She's slim, athletic really, a body built for dancing, tall and thin, long legs and a flat, tight stomach. Her eyes are amazing, deep and brown, doe-eyed I guess they call it. Then there's her mouth, she has a bee-stung bottom lip that gives her a slightly pouty expression, and gives men like me bad ideas. She's both cute and sexy at the same time.

She just got back from UCLA for summer break about a week ago. I first jerked off to my daughter when she was in high school. She had just hit puberty and had made the transition from gawky to gorgeous seemingly over night. I was in the shower stroking my cock and closed my eyes. My mind started to flash to images that turned me on. I saw Playboy playmates in my mind's eye, I saw scenes from my favorite porn movies, and then the images cleared, and all I could see was Jessica. She was standing on the sidelines at a football game, she was in her cheerleader uniform, and I stroked faster. When my mind flashed on the sight of my daughter bending over to pick up her pompoms I came furiously.

I felt strange about having those feelings for my little girl, I was angry with myself for thinking about her that way, I was even a little angry with her. I decided to try to forget about the whole thing. The only problem is I couldn't forget about it. She asked if Billy Walters could come over and study with her. I remembered "studying" with girls when I was her age, but I figured she's a good girl, what's the worst that could happen? They decided to study in the pool-house, because it would be quiet in there. The pool-house is set about a hundred feet from the house, it has a few chairs and a couch, and a full bar set-up. The wife and I use it in the summer and when we throw parties.

At ten that night my darling wife decided that she had a hard day, so she washed down a sleeping pill with a martini and went to bed. A hard day my ass. She'd spent fourteen thousand of my dollars to buy a coffee table. A fucking coffee table! What a life I had. Susan, my wife of twenty-one years was a compulsive shop-a-holic, not to mention closet alcoholic, and pill-popper. Frigid bitch. Do you know what it's like to have to beg and plead your own wife to have sex with you on your wedding night? And every night since then? Then, when she finally relents, all she does is lie there and cry. I should've married Kerry Carlton. But, Kerry Carlton was a slut, and you can't marry a slut, no, you have to find a nice girl. So I find a nice girl, she's fucking crazy, but she's nice.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, that night at the pool-house...It's ten o'clock, my wife is passed out, my other daughter is away at college, so, I start to stroke myself, right there in the living room. Then I started thinking about Jessica out in the pool-house with that boy. I couldn't risk getting caught by those two so I put my dick back in my pants and poured myself a scotch. Then another. As the booze started to work on brain I wondered what Jessica and Billy were doing out there. Were they really studying? Or were they making out or maybe a little more than that? I had to find out.

I crept around to the back entrance of the pool-house and stood on a box to look into the window. What I saw changed my life. Billy sat upright on the left side of the couch, his arms were behind his head and his eyes were closed. One other thing, his pants were around his ankles. My sweet, young daughter, Daddy's little girl, was stretched out on the couch, lying on her stomach with her legs bent up and crossed at the ankles. She was lying the same way she did when she read books on her bed. She wasn't reading a book this time; she was sucking Billy's cock. She propped herself up with her left hand, and stroked Billy's member with her right. She was bobbing up and down on his dick with a steady rhythm, sucking and stroking at the same time.

I felt dizzy as I watched this. All the blood ran out of my head. I grabbed for my cock, I was rock hard. I massaged myself through my pants. Jessica took her mouth off Billy's member and stared at it, almost like she was examining him. She looked bored. She started to use her hand on him again; I started to use my hand on myself. There I was a forty-one year old man, jerking off to the sight of his own daughter giving a blowjob. Jessica stopped playing with Billy's dick and started to rub and squeeze his balls, Billy squirmed as Jessica licked his balls one by one. Billy began speaking. I leaned in to see if I could hear.

"...Unnhh...You're gonna make me cum..." Billy moaned.

"That's sort of the point." Jessica said. She grabbed his cock his at the base of his shaft and squeezed. Then she spit on it. She rubbed the spit all over his shaft and jerked him has fast as she could. He tensed up, she sensed this and moved her head away from the head of his dick. Billy's flailed as his dick exploded. As Jessica jerked him, spurt after spurt flew out him.

I couldn't hold back any longer either. I came so hard my knees buckled. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out. A few minutes later, when I'd composed myself, I looked at Jessica. She was curled up on the right side of the couch, she was playing with Billy's cum which was all over her hand. What a little tramp, I thought. What a little slut. Billy looked dead. He was a mess, cum all over his shirt and his legs.

"Can I get that paper now?" Jessica asked a little annoyed. She took some tissues out of her pocket to mop up the cum on her hand. Billy nodded and took a report out of his school bag. He placed the report on the table.

"Man, Jessica, Donny said you were the best but that was unreal," Billy said. Jessica just giggled. "So, do you need anyone to do that lab-report for you?"

"No, Will's going to do that one for me."

"And what are you gonna do for him?"

Jessica smiled. "What I just did for you." She giggled some more.

I couldn't take anymore. I put my dick in my pants, sneaked back into the house and focused on what just happened. The girl I had felt bad about jerking off too, was giving out blowjobs in exchange for schoolwork. She was actually blowing these guys to get them to do her homework! I remembered what she said when Billy told her he was going to cum, 'That's sort of the point.' What a whore I thought as I took a shower. What a whore I thought as I jerked off to the image of her sucking off Billy.

I had to have her. I knew it was wrong, but what I had just seen changed the way I thought of her. She was a slut now. Just like every girl I dated before marrying Susan. Daddy's little slut. I had to figure out a way to get her. It took time, but I figured out a way.

About a week ago, Jessica came home from college for the summer. Her mother decided to take our eldest daughter to Mexico for a month, as a way to punish me. Susan suspects that the business trips I took last year were just excuses for me to fuck high-priced call girls. She was right of course. What she didn't know was that every hooker I fucked looked like our daughter Jessica.

So, it was just Jessica and I. Jessica was lounging by the pool when I got home from work. It was a Friday afternoon, so I took a half-day, I own the place, so why not. Jessica was wearing a black bikini, and her hair was slicked back, she looked like she had just gotten out of the water.

"Busy day, Jess?"

"I got a manicure and a pedicure," Jessica said showing me her fingernails. They were electric blues. "Daddy, I haven't seen you since Christmas, put on a bathing suit and hang out with me." I did just that. I pulled up a deck chair and sat next to her. She got out her chair and sat in my lap, she was always daddy's little girl. I always had to worry about her mother or her sister walking in on me, so I never made my move. Now was the time.

"Daddy, can I ask you something?" She was leaning against me, I took a quick look at her cleavage and felt a twitch in my groin. "What is it, baby?"

"Daddy, I want a new car. Can I please get one?"

"You mean, can I get you one."

"Well, yeah."

"Your car is fine. I'm not going to drop twenty grand for something you'll just get sick of in a week." I was now looking at her flat tummy. She rubbed her thighs together and inched her ass closer to my prick, which was now three-quarters hard.

"Please, Daddy...Please..." she looked up at me pouting. Her hand was on my chest, the same hand that was covered with Billy's cum. The mental image of her blowing that kid popped into my head and my prick was now tearing at the fabric of my shorts.

"Get off my lap. Now." I said. I pushed her onto her feet and got up. I walked quickly to the pool-house and stood against the bar. I thought about what I was going to do. Now or never I thought, now or never. "Jessica! Come in here!" She walked sheepishly in the door. I crossed over to her. "Tell me what you want" I said quietly.

She looked me right in the eyes. "A new car, Daddy." She bit her bottom lip. I moved closer to her, we were mere inches apart.

"Tell what you're willing to do to get it."

"I don't understand you." Her face was scrunched up. She looked like a little girl working on a math problem. She was confused.

"What do you usually do to get something from a man?"

"I..uh..I.." She was starting to understand.

"What do you usually do?" I glanced down at my crotch and then into her eyes. My cock was fully erect and pressing painfully against my shorts. She reached out her hand slowly and extended her index finger. She traced the outline of my cock with her electric blue fingernail.

"Well, Daddy, I do all kinds of things..." she absent-mindedly made figure eights with her finger- tip on my dick. "What do you want me to do for you?" I grabbed her by the hair with both hands and pulled her into me, before she could speak another word my tongue was in her mouth. She moaned and squeezed my prick over my shorts. I broke the kiss and pushed her down to her knees. She hooked her finger into the sides of my shorts and pulled them off. My cock stretched out to its full seven inches. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes. "Do you want you daughter to suck your cock for you? Is that what you want, Daddy?"

"Put it in your mouth, you little tramp."

"Yes, Daddy." She placed both hands on the base on my prick and slowly took me in her mouth. My heart was racing. I nearly passed out when I felt the warmth of her mouth as it enveloped my prick. This was what I'd wanted for the past three years and I could hardly believe I was getting it. She was amazing, using her hands and mouth in unison, licking the head of my prick, sucking my balls. She never broke eye contact. She ran her fingernails up and down the shaft of my prick, she tickled my balls.

"You suck cock like a pro, you little slut."

"MMMM...Daddy... You taste so good, I could suck you forever."

"Open your mouth, Jessica, your father's going to cum." She did as she was told. I took hold of my cock and finished the job my daughter had started. I came with unbelievable force. The first spurt went right down her throat, the next two hit her lips and chin and the last burst splattered all over her mouth. I groaned with pleasure. I looked down on my daughter now covered with her Daddy's cum. My cum had dripped on to her tits and onto the floor. She smiled at me as the cum dripped from her chin.

"Oh god, Daddy, that was sooo good."

"You're not done yet," I said. I wiped the cum off of her face and chin with my hand. "Swallow this, slut." She licked the cum off my hand and greedily sucked my fingers. "Good little, slut."

"Now can I get a car, Daddy?"

"The only thing you're going to get today is my dick in your sweet cunt." All the pent-up anger at my wife and the frustration with my daughter was coming out. I was going to enjoy this. I pulled Jessica off the floor and over to the couch, I sat down in a chair opposite the couch. "Get me hard again, tramp."

"How, Daddy?"

"Take off your bikini." She stood up and untied the bra strap. The top of her bikini fell to the floor, her tits were round and full and her nipples were perfect, the size of a fifty-cent piece. She slowly massaged her tits rubbing and pinching her already hard nipples. My prick was coming back to life. Next came the bikini bottoms she turned away from me and pushed the bottoms off her hips, exposing her heart-shaped ass. She faced me again as the bikini bottoms slipped to the floor. Her pussy was completely shaved.

"Come sit on Daddy's lap." Instead of sitting on lap, she straddled me. We kissed deeply, our tongues explored each other's mouth. My hands were all over her, her tits, her ass, her pussy, I couldn't settle on one place.

"Daddy, I'm so wet," Jessica sighed.

"What do you want, do you want Daddy to fuck you?"

"Yes, please..."

"Say it you slut, say the words."

"Fuck me, Daddy...Please fuck me..." I slid my now raging hard-on into her cunt. She moaned softly. She bounced up and down on my cock, all the while kissing me. I squeezed her dark nipples and then took one in my mouth. I bit down. She squealed. I picked her up off the chair and put her on the floor, flipping her over. I took her arms and held them behind her back with one hand, I pulled her hair with the other hand. She screamed. I fucked her fast and hard, then I slowed down, teasing her, making her feel every stroke. I released her arms and put my hand over her nose and mouth, choking her. She went wild, bucking against my cock. I let her breathe again, then shove my fingers in her mouth. She sucked my fingers like she sucked my cock. I felt the load building up in balls, so I pulled out. She instinctively rolled over and got up onto her knees. I took her face in my hand and opened her mouth.

"Suck it you whore, swallow every drop!" She took me in her mouth, and my sweet little girl swallowed every drop of her Daddy's semen. I fell back into the chair, spent. Jessica crawled off the floor and into my lap.

"Can I really get a new car, Daddy?"

"You're going to have to earn it, by being my sex toy all summer."

Jessica smiled. "Anything you say, Daddy." She leaned in and kissed me, I cupped her breast, our tongues danced. "Anything at all. I'm going to be Daddy's little slut." Well, that's what happened. That was the best and worst day of my. I haven't got the slightest idea what I'm going to do. All I know is I can't wait to see my daughter Jessica tonight.

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