The Best Erotic Stories.

by Angel Anonymous

The lights shone on and music began. There was a spot light pointed at the center of the curtain though, and suddenly, Janey walked out. Oh, you should have seen her. She, with her C cup breasts were bobbing up and down as she danced to the pole and started stripping as she danced. She didn't have much on when she walked out, just a lacey red, crotchless panties and a shirt so tight, her erect nipples poked through visible. She wore no bra. The men now, with their hard cocks were climbing up on the stage and jerking off furiously. A man, brave enough, started to take his erect schlong out and walked toward Janey.

She saw this and marveled at his cock. It was a good 9 inches and 3 inches wide. He approached her and started pinching and sucking her erect nipples. Janey moaned and the men started cheering the man on. He then took his dick and made Janey get on all fours and then positioned himself at the entrance. "Oh baby! Yes! Give it to me! Harder! Harder!" The man's dick had disappeared through her back door now. He started thrusting in and out. It wasn't long till Janey climaxed and blew her cream all over him. He wasn't finished though, he was still in her ass and he started to stick his while fist in her pussy. She was VERY wet, so a good size of the hand went in, but the rest was still out. Janey cried out,"Oh God! That feels so good! Let the rest go in! Push harder!"

So he did. Soon, it was all in. Janey cried out in pain and pleasure. She again blew her lovejuice out to him. He stood up and walked away.

Janey never saw him again.

Another fine story by Angel Anonymous.
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