The Best Erotic Stories.

by Pat Scott

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Jack was an extraordinary guy. That's why extraordinary things always happened to him.

In situations where most people would run Jack would charge. Where most people would seek to draw attention to themselves by talking Jack would seek to learn through listening. While most people will invent the answers to make themselves look more intelligent, Jack would look you in the face and boldly say "I don't know."

Psychology was the perfect profession for Jack. He fascinated people and at the same time was fascinated by them. He was still a few years away from being able to practice mental medicine as he liked to call it, but he was definitely making the grade so far.

Perhaps recounting the events of the day Jack met Steve and Linda will describe him better than if I just keep going on and on.

Jack was taking his midnight walk around his neighborhood thinking about his girlfriend Melissa who was studying in London. She used to accompany him on these walks and he found himself missing her. He was absorbed in very deep, very fond memories of her when suddenly he was snapped back to reality by the sound of yelling. Jack took up residence in a lower middle class apartment on the west side. That was about the best he could do at this point and it was also close to the University. In the three years he had lived there he had seen a noticeable decline in the neighborhood. There seemed to be more drug use, more problems with juveniles, more domestic abusiveness. Good for the psychology profession in general but not especially fun to live amidst.

Most people would keep walking and mind their business but Jack stopped and craned his neck and tried to hear. It was a man and a woman. It wasn't the crazed rantings of the drug addicted or the criminally insane. It was a lovers' quarrel. Jack listened intently but could not make out very much. He went up and rang the doorbell. That's what I mean about Jack, he's just like that.

The door swung open. The man who opened it was still obviously enraged and it was pretty clear that he was expecting to find the police or his landlord at the door. Instead there was Jack. Clean cut with a pristine hair cut and casual but distinguished clothes. The man inside seemed positively stunned.

"WHAT?" He asked angrily after hesitating a moment.

"I was walking by and I noticed your argument. I'm a counselor of sorts and I would like to help you if you'll let me."

Most people are terrified in these chaotic situations and in proximity to these kinds of intensely emotional situations. Jack has a kind of tranquil stoicism that is hard to describe. Nevertheless the man went to slam the door in his face. Jack quickly inserted his foot in the door.

"Look," he said. "A lot of your argument seems to center around having a hard time communicating with one another. I think I can help you get past that so if you honestly want to try to make things better, let me in. If you find that I'm not helping I will leave as soon as you ask me to."

The door opened back up. The woman stood next to the man and evidently she had opened the door back up. The man looked at her and she stared back at him. "Let him in Steve," she said.

Steve backed away from the door and slumped defeatedly into a chair. The woman sat back down on the couch next to the front window. Jack quietly closed the door and stood about an equal distance from each next to a coffee table in the center of the room. There was a silence that most people would find awkward and intimidating. Jack just took a moment to get over the detestable stench of cigarette smoke and jumped right in.

"You would be what? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Husband and Wife?"

"We're not anything right now." replied the woman venomously.

"So generally you're boyfriend and girlfriend. And you both live here?" he asked addressing the question to Steve.

"Yeah," he replied. He seemed visibly frustrated by Jack's presence already.

"Okay, so you have chosen to live together, and have been involved in a relationship. Why? Do you love her?"

"Yes! I've been trying to tell her that!" Steve seemed to go from absolute rage to a swirl of vulnerability and grief in a heartbeat.

Jack turned to the woman. "I didn't catch your name," he said.

"Linda," she replied.

"Linda do you love Steve?"

"He knows I do," she said.

"I'm sorry, I'm not trying to come off like a prick or anything but I was really looking for a more specific answer to whether or not you love Steve."

"Yes," she said. She was half crying and obviously very angry herself.

Jack took a moment. He seemed very interested and looked back and forth between the two a couple of times. Then he took a seat on a couch on the other side of the coffee table. He folded his hands between his legs and leaned way out on the edge of the seat so that the three of them were now all in a clear triangle of visibility.

"You two are off to a really good start. It's rare that two people can say they love one another with so much conviction. Most couples have the problem of one or the other partner being much more in love or even neither partner being very much in love at all. Linda and Steve you don't seem to have that problem. So that leaves us with an event or a circumstance, some sort of problem or something. Which of you can tell me what that is?"

Linda glared at Steve. It was one of those moments where if looks could kill there would be no Steve. It was obvious that it was Steve's job to confess what he had done.

It was equally obvious that Steve didn't want to admit to what he had done. Jack waited patiently and finally Steve offered some explanation. "I slept with the girl down the street."

Having said it, it was as though the wound had just been torn afresh for the both of them. There was all kinds of emotional energy in the air and it seemed as though the screaming was about to break out again at any moment.

"Why did you do that Steve?" asked Jack.

Steve looked angered and hurt by Jack's question. "I don't know." he replied in a 'how could you ask me that' kind of tone.

"Steve, you just told me a minute ago that you love Linda. Do you love also the girl down the street?"

"No," Steve hastily replied.

"Well then of what possible benefit could it have been to have slept with the girl down the street?"

Steve looked like he wanted to kill himself. "I couldn't help it," he offered in his defense.

Jack looked very disappointed. "Well that's silly Steve. That's not any kind of real answer." There was a momentary pause. "Would you be very hurt to find out that Linda had slept with a guy down the street?"

"Yes!" Steve said passionately. "It was just a sexual thing," he added.

"Ah," said Jack. "So that's all it was. Just a little sexual thing?"

Steve seemed unable to speak.

"It seems to me that the two of you entered into a serious relationship that was intended to be exclusive. You've just stated that you yourself would be very hurt if Linda had violated that trust, yet in the same breath you minimalize your having violated it. Help me to understand Steve, is it just a little sexual thing or a very serious violation of trust."

Steve started to cry. "I fucked up. I know I fucked up, but I don't know how to fix it."

"Well it's not something that can be fixed," Jack offered. "If you both still want to you can begin to work toward building trust back a little by little but you can never go back to a point where you've never violated her trust after you have. It doesn't work that way."

"Linda, are you interested in continuing this relationship and working to build it back?" Jack asked.

"Yes, but like you said, I don't know if I can trust him."

"Ask him," Jack implored.

Linda looked for a moment. It seemed as though she didn't quite know what to ask. "Can I trust you?" she asked of Steve eventually.

"Yes!" he replied almost crying. "I told you it would never happen again."

Jack spoke up. "Why do you suppose it happened in the first place?"

It was clear that Steve had been trying to talk about everything but this. He didn't really seem to know the answer but Jack was asking him to search himself and find the answer.

Jack asked another question while Steve thought about the first. "If you wouldn't have been caught would it have been alright or would you have been bothered by it?"

"I didn't get caught." Steve replied.

Linda spoke up. "He told me about it himself. That didn't make it any better."

"Well it is at least some small good sign. So you did feel guilty about it, but why did it happen Steve? What did you feel was missing with Linda that you could get from the girl down the street?"

"She just kept after me," Steve replied. "After a while it started to make me feel sort of special that someone wanted me that much."

"Linda's wanting you does not make you feel special?"

"Not really. Sometimes I can hardly tell that she wants me at all."

"Oh don't try to turn this into my fault!" Linda exploded.

Steve just sat there silently and defeated. Jack closely examined the pair and decided to give some validity to Jack's statement. "Alright so there was something about the other woman that made you feel special in a way you felt was missing in your life?"

"That's what I was trying to say," Steve said while Linda just sat fuming in her chair angered that this thread of conversation was being allowed to continue.

"It doesn't sound to me that this was just a sexual thing then." Jack looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "In what way did the girl down the street make you feel special that Linda does not?"

"She just wanted me. I get home from work half the time and Linda could give a fuck."

Jack bristled from the language. He needed to get used to this kind of environment if he was to be any good. He put a great deal of effort into giving the impression that he was listening and not judging.

"I was just overwhelmed by the idea that someone was excited to see me," Steven continued. "That someone was looking forward to... that someone found me attractive in that way. You know?"

"What am I supposed to be looking forward to Steve?" Linda asked. "Sitting on the couch watching wrestling?" Steve wore an expression as though Linda had just revealed their sacred trust to a stranger. "If we even have sex it is just the same stuff over and over again."

"It's not MY fault we do the same stuff all the time!" Steve objected.

"What do you mean all the time? We barely do it once a week."

"Comments like that are not really productive," Jack interjected.

Linda turned to face Jack. "Well, he acts like he owns the rights to claiming sexual neglection. It's not like I don't want to have more sex and try different things too."

"Okay, so you both want more sex and different kinds of sex," Jack said smiling. "Would you both agree that you're a lot more likely to get what you both want when you're talking about exactly what it is you want?" The pair nodded. "So Steve wants to feel like you are excited about seeing him and eager to have sex. Correct?"

"Yeah, but it's also that sometimes she goes out of her way to let me know how isn't impressed with anything I do."

"Now that you know that's a problem do you think you can work on that?" Jack asked.

Linda nodded.

"And I don't mean pretending to be happy to excited to see him as an obvious charade, I mean can you be genuinely excited to see him to the point where you need to rip his clothes of the moment he gets in the door?"

Steve and Linda both perked up at the sound of that. They began to look at one another with a kind of connectedness that Jack had not seen either of them display until now.

"And Linda wants more sexual variety. Like what?" asked Jack.

Linda squirmed in her seat. "I don't know. Like kinkier stuff."

"What do you fantasize they two of you would do? If you're not too embarrassed to say."

"I want to have sex with our clothes on in the front window," Jack was taken aback. Steve looked surprised also but more pleasantly so. "I wanna like have sex in public or have sex with someone watching." Linda said as though she were fantasizing about it lustfully as she confessed it.

"What about the Doc?" Steve asked.

"I'm not a Doctor," Jack corrected. "I'm still an undergrad in fact," he said nervously.

"Would you watch Steve and me having sex?" Linda asked excitedly.

"Um... well that's the sort of thing... " Jack began. Linda looked very disappointed at the prospect of him saying no. "Oh why the hell not?" Jack replied.

Linda grinned and slipped out of a smock-like garment that she was wearing to reveal her bra and panties. Jack was immediately stunned by her gorgeous body which was far more statuesque than he could have imagined. Steve grabbed the Coffee table between them and he and Linda both carelessly tossed it aside. They walked on their knees toward one another until the met in a lustful kiss in the middle. Steve grabbed Linda by the ass and then slid a hand under her panties. This couple was completely transformed and there was not a trace of the couple that Jack had met when he first entered the house.

Jack shifted in his seat. He had become hard and needed to find some room for himself to grow inside his trousers. Linda began to paw at Stevens clothes until finally Steven pulled off his shirt and began to undo his belt so that he could get at his jeans. While his head was down Linda reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She let the bra slip and looked over at Jack for approval. Jack tried to look dignified and detached. He may have carried it of externally, but his eyes we're doing a dance of bliss. Linda had the most perfectly round breasts with pert pink nipples and areolas that poked out from her breast as dramatically as her nipples poked out from the areolas. She had short brown hair and a plain enough face that it left Jack completely unprepared for the marvel that was her body.

Jack's eyes fixed on her womanesque rounded belly as she slid off her panties while locking eyes with Steven. Steven was now fully naked and erect and his penis kept the two from embracing properly. He grabbed her by the ass again and pulled her close so that his penis poked into her belly and they kissed again.

Linda reached down and grabbed his dick and began to stroke it while biting her lower lip. Steven looked surprised as though this was not the treatment he was used to, but it didn't take him long to reciprocate. He began sucking on her neck near her collar bone as Linda let her pleasure be known through gentle moans.

Linda pulled Steven down on top of her on the floor and Steven immediately went to thrust his dick into her.

"Sometimes women appreciate a little foreplay in order to ah... get their juices flowing." Jack suggested.

"No. I like it this way." Linda corrected.

"Oh. My apologies." Jack offered in chagrin.

"That's okay. Don't talk now. Just watch." Linda requested.

Jack set about on his mission of watching. It was a fascinating thing to watch. Two near strangers having frantic sex on their living room floor. Jack noticed that Steven had very powerful legs and speculated that he must have an active job like a fireman or a Gym teacher or something. He was using his legs to drive into Linda like a wild animal. Jack would have thought she would getting carpet burns on her back from the way they were going at it but Linda was howling in delight and digging her fingers into his back.

Steve reached around for her ass again and Linda lifted up. Steven took hold of her ass with both hands and held her up so that her whole weight was resting on her head and shoulders and then he began pounding her even harder.

"Harder," Linda began to cry out and Steven tried fucking harder but there's only so hard you can go. Linda seemed satisfied with his attempt though. "Yeah... Harder... Like that..."

Linda was howling at least as loud as she had been when they were arguing which meant that a passerby could easily hear her from the sidewalk.

"Yeah, make me come," she pleaded. Steven took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. He removed one of his hands from her ass and rested it on her chin and put his index finger into her mouth. She began to suck it which muffled her howling just a bit. Linda's eyes rolled back into her head and she thrust her hips wildly all over the place. She had what was unmistakably an orgasm. Then as soon as she did Steven shifted himself and took slower and more purposeful strokes before collapsing down on her in post orgasmic weariness.

Linda and Steven seemed to have forgotten that Jack was even there. Jack stared at Steven who's face was unfortunately obscured on the other side of Linda's head. In the many times that Jack had had sex he barely remembered anything that happened right after sex. It was as though the 5 to 10 minutes directly after sex were constantly being erased by some unseen prankster. Even though he couldn't see Steven's face, Steven seemed to be in that same catatonic state.

Eventually he heard Steven whisper something quietly to Linda. Linda whispered back and Jack could even see her lips moving but he still couldn't make out what she was saying. Slowly the couple's hips began to gyrate though and he could see that they were gearing up to have sex again.

Before they really got into it Steven pulled his hardon out into the open air and stood on his knees. Linda got up and one could indeed see where her back had been introduced to the rug but she didn't seem to mind. The couple fetched the coffee table and placed it right in front of Jack. Linda knelt in front of it and lifted one leg so that her one foot rested on the coffee table. Steven nestled in behind her and spread her labia and began to take her from behind. This afforded Jack the kind of view that one only ever gets in a porno film.

Jacks astonished gaze rotated between Linda's face, her breasts and where the couple were joined. She was staring directly at him, watching him watching her. Her moaning was not quite as loud as before but she was by no means quiet. Her eyes were piercing though as she studied Jack's eyes watching her. Then his gaze would drift down to her gorgeous breasts and marvel at the way they bounced against the motion of all the action that was going on. Then he would look down below where the couple was fucking. Linda had a nice natural brown curly bush that reminded him of Melissa and made him miss her terribly. He could see Steve's dick in exacting detail as it slid back and forth between Linda's lips. Then he would return to looking at her face and she would be staring at him intensely as ever while she fucked Steven. She had not broken her stare into Jack's eyes even once.

Jack felt so hard that he feared he might drizzle in his pants. It was a small price to pay for this show though. He tried to see Steven for a minute but Steven was obviously absorbed in his own world. Linda looked like she might be having orgasms. If not it didn't matter because her ecstasy was readily apparent. She was having the experience of a lifetime it seemed. It seemed like Steven and Linda we're well on their way to being able to communicate better.

Finally Steven began to groan. "Are you coming for me?" Linda asked frantically.

"Uh huh."

Linda broke away from Steven and turned around to grab his dick. She grabbed a tight hold and began pumping his dick in her hand really hard. Moments later white strings of come began to shoot out and landed on Linda's breast, arm and hand. The pair fell back against the couch and began necking.

"You can show yourself out?" Linda asked.

Jack stood up carefully and straightened himself a bit.

"Did you ever think of being a sex therapist doc?" Steve asked.

"I'm not a doctor. I'm an undergrad," Jack reminded. It didn't seem like they were paying attention to him anymore though.

Jack thought about the possibility of becoming a sex therapist as he ran home. It was something to consider at least. He had a definite interest in the subject.

He got home out of breath and locked the door behind himself. He flew out of his clothes and jerked off in his bedroom to a fantasy of having sex with Melissa and having Linda staring at him with her penetrating eyes. It was a fantasy that kept him occupied many a cold night while waiting for Melissa's return.


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