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Jen Again
by Tuxgod

I fell into her arms with a passionate kiss. As I started to tell her how much I loved her and needed her, she held her finger to my lips. She reached to my crotch and ran her hands along my dick until I was very hard and very turned on. She kissed me, letting her tongue work its way around my mouth. She began pulling her head back, letter her tongue come most of the way from my parted lips. For every small movement forward I made to keep it inside, she made an equal movement back to stay just at the edge. Her giggle excited me and I moaned for her tongue again.

Then she pulled away completely, leaving me there with my eyes closed, tongue reaching into thin air, mouth pushing forward. Her strong giggle caused me to open my eyes and see her from what seemed like yards. She breathed out and I inhaled her breath as if it were my own.

I was shocked and humiliated that David was sitting on the couch with the tip of his dick sticking obviously out the bottom of his boxers. I had watched Jennifer and David make love a few times as a personal fantasy that Jen allows for me. I had been her first, I was also much older than her. (17 years older) As our age difference broke us apart, she always has honored what she started.

I became Jen's completely. Well, not like 100% domination or anything, just in spirit. When I taught her about sex I taught her in a manner which excited the hell out of me. She being 18 and with the perfect young, innocent look and virginal attitude, became the dominator, or teaser and provider of my orgasm. She would play with me until I had begged many times, and then only after another application of lotion to her long and sexy legs, or perhaps her dildo inserted into my asshole, would she finally allow me to come. Most of the time she did, some of the time she didn't, but that was to make sure I understood that there was ALWAYS that possibility that I just might not finally get my release.

She picked up on her role quickly and we had many months of absolutely wonderful sex. But during that time I became dependent upon her touch, her love. She still loved me, but had her sights set on a new, young man by the name of David. So she invited me to participate, but from afar.

Once she tied me to her bed and had her video monitor in front of me and her camera set out in her living room for an entire movie/sex date with David. Before his arrival, I had shaved her legs, applied lotion to her legs & feet, painted her toenails ... all knowing that I was doing it for another man's sex toy.

Such is our relationship. I only get to see her when she invites me, and that seems to be maybe 2-3 times per year. But this time David is out front, obviously aware of the situation. He is far more her age, 22-23 or so. He is not necessarily big, but he does sport quite a large dick that Jennifer absolutely adores. I am 4" when hard, and she knows that my lack of size embarrasses me. Not to mention that I do not know how much about what she has told David, if anything. I am already emotionally naked in front of him, the physical nakedness comes soon enough.

The night I am writing about happened back in March. It is now August. Jen has invited me over tonight, but gave me an assignment ahead of time to 'get me in the mood'. Nothing is necessary for getting me in the mood to be with Jennifer. Her touch sends shivers through my back and groin. Just inhaling her breath turns me on ... it is truly incredible.

My assignment is to describe our last encounter - the one back in March in fairly great detail.

After our nice kiss and hellos, Jen whispered in my ear for me to unzip my stone washed jeans, reach through my tight-fitting jockey shorts, take out my dick and then place my hands at my side. As I was doing what she told me, she was walking back over to the couch with David. She looked, as always, absolutely astonishing. She stood 5'10" with shoulder-length brown hair, straight and parted in the middle. She is somewhat athletic, her behind firm, her shoulders strong, her legs shapely. She has fair colored skin and soft, brown eyes. She still looks 18. Her breasts still a nice 34B.

Today she wore a pair of white sandals, white shorts, and a midriff black halter top.

I had removed my dick and was just standing in her entry way. I was as hard as I was going to be and extremely embarrassed at the situation. She asked me to come over to the coffee table and stand for a few. As I walked my little dick wiggled form side to side. Jen whispered in David's ear while looking right at it and they both started giggling. Jen looked me directly in the eyes and I saw the woman I love treating me the way only she can, and just as I need to be.

She began stroking David's dick where it stuck out of his drawers. She moved the cloth and ran her hand up the length of it and I saw her wiggle as she closed her eyes and moaned. She played with him for a couple of minutes, just stroking and touching and adoring his penis with her hand. I was breathing so hard as I watched her hand bring his large dick to a rise and then as she added her other hand and stroked his dick and leaned over and kissed his dick.

Then David spoke. "So you like watching Jen and me having sex, huh?" I could not answer. I just kept watching Jen's hand. Jen chimed in "Would you like to watch me screw David?" I answered that I would like that.

She told me to come over to her and remove her shorts. I came around the coffee table and stood in front of Jennifer and I bent over and unfastened her shorts. I helped her out of them as she wriggled her way free. Her panties began to slide down as well, but I wanted to make a special trip for them. I put her shorts aside and repeated the process with her panties.

This contact with her legs and body and the sight of her brown-haired pubic mound was breathtaking. Years earlier I had eaten that pussy almost daily for eight months. After she had her first orgasm by oral sex, she wanted it constantly. Being young like she was, she had an insatiable sexual appetite.

She told me to return to the other side of the table and completely undress myself. While I was doing that, she began positioning herself on top of David's disk, facing him. I was trying to watch and trying to get undressed. I was so electrified with excitement I was spinning.

As I was completing my chore, Jen was slowly sinking down the length of David's shaft. Her moans were incredible. It was as if she became transfixed on his dick. She worked him and worked him all the while throwing her head either back or down on his face for another sloppy kiss. She did as she said, and she screwed him. When he came, she just milked everything she could and seemed more than proud of herself for making him happy.

I was again the center of attention. Jen pulled away from his cock and whimpered as it left her completely. She then knelt down in front of him and mouthed his pulsating dick until he was flaccid.

She then walked around the table to me and took my dick in her hand and stroked me lightly. My knees bent slightly and I moaned from her touch. She moved her head closer to me, took a deep breath and slowly, and warmly, let her breath out in m y face. I breathed in her smell combined with David's sex. I could not help, it, I would have never passed up the chance to absorb some of her precious offering, regardless of the conditions.

She giggled and then pressed her semen-soaked lips to mine and tongue kissed me as she had in the doorway. She let her lips and tongue spread his smell over my nose and cheeks. I just stood there and kissed back as hard as I could. She removed her hand when she felt that things were getting too far down the road for me. She would never allow me to get too close to an orgasm ... yet.

She returned to the couch and told me to retreat to wherever and get them some drinks. I did so, and upon my return found her once again stroking his dick. Kinda like the same way a person would stroke a cat in one's lap or something. Idly, like she does it all day and all night.

I offered Jen her drink, and then David his. I returned to my spot without being told. Jen started telling me about David's dick and why she loved it so much. She described how good it made her feel inside and how she loved its warmth as she holds it and presses it to her cheek. She told me to come over, kneel in front of them and watch closely as she showed me parts of David's dick that made HIM feel good, and parts of his dick that made HER feel good. She told me that when she was younger, she thought mine was cute, but she had never really had seen that many. When David came along with his youth, charm, and nice car she was happy to see what kind of dick he had. Since her first touch she has been in love with it and has promised David that she would always make it happy whenever he wanted. And more.

The story had the intended effect. I knelt there naked with a four inch dick that Jennifer referred to as a 'wiener', or as "Little guy". She is sitting there stroking her boyfriend's dick and telling me why she loves it so much. She tells me to take over for her hand, and to feel what she was describing. I became flushed. I had never dreamed she would do something as weird as this. But as I have repeated, she has this power over me, and I will do anything for her.

I took his prick and followed Jen's instructions on exactly HOW he liked to be stroked. She was giving me lessons on how to jack off her boyfriend! I was so ashamed I could have vomited. But I was so turned on by the entire scene that had been occurring over the past hour or so I could never stop.

Jen began to touch herself and reached over to get a vibrator out of her drawer. She rubbed the vibrator over herself and into her pussy as I stroked her hardening stud. As she worked herself into an aroused state she told me that I was getting David ready to fuck her. After he is ready I can just stay kneeling there, because this could take awhile. I told her I understood and then she responded with another fucked up order. Since he is so large, she really prefers for him to be lubricated before he fucks her.

I kept stroking waiting for her to pass me the lotion when it dawned on me that I was to supply that lubrication orally. When the light came on, I turned purple, and Jen knew right away I understood and she began her lecture again. She had me run my tongue here and run it there ... I wasn't going to get out of this by merely throwing my mouth over his prick and spitting. I was to fellate him for awhile. Just the way he likes, she reminded me.

After he was lubricated and I was sick, he moved into position right above me and sent his dick plummeting inside of my dear Jennifer. I saw her grabbing at the sides of the couch to maintain her positioning. He slid in slowly and smoothly, taking his time and fucking her the way she obviously liked to be fucked.. He would bring her up, and let her down, bring her up again. She was right, this lasted for quite some time. David's balls having been empty, he was ready to please Jennifer.

I watched from my unique vantage as he moved from side to side, as Jen wriggled into different positions, as she dug into whatever she could grasp.

He finally emptied a second load into my sweetheart's pussy. He fell on her for a few and waited until she was done quivering and spasming. Her legs twitched from time to time as she was 'coming down'. He rose and faced me. I had no doubt that I was to re-create Jen's earlier cleaning performance.

I did so and tasted her juice as it mixed with his cum. I concentrated on her smell and her taste and tried to put his smell out of the way. I was actually getting to enjoy my part in this show.

Jen scooted forward in the couch and spread her legs slightly. She asked me if I wanted to eat her, to lick her pussy. There were fewer things right then in my life that I would rather do than eat her pussy. It had been months since the last time I got to taste her, to feel her pubic skin on my nose and encompassing my tongue. I moved toward her, and she stopped me. She told me I would have to ask her nicely. I asked, and the asking turned into begging. After the second time, I got as close as getting my nose wet when she pulled away and made me beg harder, she wanted to hear exactly WHAT I was going to be eating out of her sopping cunt.

I told her how badly I wanted to taste David's sperm, knowing that it made her happy to have it in her. I told her that I wanted to smell the aroma and taste the flavor of her juices. I explained that I knew that David's dick made her soak with anticipation and fullness. I told her I would not stop until she told me to; I wanted to please her with my mouth since I never can with my wiener. I told her that I was so fascinated with watching her be so overcome with excitement having David inside of her that I wanted to remember that taste forever.

After about 10 minutes of pleading, she finally let me eat her. I did and I did until my jaw ached. She would pull away from me and make me come to her pussy time and time again as a tease. She rose to the occasion and was able to finally achieve another orgasm. My nose and face were covered with the combined secretions from her pussy ... my saliva, David's spunk, and Jennifer's lovely taste.

I enjoyed the feeling of her thighs on my face and breathed in her aroma until she relaxed and told me to go back to the other side of the table. I did and was told to replace my clothes in the manner I had them before. I did this. She stood, came to me, and kissed me some more while fiddling with my dick. She would bring me to the brink and let off. I would look into her eyes and plead with my eyes to please let me have my orgasm.

She began kissing me while playing with me. She pulled away like she enjoys doing, giggling while I chased her tongue and mouth. But each time I got close to my orgasm, she would tell me to beg more for it. I was practically shouting. This tease amused David who was already stroking his own cock. He began telling Jennifer how badly he wanted to feel her asshole around his dick. That he was sure he could go for another long round now.

Abruptly, Jen stopped with my dick and kissed me deeply. She let me breathe in her breath and backed away. She informed me that today was over for me, I needed to leave now and she would call again some other day. Until then, I could just think about what she with going to do with David after I leave.

I felt used and humiliated. I walked back to the door with my wiener wiggling in front of me when she called me back for a minute. I quickly returned glad to now that it was not over yet. I was hoping for that! Now I would finally get the orgasm I thought I so badly deserved.

Instead, she told me to get the lotion and prepare her ass for David's entry ... then I was to quickly leave. She bent over to put her face to David's. They began kissing heavily as I warmed up some lotion and spread it over her lovely ass and around her asshole. I inserted a finger to get it ready a few inches in as well. I put a few more drops around the eye for her, closed the bottle, turned and left for the door.

On my way Jen broke from her kissing and spoke one last, humiliating time. She told me that someday I will be not only begging to touch and kiss her, but I will also have to beg David in order to stroke or suck him.

When I reached the door, I repacked my dick and took my last look over until who knows when. I saw Jen's face buried in the sofa, her hands clutching her ass, spreading it for David as he began his rear assault. I left before I saw anything and have had no contact with her until yesterday.

I know that I am certainly ready for this visit! I have been completely reminded of my humiliation and abstinence. Jen knows that I will continue to follow her direction and subject myself to whatever. I hope I am able to do what is required to achieve orgasm this time.

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