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Just Another Day at the Office Pt. II
by Bob Peale
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Danny told his assistant to reserve the corporate apartment for the whole week because he had a prospect coming to town that he'd been working on for months, and was almost ready to sign. He didn't think he'd need it that long, but he figured he'd take it out of circulation to reduce the chances of someone accidentally showing up. He could always make up some story about the guy canceling at the last minute and reimburse the firm later.

He'd decided to take a cab up to the Embassy Suites. It would be embarrassing enough if he ran into someone he knew, but he would have A LOT of explaining to do if one of his friends or neighbors saw him driving to or from the hotel.
He checked his watch as he walked into the lobby off of Wisconsin Avenue: 6:00. He wanted to get here early, because he thought that, psychologically, it would put him on more equal footing if he were there before her, waiting with a devil-may-care attitude. The firm's key allowed him to bypass the front desk and go straight to the 6th floor. The door to the suite opened as he stepped off, revealing a very naked Carnie.

"Hi Danny. I've just been getting ready for you."

Danny stood in the hallway with his mouth hanging open, all pretense of self-control gone. There she was totally nude, the smell of sex thick in the air. She was clearly aroused; those magnificent nipples he had thought about all day were long and erect and even a little swollen, like maybe she'd been pulling on them. Her pussy also looked like it may have had a little workout. In addition to the lips being puffy and full they were slightly parted, and there was a trail of moisture running down the inside of both thighs. His cock stiffened as he examined the body that had been in his every thought since this morning. He'd convinced himself that he'd probably idealized her in his memory. Now, he wasn't sure that he'd done her justice.

Nervous that someone might come by and see her standing there, Danny hurried in and shut the door behind him. Removing his suit jacket, he went into the kitchen (where the firm kept the bar well stocked) and made himself a scotch and seven.
"Would you like anything?" he called to her in the living room.

"No, I'll get something later. Why don't you come in here after you've fixed your drink?"

He finished his drink in two big gulps, made a second, and joined her in the living room. She was sitting up on the dinette table with her legs spread, her pussy pointing toward the couch. Might as well enjoy the view, he thought, and sat down opposite her, his head level with her crotch.

"I have to tell you, I am so fucking horny right now I'm going to burst if I don't cum," she said. Danny just sat there; after all, she was running this show.

She picked up a dildo about the length of a pen and the thickness of a good-sized carrot that must have been lying next to her on the table, although Danny hadn't seen it when he sat down. Still facing him, she slowly rubbed the tip over her clit several times before pushing it deeply into her pussy, raising her hips to meet it.

"Ohhh, this feels good."

Danny shifted uncomfortably. He was very hard and getting harder, and his pants were not providing the room he needed for his expanding cock (not to mention they were stiff from this morning's encounter). Carnie's head was back and her eyes were closed as she sensually gyrated her hips in time to the deliberate thrusts of the dildo. From where he sat, Danny had a perfect view of the cylinder as it plunged into her pussy, her lips separating obscenely as it went in, and clinging tightly to it when she withdrew.

The sweat was starting to pool on her stomach, at the point were her tits met it. She looked up. "Get your clothes off, and help me out. Now!"
There was no mistaking the hunger in her voice. Danny almost jumped over the couch as he stood to respond to her command, shedding his clothes as quickly as he humanly could. In no time, he stood before her naked, waiting for her next directive. She'd watched him as he stripped, pistoning the dildo faster and faster as his clothes came off.

In truth, Danny had a pretty good body, especially for a man his age. Easily 15 years her senior, he made it a point to run 10 miles 3 times a week, and never missed an appointment with his personal trainer on the other days. He had much less flab than most middle-aged men, and his stomach was pretty flat. Best of all, he had a nice cock. 7 inches long, it was almost as big around as it was long (he'd measured it in college once on a dare). The head blossomed out from the shaft thickly, and many a woman had cum just from the effort of him working it inside her.

She only had to ask him once. He immediately got between her legs and licked the trail of moisture that had run down her thighs, savoring the salty/tart taste as he moved up toward her crotch. In this position, he had unobstructed access to the area between her asshole and her pussy. He licked it feverishly, like a little boy trying to finish his ice cream before it melted. Every once in awhile he made sure to linger around her asshole, force his tongue into her. Whenever he did, he was rewarded with moans of encouragement.

"Oh yeah, yeah! Like that, Danny!"

She was building toward a mind-blowing orgasm, and Danny knew just what to do to get her there. Without slowing his oral attention, he reached up and began to rub Carnie's clit in time with the dildo's thrusts, pressing firmly on her button and moving in strong, circular motions. It was more than she could take; within moments, she was flying over the edge.

"Oh shit!" she screamed. "Oh God Damn! I'm cuummmming! Arrgghhhhhhhh."

Without the fear that others might hear her, Carnie was very vocal. Once her orgasm started, Danny found himself unable to continue the assault with his tongue, because she was bucking too hard for him to remain in any sort of consistent contact. Finally she lay still on the table, spent and satisfied.
If I don't fuck this girl soon, I'm going to go out of my mind, Danny thought. He was about to say something to that effect when she raised herself up on her elbows and looked over at him.

"You're two for two. I don't know how I'm going to make it, I'm already worn out. I can't believe I've cum that hard twice already." Danny smiled. "We should probably discuss our little arrangement now," she said seriously.

Fuck, Danny thought. Here it comes.

While she spoke, Carnie spread her legs and started to tease herself. She was still pretty worked up, so it didn't take long for her fingers to get wet. "This is how we're going to do this. I'll lay it out for you, both what I'll do as well as what I want from you. You can think about it for a few minutes, then give me your decision. If you're not game, fine. You can get dressed and go, and I'll file the report that I have. If you accept, then tomorrow I file a report that says your equipment is clean, and I offload the data that I have stored on the network. If you break our agreement at any point while we're here, the deals off, and I file my report as is. Any questions?"

"Just one. If I accept, how do I know that it ends here?"

"Once I've filed my report, I can't submit a revision without going through a very lengthy explanation process. And it looks really shady."

Her breathing was getting shallow because she was starting to get excited again. She'd started by rubbing on finger along her crack; she'd progressed to sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy while she spoke. Jesus Christ, Danny thought, does she ever slow down?

"But that doesn't mean you wouldn't."

Her responses were coming slower now as she started to masturbate in earnest. Her fingers were now buried up to her knuckles and her ass was slapping the table as she moved in time with her strokes.

"Danny," she said lazily, "if tried to screw you," they both smiled at the irony, "wouldn't you do everything you could to make sure that I'm buried under twice as much shit as you are?" He shrugged. "I'm not stupid; this is a one time deal for both of us, not an unlimited opportunity."

She'd thought it all out. In spite of the barrel she had him over, he couldn't help admiring the way she thought. She was not a stupid woman.

"OK, so what's your deal?"

Reluctantly, she pumped a few more times then removed her fingers, bringing them up to her mouth and sucking them clean. "It's not really that complicated. I can use you as I please until 6:30 tomorrow night," she sighed.

"What do you mean, as you please?"

"Exactly what I said. Whatever I say to do, you have to do."

"That's crazy!" Danny exploded. "If you tell me to write a check for all of the money in my bank account, I'm not going to do that; if you tell me to nominate you for partner, I'm not going to do that either."

"I assure you, Danny," she said, spreading her legs farther and jamming the two fingers back in, arching her back as they struck some unseen spot in her pussy, "I will not waste my time with stupid shit like that."

"How can I know that?" Danny asked.

Carnie removed her fingers again, and covered first one, then the other nipple with the juice from her pussy. Grabbing one mammoth breast in both hands she raised her nipple to her mouth and licked the juice off, tickling the rigid point with her tongue.

"You can't," she said simply. "How do you know that I haven't already submitted my report?" Danny turned noticeably pale. "I guess you'll just have to trust me."

Danny sat there, a wave of conflicting emotions rattling around in his head. Here the woman was blackmailing him, forcing him to do what she wanted, with no room for redress. On the other hand, she was so fucking hot that he couldn't think straight, and all she wanted was to use him for her sexual pleasure.
While he was deliberating, Carnie continued her show, covering her fingers with pussy juice, then covering her nipple and licking it off. Liquid was starting to puddle on the table, and she was starting to alternate between licking her nipples and twisting them cruelly while she waited for an answer. He could tell that she enjoyed masturbating in front of him, and the smell of sex that had been so strong when he first walked in was now suffocating. By the time she started to whimper, his mind was made up.

"OK, it's a deal."

At first she didn't respond, and Danny wasn't sure that she'd heard him. Her eyes were closed, and she was whimpering kind of loud while biting down on her nipple. After taking a final nibble, she released it and looked back at him.
"Don't worry, Danny, you'll like this. Now come over hear and start serving your sentence," she said huskily.

While he walked over to the table, she slid off and waited patiently for him to take her place. The table was slick with a mixture of sweat and pussy juice, that for some reason he found erotic.
"Lay down." He complied.

Now flat on his back, Carnie knelt at his feet and attached a leather bracelet to each of his ankles.

"Drop your hands over the sides," she commanded.

Once again, he complied, and she attached leather bracelets to both of his wrists too.

"Oh, and one more thing. Moaning and groaning is cool; hell, it's encouraged. But do not speak to me unless it is to answer a direct question. Don't ask to go to the bathroom, don't ask to get something to eat. You are here to make me happy, and I hate to hear begging!"

She climbed back onto the table and positioned her pussy over his mouth. "Show me that you understand all of the rules!"

Danny responded instantly, snaking his tongue out and probing her already sopping wet pussy. Masturbating had left her pussy nice and open, so he could easily work his tongue up into it. Involuntarily, she began to fuck his tongue as his cock grew harder and thicker.

"Ummm, good boy. As good as this feels, I have work to do," Carnie sighed, and slid off his face, and off of the table. She moved around until she was kneeling between his legs, where she softly caressed his rock hard cock. It twitched and bobbed as she ran her hand from tip to base and back again, until finally, she wrapped a small hand around the shaft. Danny tried to rise up on his elbows to see what she was doing, but his restraints made it
impossible. The bracelets were attached to elastic bands that provided some give, but not nearly enough for him to sit up. He would be forced to just wait for her to do something and let his body respond.

Carnie quickly pumped her hand the length of Danny's shaft, and his cock grew even harder. Then, as delicately as she could, Carnie stretched her mouth over his cock-head and began to suck it, taking care to cover her teeth as they passed over it. She sucked hard on the head, pumping the shaft and occasionally nibbling softly while she sucked. Danny began to shift his hips under her attentions, trying his best to fuck her hands and mouth, but he couldn't get any leverage with his hands and feet tied over the side.

"Do you like?" she asked sexily. Danny nodded vigorously, rapping his head on
the table.

Leering, she went back to work. Engulfing his cock-head again, she pried his slit apart with the tip of her tongue. He jerked convulsively, pulling against his restraints as waves of pleasure rolled over him. She then released his head and licked down the length of his cock, burying her face in his pubic hair, breathing deeply.

"Nothing smells better than a man ready to cum!" she squealed.

She then kissed her way back up to the tip, slurping and sucking on his cock like a starving woman until she tasted the first drops of precum.

"How's that feel?" she asked. All Danny could do was moan. He hadn't cum yet, but it wouldn't be long.

Next, Carnie nuzzled his ball sack, sucking first one nut, then the other, into her mouth. He had nice sized balls, and normally she would have had a little trouble getting a whole one into her mouth, but his cock had stretched it a little, and soon she had managed to work both into her mouth. She began to hum a tuneless rhythm.

"Oh God Carnie," Danny groaned. He'd broken her rule, but he couldn't help it. The sensation of his balls vibrating in her hot, moist mouth was too much, and cock began to twitch, which Carnie guessed (rightly) meant that he would be cumming any minute.

Suddenly, Carnie opened her mouth a let his ball sack drop out. "Uh uh, Danny boy. Not yet."

Damn, he was so close! He wanted to cum so bad he saw stars.

Needless to say he was very surprised when he felt a Carnie loop a leather cord over his balls and around the base of his cock. He started to sputter a question, but Carnie cut him off.

"Remember, no talking. I forgave you once; I may not be as kind the next time." Danny bit back his outburst.

Carnie secured the strap tightly around the base of Danny's cock, and then looped it around his balls, pulling them down and away from his body. After making several more loops around his balls, she tied off the strap, then rolled a tight rubber gasket ring over the swollen head of his cock and down as close to the base of his cock as she could get, burying it in his pubes. She looked over at his face and chuckled at the mixture of shock, outrage and discomfort play across his features.

"Sorry to do this, but I want to make sure that you stay hard a LONG time."
Trussed up like this, there was no way for his hard on to subside. The rubber ring trapped the blood in his cock, making it abnormally hard and rigid. With his balls tied so tight and pulled away from his body, gone was any hope of cumming and getting relief.

Danny's cock throbbed painfully, his balls aching with the pressure of unreleased cum, his shaft stiff, and his cockhead swollen to a daunting girth that made Carnie wetter just looking at it.

"I'll be right back," she said from behind him, and he heard a door open and close. Tied to the table like this, Danny had no sense of time, so it seemed like she'd been gone for hours by the time she returned.

"Lift your head."

As soon as he did, she wrapped something around his head, covering his eyes completely but taking care not to block his mouth or his nose. The room was absolutely black.

The blindfold made Danny paranoid. It felt like his other senses kicked into overdrive. He could smell Carnie's pussy as if it was straddling his face. The pool of sweat and excitement that had collected under him felt wet and sloppy. And it seemed as if he could hear her nipples stretching as she got more and more excited. None of this helped to relieve the tension in his crotch, which continued to build past what he thought was already an unbearable level.
He jumped when she started licking his nipples, first the right, then the left in alternating succession. She attacked each roughly, trying to lick them right off his body. When she switched to sucking them long and hard, drawing the nipple as far into her mouth as it would go, he began to moan and hump the air. Her own nipples were two fiery knobs, pressing into his arm when she leaned over to reach the nipple that was farther away. For a change of pace, she straddled his middle, letting his cock settle between her legs while she sucked and continued playing with his nipples.

"Arrgh," he groaned, feeling the heat from her pussy as he slid between her legs, rubbing on her outer lips.

His cock twitched from the torture, tapping her pussy lips in an uncoordinated rhythm, while she continued the torment. This, of course, only excited her more, increasing the heat from her pussy. Mercifully she stopped and padded away. He didn't know whether his heart, never mind his cock, could survive this.
His respite was short lived. He soon felt her mouth go to work hungrily on his cockhead. If he could have seen it, he would have been alarmed at its size and color. Dark, almost purple, the head was now so large that there was no way she could stretch her mouth wide enough to get it in.

To Be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Thank you for all of the constructive comments and words of encouragement. If you have story ideas, feel free to email them to me; I can't promise anything, but I'm always looking for things to write about. As always, please drop me a line with your comments.

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