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Just a Game
by Grey Timber

Picture a man walking into a restaurant, fast-food, we'll say. He is young, perhaps in his mid-twenties, but well-dressed, appearing to be just leaving work. Ahead of him in line are four young girls. Are they really girls? He sees the shapes and curves of their bodies in an instant appraisal born of years of practice. Girls do not have such lustful shapes. But are they really women? Their laughs are secretive and yet they laugh often as if they are sharing some private joke. The people around them are visibly annoyed by the time that they take in deciding on an order. The man guesses them to be high school aged, perhaps first year college girls, but not likely.

One in particular catches his eye above the others. She is the tall one. Her hair is naturally blonde and long and she has it pulled back in a high, comfortable, sporty pony tail. He looks at her in her baggy t-shirt and loose, gray unhemmed pants, the fabric coming down around her unshod toes. She looks to be the oldest but he wonders if she is simply more mature than her friends.

He watches her standing in line. She is somewhat more reserved from her friends' laughter and prodding. He watches her slender arms bend as her hands lift her t-shirt, flipping it above her wrists as she hooks her thumbs under the waist of her pants to pull them up. He sees a thin line of soft, bare flesh disappearing into the waistline of an exposed pair of white silk panties that shine above the baggy pants. The waistline barely covers the swell of her hips and the man's breath shortens at the sight. She drops her shirt back over her body and smoothes it down. He looks up and finds her staring into his eyes. There is no expression there, not even a question. Her face is blank. He looks away.

Within moments, she is ignoring him again. He turns his head and once again drops his eyes to her body, staring at her shape and focusing on the suggested line of panties as they dip underneath her ass and disappear between her thighs. He finds himself hungering for her suddenly, her innocent sexuality burning in his loins. He wants her desperately, as if he is addicted. As he stares, his eyes again see her hands lifting her shirt and he follows them up as she curls the shirt over her wrists, displaying naked flesh to his eyes again. Her palms turn so that they are flat against her side and she slips her fingers down again, this time into the waistband of her panties. He watches her fingers plunge deep down her hips and then slowly slip around behind until she is caressing the flesh of her ass.

He can see her fingers caressing her body through the material of her gray pants. The hands lift slowly until her fingers are at the small of her back. She pulls her shirt higher and arches her back, giving him a more revealing look at her naked skin. His eyes rise to meet hers, staring again. There is no smile, no knowing glance that suggests she is aware of the game she is playing, just a blank stare. He gazes into her green eyes for an endless moment until the clerk calls for her order.

The man watches them eating, laughing and innocent in their careless world. His mind keeps replaying the scene in his head and his body burns. He becomes a machine, his body in motion and he finds himself approaching the table. Four sets of eyes meet his as he places his hands on the table's edge. He focuses on one set, the same eyes that had already held his intense gaze, challenging him, and he asks, simply, "Is it just a game?"

The girls are not silent long. He parries questions about his age and what he wants from those he isn't concerned with. He doesn't say anything else. The tall, blonde beauty, the object of his desire simply stares, as silent as her aggressor. He offers a hand to her and she waits, her face an emotionless mask. He is briefly aware of the other girls telling him to leave her alone, that he is too old, and they are pleading her not to go. He withstands their insults and finally, she smiles, simple, pure, beautiful. She stands and takes his hand. As he turns away, he hears her telling her friends, "Don't expect me. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

They barely speak, there is no need. Messages are conveyed with touches and brief glances. The car ride is quiet, yet there is an air of excited expectation. The walk to his door is silent.

Inside, she parades about the house as a new pet would explore it's surroundings. Her hands run over the plush furnishings and her eyes scan the walls and their decorations. He watches her walk about the open house, her walk graceful and confident even to be so innocently smooth.

As she circles the living room's furniture a third time, her arms bend in the familiar motion again and he watches her hook her shirt again into her wrists. But then in one fluid motion, she pulls it above her shoulders and over her head. Her naked breasts bounce ever so slightly as they hang on the hem of her shirt and then fall free. In an almost eerie sense of timelessness, he captures the vision of her breasts, lifted by her arms, her flesh sloping gently downward and then sweeping into her upturned nipples, pointing tiny but firmly into the empty air. He sees her blonde hair lifted by the neck of the shirt pulling itself over her head, then he watches her hair cascading back down to its pattern behind her small head.

She doesn't look at him as she continues her walk, dropping the shirt carelessly onto the back of the couch as she floats around the furniture. He stares at her naked body, feeling his own react. Her breasts are small yet firm and set high and proud on her chest. His eyes drop to her ass as she turns away. Her pants have sagged lower still as she walks. His eyes are drawn to her white panties, the nakedness of her lower back against the sharp white strip. The band of cotton over her flesh displays the womanly shape of her hips below her panties before they disappear into the waistline of her pants. Her hands are at the waistband again, only this time pushing down. The loose pants hang briefly on her hips and then are past, dropping silently. Her arms hang limp and she steps out of the pants, leaving them crumpled on the floor. Her panties have partially drawn up into the enticing slit of her ass and he stares hungrily, aroused by her disarray.

Her steps change, she is coming to him, her eyes focused finally on his. She is hungry, almost angry, and his excitement builds. She is there before him, stopping just shy to challenge him. His hands slip around her waist, brushing her panties as he touches her naked hips. He presses her to him, kissing her deeply. Her lips are soft and moist, her kiss is nervous and careful. He marvels at her apparent innocence even amidst her brave lust. His hands work at his clothes as his lips explore hers. Her hand is on his leg, slipping bravely up his thigh to clutch as his groin. She finds him hard and thick under her searching fingers. Her breath shortens as she kisses him and her eyes are fluttering as she caresses his straining erection. His hands settle over her ass, feeling the cotton, and, under his other hand, smooth, young flesh. She is pushing at her panties suddenly, separating her body and lips from him as she bends over in front of him to push her panties down her thighs.

He wonders briefly if she is within the "law", knowing she must be close, whether over or under, and his mind reminds him he has waited too long to wonder. And then he realizes just as suddenly that he doesn't care. His naked body envelopes her and carries her to the back of the couch. He lays her supple young body over it and they slip over the thick pillows slowly, their bodies flowing together until they are prone. He is under her, her tender thighs settling over his. His firm cock presses between her thighs, its head nestled against her burning sex. He feels her heat and silken wetness being parted by his shaft. The soft flesh of the girl's breasts press against his rough chest and it seems to remind him to tender her.

He lifts her carefully until she is sitting on the couch. She casts a leg carelessly along its length, opening herself to him. She is trying to be seductive and she only looks young and clumsy and through it all, she is utterly beautiful. He drinks in the beauty of her naked body, allowing himself to be consumed by the sight of her reddened pussy, opened and glistening wet before him. He lowers his head, watching her face as she closes her eyes. He inhales the heady, clean scent of her fresh body, his tongue slipping carefully out to caress her inner thighs. He moves it high up her thigh and slips around her sex, letting the light, sparse collection of blonde hair tickle his tongue. She arches her body to him and he cups her small breasts in his hand, rubbing her jutting nipples between his fingers. He teases her slowly, letting his tongue play against her lower stomach, circling around her belly button, diving down to glide along the union of her leg. He follows this line down and inward, careful to avoid touching her labia, keeping his tongue always near, yet maddeningly away. He continues his play, waiting for her composure to break down. Her head is cast back, her blonde hair cascading over the arm of the couch. Her eyes open to watch and then close, her mouth opening into a sigh as he comes near her sex. Then he is away again and she moans her disappointment. And still he toys, his tongue sliding along the flesh of her inner thigh, his lips sucking at her skin. Her body begins to writhe under his tongue and she loses her pose on the couch. She becomes wild again, her legs wrapping around his shoulders, her feet trying to urge hi inward. Her body is in complete motion, her hands clutch his hair, pulling him. Her moans escape between heavy breaths and she has surrendered her composure to lust. And finally, his lips climb her thighs, and his tongue runs soft and slow over her labia, centering into her sex and thrusting into her.

She arches her back and cries out softly and goes limp, one leg still cast over his shoulder. He tastes her sex, clean yet pungent with the aroma of sex and he thrills in her intoxicating body. His tongue slips hot and wet along her pussy, carrying her moisture with it, upward until he finds her clit and he massages it in slow circles. The girl begins to rotate her hips in pleasure, lifting occasionally to urge a more firm caress. He is proud and confident in the pleasure he is giving her, knowing she has never experienced this from the boys she has known. And she begins moaning in high-pitched, soft moans that trail into breathless sighs at the end. He carries her ecstasy high until her thighs clutch at his ears and her pelvis begins to tremble and her breath shortens. Then he lets her down, sliding his tongue away from her clit, down into the folds of her pussy, slipping it inside her, tasting her copious fluids. As her breathing steadies again, he creeps his tongue back upwards, starting anew, flicking lightly over her clit, occasionally sucking ever so softly at the sensitive nub. Expertly her brings her to the brink and then lets her back down, each time carrying her a little longer, a little further. Eventually, she can take no more and throws her leg over his head, turning her sex away and hiding it under her thighs as she settles onto her stomach. Her head is draped over the couch arm and she is breathing heavily, her sides heaving.

She cannot escape him. The man lowers his head to her body again, drinking in the new vision of her naked ass perched on the couch in erotic disarray. His mouth seeks the back of her thigh and then moves upward. In control, he pushes her thigh forward along the edge of the couch so that her sex is once again exposed. His nose buries itself into her ass and his tongue slips underneath her to once again tickle her clit.

The girl's body is pouring with lust. It runs down his chin over his neck. His tongue slips back along her pussy, then between her lips, delving into her sex, then pulling out to rise slowly over her tightened anus. She clenches her ass tightly but he forces himself between her, opening her flesh with his hands and caressing her shy orifice. She gasps in shock, or perhaps in pleasure and soon he feels her thrusting back against his tongue. His fingers find her clitoris and in moments she cries out in ecstasy and then climbs the couch away from him. She turns her head to face him and in a breathless, urgent command, said, "Quit fucking teasing me and FUCK me!"

He is on her suddenly, pressing her down against the couch. Her face is buried into the pillows and her breasts are crushed against her chest by his hands. His body lays against her back as he guides his cock to her sex. His head slips easily into her moistened slit and he holds there, slowly fucking into her body and then retrieving just the tip. She again begins to beg for more, finally screaming in anger again for him to fuck her. In one long thrust, he spears his cock into her sex, splitting her lips wide around the thick, pulsing shaft and burying his member into her until his cock is massaging the deepest recesses of her womb.

He fucks her with the steady, powerful skill of practice. She abandons her young body to the pleasures that he is giving her. Her ass flails wildly against his stomach striving to swallow him deeper still into her. His face is buried into her blonde hair and his lips taste the sweat on her neck as he plunges smoothly in and out in an ever heightening rhythm. His hands are clutching her waist as he drives his cock deep into her young flesh. One long, supple leg is extended to the floor, bracing her body as her ass thrusts back to meet him. He looks down at her small waist, the swell of her thighs, her flesh red from excitement, his cock plunging in and out, her pussy lips sucking at his cock, being drawn out as he withdraws, then rolling inward with his thrusts. His shaft glistens with her oozing come as he pistons into her, feeling his head pounding against the back of her pussy. The continued pressure of his head pounding and rubbin her hidden spot brings her to full release.

The house is filled with her girlish screams of ecstasy as she throws her head back and grinds her body back against his hard cock. He continues his hard pumping into her, his stomach slapping against her luscious flesh as she bucks and writhes on the couch in front of him. She is cursing and screaming and he has to hold her tightly to keep his cock inside her. Satisfied now that he has pleased her, he renews his fucking with vigor and surrenders himself to his pleasure. Her moans had only just softened, but as his pounding cock intensifies its thrusts, she begins gasping for breath again. He is stunned as her short, choppy breaths explode into another scream and she is coming again, grinding her pussy back against his cock. He continues forcing his cock deep into her tightly clutching pussy as she settles down and then rises again into another orgasm. His mind plays with the images before him, reveling in the pleasure and beauty of this wild young girl. Her screams slip into his head and push him over the edge. In a fast flurry of speeded strokes, his cock begins to twitch and then erupts in long thick ropes of come that spurt deeply into her pussy, just as she finishes the final spasms of her third orgasm. He seats his cock deeply in her and squeezes tightly against his cock, letting the pleasure build and then explode. He pulls his cock slowly outward, feeling the drenching wetness of their come mixed together and seeping from her satiated pussy, then pushes back into her. He slides his cock slowly, in and out until he is too sensitive to continue.

Rolling to the side, he pulls her too him and she is covering him with kisses, her breath still short and labored. She begins to laugh and she surrenders her body to the emotion, finally burying her head in his chest and falling silent.

They make primitive, passionate love over and over that night. Her youthful intensity seems to fan his lust. They rest only in the early hours of pre-dawn, the girl's body wrapped securely under the young man's embrace. He drops her off silently in front of the high school the next spring morning. They kiss passionately in front of the school yard. The man feels her goodbye in the kiss and he watches her walk away, tall, proud and beautiful. She never looks back.


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