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Julie Ann's GB
by ANiceGuy

It was a hot summer and my eighteen year old daughter, Julie Ann was bored. The only thing planned for the summer had been her cheerleading camp and that had been over for a week. Now she was spending most of her time lounging around the pool with her cheerleading girlfriends and some guys from school.

"I'm bored daddy," she said as she opened the fridge door to get something to eat. Watching her bend over in the skimpy bikini bottoms sure had me excited.

"Why don't you watch the tape you girls took at cheerleading school and practice your routines?" I suggested. "In fact you can use my new Digital Cam and make more tapes." I had a motive here, I knew I'd have fun watching eighteen year old girls cavorting in their skimpy bikini suits.

"Wow daddy your super!" Julie Ann said hugging me. Between seeing her bent over and now feeling her 36 D tits I had a raging hard on and I knew she could feel it but she didn't say anything. She quickly got on the phone and called her girlfriends telling them to come over.

I got the camera and showed the girls how to use it. They were real busy in the back yard for a week. I was in voyeur heaven watching them cavorting in my back yard. (I work from out of my house). Just when I thought I had it made for an entertaining summer of girl watching, the girls disappeared? For a whole week I was back to the usual with just me in the house. The girls were over at Kandy Johnson's. She had a bigger pool and yard, my daughter told me. Julie Ann stayed over night with Candy too. Now it was really lonely.

One afternoon the girls all showed up with bags and smiles.

"Hi daddy, I'm back, Mr. Johnson is at home on vacation this week and he's an old stick in the mud, He gets all uptight with us girls running around in our swim suits. Mrs. Johnson is cool but not him."

"Great honey, I've missed you. You and your friends can run around the house in anything you want." I told her. I had really missed the girls running around in their next to nothing suits.

There were three girls with her and they went to her room and began playing loud music. I went to my office and started some work. Since it was late afternoon I figured the girls would head out to the pool but they didn't. I looked out the window several times and they were still in Julie Ann's room. I had to get some cough drops from my bedroom so I went upstairs. As I passed my daughters room I could have sworn I heard moaning sounds but I figured the were doing splits or something. I was surprised they weren't out by the pool. I went back to my office and continued slaving away. After a while I noticed the music had stopped and figured the girls had finally decided to go swimming. Just as I was about to look through the blinds to check out how skimpy their bikini's were Julie Ann knocked on my door,

"Daddy can I come in and talk to you?" she asked in her 'I want some money' voice.

"Sure honey come on in," I said.

She came in wearing a short mini skirt that barely covered her tight little ass and a tube top that displayed her 18 year old teenage tits very provocatively. She sat on my lap. Now I knew she wanted some money.

"Daddy I've missed you," she said putting her arms around my neck and wiggling her bottom on my lap. I knew she could feel the hard on she was causing. \ "I've missed you too, honey, how much do you want?"

"Ah daddy every time I sit on your lap I don't want money."

"I know but your eyes are saying you want something." I said winking.

"Well... Um yes I do want some money this time but only a little bit. We're going to walk over to the mall and we need some more video tapes. Could you let me have fifty for some food and tapes and stuff?" she asked wiggling her bottom seductively just like her mother.

"Sure, you know I can't say no to my little angel." I told her as she hopped off my lap so I could get my wallet. I gave her a hundred.

"When am I going to get to see some of the tapes?" I asked.

"Oh daddy all they are is pictures of us doing our routines in our bikini's." She said winking at me. "Their are a couple on top of the VCR in my room. Why don't you get them while were at the mall and watch em." She said looking over her shoulder and winking at me again.

As soon as I heard the front door close I went upstairs. Julie Ann's door was open and like she said the two tapes were on the VCR. As I was looking at the tape titles I noticed a bag next to the bed with several tapes in it. I went over and checked it out. It seemed to belong to Kandy with all her clothes in it but there must have been ten tapes in it and the titles were very interesting. "Eating Kelly" "Julie and Kimmy 69" etc. Suddenly I wondered if the girls were filming more than their cheerleading routines and if they were more sexually advanced than I had thought. One tape really caught my eye. All it's title said was "Kandy's GB" but if it meant what I thought it did I wanted to see it for sure. At least it wasn't "Julie's GB", that I might have trouble with.

I put it in the VCR and lay back on Julie Ann's bed to view the show. The opening scene was of an empty bed. I heard giggling in the background. "Okay girls, were almost ready. Kimmy your fluffer number one. Are you ready in the hall way with the first guy?" Some one behind the camera said. It sounded like Kandy's older brother.

"UMM Humm!" I head Kimmy's voice and it sounded like she had her mouth full of something. I wondered what a fluffer was, I was about to find out. "Julie is second fluffer next to me on the bed." Kandy said as the bathroom door next to the bed opened and a very naked Kandy stepped out. God my cock jumped at the sight of this nimble and stacked blonde. But wait, Julie was right behind her and she was naked too. I was in for another surprise. Both of them had their pussy's shaved. I knew as cheerleaders the trimmed their pussy hair but I hadn't known they shaved them all the way.

"Okay here we come." Kandy said winking at the camera. She got on the bed on her back and spread her legs, tucking her heels against her sexy little bottom. The camera was looking right at her shaved pussy. I practically busted my zipper just looking at her as the camera went close and then backed up after a while. I heard slurping and moaning sounds in the background. Kandy's pussy was a little red. It looked like Kandy had been fucked recently. I was soon to find out Kandy's pussy always looked like it had just been fucked, because it usually had.

"Okay fluffer do your job." Kandy said as Julie Ann got between Kandy's legs and began eating her out. I had a good view of Julie Ann's curvy little ass. Kandy was pumping her hips real fast as she moaned and rolled her head from side to side. It looked like Julie Ann was a very good pussy eater. Even though Julie Ann was my daughter all I could think of was how much fun it would be to be behind her shoving into her.

"Oh Yeah, Oh fuck! Eat me, Eat my just fucked pussy real good! Suck my brothers cum out of me! Get my pussy ready for the first guy in my gang bang!" Kandy moaned.

"God was I surprised, Kandy not only fucked but she had just fucked her older brother and was about to do a gang bang just like the title had said. Little did I know I had an even bigger surprise coming up. With emphasis on coming!! "Okay Julie Ann she's ready, your suppose to get them almost coming, not make them cum all the way." Kandy's older brother said.

Julie Ann turned her head around and looked right at the camera. "Darn and this is so much fun. I love second hand cum, especially if it's out of Kandy's pussy. "Do a real good job fluffing the guys and we'll film you eating Kandy out later when she's full of cum."

"Okay It's a deal!" Julie said going to the side of the bed and getting on her knees.

"OKAY Kimmy, SEND IN THE FIRST TWO GUYS!" Kandy's brother, the photographer/director called out.

"Two ready to cum guys COMING in!" Kimmy called out as the door opened up and two guys went in. The first one got right on top of Kandy between her legs but..... The second one, well..... that was where I learned what a fluffers job really was.

The second one went over to Julie Ann and put his dick at her mouth. She started licking it and sliding her hand along it as she looked up at the guy with "Am I doing this right, am I a good enough whore for you?" eyes. Kandy was moaning and screaming with her legs wrapped around the guy fucking her as he pumped fast and furious, but I wasn't watching Kandy. I was watching my innocent daughter Julie Ann lick and suck a huge cock like she had been doing it for years. (I found out later she had been doing it for years.) Julie Ann would slide her hand up and down the shaft and even slide the cock half way down her throat. She didn't suck much but that was probably because she was trying to keep the guy near the edge with out sending him over.

"OH BABY, I'M CUMMING" the guy fucking Kandy shouted as he began pumping into her.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD, I'M COMING TOO!" Kandy replied as she got off too. Julie kept licking and sucking as if she didn't notice Kandy going bonkers next to her. As the guy pulled out and rolled off the bed I got a quick view of Kandy's just fucked pussy. Come was all over her and running out of her hole. The guy must have shot a ton in her.

"Okay she's ready for you." Julie Ann said stopping and letting her guy get on the bed with Kandy. As soon as he got between her legs Kandy wrapped her legs around him and began pumping away. Another guy came in and let Julie keep him ready for action as Kandy continued to get her pussy stuffed. This went on for a good half hour as guy after guy came in. By the fifth guy Kandy wasn't pumping her hips as much. She let the guys shove in and pump her while she moaned words of encouragement.

"Oh yeah baby, give Kandy some more cum, let me have your cum. I love cum!" While the tape went on and on I lay mesmerized looking at my daughter suck guy after guy while Kandy moaned in the background. Kandy was the center of attraction but all I could see was my daughter servicing guy after guys cock. My own cock hurt from pushing against my pants so I unzipped and let it out. Suddenly I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and heard gasping!

"Oh my God, Kandy, Daddy found....."

"God Julie Ann he's got a HUGE boner!" Kandy and Julie Ann called out together as they entered the room.

"I, um er, Oh fuck!" I said knowing the girls had not only caught me watching their home made porno movie but found me with a huge erection.

"Oh please don't tell mommy about our tapes, daddy! I'll do anything, daddy ANYTHING!" Julie Ann said coming over to me and sitting on the bed next to me.

"I-I- um ah," I stuttered to surprised to talk.

"Would you like me to suck your love shaft, daddy?" Julie Ann asked pleading with me. I was so confused I couldn't talk and I certainly wasn't going to tell Julie Ann's mother anything, but Julie didn't know that and my stuttering didn't help.

"Umm, daddy your cock does look so inviting and I love sucking on a big cock, so why don't you just lay back and enjoy." Julie Ann said as she bent down, flipped her hair out of the way and began sucking me like I'd never been sucked before. I wondered where Kandy was when I heard some clicking and snapping sounds behind the bed. Looking up I saw Kandy was filming Julie Ann's first father suck. I was so close to the edge from watching the video I was about to cum in less than a couple of minutes.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I warned Julie Ann in case she wanted to pull off and not swallow it.

"Oh yes, daddy cum in my mouth, give me a load of your cum. I love it when a guy cums in my mouth but lately thanks to all the fluffing I do for gang bangs I haven't been getting any cum!" Julie Ann said as she interrupted her sucking long enough to talk to me. Winking she went back to work and let me grant her desire for a big load of cum. She swallowed most of it but looked up at me with some running out of the corners of her mouth. Smiling she scooted up and kissed me swapping cum and saliva in a nasty french lip lock. While we were kissing I felt a tongue and mouth doing their thing on my semi soft shaft. It was Kandy, she as bringing my love rod back to full excitement. Kimmy had come in the room and was running the cam.

Julie Ann let me suck on her nice titties as Kandy's magic tongue and mouth got me near the point of cuming again.

"I'm gonna go for a ride now. I need a good fuck, I haven't had one in two hours." Kandy said as she straddled me and lowered herself onto me. She was so sloppy I slid right in but she was tight and she seemed to be able to make her pussy tighten around me. I hadn't been ready to fuck the second time this fast in years.

Between Julie's kisses and Kandy's practiced pussy Kandy got her wish and had me shooting a good load of cum deep inside her in just a few minutes. I found out later in the day that there was a "Julie Ann's GB" tape. Watching Kandy's gang bang video had been fun but.... watching "Julie's GB" turned out to be even more fun because I got to fuck Julie Ann while we watched it. That's another story...


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