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Jane And John
by Dave

I still remember that day when Jane came over. It was warm outside, unusually warm. As a single male, I never did care much about getting fully dressed on my days off from work. I'd usually thrown on a pair of shorts and that would be that. Today was one of those days. My roommate lived upstairs at the time. John was a great guy. He was nice, had wonderful hobbies, and was bi. I myself had known I was as well for some time . . . A few years by then. John and I had always had a strict friends-only policy toward each other. We'd been best pals once we decided fucking was off limits.

I hadn't met Jane at that time.

But three months later, when I did meet her, I dove for her. She had a perfectly shaped face, smooth and delicate skin, long, thin legs, a perfect waist, and wonderful hips. Her breasts were perfect. Not amazingly large, but not at all small. Her roommate Sarah was a little taller, but overall the same. I asked Jane out, and the reply was an enthusiastic yes. We got off really great, and became very close. The first time we fucked was on a spring night. We'd just gotten done with a candle dinner, and we were both so much in love with each other, we had to. And we did.

That was almost a month before this day. The day Jane came over was like none other. I knew she was at the door when I heard the delicate knock on it. I walked over to it, and slowly opened it up. Not only was Jane there, but Sarah too! I was so happy, because I expected to go out to dinner with them. I never thought I'd get to screw them both.

Jane walked in. "Hi, Sean," I remember her saying. "I thought Sarah and I would stop by and see how you are doing. So, how are you?"

I wanted to say ready to burst and cum inside both of them, but I knew that wasn't what she wanted to hear, so I said I was fine, and asked them how they were.

They answered with a pair of smiles. Jane told Sarah to follow me and her, and she whispered in my ear, "We've got a treat for you, giant." That was my nickname. At least, that's what it was when she was ready for some action up the pussy. My cock was well above average in width and length, and it'd had it's share of her clit. I was immediately hard when I heard that and lead them to the bedroom.

Jane told me to sit down and face the other way. I did as I was asked, and I heard giggles, then a slight noise. I knew their clothes now lay on the floor. "Turn around," Jane said to me.

I did, and was greeted by two hot girls in their bra's and panties. It was utterly amazing. Four perfect breasts were hidden, but not for long. Jane undid Sarah's white bra as Sarah started to remove Jane's blue panties. Soon, they were both totally naked, and I could see their pussies getting wet. I couldn't resist, and threw my shorts off, exposing my hard cock, starting to issue it's pre-cum.

Jane then did something amazing. She dropped to her knees and licked Sarah's clit furiously, up and down the red lips of the tight pussy. Sarah grabbed her breasts, and Jane slowly lead her to the bed, and she leaned down. I then did my job, and grabbed Sarah's tits in my hands, rubbing and caressing them as Jane licked the vagina. She was beginning to moan. I continued to rub her as her nipples got harder and harder, until finally I stopped, and carefully sat on her thin stomach.

And I rammed my cock between her tits as fast as I could. She yelped as I pushed them together around my fat penis which was throbbing amazingly now. Jane licked more and more, I fucked more and more, until I burst, spraying a load into her face, and she opened her mouth and took some in. Jane spoke through wet lips, for Sarah's pussy was so wet now

And then John opened the door. He was wearing his shorts, and he stood stock still as he watched us. I turned and my wet cock came out, and I saw a bulge in his shorts. Jane smiled. "Join the fun," she said, and moved away from Sarah's pussy.

Then Sarah and Jane were lying next to each other, kissing, grabbing each other's breasts. John and I took a girl, me and Jane, him and Sarah, and then looked at each other. He still had his shorts on, which I disposed of fast, and then I gazed at his normal sized cock which was oozing pre-cum. My penis was hard again, my sac hanging down a bit.

And then we dove into the pussies. Both were amazingly tight, and my cock shot up half it's length, and then came out a bit, and in again. I pumped myself in and out for a long time, as was John. The tight clit squeezed my cock and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came again, ejaculating my sperm into this hot girl I was fucking alongside my best friend who was fucking her best friend.

And then John suddenly removed his cock as Sarah screamed in orgasm, and he was behind me, and I felt him in me. It was amazing, for I'd never been fucked by a guy. I could feel him pumping inside, and it hurt, but it was good. As he pumped in my ass, I pumped in Jane's pussy. She was also at orgasm, and as Sarah straddled Jane who licked her again, there were four orgasm's. I felt Johns warm cum flow into me, which in turn made me let loose in Jane, who's juices streamed out, as she moaned under the totally wet pussy she was licking.

We all collapsed on the bed for a while, me playing with Jane's Tits and John fingering Sarah lazily. And then, after ten minutes, we were hard as rocks and fucking again. This time, it was different. First, after the woman put on a show of kissing breasts, John and I took stage. He went down on my cock, which throbbed in his mouth, and he took it in as far as he could, sucking it. Both women grabbed their own breasts and massaged them as he sucked me harder and harder as I face-fucked him. John was so hot, I couldn't resist it. Finally, he stopped and began to lick the shaft and then my sac. The women couldn't take it and went down on us.

John was in pure pleasure, but I was as well. Jane was an expert with oral, and she took it down to the throat without gagging, my cock covered in pre-cum. She moaned as I pumped her mouth, and both me and John fucked those girls mouths for a while. Finally, we pulled out, and then I did something I've never done before. John laid down on the bed, his rock-hard cock in the air, and I moved toward it and sucked it. Suddenly, Sarah was on my cock, directing it toward her pussy, and Jane licked my sac, rubbing her titties on my legs.

John's cock oozed out pre-cum into my waiting mouth, and I was being face fucked, and licked and fucking all at once, and it was ecstasy. Sarah moaned with pleasure, and John continued to pump, and Jane's large breasts pressed against my legs. I was the first to burst, filling up Sarah's vagina with my warm cum, so much it began to drip out, and Jane kept me hard by licking the sac even more.

I felt John's cock go deep inside my mouth, down my throat a bit, even, and then, as I circled it, he exploded. His warm cum flowed from the handsome manhood, gushing out of his testicles. I could feel it flowing in my mouth, around him, and he got slowly softer as more and more came out. I savored the wonderful tastes, and slowly let him out of me, as Sarah slid off my cock.

Jane, Sarah, John and I became a team. We fucked every day, and John and my pact about fucking was over. We had sex like mad, loved each other, and actually let others in. For a price, of course. That day really was the day that made my life worth while. I loved that day.
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