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Jim & Joanne Pt. II
by Brujah

Jim and Joanne were going to be going on a 14-day Caribbean cruise and Joanne had it in her mind to make a few of Jim's fantasies come true on this trip. As they were driving to the airport Joanne felt her pussy moisten from the thought of that Jim had fulfilled one of her fantasies a couple of weeks ago by tying her and making slow sensuous love to her. What Jim didn't know was that this cruise was for swingers or couples who wanted to become swingers.

Before Jim had picked her up Joanne had decided on wearing a long black skirt with a slit all the way to her hips and she meant to show off her legs and flash the fortunate valet who came to open the door for her. She had purposely not put on any underwear and had completely shaved her pussy. It had taken some maneuvering but Jim hadn't noticed the long slit and thus no panties. When they arrived at the airport and the valet came to open her door Joanne was ready she swung her legs out letting the skirt fall open. The valet tried to avert his eyes she saw but not before a pronounced bulge appeared in his dress slacks. She gave him an innocent smile and got out of the car. She gave him a tip and rubbed his bulge through his pants.

As they were boarding the plane Jim noticed the slit in Joanne's skirt and asked her why she hadn't let him know what she was wearing to which Joanne smiled and said it was all part of her surprise. When they sat down Joanne crossed her legs so that the slit was wide-open and showing off her legs almost to her ass to Jim. He noticed her legs and thought he could tell she wasn't wearing panties. But since he figured he couldn't do anything he told her he was going to take get some rest.

Throughout the time that Joanne had been going out with Jim they had talked about some of their fantasies and sexual experiences they had had in their past. Joanne had left out one of her past experiences because it happened to be one of Jim's most wanted fantasies and that was what this trip was partially about. Joanne had always thought she was pretty straight going out with the guys and letting them get their rocks off either by her hand or mouth. She knew if she had let them fuck her; her reputation she had as a quiet girl would be shot and her parents would ship her off to a private school. She had become good friends with a girl named Danicka and they were inseparable always going to parties or going out with friends together.

In Joanne's senior year of high school she started noticing the way Danicka watched her every move and thought she was mentally undressing her. Surprisingly to Joanne this turned her on so much that she wanted to have Danicka and find out what it was like to be with another woman. On Friday after school she invited Danicka over to her place knowing her parents would be gone for the weekend and they would be alone. Joanne first suggested they go swimming to which Danicka readily agreed. After a while of being in the pool Joanne said she was getting hot and proceeded to take her bikini off. The look in Danicka eyes told her everything she wanted to know and went over and kissed her on the lips. Danicka felt her pussy moisten as she realized the girl she had secretly been in love with was taking matters into her hands and hitting on her.

After breaking the kiss to get their breath back; Danicka asked Joanne how long she had known and Joanne said she had been suspicious for a couple of weeks but decided to find out in her own way. That weekend they made love to one another as much as possible and it continued through the rest of high school and college. Both Joanne and Danicka loved having a man but also loved the taste of each other and in college a few guys were privileged enough to be invited to some of their private parties. After college both had gotten work but had stayed in touch as much as possible. Joanne found out that Danicka was working as a stewardess for an airline and called her up to see if she would be willing to surprise her new man Jim and Danicka was more than willing.

When Jim told her he was going to get some rest she smiled and said that it was ok. When he had fallen asleep Joanne saw Danicka making her way over. They exchanged pleasantries and Joanne showed Jim to her. She asked Danicka if she was ready for their little surprise as she saw that there were not many people around them. Danicka maneuvered between Jim's legs as Joanne undid his zipper and took out his manhood. Danicka gasped at the size of it and it wasn't even completely hard yet. Danicka took the head of Jim's manhood into her mouth and sucked and licked the head as Joanne opened up Danicka's top to reveal the breasts she remembered so well. Jim moaned and opened is eyes to see a stranger sucking on his manhood as Joanne was playing with the stranger's nipples and breasts. Hearing Jim moan Joanne smiled at him and asked him if he was enjoying his surprise and introduced him to her long time friend Danicka.

He took his hand and put it on her bare leg but Joanne took his hand away and said not yet just sit back, watch and enjoy. Joanne had Danicka move a bit and she lifted up her uniform's skirt and lowered her panties. Joanne was happy to see that Danicka still kept herself shaved and with the flat of her tongue licked Danicka's wet pussy lips. Danicka moaned around Jim's manhood and swallowed all of it. Jim's cock got that much harder because this was the first woman who had been able to swallow all of his manhood and watching Joanne eat this woman's pussy was driving him nuts.

Danicka reached into Jim's pants and started squeezing his balls as she felt her own orgasm come closer as Joanne slid two fingers into her hot pussy and gently bite her clit. As Jim felt his balls being squeezed his hips started writhing and meeting Danicka's mouth. Sensing Danicka's orgasm approaching and seeing that Jim was getting close Joanne started fingering herself so that she could cum at the same time as them. Being so close she bit down hard on Danicka's clit and rubbed her G-spot. Feeling this Danicka went into a huge orgasm and moaned loudly around Jim's manhood as he exploded inside her mouth.

Joanne sat up and kissed both Danicka and Jim and said to him that this was just the start of their vacation and she had arranged for Danicka to join them on the cruise.

To Be Continued...

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