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Jim & Joanne Pt. III
by Brujah

Jim was speechless; the woman he had met just over a year ago had just involved him in a threesome on a crowded airplane and told him that an old friend and lover of hers would join them on a cruise she had arranged. He still had no idea where this cruise was going but he didn't care as long as he got to spend it with Joanne and he guessed that Danicka would be spending a lot of time with them.

Joanne had arranged for a cruise where fantasies were fulfilled and sexuality was encouraged. Everyone that was on this cruise had to have gone through a rigorous health check before being accepted as the organizers of the cruise wanted the sex to flow without any fear of disease. As for making sure it remained a surprise for Jim she had asked him to under go tests before they had sex and he had readily agreed. Joanne had thought of everything that would make this vacation unforgettable; she had invited her long time friend Danicka and Danicka had accepted as Joanne knew she would. She had also arranged the action on board the plane.

When the plane touched down a limousine was waiting for Jim, Joanne and Danicka to bring them to the cruise ship. During the ride Joanne explained to Jim who Danicka was and how they had kept in touch through the years. The limo pulled up next to the cruise ship and the driver announced their arrival and wished all three a great vacation. As they exited the car they saw other people milling around on shore and others boarding the ship when their names were called. Jim asked Joanne why everyone didn't board and show their tickets at once to which Joanne answered with a smile, "Each person has specific instructions on what to do and where to go."

Their names were called and Jim, Joanne, and Danicka received detailed instructions from the captain of the ship as to what was expected of them and where they were to be at different times of the day for the next two weeks. The only time clothing would be expected would be at the captain's welcoming dinner and the captain's ballroom dance apart from that clothing was optional and nudity was greatly encouraged as this cruise was to fulfill fantasies and relieve people of shyness over their bodies. Jim, Joanne, and Danicka had about three hours to get ready for the captain's dinner after the ship had set off. The dinner was to be a chance for everyone to get to know each other.

After they arrived to Joanne and Danicka's room Joanne and Danicka sent Jim to his room and told him to get ready and they would call him when it was time to go. After Jim had left for his room Joanne hugged and kissed Danicka and told her how much she had missed her. Joanne then slowly undressed Danicka. Danicka's body was as sexy as Joanne remembered from college, standing at about 5'3" and weighing at most 105 pounds Danicka had a body any woman would kill for and guys drooled over. Blonde hair hung passed her ass and a bra very seldom restrained her 36C breasts. Only when Danicka was working did panties and bras ever touch her body, as they were part of the stewardess uniform. Her pussy was as smooth as Joanne remembered it and she knew that she would be getting a taste of it again very soon. Danicka then pulled Joanne up and removed her clothing to reveal a body that Danicka had been in love with. Joanne seemed to tower over Danicka at almost 6' and weighing at 140 pounds. Joanne's hair was almost black and just covered her pink nipples of her 38D breasts that were so firm and so soft to the touch. Danicka gasped when she saw Joanne's pussy, it was almost completely shaved except for a small patch of hair above her pussy lips and there was a small tattoo just beside it. The tattoo Danicka saw was a small stick figure with a lawnmower and it appeared due to the positioning as if he was cutting her pussy hair. "When did you get this Joanne?" Danicka asked as she rubbed the tattoo.

"Just a few weeks before I called you and arranged this little vacation baby," Joanne answered and could barely control a moan as Danicka rubbed her fingers over her pussy lips.

"As much as I'd love too make love to you Danicka we have to get ready for the dinner and ballroom dance and I don't want to be late the first night we're on the cruise," Joanne said as she pushed Danicka's hand away from her pussy "And plus there will be plenty of time for that later on."

As both Joanne and Danicka had checked out the cruise before deciding to go on it they knew that no underwear was allowed by males or females on this cruise except for ship personnel. Joanne proceeded to put on a strapless and backless black evening gown that showed off her breasts beautifully and had a slit on the right side that went up to her hip and showed off her black stockings and black garter. Joanne also wore black 6-inch stilettos that she had been practicing to walk in for the past month just for this cruise. Meanwhile Danicka dress in an almost sheer white evening gown that dipped in front so low that most of her breasts were in view. Continuing her contrast to Joanne Danicka had a slit that went up the left side of her evening gown and showed off her white stockings, white garter, and 6-inch white stilettos. When it was just about time for the dinner they went and got Jim from his room. Jim looked uncomfortable in the tuxedo that Joanne had picked out for him because no matter how hard he tried he couldn't hide the bulge his cock made against the tuxedo pants.

"Couldn't you have gotten these pants a little bigger Joanne," Jim asked Joanne "I feel as if I'm show and feeling damn uncomfortable especially with the no underwear policy."

"Don't worry about it hun," Joanne answered "and anyway everyone is going to be showing off their best assets tonight and I want everyone to see that piece of meat you know how to use so well."

Danicka meanwhile was still remembering it filling her mouth so well and asked, "Jim just how big are you?"

"He's 9 inches long and 2 inches around soft and almost 16 inches long and 4 inches around when he's hard," Joanne answered "and you will get to have it fill you later on tonight Danny and I still can't believe you swallowed all of him on the plane!"

"We better get going or we'll be late and that won't give us a good reputation staring the cruise," Joanne announced and the three of them headed towards the main dinner hall with Joanne on Jim's right arm and Danicka on his left arm. When they entered the hall all eyes turned towards them; they were the last to enter before the captain of the ship. The men stared at Joanne and Danicka while the women were stared at Jim. Some of the women also stared openly stared at Joanne and Danicka. Just as they were about to talk with some of the other guests the captain of the ship entered and asked everyone to take his or her seat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen first off I'd like to thank you for attending this dinner; secondly as most of you now know this cruise is to let yourselves go, make your fantasies reality most importantly have fun," the captain stated "and before we sit down to eat I must request one thing; I must ask everyone to show that they are following the number one rule of this ship and that is no underwear for any guest. Now I realize that showing your bodies in public might embarrass some of you but I must remind you that we are here to fulfill our fantasies and therefore let's see those bodies!"

With that the people who were less shy showed their bodies without underwear. Joanne and Danicka were some of the first to bare their bodies and they noticed that Jim was still feeling awkward. Joanne pulled Jim to her and said, "Don't worry hun everything will be alright" as she slowly lowered the zipper on his pants. Danicka reached in and pulled his penis out of his pants; as his penis appeared there were gasps throughout the dining hall as Jim's penis was revealed. At first due to Jim's shyness and partial embarrassment his cock stayed soft but seeing all the bare breasts and pussies revealed and with Danicka's hand on his penis it soon hardened and there were even more gasps as it lengthened.

"Now that everyone has been checked and everyone is following the rules we shall sit down and eat," the captain said "Everyone enjoy your meal and there will be a ballroom dance after dinner to which everyone is encouraged to attend. Bon Appetit."

As dinner started Joanne leaned over and asked Jim how he liked the cruise so far to which Jim answered that it had been very interesting so far but a little embarrassing having to expose himself in front of all those people. What no one but Jim, Joanne and Danicka knew was that Jim's cock was still outside his pants as it usually took a while for him to soften up once he got hard; wanting to keep him hard throughout the meal Joanne and Danicka left one hand on his legs and gently rubbed his upper thighs and every once in a while stroking his cock. Jim tried to suppress his moans whenever their hands touched his cock but it was getting hard because he was getting real horny from all their teasing and it was very hard to eat much dinner with their teasing also.

After a while Jim gave up trying to eat and let his hands travel to Joanne and Danicka's exposed legs. Even though Joanne and Danicka knew what was coming they couldn't help but moan when they felt Jim's hands rub their bare pussies under the table. Jim teasingly rubbed their pussy lips through the rest of the dinner until the captain announced dinner was over and it was now time for the dance. As others got up to dance the captain came over to Joanne's table; "I couldn't help notice but you three seem to be starting the cruise to a great start. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Dean and if you need anything from now on just ask."

Danicka reached over and unzipped the captains' pants and said with a smile "Of Course! Captain Dean we'll remember that and definitely take advantage..."

To Be Continued...


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