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Jacinda and Me
by Panther

Well it was my job to wake up Jacinda and get her to school as our parents already left for work. Jacinda is my baby sister and at the age of 18 she was real sexy. Her measurements are 36c-22-34 and has a very sexy smile to match.

Well I yelled at her but there was no answer so I had to go in her room. I saw what she was sleeping in and I like it. She wore a baby blue tank top and a lacy blue pair of panties. I push with my arm to wake her up but she said leave me alone. So I started tickling her and she started to laugh. While tickling her my hands accidentally brushed against her tits, they were firm and soft. I kept tickling her and she turned over and looked at me and smiled. I asked her if she knew how much she meant to me and how much I love her. She said yes Roger I know you love me and I love you too.

I asked her if I could kiss her and she said yes. We kissed passionately and while kissing her I cupped her right tit in my hand. I felt her nipple harden and she moaned softly. She pulled her tank top giving me access to her tits. I slowly lick one and suck her nipple deep in my mouth, then I move to the other one. She moans yes Roger suck baby sister's tits.

As I suck her tits I slide my hand into her panties and find out that she has shaved all her public from her pussy. I slowly slide a finger in her and notice that she is very tight. She tells me she is a virgin and she wants me to be her first lover. I slide down and slowly move her panties down and she lifted her sexy ass to let me slide them all the way off. I look at her and smile and see her smiling back. I spread her legs and slowly lick one side of her pussy and then the other side. I spread her lips and see how pink she is and slide my tongue deep inside her.

She yells yes big brother lick my pussy. As I lick her pussy she tells me to stop and strip, which I slowly take off my pants and underwear she gasps when she sees my hard cock and says she wants to measure it. She gets up and goes to her dresser and gets her ruler and measures it. She said oh God it is 9" long brother. Gee, you really are my big brother. She tells me to lie down and then sits down on my face. As I lick her pussy again she starts to lick my cock. I gasp as she takes it in her mouth. I slowly slide a finger deep in her ass as she has a very intense orgasm and I swallow all of her sweet juices.

She says she is ready for me to take her virginity and lays on her back. I ask her are you sure you want me to do this? She yells yes Roger fuck my tight virgin pussy! I slowly slide my cock up and down her pussy lips teasing her with my cock. She begs me to put it in her. I slowly slide the head in her and she gasps. I ask her if she wants me to go on and she says yes. I slowly slide in till I hit her cherry. I pull back a little and then thrust it all the way in. she moans and says yes Roger fuck your baby sis's pussy.

I feel her wrapping her legs around my back and I start to kiss her. I tell her that her pussy is so tight and I don't know how much longer I'll last. She tells me to fill her pussy full of my cum and I push my cock all the way in fire shot after shot of cum deep in her. We lay there holding each other and I say I might as well call your school and say you're sick. When I return she tells me to lie down as I do she takes my cock in her mouth and says I can taste my juices on you cock. She says it is sweet like a peach. As she sucks my cock she slides over and tells me to eat her pussy again. As I do she keeps saying you are gonna to take my anal cherry brother. I tell her she has to be lubed up and she gets her hand lotion and smears it all my cock.

Then she smears it all over ass and says she wants to be in control of this. As I lay there my cock is sticking straight up. She takes it in her hand and slowly pushes the head towards her ass. I tell her to go easy and she slowly slides down. She tells me that I feel good in her ass and then she slams herself all the way down. God, I thought here I am fucking my sweet Jacinda. She says I feel your cock throbbing and says I want you to fill my ass up this time. I shoot my cum deep in her ass and she kisses me and says Roger I have always loved you. I tell her sis I have always loved you to.

We get up and take a shower together and as I wash her back I kiss her neck and then I slowly rub her sexy ass. She washes my back next and slowly rubs my ass. She tells me that she wants to see if I can anal sex and I tell her that she doesn't have a cock so she can't fuck me. She says but mom has a huge dildo I seen it once. I say I don't believe you and we go to our parents room and we find her dildo and a strap on device.

Jacinda said I bet dad lets mom fuck his ass. We look around some more and she finds a tape. We go to my bedroom and play the tape. We were shocked when we seen mom and dad was on the tape. Dad was licking mom's pussy and she was yelling eat my pussy slut. Here was my mom calling dad a slut. Mom then gets up and straps on her dildo, she tells dad to get on all fours and lubes up her dildo and his ass. She shoved her dildo all the way in his ass and dad says yes fuck me like a bitch.

I turn off the tv and tell sis she can fuck my ass but she has to take her time doing so. I feel her lubing my ass and then mom's dildo. She slowly slides it in and waits for me to say ok a little more. The pain was bad at first then turned to pleasure I tell her to fuck my ass. She says yes Roger your taking it, do you like your baby sister fucking your ass? I gasped and moaned yes sis I love it. She says you look so sexy taking this cock in your ass. I was so excited I shoot my cum all over the sheets. She pulls out and cleans up mom's toys and we put everything back in it place.

We barely got dressed before our mom got home. I told her that Jacinda was sick and had spent the whole day in bed. She said that sis was lucky to have a brother like me. I thought to myself that I'm the lucky one. We continued this relationship until I went to college, but there is Thanksgiving coming up and I hope to please sister again as she wrote me saying that she wants me to do her and her sexy girlfriend. I can hardly wait.

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