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Jenny and Phil
by CookieClub

Phil and Jenny left England towards the end of October for their well-deserved ski vacation at Whistler in British Columbia. They arrived in Vancouver on the morning of the 25th and arrived at the Mountain Resort before noon. Their condo was fully equipped, including a fireplace, and Jacuzzi on the deck. Jenny is a bright, tall curvy blonde with extremely noticeable breasts even beneath the layers of clothing she wore. Phil is tall, tanned and well built from years of skiing slopes all over the world.

They hadn't seen each other in over a week before the flight due to busy work schedules and the fact that they didn't live together. Both had immense sexual appetites and the week apart was causing a stirring in both their pants that was only made worse by the long flight and full train ride. Phil, ever the tease, whispered all the things he was planning to do to Jenny on the train ride up from Vancouver. By the time they got to the condo Jenny was soaked through her panties and Phil had pre-cum dripping down his thigh.

Phil had incredible self-control and with Jenny on her knees begging to suck his cock he convinced her to go for a ride up the mountain. Jenny pouted but knew that Phil always came through in the end, no pun intended. She dressed in a loose warm ski suit with nothing underneath. The suit had a Velcro backside for easy access to her ass, one of her favorite areas to get stimulated. With Phil dressed in all black they proceeded to leave the condo for the slopes and the long ride to the top. Considering the kind of resort this was they figured the slopes to be crowded but Phil noticed that it was just the opposite. The slopes were empty.

They climbed aboard the lift for the half hour ride to the top. Phil immediately slid his throbbing cock out of his pants. Jenny attacked the purple salty helmet with her tongue. She released his sack from his pants and gently rubbed them as her tongue swirled the head of his cock. With Jenny leaning over his cock Phil was able to release the Velcro backside of her snowsuit. He licked his finger and proceeded to ream her asshole with it. This always solicited a moan from Jenny, which would cause her to lick and suck his cock with abandon. Removing his finger from her ass he lubed up two more using her already flowing pussy juices.

You see Jenny really enjoyed any and all ass play and one finger would never be enough for her. He inserted two extremely lubricated fingers into her ass. She started to fuck those two fingers while taking his cock completely into her mouth...her moans almost caused Phil to gush a huge cum shot down her throat but he was able to hold off. Between mouthfuls of cock and moans of pleasure she was begged for a third finger. This brought a smile to Phil's face cause he knew once that third finger went in she would be on the verge of cumming and that is just where he wanted her and the reason he held up on his own orgasm. He removed the other two fingers and lubed up those two plus one more. God her pussy was wet...

"You weren't kidding when you said the snow and cold turned you on".

He slid one then two fingers back into her ass. He played with her ass this way until he had her begging for the third. It was all he could do to not cum in her mouth but he knew if he did then his plan for the rest of the trip up the mountain would fail.

"Please, mmmmm, Phil.... god please fuck my ass, stick another finger in my ass, oh god fuck me, fuck me!!!!" Phil slid the third in and fucked her ass until Jenny was so out of control she couldn't even suck his cock anymore. She rested her head on his thigh and bucked her ass up and down on his fingers. With her moans and sighs reaching heights Phil had never heard, he knew she was on the verge of cumming and he removed his fingers.

"What the fuck are you doing, I was about to cum".

A smile formed on Phil's mouth. "I know exactly what I am doing, it isn't time for you to cum yet".

"Time for me to cum yet, yes it was".

"Relax, I will let you know when it is time".

This type of attitude only peaked Jenny's curiosity because Phil never acted like this. "Ok, so when will it be time".

"Soon, I promise".

Phil undid Jenny's buttons on the sides of her pants and slid them down to her ankles removing one leg. The cold seat of the lift sent chills through Jenny's body. This is better than the ice cubes they liked to play with at home she thought. He slid her body around so his head was between her legs and he had a firm grip on her thighs and ass. He proceeded to lick her lips up and down until he had her moaning again. He avoided her clit like the plague and when she attempted to touch it herself, gently removed her hands. He slid his tongue into her gaping hole until he had her moaning even louder. Her juices were running down her thighs and his chin. Unbelievable. Phil had never seen her this turned on. With a firm grip on her ass he attacked her pussy with his mouth and tongue. He sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and using the tip of his tongue stabbed her clit repeatedly...just enough to fire her up some more but not enough to allow her to cum. At this point Jenny was going crazy. Phil was afraid they would both fall off the lift.

"Time for you to cum!" "Yes, oh please yes let me cum!"

That was all he needed. He pulled her pussy back into his mouth and started to suck and fuck it with his tongue. Reaching under her he slid a finger into her ass.

"I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming!!!!!" That's all Phil needed to hear. He sucked and licked until he was choking on her juices. He could smell her beautiful scent in his nose she was so wet and out of control. His cock throbbed, he knew he would be begging for release soon too. Waves of pleasure shook throughout her entire body. She had never cum like that in all their years together. Jenny knew that Phil would want to cum in her mouth. But it was her turn now. She slid over and on top of his cock. It went into her pussy easily she was so wet. She was going to cum again before she took care of him. She ground her pussy down into his cock. The lift prevented her from actually fucking him as hard as she wanted to but she was able to take his full length into her pussy. Another wave of pleasure as she came all over his cock. She heard his breathing pick up as he reached around and grabbed her breasts. His unzipped her coat and squeezed her hard as rock nipples. The combination of the cold and her prior orgasms made her nipples stand out on end and Phil pinching them caused her to shudder in orgasm again. Three orgasms to his none. "I guess I should let you cum now huh Phil!"

"Oh yes, please make me cum," Phil yelled.

Now it was time for Jenny to smirk. "Not yet, fair is fair," she laughed. She pulled off his cock and slid it into her ass.

"I'm not done yet", she moaned as he stretched her ass farther then she had ever been stretched. She could feel another orgasm approaching, this one more powerful than all the others. She bounced up as far as the lift would allow and came crashing down on his cock. The wave of the orgasm almost knocked her out and she could tell from Phil's breathing that he was trying his hardest to not cum in her ass. She knew what he was holding out for and she wanted to please her lover. She pulled off his cock and slid over. She bent down and tasted her own pussy and ass juices on his cock. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it while taking his cock into her mouth down to his balls. She fondled his balls with her other hand so she would be able to feel the build up of his cum. Phil let out a scream that could cause an avalanche as he shot a huge load down Jenny's throat. She swallowed every last drop and continued to lick his cock until he couldn't take the stimulation anymore.

When they both looked up they couldn't believe that they were almost at the top of the mountain.

"Time to get ourselves back together we are almost at the peak," Phil said

"I've already reached my peak," Jenny moaned.

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