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Jessica Comes Home Early
by Jenny C.

It was right around Christmas time last year. Three days before to be exact. My mother was out shopping and my sister Jessica, who still lived with my parents, was out with her boyfriend. My father called me and told me to get over there quickly. We had been carrying on a more than father-daughterly relationship for years.

I got up and showered. I dressed in an outfit that would I knew would drive him nuts. I wore my old Catholic school uniform. The plaid skirt still fit me, but the white blouse was far too tight around my breasts, especially with me wearing a push-up bra. I wore knee length socks and tiny cotton panties. I finished the outfit with a pair of patent leather shoes. One last look in the mirror and I was getting worked up myself. I decided to make myself look even younger and more innocent and put my pair in pigtails. I was getting wet standing there looking at my reflection.

I arrived at my parent's house to find Daddy sitting on the couch.

"Hi Daddy!" I exclaimed. I did a little spin to let him check me out from all angles.

"My God girl! You're going to be the death of me yet," he remarked.

"Aaaw, don't talk like that Daddy. If you die, who will fuck me?"

He groaned and got up off of the couch. He walked over to me and started kissing me. Not like a father, but as a man who was seriously hot for someone. And that someone was me, his oldest daughter. We kissed passionately and started groping one another. I love to feel how hard I make him. It's kind of feminine ego trip to know that I can make even my own father lust after me.

He started unbuttoning my blouse and kissing the tops of my breasts. I could do little else but moan as he did it. My nipples were just covered by the bra and it was driving us both wild as he tried to get closer.

"Daddy, do you want to see my report card?" I asked. I had made up a silly little fake one after the first time I wore the school girl outfit.

"Of course Princess, let me see it."

I dug into my bookbag, (when I roleplay, I really roleplay!) I handed it to him. All A's.

"My, my Jenny! You're such a smart girl!"

"What's my reward Daddy?"

With that, he led me into the kitchen. My father loves to fuck me on the kitchen table for some reason. He picked me up and sat me on the table. I spread my legs for him and he drew down my panties. I was busy working on his pants as he literally ripped my shirt off. Buttons went flying everywhere and he went to work on my bra. He also loves it when I wear bras that clasp in the front. So as not to disappoint my favorite (secret) lover, I had one on.Another low moan escaped his lips as he freed my breasts and began running his tongue all over them.

I lay back on the table and guided his cock to my opening.

"Say it for me Jen," he asked.

"Say what Daddy?"

"You know what Jenny."

"What do you mean Daddy?" I asked him in an innocent and coy voice.

"Say it please!!"

"Do you mean...'Fuck me Daddy'? "

"Oh God!" He groaned. My father loves to hear me say that.

"Is that it Daddy? Is that what you want your little girl to say? Do you want to fuck me Daddy?"

My father didn't reply, he just slammed his throbbing cock into me until I felt his balls against the wetness the was dripping down the crack of my ass. He began thrusting into me hard and fast. He lifted my leg and kissed my white knee socks. I arched my back and spurred him on.

"C'mon Dad... fuck me. Fuck your little straight A student!"

Right then, I heard the front door open. Dad and I froze. His cock started shooting cum inside me as we stared at the door. It was my sister Jessica.


Daddy tried to say something, but she ran to her room in tears. He followed after her (yes, naked) and she slammed the door in his face, calling us both 'sick people'. Jess and I had always been close, closer than her and my parents anyway. I went up to talk to her. I asked her to let me in. I had donned a robe and walked in when she opened the door. Daddy followed me, still naked. We sat down and talked to her explaining how it was my idea in the first place and that I was just another way of showing love for someone. She agreed to that concept, but was angry with me for all the times I had to lie to her about not being able to spend time with her. Anytime she wanted me to go places with her, I knew Dad would be alone in the house, and that meant time for sex!

I held and stroked her hand as we spoke. I guess the idea of any affection between two females has an effect on men. My father started getting hard again just from seeing that.

Jessica pointed it out and laughed, "God Dad, you're a horn dog aren't you?"

At that point, I knew things were going to be okay.

"I can't help it honey, sitting here with the two most beautiful girls in the world."

"Jess," I asked, "why don't you touch it?"

She looked at my father inquisitively. I guided her hand to his cock. It was getting sticky as our juices dried on it. She squeezed it lightly and Daddy grinned ear to ear. Jess looked at me and asked, "What's with the get up?" (Referring to my outfit and pigtails.)

"That's the great thing about doing it with Dad, we can both explore our fantasies without being worried what the other person will think."

"I can't believe it Jen. You were always the quiet one, the good girl."

I leaned over and kissed her earlobe, "Even good girls can be naughty!" I ran my tongue around her ear.

"Jen, what are you... mmmmm " She didn't finish her sentence as I cupped her breast. Daddy moaned and asked her to officially join our little party.

I whispered in her ear, "Jess ask him to fuck you, call him Daddy. It drives him wild!"

A second later, she spoke. "I will join you, but on one condition."

"What's that Jessica?" my father asked.

"You have to ... fuck me Daddy!" she said.

He did and has been keeping both of us happy since.


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