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Jessica Changes
Pt. I: Jessica's Revenge
by Cybersk1

My wife and I met in HS in a small mid-western town. Jessica is about 5' 6" tall and a very shapely 125 lbs. Her breasts are full 36 C cups with beautiful large nipples. Her ass is nice and round and her pussy is tight, with a neatly trimmed bush of brown hair. She has a very pretty face with full lips, green eyes and long brown hair. My name is Mike and I am 5'11" 190lbs. I have brown hair and eyes and a dark complexion. My cock is just average about 6 and a half inches but nice and full.

We dated all through school and married shortly thereafter. I got a job in construction and we moved to Houston. Jessica had never been with another man and I had only been with one other (a hooker on a night out with the guys after we got to Houston). We moved into an apartment complex right next to the manager and her husband. They were a very attractive couple. Valerie was tall had dark hair and a body "to die for." Steve was also tall, handsome, and very well built.

My job kept me busy for long hours and then quite often I went out with the guys. Jessica was becoming very bored and unhappy. She started spending lots of time with Valerie helping around the complex. Steve worked out of the apartment as a consultant and was home most of the time. Finally, I had a weekend off and came home on Friday after work. Jessica said "we are going to Valerie and Steve's for drinks and a movie" I agreed. Little did I know what was in store for me. Jessica wore a nice tight cotton tee shirt that showed her tits nicely and jeans so tight you could see if a coin in her pocket was heads or tails. She looked great. I wore shorts and a polo shirt.

We went next door and Valerie answered the door in a nice button down top, which showed her ample cleavage and a pair of khaki shorts. Steve was dressed similar to me. Valerie handed us both margaritas as soon as we walked in. We were talking, snacking and sitting on the patio. I was drinking more than anybody. Soon I noticed that as Valerie walked by Jessica she would always manage to make contact. Jessica was making margaritas and Valerie went to help and I saw her hand on Jessica's hip. As I was getting drunk this did not register. Soon I was fairly wasted and the conversation started turning to sex. Valerie commented that I must be one lucky guy to have such a sexy wife as Jessica. I agreed and said Steve was pretty lucky too. The talk turned to looks and bodies. Jessica mentioned "size". Valerie asked how big was I and Jessica showed her by using her hands saying "Oh, about this big". Valerie grinned wickedly looked at me then said "well then you've never had a good giant sized cock before?" Jessica shook her head no and said Mike is the only man I've ever had. Steve asked me "well Mike have you been around?" me, being very drunk and not wanting to appear inexperienced replied "yes I've had others." I saw a look of anger and fire flash across Jessica's eyes.

Jessica asked Valerie how big Steve was and she said about 9 inches and about two and a half inches thick. I saw Jessica's eyes get very wide. She said I cannot imagine how you could get that inside you. Valerie stood up walked behind Jessica and placed her hands on Jessica's shoulders. Valerie responded with, honey it is easy if your pussy is wet and ready. It's the most delicious feeling in the world! There is nothing to match the feeling of a big cock entering you after you've gotten good, eager and wet. That is all I remember hearing as I passed out.

When I woke up I was in the living room and tied into a kitchen chair! My wife was talking to Valerie and as my eyes focused she looked at me and said, "Valerie and I have decided to teach you a lesson for cheating on me." When you passed out I decided I'd try a nice big cock and Steve is the lucky guy. Mike, you "son of a bitch" you get to watch! Then as I started to struggle to get out of the ropes holding me Jessica said "You can shut-up and watch as I do it or I'm leaving you." Not wanting to lose the only woman I'd ever had, I stopped struggling.

Valerie then asked Jessica "are you sure?" Looking at me with fire in her eyes Jessica said "absolutely." To my surprise Valerie then put her arms around Jessica and gently kissed her! Her hands went down to Jessica's waist and she lifted up her shirt pulling it over her head, exposing the thin satin bra holding in those luscious tits. Jessica did not resist but then pressed against Valerie kissing her deeply. My own cock hardened as a confused wave of emotions swept through my alcohol soaked brain. Jessica stepped back and removed her shorts as Valerie took off her top and shorts leaving both these beautiful women in just their underwear. It was quite a sight and I was very aroused.

Steve walked in and said WOW! Valerie turned to him pointed to Jessica and said remove her bra. He walked over and I could see a large bulge in his shorts. Jessica turned her back to him and he pulled her close and reached around and fondled her breasts through her bra. Her nipples were very enlarged. I start to protest and Jessica told me "be quiet" as she leaned back into him. He lifted her bra over her tits and started playing with her nipples and cupping her breasts. I was furious and yet helpless, angry with myself, and Jessica. Yet strangely, I was also very excited. Steve finally released her tits and removed her bra. Valerie then walked in front of Jessica and got on her knees and slowly removed Jessica's panties.

Valerie then leaned forward and pulled Jessica's pussy to her face. I could see her tongue just starting to work on that lovely pussy. The tip just barely slipping into her tight slit. Steve was fondling Jessica's tits as Valerie licked her mons. After a few minutes of this Jessica's eyes had glazed and she was breathing in short breaths, clearly she was very excited. Valerie stood up and then removed her own bra and panties. Jessica and I both gasped at how truly fantastic her body looked.

Steve released my wife. Valerie went to Steve, then cupping his crotch said, Jessica here is what you will get tonight! Steve took off his shirt as Valerie undid his pants. Then she released his straining monster cock from his briefs. It was every bit as big as she had described and then some! Valerie said come here and touch it. Jessica started forward and I closed my eyes. I could not watch. Yet, in a moment I had to open them. I saw my wife standing next to Steve with his arm around her as she stroked that massive cock. She was running her hand up and down the shaft and then stroking his balls. Valerie was behind has fondling her ass and then moving to her tits. I was totally frustrated, angry and excited. But there was nothing I could do. Steve moved to a chair and Valerie asked Jessica if she would like to suck Steve. Jessica again looked at me smiled wickedly and said sure. I watched as Steve leaned back and my wife started to lick and kiss his prick. She worked her way up his shaft with little nibbles and kisses. Then tried to open her mouth wide enough to take his cock head in her mouth. She only took a little in then released it. Licking his hole and working her way down to his balls. Steve was moaning and thrusting his hips up, totally enjoying the head my wife was giving him. I could tell from the juice dripping from her pussy that Jessica was getting into it too.

Valerie came and sat by me in a chair. Facing me with her legs spread she said, so you've been bad to Jessica and now your being punished. I looked at her cunt and I could see how open and wet it was. Unlike my wife's pussy which looked nice and tight, Valerie's looked open and wet. It looked like she fucked a monster cock every night. Valerie reached down and spread her cunt lips, revealing a nice clit that was swollen and pink Teasing me she slid her finger inside herself then took it out and ran it across my lips. She tasted sweet and slightly salty. Then she moved away. My cock was rock hard. I looked and Steve had moved to the floor and was now in a 69 with Jessica on top. As she sucked his massive cock he had his face buried in her pussy. She was moaning and groaning wiggling on his face. I could see the excitement building in her as she approached orgasm. Her body tensed and she released his cock and rode Steve's face and tongue to a tremendous climax. Her body shuddering and shaking as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her.

Steve had not cum yet. Jessica had moved off his face then got on her knees between his legs, her ass up in the air for me to see and started to suck him again. I could hear her working the head into her mouth as she stroked his shaft with her hands. The sounds of her sucking his cock rang through my head. Valerie then moved in behind Jessica and started playing with her pussy. She was stroking it and spreading the lips. Giving me a great view of Jessica's open dripping wet hole. Valerie then started to finger Jessica working first her middle finger then two fingers deeply and slowly in and out of her. I could she Jessica pushing back onto those fingers and picking up the pace as she sucked that giant cock. Steve was very close to cumming and moving his hips up, forcing more of his cock into my wife's mouth. She was sucking on his cock very hard, as if she were trying to draw his cum out of his balls. Valerie was now furiously finger-fucking Jessica.

This was bringing Jessica close to another orgasm. Suddenly Steve exploded in my wife's mouth. I could see her struggling to swallow and she pulled her mouth off him and he spurted in her face as she pulled away still spurting as she continued to stroke his cock. There was cum dribbling out of her mouth, on her cheek and chin. My wife was milking Steve's cock trying to get every last drop out. Jessica then pushed back hard on Valerie's hand and started to cum again. I could she her juice just soaking Valerie's hand as she shuddered. It seemed like Jessica came forever as she just shuddered and shuddered for the longest time. She finally finished her orgasm then she smiles, leans down and starts to lick Steve clean. Valerie moves forward and wipes the cum off Jessica's face with her finger then kisses Jessica, sharing the cum in her mouth. I could not believe my wife with another man AND another woman.

My head was swirling and my cock was ready to burst. I could feel a large wet spot where my own pre-cum had soaked my briefs. The group separated and Jessica stood p and walked over to me. I could still see traces of Steve's spunk on her face and neck. She said to me "now I am going to fuck his giant cock and your going to watch". She reached down and stroked my cock, she smiled when she felt it was hard and said...I think your enjoying this! Then Jessica said, "no matter I am doing it anyway".

Valerie said it did not take long for Steve to get hard but that Jessica's pussy was so tight That it needed more prep. She went to her bedroom and came out with a medium sized strap-on dildo. Steve smiles and says to Jessica, your going to like this, Valerie is really good with it! I could not believe my eyes! Here is my totally innocent wife, giving head to another man, kissing another woman and now willing to be fucked by another woman with a fake cock! Jessica says that sounds and looks so good! When she said that I exploded in my shorts...cum running down my leg as my wife lay down and spread her legs for Valerie. What happens next is another story.


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