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Joel Finds Happiness
by rabbit108

Joel walked in the house, flinging his bag into the corner he dropped into the easy chair.

"Hello darling, how was college?"

Joel's mom kissed his brow and set the table for tea, he watched as she moved around the table, her Legs shone in the sunlight drifting through the window, her hips swayed as she moved around tossing The flimsy dress from side to side.

Joel looked at his mom with love in his eyes, he had no girlfriend to speak of, he preferred his mom's company, and they would sit close as they watched TV, often laying his head on her arm.

Diane finished setting the table and sat next to her son, he smiled as she tousled his hair," lets play cards tonight", Joel agreed.

After tea, they set the table up they started to play bridge but the game got boring.

"Any suggestions"? Diane asked.

"Strip poker" Joel said for fun.

"I haven't played that since my college days "she laughed.

"Scared mom"? Knowing his mom liked a challenge.

Diane looked at her son, at eighteen he was a hunk, if she were his age she would have got him in bed a long time ago.

"Your on Joel, I hope you don't get embarrassed when you lose your shorts.

"I hope you have on that sexy black underwear I saw on the washing line the other day, I reckon you'll look dead sexy in it, I might even take a photo or two.

"Sounds good to me" Diane dealt the cards.

Diane lost the first hand, standing up she slowly gyrated as she took off her sweater, Joel's eyes took in the swell of his mothers breasts under her t shirt, they must have been at least a 38", Wow mom you look hot".

Diane smiled as her son eyed her body, she knew she looked good.

"Your turn will come soon she smiled, waiting for the chance to see his gorgeous body.

His turn came the next hand; standing up he slowly undid his shirt, jutting his hips forward As he removed it, Diane looked at the bulge in her son's jeans, it looked so big.

The game moved on and they both removed shoes and socks, the next garment was crucial for both of Them.

Diane felt confident with a full house, soon she was going to see her son in his jockey shorts, and she didn't know why she was gasping for breath.

Laying her cards confidently on the table she gave a yell of triumph, "Sorry mom, try four two's"

Diane looked at the card he lay down, four two's.

She was down to her bra and panties, something had to go.

Joel felt his prick rising as he did a slow handclap, Diane thought, oh well, in for a penny and rose from her seat.

"In the middle of the room", Joel sung, Diane blushed as she moved into the middle of the room, she Had not been seen in a bikini since college, now she was stood here in bra and panties and one had to come off.

Joel sat quietly as Diane reached behind and undid the clasp that held here bra up. His mouth gaped as her hands held the cups of her bra, slowly she removed it, looking down at the Floor she felt the blush cover her breasts.

"OH MY GOD MOM THEIR FANTASTIC", Joel looked at the areola, at least two inches of dark Brown skin tipped by two gorgeous nipples.

Diane looked at her son; he was stood up, his jeans tented at his crotch her eyes took in the large bulge.

"Let's get on with the game she said sitting down, her mind was in a whirl, she was having sexual Thoughts about her own son.

Joel lost the next game and Diane's mouth went dry as he took off his jeans," sorry mom excitement of the moment", his prick poked out from under his shorts, the purple head seemed so big.

Joel sat down in a daze, he was sat opposite his mom with a hard-on, and she showed her breasts and Didn't bat an eyelid. This would be the last game, one had to expose their genitalia to the other, and they both looked at each other.

"Let's call it draw mom", Joel said, "No way sunny boy" said Diane with a smile, she had a full house.

Joel looked at his cards, two pairs, he could tell she had won.

Diane jumped with glee and relief as he put his cards on the table, she had won.

"On the table for the big unveiling" she sang out, Joel stood on the table, his shorts bulged with his hard on.

Diane stood two feet from him as he bent down and removed his shorts, as he stood up his prick stood proud from his body, Diane looked mouth open, her husbands prick was seven inches, Joel's looked eight and a half.

"Stay there she said quietly", she went to the draw and took out the camera, Joel looked up as his mom entered the room, she focused on the huge appendage hanging below, Joel's balls were huge, filled with sperm, she took several shots and put down the camera.

"Joel, I never thought you were that big down there", "It must be you mom, you turn me on so much".

Diane gasped as she heard her son admit she got him excited moving forwards she kissed his lips Gently Joel opened his arms and she melted into them, his prick trapped between their belly felt so hot to Diane.

Her hand made it's way to it, she had to feel it, and grasping his balls gently she rolled them in her hand, they were so heavy, she gripped his prick, he gasped as she bent down and took him deep into her mouth, he held her head as she bobbed in and out, he cried out.

"I'M COMING MOM,,,OH MY GOD", Diane gulped as her son shot his load deep into her throat, her pussy was creaming as she massaged his balls to get it all out.

They collapsed to the floor in a heap, Diane had never been unfaithful before, Joel reached for her and kissed her deeply, his hand found her pussy, still covered with her panties, slowly he removed them, Diane lifted her hips, she needed him right now.

Joel gasped as he took in the sight of his mother's pussy clean shaven except for a tuft of hair on the top of her mons; his fingers found ht's way inside her slit. The lips parted with sexual excitement, his fingers delved deep as he sucked her nipple, she gasped as he lay between her legs.

Even though Joel had just cum his prick was still as hard as ever, Diane felt his mouth on her thighs just below her pussy, he could smell the musk of a woman in heat, and he traced his tongue along her thigh. His lips kissed the soft skin of her pussy lips, they were swollen with sexual excitement, he tasted the river of life exuding from her slit, and it was so sweet and plentiful.

His tongue entered her hot lips, he felt her body jerk as he covered the whole of her sex in his mouth, her clit rubbed against his nose as he licked and sucked at her honey pot.

"FOR CHRIST SAKE FUCK ME", she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her belly, Joel moved Up, her hand grabbed his prick and placed it at the entrance of her slit, he felt the heat on his sensitive head as she rubbed it against her slit.

"FUCK ME HARD", she gasped as her hips thrust against his prick, he felt the lips open as he gently Pushed the head in.

Diane lunged her hips forward and engulfed the full length in one push, she was so wet, and Joel felt the vaginal muscles grip his prick so tight, it was like fucking a virgin.

Diane was crying with lust, she sobbed as she felt the solid rod of flesh hot the bottom of her cunt never had her husband filled her like her loving son.

Joel pushed slow and hard, he wanted his mom to know his love for her was not just sex, as he pushed deep he felt her cervix bump the tip of his prick.

His hips moved around from side to side trying to touch every part of her he felt the neck of her cervix sword fence with his prick, she was screaming and lunging at the same time.

"Please darling, cum deep in me," she gasped as he picked up the pace, he grabbed her ass with both Hands and pushed in deep and hard as he felt the sperm leave his prick. Diane locked her legs around his hips as he plunged deeper and harder with each spurt, he knew this was unprotected sex but he felt elated as his baby making sperm filled her clasping pussy. Diane had one orgasm after another as she felt the sperm trickle out of her filled pussy, with each thrust Joel withdrew more out of her, it ran down to her ass and made a puddle on the carpet.

Joel was possessed, his prick was still as hard as ever, as he withdrew from his mother he saw the Sperm travelling down to her ass. Her hips still gyrated as she came down from another hit, Joel ran his finger along the line of sperm until her reached her puckered hole, his finger pushed the sperm into her ass, she coo-d as he slowly entered her ass. The sperm eased the way, she turned onto her knees, she was in a state of sexual frenzy, he son had turned her into a slut and she loved it.

"Use your prick darling, fuck my ass with your prick".

Joel had never had anal sex but her pleading made him line his prick to the tiny hole, slowly he entered, he felt the muscles relax as the head entered, Diane gasped as she felt the hard shaft pierce her rectum.

Slowly Joel felt his pricks slide the full length deep into her bowel, Diane thrust her ass in the air so more of his prick entered her.

The effect on Joel was immediate, his hips picked up the pace and he felt the ribbed tube grip him, it was so warm and wet, his balls slapped against her pussy as he pummeled her, gripping her hips let him go deeper.

"I'M CUMMING MOM DEEP INTO YOUR ASS ", she screamed as she felt the first shot deep in her Colon, it was so hot, she stuffed two fingers deep into her pussy and creamed again as her son filled her ass.

Joel flopped down onto his mother's back, she collapsed under his weight, his prick still deep in her ass, and she wanted it to stay there all night.

They lay there for half an hour both luxuriating in the after glow of sex.

Diane put her hand under her body and felt for his balls between her thighs, "Is there any more sperm in there for me"?

Joel kissed her neck, "let's take a shower together and see".

As they moved apart Diane felt his still hard prick leave her ass, she felt the sperm travel down her legs, she knew this was the start of an affair that would leave her pregnant, but that was what she wanted, she decided.


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