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Just For Me!
by Dinghy(Jo)

I love it!

I prepare for it as carefully as a doctor would prepare for surgery. Each aspect has been carefully developed through trial and error and quite a bit of experimentation. I think I now have it down to a science.

The anticipation of what is to come causes me to tingle all over.

First in the sequence of events is a luxurious bubble bath, then a shave. Every single hair from the shoulders down is whisked away. Armpits, pussy and legs become as smooth as glass. A few dabs of my favorite perfume complete the toilet. Next, I dress with the same care and attention that I give the other steps in the exercise. The item I use most often is an extra long "T" shirt, no bra, panties or any other article of clothing. The next prop in the sequence is a big "Scarlet O'Hara" (Southern Comfort and cranberry juice). The next to last, but a very important item needed for this session is my battery-powered vibrator. Now for the most erotic item in my seduction, my computer!

I spread a double or triple thickness of a large bath towel on my chair, sit down and sign on.

I look for one of my favorite chat rooms on AOL, "playing with it now" or "F wants to see it." I have written myself a profile so full of sexual connotations the it doesn't take long for me to pick out my potential seducer from the list of those who IM me.

Once contact is made I turn the IM's off and invite him to a private room "hot -- hot" that I have established just for this purpose.

Usually, we get right down to it. He will ask how I am dressed, how big my breasts are, am I wearing a bra and panties, is my pussy shaved and do I like to suck cock. I counter, asking him how big his dick is, does he have it out, is he playing with it and most important, does he eat pussy.

By this time I'm pretty wet if he is any good at all. He will want to talk about me sucking his cock or him eating my pussy but I need the mental image of me sitting down on his dick, sliding up and down, back and forth. Usually, this is the spot where I insert the vibrator and turn it on full force. I tell him about it, how good it feels inside me, how I wish it was him and conversation dwindles. You can tell he is typing with one hand, nothing but the simplest lowercase letters with lots of mistakes.

The vibrator is deep inside me, sending the most erotic feelings throughout my entire body. The fingers of my free hand are caressing the lips of my pussy and rubbing my clit. In between typing, the other hand is massaging my breasts, fondling and pinching my nipples.

If I think he is close I start talking about sucking his cock and how good his cum will taste. I tell him "if only you could fuck me so I could taste my cum mixed with yours on your cock."

The thought of this is usually enough to get me to the very edge of my climax. Now, it's up to him to talk to me while I fuck myself with the vibrator. Sometimes, I must get out of my chair and squat on the floor, sliding the vibrator in and out of my pussy while I watch the screen for his words of seduction. My hands will be covered with my juice and I alternate between the right and left so I can lick this wondrous nectar from my fingers.

Most of the time I cum first, so I must really apply myself to make sure that he is also satisfied.

I think I am addicted to this. I was doing it at least once, and sometimes even twice, a day to the exclusion of all other sex. Since I moved in with my bi lover I have been able to wean myself off to only once a week or so.

Well, I have a full bottle of Southern Comfort, so now I'm going to have a slow soaking bath and shave.

Then ----???

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