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Jazzy Girl Chapter II
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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"You need to sneeze?" he asked. "I can help!" He pulled an ornate snuff box (an actual Goddamn snuff box!) decorated with an old New York sleigh-ride scene, like a mini Whitman Sampler box. "It was my grand-dad's." he said. "I swear this shit works. Here!"

Tyler placed a pinch of powder under Bonnie's nostril. Everyone turned now to see what was going on, and Bonnie was at once terrified and thrilled by the attention. She was breathing like a marathon runner now, and her whole body was shaking, though she did her best to hide it. She was leaking all over the seat, and her smell was freely wafting now. I prayed no one else picked up the odor in the smoky room.

Bonnie inhaled the snuff, held her arms up, and waved her hands frantically like a hovering hummingbird, waiting for the explosion. AAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOO!", she exploded, whipping her face down into the tissues three or four times. "AAAAACHOOOO! AAAAAACHOOOOO! AAAAAACHOOOOO!" At the same time a gush of juice burst out of her cunt, leaking down her lovely legs. She collapsed onto the table and allowed herself one, deep, ferocious moan. "Ooooooooooo!"

There was a stunned silence from our group. They all looked at me.

"Allergies." I said, shrugging.

Suddenly the entire room burst into applause.

"Holy shit!" said Dean, whistling.

"Told you it worked." said Tyler, snapping shut his snuff box.

"My God." said Julie, joining in on the applause.

Bonnie collected herself long enough to wave to the crowd, "Thank you! Thank you! Please come back for the supper show."

She was amazing. Even during this lewd public display she managed to be funny, and charming. She had had a terrific sneeze, for all anyone knew, and not a knee-bending orgasm. How the hell we pulled that off I don't know.

She relaxed her thigh muscles and I was able to slip my finger out, drenched as it was. In fact, my whole hand, up to my sleeve, was soaking in juice. I grabbed a few cocktail napkins and surreptitiously cleaned wiped myself clean under the table. Julie couldn't stop looking at Bonnie, and I wondered if she suspected anything. "You sure you're okay?" she asked, brushing away her messy hair to get better look at my date.

"Fine. Now." sighed Bonnie, closing her legs.

"'Kay." said Julie, clearly curious. Then she pulled out a cigarette. "Anybody got a light?" she asked.

I pulled out some matches. "Lose your lighter I again?" I asked, striking a flame.

"She'd lose her fucking head if it weren't bolted on." said Dean, getting a few laughs from the band, though Julie didn't seem to appreciate the humor. I got the feeling she didn't like him much. She seemed too smart for him.

"It'll turn up." she said, grabbing my hand and lighting the cigarette. "Always does."

As she lit her stick I noticed her nose twitch, and I suddenly realized that my finger, my hand, my sleeve, all still rank with pussy, were directly under her nose. She sniffed again, searching, and I quickly blew out the match, hoping the smoke would mask the smell. I casually pulled my hand away and folded it within my other one, on the table, like an innocent schoolboy listening attentively to his teacher.

Julie smelled the air again, giving me a suspicious look. Then her eyes shifted over to Bonnie who was squirming a bit in her wet seat.

I tried not to look Julie in the eyes, and hoped she'd just shrug the whole thing off. Who knows what she smelled, or what she suspected? And honestly, did I care?

For some reason - Yes, I did care. I was interested in Julie. But aside from coming up with a plan to get Dean and Bonnie to sleep together and have Julie and I run to each other for comfort (or some other Penthouse Forum scenario) I didn't see any chance of us getting together. Still, I was interested in her, and I cared what she thought, so I averted my eyes and swore to not light any more cigarettes that evening.

The conversation continued, and, whenever Dean would let her speak, Julie proved to be a brilliant talker. She seemed to know a little something about everything, just as comfortable with history as she was with music and current events. But that asshole Dean kept interrupting her with snide little comments like, "Watch out, boys, Julie's got another opinion!"

The harpist stopped playing. Dean checked his watch and said, "Up, dudes, time for the second set. Pete's not here so, Freddy, my man, if you'd like to make a hundred..."

And right then, with perfect Lenny and Squiggy timing, Pete comes running into the club. "I'm here, I'm here!" he shouts, robbing me of another fifty bucks.

"Sorry, pal." said Dean, shrugging and stuffing fifty bucks into my shirt pocket. "You was great, my friend. Thanks."

So the band got up to play, and I settled back to watch. Bonnie kissed me on the lips (with just a hint of tongue) and excused herself to the ladies room. Alone in the booth I used the time to "wipe-up" a bit, running a few cocktail napkins over the happy vinyl cushion beneath Bonnie's sweet bottom. I ordered two more drinks, patted the bills in my pocket, snuggled into Bonnie when she returned, and listened to the second set.

Now Bonnie's little under the table jerk-off adventure had left me supremely hot, and I leaned over to her and asked if she'd like to leave (I had made the bed and cleaned the bathroom all in preparation for a female visitor that night). She said, "Not yet." and placed a hand on my thigh.

Well, I expected this. Bonnie was going to jerk me off under the table. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, exhibitionism, again, not really being my thing. But I was turned on by how much she was turned on, so I opened my legs a bit, giving her easier access to my wares. She responded by rubbing my crotch, and unsnapping the buttons of my leather pants.

I leaned back, took a sip of beer, paid the waitress, all with Bonnie's hand snaking its way down into my underwear. It was seriously cramped in there (leather pants will do that), and she couldn't really wrap her hand around my penis. I was glad about that, actually, thinking that maybe she'd get frustrated and let me take her home. But, for some reason, I found myself slipping my jeans a few inches down my ass, making it easy for her to straighten out my cock and release it into the air. It popped up like a limp hot air balloon the quickly inflated and rose.

Bonnie made no effort to be gentle and started squeezing and jerking it hard, her arm disappearing under the table and rocking up and down very lewdly, and very visibly. Between the cold air on my cock and her public jerking I felt frighteningly exposed. Fortunately the crowd was focused on the band.

Still, I wanted to take no chances so I whispered to Bonnie, "Take it easy." Her response was to grab me with two hands and jerk me off even harder. The booth was in a corner in the back, and it was fairly dark, but not so hidden that someone looking over wouldn't be able to figure out that a girl was yanking some guy's meat. "Jesus, Bonnie." I whispered, looking around feverishly.

Bonnie, too, was scanning the room. At one point an elderly woman turned our way, looking for the waitress, and Bonnie froze. But once the woman turned back, the jerk-off session continued.

Bonnie let her guard down only once, to look down and watch my cock getting pumped. "Ohhhh", she said breathlessly, as if discovering a beautiful new flower, "look at that!", and buried her head in my lap, sucking my cock in front of the whole room.

I can't remember a damn thing about what she did exactly, how she used her tongue or if I hit the back of throat or what, I was too much in shock to retain any other feeling than utter terror. I do know it didn't last long, just a few furious sucks, but enough to send a bucket of blood to my prick until it was as thick and hard as a baseball bat.

She quickly released me and sat up, anxiously looking around for signs that anyone had caught her. She sipped her tequila nervously, dribbling the liquor down her chin, the glass rattling in her hand. I sat there, my cock out and up, almost peeking over the edge of the table. Thank God she stopped when she did, or I would have shot straight up in the air like a fountain, spraying our table and maybe someone else's.

I was about to slip my cock under the table cloth when I heard Julie say from the stage, "And this one is for Freddy Blue!" The whole room followed her gaze back to me, and I absolutely froze. I couldn't even smile. I just turned to stone, hoping no one had an embarrassing sight line. My cock was behind the table, but it was out my friends -- out and dressed to party. Bonnie slid a little closer to me, which blocked me pretty well, but, damn, I was still pretty freaked out by the whole thing. Bonnie smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. I guess this was her revenge for my kicking that door open last night (when the waitress at The Bitter End almost caught us).

Julie started singing the new version of "Baltimore Taxi", now re-titled "Jazzy Girl", with new lyrics by yours truly, and, I must say, for something I polished off in rush, it wasn't bad work. No brilliant effort. Still, a fun little ditty, and the crowd liked it. The new lyrics turned out to be as fun and snappy as the music, and worked much better than the old ones. Julie sang it well, of course, with a throaty, loopy phrasing that fit the song to a "T".

"Down on the East Side he once knew a girl, A brown-haired, grey-eyed beauty, skin a doll-like pearl, She spun his poor heart 'round and 'round like a twirl-a-whirl, She loved him, broke him, tossed him out, that Jazzy Girl!"

As she sang I slowly moved my pelvis under the table cloth, hiding my protruding boner from unwelcome eyes. Bonnie slipped her hand under the table again, as I expected. I whispered to her, "Can we, you know, go back to my place and maybe...?"

"What?" she asked, smoothly stroking me.

"You know - fuck." I said, incredulously. "And don't tell me you don't do that, okay? 'Cause you do."

She giggled. "Oh God I love to see you wriggle." she said. "Do you know how beautiful you are?"

"No." I said. "Tell me."

She moaned, and bit me on the ear. "Goddamn musicians!" she muttered, and maneuvered herself until she was sitting on my lap.

"Whoa! What are doing?" I asked, spilling half my beer.

"Oh my God shut-up." she said, wiggling her ass over my cock. "Listen to the music." She paused for a moment, took another look around the room, then reached down and lifted up her skirt over her ass and sat squarely over my boner. Something felt very warm and moist.

She wasn't wearing any underwear.

Holy S-word! She had removed her panties while in the ladies room, and now sat on my prick-exposed lap, sans cotton barrier, her twat wet, and puffed open. I could already feel my cock easily slide across her ass crack and smartly pop into her pussy. Once snugly ensconced in her warm hole she grabbed me with her vaginal muscles and let go, then grabbed me, and let go, then grabbed me, and let go, fucking me with her cunt, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, while Julie's voice, Julie's throaty, sexy voice, belted out my lyrics to a room full of strangers who had no idea of how royally screwed I was getting just a few feet away.

"Good Christ in the fucking morning" I whisper-slash-moaned into Bonnie's ear. My face was buried in her honey hair, and I placed my arms around her waist, pulling her little body down into my lap, fucking her without moving a muscle.

I tried to watch the band, trying hard to look inconspicuous, but Bonnie was too tightly pressed against me, and my face was too immersed in her sweet-smelling hair to see much. Finally I was able to peek through a couple of stray locks and caught Julie staring at us during a Jazz solo break. She was frowning, slightly, with a "What the hell are they doing?" look on her face.

I should have stopped. I should have slid Bonnie off my lap and zipped up and counted myself lucky.

Problem was I was cumming.

I shot a good load up into Bonnie's cunt, and she arched her back a bit, squirming her ass around to receive my gift. I knew I had more, but I was waiting, waiting, waiting...

See, I knew the sax solo was almost over, and Julie would finish the song, and I wanted to hear her voice again before I came. But that fucking Dean was having so much fun with his Goddamn saxophone that I had to wait, and wait, and wait...

And just when I couldn't wait anymore Julie belted out the last phrase. Her voice reverberated right through my body and shot the cum out of me, a cannon blast of white jism that blew up through Bonnie's vagina, filling her up with my white spunk, and leaking out the sides. And through it all, through every semen soaked squirt, Julie's intense little eyes were on me.

The audience broke into applause and I was able to scream and yell at last. "Yeah! Wooooooo! All Riiiiiiiiiiiight!" I screamed in great relief, my cock emptying itself of its cargo. Bonnie's pussy relaxed, it's job done, and she managed to slide (and I do mean slide) off my lap, clapping and applauding the whole time.

By the time the second set was finished and the band returned to the table we had ordered a round of drinks (just for the cocktail napkins, which we really needed) and had wiped and zipped ourselves up to a respectable level.

Everyone congratulated me on my song and we talked and drank for another hour or so before saying goodnight, with the promise to call me if they should ever need another replacement.

On the way out Dean placed another fifty in my pocket. "For the song, dude. You keep the rights, but only we sing it. Deal?"

"Deal." I said, shrugging. Hell, it was a sucky deal, but I needed the cash-ola.

Julie didn't say a word directly to me for the rest of the night, but she was pleasant and funny cocked and bulled along with us all. I didn't know what she thought had happened between me and Bonnie, but she was definitely curious. Hell, it could have just been my imagination. Still, she gave me another sideways look when we all said goodnight, trying to see some sort of clue in my face. Then Dean swooped her into his big arms and pulled her away, and I wasn't sure that I'd ever see her again.

Bonnie and I walked down the side streets where there weren't so many people, and talked.

"What in the hell are we doing?" I asked.

"I don't know." she said, laughing.

"Well, if this keeps up I know one thing."

"What's that?" she asked.

"You're going to need a bigger diary."

She giggled and slipped her arm around mine. In the distance we could see the Empire State Building, its top illuminated in autumn red and orange.

"You know, I've never been up there." I said.

"Where? The Empire State?" she said. "Hmm. You're a typical New Yorker."

"I should." I said. "I'd love to see the city at night, from above. Want to go sometime? I'd hate going up alone. Too touristy."

"Maybe." she said. "Maybe."

We walked in silence for a while, until I stopped her in front of a three story brownstone.

"My building." I said.

"Oh." she said, disappointed.

"Oh?" I aped. "Does that mean..?"

"I'm not coming up." she said. "I'm sorry. I can't. I have to get home."

"Bonnie, baby, I don't think I can let go of you."

We kissed. But something was wrong. She was tentative, uncomfortable.

She pulled away.

"I have to tell you something, Freddy." she said, using one of those phrases that never bring any good news. "I shouldn't have given you my number last night, because - I'm not free."

"You're married?"


I should have been more upset, but I wasn't. I figured it couldn't last. I just wanted it to last a few more hours. I think I could have talked her into it, but I didn't. (Damn me if I'm not, underneath the leather pants and outré' libido, a hell of a nice guy.) So, I let her go.

"Then thanks. I've had, gee, a real swell time." I said, aw-shucking my way out of an uncomfortable moment.

"Don't make me laugh, you bastard." she giggled. "Damn musicians. Freddy, darling, dear, you are the sexiest man I have ever known and I am going to think about you long and hard tonight."

"What does that mean?"

"I'll call you tomorrow, and tell you. Okay?"

"Okay." I said.

She kissed me on the cheek, then squirmed a little bit, like she had to pee. "I'm dripping." she said, looking around to see if anyone was watching. Then she pulled out her panties from her purse, and quickly slipped them on. "Never had a pussy this soaked before." she said, then added, "Holy shit, I don't think I've ever said anything like that in my life! Look what you've done to me. Oh, God, goodnight, goodnight, kiss me once and then get in your building before I rape you on the stoop."

I kissed her and went inside, just as she asked.

I jerked off three times that night, and didn't get to sleep until eight o'clock the next morning. I woke up around three p.m., had a little breakfast/lunch/dinner, took out my guitar, and wrote five songs. Five songs! Good ones, too.

At five o'clock the phone rang. I picked up.

"Hello, Freddy. It's Bonnie. I've been thinking about you. Let me give you my address..."

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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