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Jazzy Girl Chapter III
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Okay, Bonnie." said Tony, "I hear you. Maybe you're right. But you should have told me months ago that..."

"I did!" she screamed.

"Okay, okay." he replied. "I'm here, I'm listening, you don't have to scream." Somebody must have walked by because he also said, "Is this your business? Why don't you just keep walking? You got a computer? I'll e-mail you and let you know how this all comes out!"

Tony was doing his best, but I could tell he was getting steamed again. "You should see yourself! You know I got a camera here. You want I should take your picture, 'cause you ain't gonna' believe the face you're making at me right now!"

Bonnie would need an additional bolt of courage.

I pulled her shoes and socks off, took off her sweats, and rolled her panties off her feet. (The panties I placed in my shirt pocket, where I could smell rainwater and pussy.) Then I got behind her, and unzipped my pants.

Bonnie groaned at the sound, knowing what was coming, and wondering if she could stand it. She spread her feet apart, getting a really good grip on the floor, and leaned way out the window, her butt peeking out from under the window blind. I pressed up against her, and slid my cock under her cunt, rubbing it across her lips, getting it wet.

"Okay, Bonnie, so what are we saying here?" continued Tony.

Next to the window was the table with the bagels and cream cheese - and a soft stick of yellow butter.

"What do you mean?" asked Bonnie, slowly rocking back and forth over my penis, trying to mount me.

I reached out for the butter and coated my thumb. With one hand on her back to steady me I placed my thumb against her puckered asshole, and pressed.

Bonnie nearly fell out the window. "No!" she hissed, under her breath.

"No what?" asked Tony.

My thumb greased into her bung hole, which opened and accommodated the intruder.

"Uhhhhhhh." said Bonnie, groaning deeply. I think she was a bit in pain.

"No what?" repeated Tony. "Hey! Look at me!" Her eyes must have been closed (in agony?). "No what?" he asked again.

I pulled my thumb out of her, greased it up again, and slid it back in.

"Uhhhhhhh." she groaned, "I'm just so scared, Tony!" she said, her voice dropping a couple of octaves.

"Scared of what?" he said, a tremor of concern in his voice. I was starting to like Tony.

"I'm scared that maybe - uhhhhhhh --- there are things we can't (oh my God) work out."

I pulled out of her again, and this time she pressed back at my retreat, wanting more. She was shaking now, though I don't think it was from orgasm. She was scared. This was illicit, and wrong. Getting fucked in public was one thing, but in front of the man she was going to marry! And now she had a thumb up her ass. I'd never had any back-door desires, but this was more than sex, this was about power, and defiance, and, yes, violation. She wanted to stick it to Tony, and, God help me, I wanted to stick it to her. I guess I was more piqued about her fucking me and jerking me off and then telling me she was engaged than I'd realized. I suddenly wanted to fuck her in the ass.

I grabbed the whole stick of butter and slathered it over my cock.

Tony kept talking. "If you mean we can't work out the fact that I've just put twenty grand down on a house, you're right, we can't work that out."

Bonnie paused, then said meekly, with the sound of tears in her voice, "So what are you saying, Tony?"

"I'm saying I put some money down and I can't get it all back, so you figure it out." he replied. "Jesus, look at your face. What? You hate me?"

Bonnie was shaking hard. Her whole life was falling apart. I knew she was going to give in, quit her job, give up her friends, and move out to Long Island. I held her by the waist, pulled her back, and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass. She moaned. Her breathing was rapid, like she was panicking. I pushed into her easily, but slightly, the head of my penis poking into her squishy puckered hole - but I stopped there, waiting. I wasn't going to do this to her -- she was going to do this to her.

"Well?" said Tony.

She was hesitating. "I'm thinking!" said Bonnie, not sure what to do. She was going to give in to him. I could feel it. A tiny cry poured out her as she fought back her tears. . She was going to pull away from me, and let him have his way.

I pressed her with my cock, just a small push against her pink rosebud. A dribble of butter dripped down her crack.

"If you loved me you wouldn't do this." she whispered. Tony couldn't hear her. I wondered if it was for me. Either way, I waited. I held my cock, greased and poised, at the entrance to her bottom. She would have to decide.

Choking back her tears, she shifted her feet a bit, getting a better grip on the floor. She leaned forward until she was bending way over the sill, her head and chest outside the window. She grabbed the window frame with two hands, supporting herself, took a deep breath, held it, and pushed herself back onto my cock, taking me into her ass.

"ARRRRGHHHH!" she cried.

"Hey, what am I supposed to do?" said Tony, taking her cry for one of frustration and anger. "It's a down-payment!"

She relaxed and pushed back again, impaling herself further onto my cock, forcing it up her rectum.

"GAAAAAAWD!" she grunted.

Her muscles relaxed, pulling me in now, making room.

"SHHHHHHIT!" she yelled.

"I'm taking a picture!" said Tony. "I want you to see how much you hate me!"

I saw a small flash of light reflect off the window, as he took his picture, just as Bonnie pushed her pussy over my penis, enveloping it, until her ass met my pelvis and our hairs intermingled.

"FUUUUUUCK!" she cried, banging on the window frame in pain.

"All right!" said Tony, getting upset, "That's enough! Don't get so pissed!"

It was almost pitch black in the room now, and I couldn't see Bonnie. I could only feel her cold, wet body before me. I wanted to look at her. I wanted to see myself inside her. And then, as if the Universe were reading my mind, a sudden flash of lightning momentarily froze the room in its stark, white light, revealing the pale ass beneath me, rudely violated by a thick cock. Then it flickered off, leaving us again in dark, secret shadow.

"Son of a bitch!" I whispered, unable to move. I felt like ten fists were grabbing me, crushing me like a velvet vise. She relaxed, and something inside her moved. I could feel her sphincter muscles puckering around my thick flesh, squeezing, then pulling me in and pushing me out, pulling me in and pushing me out, milking the cum out of me.

"OHHHHH! I'm going to cum!" I said, then, a little louder, almost loud enough for Tony to hear I said, "Bonnie, I'm going to cum in your ass!"

"Tony!" she cried, grabbing the window frame hard, and pushing back into me, (and I could hear her freely weeping now), "I don't hate you! I love you!"

I felt the surge approach. "I'm cumming!" I cried, hugging her waist. Bonnie continued, "I know that you will always take care of me, and that you're a good, good man." She groaned once, but this time, with pleasure. "But, Tony -- Fuck! -- this is what it comes down to -- if you buy that house, or any house - God! --, or do anything that changes our lives without including me, without asking me ---"

A loud clap of thunder shook the floorboards, rattling my teeth, as I shot a thick rope of hot semen into her, unsteadying her, and nearly blowing her out the window.

"---then I will - UHHHHHHH -- never marry you!" Bonnie finished defiantly, her cold body shivering in the storm swept breeze, her tears pouring faster than the rain, taking my cum up her ass.

"NUHHHHHHHH" I moaned, delirious, spent. I tried to pull out of her, but she reached back, grabbed my ass, and held me, taking another small squirt. Tony hadn't answered her yet.

"Okay." I heard him say softly, but not defeatedly, not with resignation, but with something else, something that sounded like -- love. She'd stood up to him, and he respected that. They communicated like they'd never done before. "No house." he continued. "I'll take the loss, I don't care. I really don't. You're right. I was being a dick. I was, I don't know, acting like my father, and my asshole brother. Stupid! You're right. I'm a dick."

My penis shriveled, but she held me still, waiting for him to finish.

"I love you, too." he continued. "Bonnie McCallister-Stevens," he said in a formal, respectful voice, "Will you forgive me, and will you please, please marry me?"

He sphincter muscles relaxed and she released me, and I fell out of her, rolling back onto the soft Turkish rug. "Yes." she called down to her lover. "Come on up."

As I fell back my hand caught the drawstring and the window blind snappily rolled up into its perch with a flap-flap-flap. A gray-white light silhouetted her against the window, her ass smeared with butter and cum. She turned around, and I could see she was soaking wet, her t-shirt sopping and pressing against the flesh of her breasts, her nipples hard. She breathed heavily, lustfully. She looked aroused, feral, beautiful.

"I guess I should go." I said.

Without a word she crossed to the door (painfully, I noticed) and hit the buzzer, then waddled to the bathroom (to clean up I suppose) while I zipped up my fly. Moments later she returned, cleaner and drier, and picked up her sweat pants.

I was already halfway out the door when she said, "Wait."

I could hear the creaky elevator moving up from the lobby. "He coming up." I said.

She slid on her pants and came over to me. Her face was in shadow. She took my hand. "Freddy...", she started.

We heard the elevator door open. In seconds he would walk around the corner. "Freddy..." she tried again.

I pulled away, and ducked up a flight of stairs just as Tony came around the corner.

Below I could hear a soft slam as they went inside her apartment. I quietly made my way back down, and pressed an insolent ear to the door. "Oh, Tony..." I heard her moan, and I knew they were kissing, and would make love.

And I knew they would do it in the kitchen.

I took the elevator down, hit the wet street, and looked up through the drops to Bonnie's window. "Holy God." I whispered to myself, unable to believe what had just happened.

I tried taking the subway home, but it was too stifling, too steamy hot down in the tunnels beneath the city. I wanted to be outside, under the elements, so at Fourteenth Street I got out and walked the rest of the way home in the pouring rain.

First thing I did when I got home was to strip naked, towel off, and dial Julie's number. There was a new message on the machine. "This is Julie. I'm not here. Christie's not here. And Dean will never fucking be here again! Leave a message."

"Uh, hi, Julie," I stammered. "I got your call and I'm home now. You've got the number. Later." And I hung up. Whoa. What was up with that message?

I couldn't worry about it. And I couldn't get Bonnie of my mind. I showered, put on my terrycloth robe, ate a little left over ham sandwich for dinner, made some hot soup, devoured it, turned off the lights, opened the window so I could listen to the rain, settled onto the bed, sniffed Bonnie's stolen panties, wrapped them around my penis and stroked until I was at the brink of cumming. It was going to be a small orgasm (after the last three days I had so little left), but just before spurting my tiny load the phone rang, and I heard Julie on the machine.

"Hello, Freddie? You there?"

Her smoky voice hardened my cock. I squeezed it and pumped faster now.

"Freddy, it's me, Julie."

I jerked myself off in a frenzy. I should have picked up, but I couldn't stop.

"Dean's out of the band." she continued. "He's out of my whole fucking life, if you want to know the truth. We had a fight."

Her voice was taught, and trebled. The cum was rising.

"The fight was about you."

"Oh shit!" I cried, blowing a tremendous jet of jism into the air, enough to fill a bucket.

I picked up the phone.

"I'm here." I said.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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