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Jazzy Girl Chapter V
by Dixon Carter Lee

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"You want me to repeat it word for word?"

"No." she said, then adding, bravely, "Just tell me what you thought of it."

"I think Kyle is a bizarre aberration of humanity that should be pitied and sent to a penal institution for the criminally deranged and moronic."

Kyle was her boyfriend who, for some unfathomable reason, didn't like blowjobs.

"'Penal' institution, that's funny," she said, coming closer. "What about the rest of it?"

"The rest of what I heard?" I said. "I think I was pretty much, let me check, uh yeah - I was turned on. Christ, who wouldn't be?"

"Yeah?" she said.


There was an awkward pause while she stood over me, her hands on her slim hips

"You use our bathroom today?" she asked.

"Yeah. Earlier."

She looked down at my lap. "Mm-hm. You still turned on?"

"By last night?" I asked.

"By whatever." she said, looking me in the eyes, daring me to answer.

I looked right back at her. "Yeah. I think I am." I said.

"Mm-hmm." she said. She folded her arms across her chest, like she was angry and didn't know what to do about the situation. Her arms were thin, but nicely muscled, and again achieved a perfect aesthetic line as they ran up to her strong shoulders and taughtly veined neck. Her leotard held a lovely contour of her small, round breasts. She had removed her sports bra in the bathroom, and her tiny nipples were poking out through the lycra.

"Okay." she said simply, deciding something. "So let's take care of it."

With her arms still folded she knelt down in front of me. Keeping her eyes on mine she reached out with both hands, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. I stared at her, listening to various clicking metal sounds coming from my pants. She raised an eyebrow, still watching my face, looking for signs of hesitancy. I raised an eyebrow back at her. She smirked, and slipped a hand into my pants and released my penis. I raised both eyebrows now, and let out a small moan of approval. She smirked at me again, kept her eyes on mine, while she kneaded and tugged it until my cock was rock hard and stood up proud. "Ohhhh." I moaned, crinkling my eyes and licking my lips - and she knew she had me.

She looked down, and eyeballed my tool. I could see that she was pleased with what she saw. She enveloped a fist around my cock, and squeezed as hard as she could.

"Yow!" I said.

She continued to squeeze, watching my face, enjoying my painful reaction. There was a real look of lust in her eyes now, as she crushed my penis in her strong grip.

Then she started stroking my chest with her free hand, running it into my shirt, testing my pecs and shoulders. She pinched a nipple, and I winced. She liked that, pinched it again, held it, while getting an even stronger grip on my solid cock.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" I yelled, pushing her hand off my nipple. But I kind of dug what she was doing to my prick. I had never been grabbed like that before. I could feel the rising blood gather and damn beneath her fist.

She grabbed me with two hands now, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze - harder and harder, until I thought my cock would snap off. And the whole time she watched my face, watched me wince, watched me writhe in pleasure.

"Oh God!" I said, feeling a little light-headed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the closet door crack open another inch.

Just when I couldn't take it any more Christie sniffed at my cock, taking in its odor of moist skin, rolled her eyes back dreamily, smelled me again, then took me full and wet in her mouth, deeply gagging herself, my cock pushing against the back of her throat. "Urgggggh." she moaned, as if tasting a sixty dollar steak. And then she swallowed, taking me in deeper still, her teeth biting against the skin around the base of my pole, anchoring there. While engulfed like that, completely in her throat, she began to bob her head up and down, and suck. A furious sucking, a tremendous thrill ride sucking. And while she sucked, she hummed, vibrating my cock and sending quivers of joy down to my feet. The amazing vacuum of her mouth lifted me out of my seat, and she grabbed me under my ass, lifting me up with her strong arms, pulling me further into her mouth, lifting and lifting me until I was standing over her, almost tipping over. I came quickly, my cock pouring semen down into her mouth, while she hefted me over like a she was downing a pitcher of beer.

"OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" I screamed, firing a hot load down her throat, my legs astride her face. She leaned back until I was fucking her throat straight down, and she used her iron grip to milk every last drop out of me, guzzling it all straight down her gullet.

When I was done she threw me back onto the sofa like a used hanky. "Urrrrrrghhhhhh" she said, wiping her mouth, gurgling cum before gulping down the last swallow, a sated grin on her face. "You taste salty." she said. "I love the salty ones."

She was amazing. I had never come that fast before. My cock was stunned too, because it was still rock hard.

She came out of her lustful reverie and stared at my stiff prick, waving in the air like a skyscraper during a rough wind. "Fuck, look at that." she said, standing, and undressing. She kicked off her shoes and socks, then pulled off her leotard top and biker pants. She was wearing only her underwear.

It was sexy dancer underwear. Black, silky underwear. The same underwear I had sniffed at earlier, and foolishly left on the bathroom sink. She'd obviously found them there, figured out what I'd done, and slipped them on for me.

She climbed onto my lap, pushed me down onto the sofa so that I was lying under her, pulled aside the crotch of the black panties, lowered her pussy onto my cock, pinned my arms down, and, dear, dear Reader, she started to fuck me. I was frozen, unable to move. She fucked me from above, violently. I could feel my cock scrape against her silk panties as she banged me. Her small tits swayed and bobbed over her rib cage as she rode me, taking me, eyes closed, lost in her own pleasure. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried, ignoring me completely. Her pits were over me, and I could smell the sweat from her jog, mixed with the fresh passion fruit smell of her cunt.

"YESSSSSSSS!" she screamed, cumming hard, and laying a huge kiss on me, her tongue darting deep into my throat.

But just as quickly as she came, she jumped off me. "Julie will be back soon." she said, out of breath, still shuddering. "Zip up."

I managed to stuff my still stiff prick back into my pants, as she gathered her clothes and disappeared into her bedroom. Moments later she came flying back out into the living room, slipping a pair of jeans over black tights and pulling on a T-shirt. She also threw on some boots, and gathered up her keys and dance bag, talking to me all the while.

"Let me ask you something." she said.


"You like Julie?"

"I do." I said.

"Then we won't talk about this, right?" she said.

"Right." I said.

She took a breath, relaxed and said, "Good. God you are gorgeous. Here!" She tossed me the black panties. They were sopping wet, and smelled deeply of her, dank and fruity. "Thanks." she said, rolling her eyes dreamily and licking her lips. "Mmm. Salty." And then she was out the door.

What a fucking ride! Holy shit, the girl blew me like -

Damn! I almost forgot Julie in the closet.

I waited until I heard Christie leave the building before opening the closet. Julie lay there on top of a floor of boots and high heels, her legs spread wide, her feet pressed against the jams, her eyes wide as basketballs, sweat pouring down her neck, her nipples thrusting out hard from her voluminous breasts, furiously humping three very wet fingers. It was an obscene, erotic sight. She looked up at me, lost in lust, unable to remove her fingers, with a pleading, "Christ, help me!" look on her face.

I lowered myself to the floor and placed my face between her wet legs, taking in her earthy, garden scent. Shoving her fingers aside I stuck my tongue directly onto her clit. She took a sharp intake of breath, grabbed my ears, and pulled me in closer, burying my nose in her drenched, herbal pussy.

As I smacked and slurped my hand came upon a nearby shoe. It was a pointy, alligator high-heel thing, more Christie's style than Julie's.

"Is this Christie's?" I asked.

"Yes...." she managed, pulling my head down, not caring about any Goddamn shoe.

I became filled with a perverse lust, and rubbed the point of Christie's shoe over Julie's pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" she yelped, bucking her hips up against the cool, alligator leather. I didn't mean to insert it in her, but her sudden thrust up slipped the tip inside. "Oooooooo." She moaned, grabbing the heel and pushing her roommate's shoe further into her twat.

She started fucking herself with the shoe, dripping like mad down her butt crack. I traced the river of juice down with my finger and pressed it against her bung hole. "Ahh!" she complained, squirming her butt away. But I pressed again, holding her still, until I could pop my finger inside. "No! God! Fuck!" she yelled, pressing harder with the shoe. "This is so fucked! Ahhhhhhhh!"

I tickled her rectum, coaxing the muscles open. Then took the point of the shoe out of her pussy, turned it around, and touched the tip of the sharp heel against her clit. "Careful!" she cried, trying not to move, moaning, as the heel pressed against her button. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" she cried, as the heel thrilled her.

I then slid the heel over her pussy, coating it with her juice, popped my finger out of her ass, slid the heel down the curve of her butt, scratching her skin, until I reached her bunghole. I opened her legs wider, making room, slid the moistened heel to the entrance to her ass, and pushed it in.

"What! NOOOOOOO!" she screamed! "OH MY GOD! YESSSSSSSSSS!"

The heel was thin enough to pop right in, and lodge itself in her asshole. I left it there, the shoe dangling out of her rectum, as I continued to lick and lap her cunt loudly, squeezing her nipples, until she shuddered and surrendered a tremendous pool of gushing cum which leaked and spilled all over the alligator skin and into the shoe, ruining it for good.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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