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Jazzy Girl Chapter VII
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Your moon is in Taurus. Expect a day like no other." she said.

"What?" I asked, looking up from the crossword, pencil poised. Julie lay on the floor, wearing her standard Sunday afternoon kick-around panties and tank top, her voluptuous body pushing out and filling the raggedy underclothing like cantaloupes under sack cloth, curving and rising, with occasional sharp clefts dipping down into deep feminine valleys. Creamy arms and lush legs lewdly sprang out from tight cotton underwear caves. The pale skin of her face and neck, scrubbed and smooth, were as inviting to the teeth as a crisp, white pear.

"Your horoscope." she said, holding the paper above her as she lay on her back, a mess of brown hair splayed on the floor behind her.

"Do you believe in Astrology?" I asked.

"Crap." she said, tossing the paper aside and rolling over. "What are you working on?"

"'Transformation of a liquid into a soft, congealed mass.'"

"Say what?"

I held up the crossword. "Eleven letter word, beginning with 'C'."

"Oh." she replied. "'Coagulation.'"

It had been twenty-four hours since our reconciliation after the Jersey wedding. Twenty-four hours since I told her that she should come with me to meet Bonnie (this night) at the top of the Empire State Building. We'd spent the whole time at my place, making love on the fire escape, and once on the roof, and now we were just lounging about, working our way through the Sunday Times and feeling very lazy and happy.

"You know, if it weren't for that brain of yours I wouldn't have nothin' to do with you." I said, filling the word into the little blocks. "C-O-A-G..."

"Couldn't you just love me for my body?" she asked.

I looked up. She was crawling towards me on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying beneath her, the curve of each naked globe peeking out from the sides of her tank top. Love that.

"Oh yes." I said. "I could do that."

She crawled up to me, shoved aside the paper, unzipped my fly, wrapped her ruby lips around my flaccid penis, and sucked.

Then the phone rang.

Just as well. Things were going so well now I didn't want to blow it (excuse the intended pun) by having lousy intercourse on the couch, what with the blinds closed, and no one watching us from a closet or videotaping us for the nightly news or nothing.

"Hello?" I said, grabbing my nearby cell phone before it could ring again. My cell phone was now our band business phone, and I didn't want to blow (sorry again) a gig because I was getting a lazy Sunday B.J.

"Hello? Is this Freddy?" asked a young, female voice.

"Yes." I said, thinking the voice sounded familiar.

"Hi! It's Mindy! From yesterday?" Then, more softly she added "You know, from the garage?"

Holy shit! Mindy! She of the bubble-gum and flowered hair and sexy age bracket. Little Mindy who had blown me and received me and will always remember me as "the first"! How could I have been so stupid? How could I have succumbed to her sweet, groupie ardor and my newfound lust for public perversity? The kid was calling me at home, for God's sake, while my girlfriend, my love, my partner in music and life, knelt between my legs, my cock in her mouth, her teeth edging up the shaft as she popped the phallus out with a dribble of sexy saliva and asked, "Who is it?"

I cupped the receiver and whispered the first explanation that came to my muddled head, "Ex-girlfriend."

"Ooooo, really?" said Julie, cupping my balls and slipping me back into her mouth with an even greater enthusiasm for her work.

"Hi, kid." I said into the phone. "Long time no see."

Mindy giggled, as only young girls can. "Yeah, right! It was just yesterday!"

"How'd you get my number?" I asked.

"My sister hired you, remember?" she said simply. "I got the number from her." Sondra was the bride who had hired our band. Mindy was her flower girl. Great! So now an adult knew about our connection. This was getting serious. How was I going to handle this? I pictured myself in jail, doing the prison laundry, wearing an orange jumpsuit and becoming my roommate's "bitch". Fuck!

Julie slurped and gurgled as she sucked, trying to be as loud as possible, her messy brown hair bobbing furiously in my lap.

"I can't really talk." said Mindy, very quietly, "My mother would kill me if he knew I called an older boy."

Older boy? Now I was an "older boy"? Shit!

Wait a minute, I thought, I never asked her her age. She could be legal. She probably was, I reasoned. Probably. Sure, that was it. She was just small for her age, with doe eyes, twiggy legs, a tight, wispy-haired snatch, translucent skin that smelled like baby powder and...

Suck, suck , suck went Julie, about to get a mouth full of cum.

"I just wanted to tell you some things, okay?" she continued. In the background I could hear the Spice Girls brashly belting out some spurious girl anthem.

"Okay." I said, holding Julie's head as it bobbed.

"First thing is, I could barely walk yesterday!" she chuckled sexily. "That was my first time, you know?"

"I know." I said, as Julie grabbed me in her fist, and pumped.

"I just wanted to know," Mindy continued, "was it okay? Did you like -- me?"

I looked down at my saliva coated cock, and Julie's tight fist jerking me off. She looked up at me. Her gray eyes narrowed with lust.

"Old girlfriend, huh?" she said, dropping a spaghetti strap and showing me an indecent breast brashly popping out her tank top, topped by a thick, red nipple aching to be tweaked.

"Oh yeah," I sighed, "I liked you."

Julie raised an eyebrow at that, and placed my cock against her breast, rolling it across her nipple.

"Good." said Mindy, seriously. "I liked you, too. Do you want to hear something?"

"Sure." I said, as Julie released another breast.

"I tried what you told me." continued Mindy. "That night, I mean, there was a party at my friend Lisa's house and Ricky was there and, God, I was so scared, and he was acting all like 'Who are you, again?'

Julie placed my cock between her glorious globes, and squeezed them together.

"But then when he went to the bedroom to get his coat I followed him" Mindy went on, "and I did it to him, you know, with my mouth, and he, like, completely jigged out!"

Julie fell back onto the couch, pulling me on top of her, my cock still sliding between her boobs.

Mind continued, "So we're, like, going out now -- I think. Anyway, it was so cool because I wasn't scared, and, you know, he was really nice."

I fucked Julie's hilly tits, pushing my prick into her mouth with each forward thrust.

"Anyway," said Mindy, "I thought I should thank you, you know, for everything."

"That's great." I said, making sure I got this information across to Julie, "Ricky's a lucky man to have someone sweet like you."

Julie bit my cock in response to that, and laughed. I was getting close now.

"Thanks." said Mindy. "So, the other reason I called is that I wanted to warn you about something..."

Julie squeezed her creamy breasts tightly over my cock, pinching her red nipples until she squealed in pain. I was cumming.

"My father wants to talk to you." said Mindy. "He's going to call you later."

"What?!" I cried, spraying cum over Julie's neck and chest, "Arrrrrgh!"

"Are you okay?" said Mindy, "Oops! My Mom's coming upstairs. I've got to go!"

There was a click, a dialtone, and she was gone.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" I yelled, as Julie, her proud nipples milky with cum, took me between her lips and sucked me dry. I fell over her, delirious, my sopping cock softening in her warm mouth.

It had been one hell of a sticky, sexy month, ever since that glorious harbinger moon rose to presage my fortune's change. So much had gone right. Bonnie's daring sexual power, Mindy's sexual awakening, and Julie's extraordinary sexual re-birth -- and little me along for all the rides. I had written more than 20 new songs, enough for a new CD, all of them based on Julie's jazzy music, and experienced an artistic Reformation. And most glorious of all, I was a hundred percent, Grade A in love with Julie. I knew I was, the minute Mindy hung up. I also knew that it was all over, that I was going to prison, or worse, about to be shot by some outraged father.

Thanks a lot, Moon God.

I was scheduled to meet Bonnie at the top of the Empire State Building that night. I assumed that she wanted to meet there because I'd said I'd never been, but what she had to say to me I had no idea. We didn't really have a chance to talk that last day, when I coaxed her into getting boned in the rear so she'd have the temerity to stand up to her fiancé. Maybe she was physically or psychologically hurt by that, or pissed, or hell, I don't know, maybe sodomy was illegal in New York and she was going to have the SWAT team meet me up there and arrest me, so I could now go to jail on two counts of sexual perversity.

A month ago I wouldn't have considered any of this bullshit. A month ago I hated everyone. "Fuck people!" wasn't that my mantra? What the hell had happened to me? Why would the Fates give me so much, love, sex, career, artistic expression, if only to snatch it all away? A month ago I was just another walking wounded, an unnoticed bug crawling through the garbage of Manhattan. Now what was I? Where was I going?

"I love you." said Julie. She meant it, and deeply, but she suddenly realized how she looked, with my flaccid penis limp and sticking to her cheek, her ruby lips smeared by phallic violation, and her breasts crushed under my thighs, and she began laughing.

"I love you, too." I said. I laughed with her and together we rolled off the couch, hysterical and giddy and deliriously happy.

A few hours later we jumped in a taxi and headed uptown, stopping at 34th St and Fifth. Outside the traffic lights sparkled against the steel and glass buildings like Christmas window displays. It was a clear, crisp night, with a still, expectant air.

Parked on Fifth was a large flatbed truck with a lumpy canvas covering some sort of oddly-shaped machinery, and a little man in overalls and a Mets cap running around, releasing ropes, and checking his watch. You see odd shit all the time in New York, but for some reason this little guy caught my eye. I turned to him. He looked at me, held a finger to his lips, said "Shhh." and winked. Then we crossed the street, entered the Empire State Building, and left him to his odd business.

As we rode the elevator up to the Observation Deck I thanked God that Mindy's father hadn't called yet. I had my cell phone in my pocket, hoping he'd call me there and not reach my machine at home.

We got out of the elevator, stepped onto the deck, felt a stiff breeze, and took a look at the most breathtaking view in all of New York City. Everywhere majestic skyscrapers thrust up like a sea of mortar and steel stalagmites. Most impressive of all was the Chrysler Building, with its sharp art deco crest and proud spire stabbing up at the sky. And above it all, sparkling down on this jewel of a city like a hovering white diamond, was a brilliant, full moon.

A large group of Russian tourists took our elevator back down, smiling and shaking their heads at the amazing view. There weren't too many people left on the deck. It was very late, and the guards would probably be closing soon.

Julie was unusually quiet, and kept holding onto my arm, a slight smile on her face, like she'd been keeping a secret all day. I patted her arm, and together we peered down to the streets below.

You couldn't see straight down because the building spread out below, and because the deck was set away from the edge, and nets were placed around the perimeter to catch any objects that people might choose to chuck off. Still, I could make out the Avenues as they stretched for miles uptown, like a dozen Colorado Rivers cutting through a stone Grand Canyon. Coursing along the rivers were cars, taxis and busses, carrying millions people home, or to work or play. I felt a sudden thrill of exposure, knowing that so many people below could see me (in a sense) perched above them on this monumental stone shaft (the phallic allegory not lost on me, Chester).

"What are you thinking?" asked Julie, picking up on my mood. She looked around to see who was near. Another couple kissed in the corner. Two older people milled about, taking turns at a pair of binoculars. A Guard stood by the entrance door, as a family went passed him, on their way to the elevator. Soon we'd be the only people left. "What are you thinking?" she asked, a little more playfully, giving my crotch a squeeze.

"Not now." I said to Julie.

"You never really paid me back for this morning." she said with her sexiest, throatiest voice.

"There are too many people." I said, "Including a Guard with a walkie-talkie. And besides, Bonnie will be here any minute."

A gust of wind slapped my face. I felt very much "out in the open", and it thrilled me to have Julie this close, contemplating what we were contemplating. I smiled at her, and she knew she had me.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Dixon Carter Lee.

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