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Jenn Pt. I: The Beginning
by Steve

When Jenn invited me over one night, I thought nothing of it. We were good friends for a long time and I had been over before. She surprised me a little when she produced a bottle of rum and suggested we drink it. I agreed and made up some rum and cokes for both of us.

It was about my 3rd drink before I really looked at Jenn. She has on a tight white shirt and a short black skirt. Jenn is a blonde about 5' 9" with a very nice looking pair of 38 C breasts and is actually quite alluring. She noticed me staring and smiled and pulled her knees up to her chest. Embarrassed, I looked away, all the while making polite conversation. When I looked back however, I got my first real surprise. The way that Jenn was sitting I could see her underwear, but she wasn't wearing any! So there I was just staring at Jenn's trimmed pussy when my cock began to realize just what it was that I was seeing. Jenn suddenly stoop up and suggested we do some studying for school. I agreed and as she bent over to get her books, I got a very nice look at her bare ass and her luscious cunt.

We settled down and studied for a while and getting a little woozy from the drinks. Then Jenn stopped and looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"I've got an idea that might be a little more exciting." She said as she ran from the room, her breasts playfully bouncing all the way. She came back with a video in her hand.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'll see." She replied and popped the video into the VCR and hit the play button. I got my answer when I looked up at the screen. On the TV was a naked brunette with ample breasts riding a man with about a 6" cock. She really seemed to be enjoying herself as she approached orgasm, rocking back and forth on the man's cock.

"Where'd you get it?" I asked, shaken and really shocked.

"A friend of mine." She replied, her eyes glued to the screen. And so we just sat there for a while watching the brunette approach orgasm when we both spontaneously looked up at each other. We gazed into each other's eyes. My cock had quickly begun growing and was making quite an uncomfortable bulge in my pants. Jenn was no better, her nipples we very erect and pushing against her shirt making little nubs on her large breasts. As I looked down, I noticed her skirt was hiked up and her hand was rubbing at her very wet pussy lips. She look back at me and then leaned over and kissed me. Her lips parted and our tongues met and twirled. As our tongues explored each other's mouth, I felt her hand on my pants, undoing my fly.

"My breasts." Jenn breathed, breaking the kiss. My hands leapt up and began massaging her breasts and then pinching her erect nipples. She moaned and arched her back and thrust her breasts towards my hands. She leaned back and practically tore her shirt off and then leaned back in, kissing me again and finished undoing my pants and tugged them off. I then took off my shirt and reached back for her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her bra. She then reached inside my boxers and tugged them off, freeing my cock. Jenn gasped.

"What?" I asked.

"Its gotta be 8" long!" she exclaimed. She then leaned back in and kissed me, this time while slowly stroking my cock. I then reached down and unzipped her skirt and took off her bra. Her soft creamy globes with erect nipples were suddenly free. I slowly began kissing her chin, then neck and then reached her left breast. My tongue reached the nipples and I flicked it with my tongue and Jenn moaned and pressed my head into her breasts. I then proceeded to kiss and lick both breasts while I slowly slid my hand towards her crotch. I felt up her inner thighs and began rubbing her cunt. I slipped a finger in-between her cunt lips and penetrated inwards. Jenn moaned loudly and called out my name. I reached for her clitoris with my thumb and touched and rubbed it. Jenn arched her back and moaned even more.

"Oh, Jake, Oh, Oh, Oh, OH! OH!" she exclaimed. And then her body shuddered in orgasm and relaxed in the aftermath.

"That was great." Jenn said, out of breath.

"That was nothing." I replied and began kissing my way downward.

"Oh" she moaned. I then reached her cunt and thighs. I kissed around her thighs and then worked my way toward her mound. Reaching it, I kissed her exterior lips and began to probe inward. As I continued my oral barrage, Jenn began to moan more and more. I then pierced her with my tongue and began to swirl my tongue around her clit. I continued to do this as Jenn approached orgasm. I then again used my fingers and my tongue on her sweet pussy. Jenn's orgasm peaked at that moment and her scream pierced the air.

"Oh! Jake that was wonderful! Let me repay you for your efforts." She said minutes after still slightly out of breath but still in a very silky sexy voice. She then reached down and began stroking my cock. It was quite a sight, Jenn standing over me, stroking my 8" cock with her creamy tits swaying in front of me. I reached up and pulled on them, heightening my arousal. As I approached orgasm, I instructed Jenn to lie on her back. I then straddled her chest and placed my cock in the valley between her tits. I then told her to press her tits together around my cock. I began pumping in and out. Groaning I began to cum. Jenn looked down at my cock as it started spurting. The first burst got her on the cheek and the second right in the mouth. I then continued jizzing all over her face, neck and tits. As I finished I rolled over onto my back and Jenn rolled on top of me.

"I'm not finished yet." She said stroking my cock back to hardness. I lay back to enjoy as Jenn began stroking my cock and teasing my balls. I began pinching her nipples every once in a while again. Next Jenn began kissing my balls and my shaft. She slowly worked her way up to the tip and licked off all of the precum that was there.

"Mmmm...." She murmured. And then all at once she opened her mouth and took me inside of her mouth. She felt so warm and velvety as she sucked my cock. Her hand nestled at the base of my cock and she began to jack me off while stroking me. She also began stroking my balls as if to squeeze the cum out of them. This continued on for many minutes, Jenn all the while making slurping noises and moaning. That is until I started to cum. I could feel my cum streak out and hit the back of her throat. She tried to swallow as best she could but some of my cum still dribbled down her chin. I let out a sigh and lay back, letting Jenn milk the rest of my cum out of my cock. We lay there awhile, resting, until I rolled on top of Jenn. Her nipples pressed against me and my cock began pushing against the opening of her pussy.

"No Jake, not yet...But wait!" she said as she jumped up and darted from the room. I wondered what she was doing as I watched her go. Jenn returned seconds later with a small container of Vaseline.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"I've always wanted to try this, now grease up your dick." She ordered. I slowly reached into the jar and began stroking my cock, lubricating it. Jenn also reached in and got some Vaseline. She then got on all fours with her ass high in the air. She brought her finger up to her asshole and rubbed the Vaseline on it and went back for more. Next time not only did she rub her asshole but she stuck her index finger inside and let out a low moan. Catching on, I laid back and enjoyed the show, greasing up my cock to hardness. Jenn was now pumping her finger in and out and she soon added another finger to the first. Now I was ready.

"Ok baby, here I come." I said moving my cock towards her greased ass.

"Slowly now, this might hurt." She said. My cockhead was now at the opening of her ass. I pushed forward slowly and the head of my cock slipped inside her rectum. Jenn let out a low moan of pleasure. I slowly worked my way inside Jenn's ass until all of my cock was inside of her. Her ass was so tight; she and I both almost came at least a dozen times. Then I started pumping in and out. Immediately, Jenn began slamming her hips back against my cock, making my balls slap loudly against her cunt. She was moaning continuously now and said:

"Oh yes, deeper, deeper, fuck my ass, oh yes, I love having your cock in my ass, OH!" as she approached orgasm, myself not far behind. Her ass suddenly started spasming around my cock as she began to cum. I wasn't far behind, as I started spurting my see deep into her bowels. Spurt after spurt, I filled her ass and my cum began seeping out and mixing with her cum on her cunt lips. We both collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum, exhausted. A little later, I looked at Jenn and said:

"Wanna take a shower?" with a big smirk on my face. She quickly agreed and we went to the bathroom. She told me to get in and warm up the shower. So I got in and warmed the water and began to jack off. Just as I got to my full 8", Jenn peeked in the door.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Oh yeah baby." I replied. She entered naked with a small white vibrator in her hand.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"This of course." Jenn said as she sat down on the toilet and spread her legs. She began rubbing her cunt and rubbing the tip of the vibrator at the entrance of her pussy as I continued to masturbate. She began moaning as she slipped the vibrator inside her cunt and switched it on. She immediately began moaning more and slid it in and out of her drooling cunt.

"Come on in." I said motioning for the shower. Jenn slowly stood up and stumbled for me. Inside the shower, Jenn was facing away from me and with her pussy already filled; I slipped my wet cock back into her ass. As I pumped in and out, I reached up and pulled at Jenn's big breasts. She came very quickly and violently, her ass clenching my dick. As her orgasm subsided, she slid from the shower and onto the ground on her back. She spread her legs as wide as she could and took the puny 4" vibrator out of her cunt and turned it off.

"Come on baby." She said. That was all I needed. I turned the shower off and grabbed at a condom on the sink. I slipped it on and slid down onto Jenn. My cock was at the entrance to her cunt. I began pushing in. Jenn tensed as I broke her hymn and her virginity. I then slowly worked my way into her warm velvet and very tight pussy, making Jenn have a few little orgasms in the process. I then set up a quick rhythm of in and out of her luscious cunt, m balls slapping against her ass. Every once in a while my tongue would replace one of Jenn's hands on her tits and nipples. That is until I noticed the vibrator. I picked it up and on the next in stroke, guided it into Jenn's ass and flicked the switch. Jenn and I went into a frenzy of pleasure. Between Jenn's tits, cunt, the hum of the vibrator in her ass and her constant moaning we both went wild. I began to pound deeper and faster into her cunt as we both began out orgasms. Her pussy muscles contracted around my cock, speeding the process as I began pumping my hot steamy jizz inside of her. Wave after wave of orgasm hit us both for what seemed like hours before my balls ran out of cum and we both ran out of energy. We both lay silent in each other's arms, tired, yet my cock still inside her young pussy. About an hour later, Jenn stirred and awoke. She smiled at me and stood up and began to dress. "It's getting late, you'd better go if you don't wanna get caught." Jenn said, both of us fully dressed now.

"You're right, maybe we could do this again sometime." I said.

"Oh definitely and sooner rather than later I hope." She quickly replied. "I sometimes get really horny at school, so until tomorrow?"

"Oh yeah" I said leaning towards her for one last kiss as I turned to leave.


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