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Jade Ch. I
by Canibewu

His eyes shone a green fire, like jade held up to the light, she had seen this only once before and remembered feeling sore all over the next day. A chill ran up and down her spine as she imagined how he would be with her. His face also displayed a no-nonsense attitude which told the world he knew what he wanted and wanted it now. She walked up to him and kissed him gently on the lips, "hello" she whispered.

"I'm happy you are here, Silk." The use of his pet name for her further convinced her he was in the mood to take what he wanted. He was always very gentle and caring but on some occasions, he acted as if he owned her. She knew it was just a role he liked to play once in a while and to be honest, it allowed her to release all her inhibitions and surrender herself to him. She felt excited at the thought of giving herself without restraint, she felt her nipples harden at the thought. She was wearing a tan blouse, brown skirt and heels.

"I think maybe you may want to shower and refresh yourself." He said, it may have come out as a request, but she knew it was more a demand.

"Yes, I think that would be nice." She walked into the bathroom, stripped off her clothes and began to shower. When she finished, she dried off, he had left a bottle of white vanilla musk on the sink and one of his white dress shirts on a hanger. She sprayed herself with the perfume and put on the shirt. She walked back in to the room, he sat on a chair his legs crossed looking directly at her, smiling his approval. On a small table to his right sat a bucket of ice holding a bottle of champagne and a pint of ripe strawberries.

"Come here" he asked. She walked over to him like a student about to be reprimanded for some mistake. She stood before him, he reached out and began to stroke her thighs first on then the other. "You know what I like about you Silk?"

"No what is it?"

"I like the feel of your flesh, I like to feel your skin as it becomes hot to my touch and I love the feel of your silky lips around my cock." She looked at him, his eyebrow was up as if questioning her, she dropped to her knees and opened his robe. His cock was already at full attention the head already wet with his pre-cum. She took him in her mouth her tongue lavishing attention on the head, her lips slid up and down his shaft tasting him, savoring the hot flesh. A soft moan escaped his lips as she took his entire length in.

She continued to please him with her mouth nibbling on his cock, licking and sucking it. She looked up and saw him staring at her, his cock twitched with the added excitement of watching her please him. He allowed her to continue for several minutes until she felt is hands push her away. She did not want to stop, she wanted to feel him cum inside her mouth as she savored him but he was not to be denied. He guided her to her feet so that again she was standing before him, he stood and walked around her. She felt his breath on her neck and he began to kiss the smooth flesh there. His hands came up and cupped her breasts while his lips began to nibble on her earlobes.

He unbuttoned three buttons and his hands slipped inside. His fingers found her hard nipples and began to tease them, pulling them, rolling them between thumb and forefinger. She pushed back against him wanting to feel his cock against her but he stayed away. "All in good time, my Silk" he told her. "You are mine aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied. He turned her around and kissed her deeply, letting his tongue explore hers. As the kiss continued, she felt his hands drop to her pussy, she opened her legs giving him what he wanted. His hand found her already wet with excitement, his finger began to slide up and down her pussy lips her juices coating it. He stopped at the entrance to her pussy, she rocked her hips wanting him inside her. He teased her for what seemed forever letting just the very tip enter her before withdrawing.

Over and over again he did this causing to squirm, trying to draw him inside. Finally when she could stand no more she felt his finger slide inside of her. His thumb began to rub her clit driving her wild with passion. He excited her, she wanted him more and more with each passing moment. He stopped kissing her, his head moved down until he had her nipple in his mouth. His tongue flew over her hard nipple driving her crazy with desire. She began to move her body against his hand seeking to increase the pleasure. He took her to the very edge, then slowly brought her back. Her juices were running down her thighs her breathing labored and she almost screamed at him not to stop. He reached into the bucket and removed a large ice cube. He moved behind her again and she felt the cold as he pressed it to her neck. He slid the cube over her neck, the cold replacing the heat left behind from his lips and tongue. He moved the ice down and began running it over her hard nipples.

She gasped as the cold touched her sensitive nipples, where the ice had been before, now his mouth replaced it heating her cool skin. He slid the ice across her breasts then moved his body around placing his mouth at each point the ice had visited. The hot to cold to hot sensation was having an effect on her body. Every nerve was alive with sensation, every touch of the ice or his mouth sent shivers of pleasure coursing through her. He moved his way around her body touching each sensitive spot first with the ices then his mouth. When he was sure she was ready, he moved the ice down and pressed it against her pussy lips.

The feeling was incredible, it was as if 10,000 volts of electricity had touched her there. Then he pushed her gently on the bed where she spread herself for him. He continued to rub the ice along her lips causing her to gasp with each touch. Then directly behind the ice she felt his hot tongue touching her. She felt him spread her pussy lips apart with one hand while the other touched the ice to her clit. A thousand stars exploded inside her head as the ice made contact. Her body went rigid as the sensation was too much for her body to handle.

Suddenly, she felt his lips engulf her clit while his tongue roughly licked it. Her body shook as the waves of pleasure crashed through her. He slid the ice along her lips and it pressed it against her ass. The sensation of his tongue on her clit and the ice against her other opening was too much to bear. Her body began to convulse as her orgasm ripped through her. She yelled his name out loud as the ecstasy of the moment overtook her. He continued to lick her and kept the ice in place as her orgasm ravaged her body.

Slowly ever so slowly her orgasm subsided and she was resting again catching her breath as he smiled down at her. "Now my sweet sweet Silk we can begin our evening!"

To Be Continued...


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