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Julie Ch. II
by Zach

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"I've never had anyone give so much attention to my tits before" she said, slightly out of breath. She closed her eyes with her head back and massaged one of her breasts, the other hand still stroked the back of my hair. "Steve, would always kind of ignore them and get my panties off right away, I think he thought my tits were too small."

Steve was her ex-boyfriend, an all around asshole. I never knew why she kept him around.

"Well Steve-o never was too bright in my opinion", I said, "although I can hardly blame him for wanting to get into your sweet panties." I said, thinking I may as well go for broke.

Julie smiled coyly at that. Her face slackened after a moment and she regarded me with narrowed eyes, both of us reflecting on this new development between us. I hoped that she wouldn't end the game now. She looked down to the crotch of her bikini, which had worked up into her slit and I followed her gaze.

"And just how would you know my panties are sweet?" she asked as she took one hand from around my neck and slipped it under the top hem of her bikini bottom. I could see the material being pushed out of her slit as she made room for her finger. The hand she brought out was wet, especially her middle finger. The smell of her sex was pungent as she waved it under my nose briefly. She pulled it away from my face and regarded her slimy hand for a moment before she closed her mouth over the girl-juice covered fingers, licking them clean in long smooth motions while looking at me. I almost came right there. Then again, as close as I was, a strong breeze may have done it too.

"Hmm, it doesn't taste sweet," she said smacking her lips, " a little musky maybe." With that she dipped her hand back into her crotch but this time brought it to my lips and I dutifully sucked her fingers clean, savoring the sex-sweat-cum taste of her.

"But I'm being selfish," my sister said smiling, "here you are sucking just about every part of my me and you've just been suffering there all along." She said as her hand went to my bulging crotch. "Did I do that to you big brother? If I caused it I should at least help you take care of it hmmm?" She pushed on my chest and I felt her thighs tense as she stood up. I scooted back from the desk and half stood so she could pull my sweat pants down and off, then settled back into the chair.

"Oooh, I'm flattered" she cooed, looking at my stiff member. I was so hard that it was jerking in time with my heartbeat. She knelt down and brought her mouth almost to the head of my dick then made her mouth form a little "O" and blew on it gently while giving me a look that said 'paybacks are hell'.

'Ok you got me sis, now suck it already,' I thought, wisely suppressing my smartass remark this time.

Julie didn't tease me long though and ran her tongue up my length and began licking the head. The wet sensation of her tongue was intense and I tried not to blow all over her face right there. She then closed her mouth over the head and I saw the hollow of her cheeks cave in from the suction. She brought her lips off with a surprisingly loud 'pop' and smiled up at me while still working my cock with her hand.

"Jules," I almost gasped, I'm really close..." I warned as she started to lick me up the shaft again and again like a popsicle.

"I know" she said, then took about two-thirds of my seven-inch length in her mouth and gave me several long bobbing strokes before pulling off just far enough so she could speak. Her lips were still touching the head of my prick and I could feel the small vibrations and warm breath from her speech as she continued, "I actually thought you'd have come by now. What's the matter big brother?" she asked, and looked up at me with big eyes as her bottom lip drifted away from the head of my prick, leaving a slimy strand of pre-cum and saliva connecting us. "Don't you like me?"

That was about all I could take. My hips began to jerk as my dick shot the first spurt onto her lip and she quickly closed her mouth over the head to catch the rest. I thrust my hips into her face as my cum shot into her mouth. Julie's small throat worked fast as she swallowed my semen, only missing that first shot on her face. Then, keeping her mouth on me she pushed her face farther on to my slowly softening length until her nose was buried in my pubic hair and drew back, cleaning me in the process. She did this several more times then moved down to my almost hairless balls to lick and suck making them wet quickly. Julie gave my dick one last pull with her lips, then drew off of it with a final popping sound and licked her lips. She looked up at me with a wet smile, one glob of cum still clinging to her upper lip.

"Now that is sweet!" she said using her small finger like a squeegee to scrape up the glob of cum from her lip and suck it into her mouth.

"Jules..." I began but the phone rang suddenly. Julie and I looked over to the cordless on my dresser but it stopped after one ring and we heard Mom's muted voice as she answered on the downstairs extension.

"Shit!" I whispered. Both of us suddenly realizing that Mom was back from her day of shopping. We had forgotten the time in our lust. It was just luck that mom had not come upstairs yet. "We almost got caught!" she added unnecessarily as she moved off of me.

"Timothy!" my mom called up from downstairs, "telephone!" Julie still stood there in her girl-cum soaked bikini though and made no move towards the door.

"Well Timothy," she mocked as she pulled her bikini bottoms down and off, letting them dangle from her right hand. "Aren't you going to answer?"

I stared at my gorgeous, nude sister as I pulled up my sweats then spun around and grabbed the cordless phone, pushing the 'talk' button. "Got it mom!"

"Hello?" I said as I heard the click of mom hanging up the phone downstairs. I began calculate the time it would take for her to get to my room from downstairs, hoping she would stay down there long enough, wishing Julie would stop teasing and get the hell out before we were busted.

My buddy from school, Eric began talking to me about something that I couldn't quite pay attention to as my naked sister moved toward me.

Her light brown pubic hair was matted and soaked, as were her bikini bottoms that she still had in her hand. She then took the crotch of them and ground it into her slit, actually pushing it inside as far as she could. Julie brought the now even wetter material out and up to my mouth and pushed it in, and I tasted her musky scent stronger than ever.

"So what do you say man?" Eric finished.

I pulled the creamy material from my mouth but tried to answer too soon and only produced a mumble.

"Are you eating something?" Eric asked.

"Uh, listen Eric, can I call you back later?" I said, successfully clearing the crotch material from my mouth this time as my sister turned to go finally.

"Sure, Sure but just tell me if you're going to make it to the lake with us this weekend."

"I might have to uh, take care of some things around the house here actually." I said and clicked the phone off as I watched Julie's perfect naked ass bounce slightly when she turned the corner out of my room.

I heard her start the shower across the hall as I buried my incriminating sweats and her bikini in my laundry hamper, making a mental note to do this particular load myself, and quickly put on some clean sweats. I sat back on my bed and wondered at Julie's behavior. I also remembered the excitement in her voice when she talked about getting caught by our mom in the act of sucking me off. The little imp was actually turned on at the prospect and I wondered if her exhibitionist nature knew any limits now.

To Be Continued...


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