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Johnny Pt. II
by Johnny Anonymous

Each one of Johnny's family members had a different awakening process.

Johnny was the happiest man on earth. His 5-year-long fantasy was at long last fulfilled, in a way he would have never imagined in his life! Angela was his, and with a vengeance, if you catch my drift... He just remained under the blankets, waiting for everybody else to get up. The only thing he could do was to masturbate, remembering the great double fuck he had the night before.

Angela woke up in a very strange mood. She felt very mixed emotions. She felt sexually fulfilled - she had the best sex in her life! She also felt sharp pain strokes from her rectum, which she half remembered having been violated by her husband, who... by the way, had a penis-enlarging operation without her knowing it?! She also discovered she was naked, and she had some sticky stains all over her belly. She touched her pussy. It hurt like heck! She felt it all over, it felt strained, to say the least... She couldn't even touch her clit, it hurt so much...

Her husband was still fast asleep. She left the bed, and put on a robe, then headed for the bathroom to take a shower. She entered the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind her. She took a small mirror she used to put on her make-up with, sat on the toilet basin, opened her legs, put the mirror between them, and took a good look at her pussy. No wonder it hurt so much... It received quite a workout last night! It was all swollen and super-strained, her clit was like a small cock by itself, her pussy lips were swollen double their normal size, all dark red and hurting like heck! To make a long story short, she did have quite a fuck last night! The cock that fucked her was definitely BIG! With a puzzled look on her face, she left the mirror back where she had found it, let the robe fall from her, and took a nice, long, comforting shower.

Well, good ol' Ralph just woke up, feeling great. What a nice fuck he had last night! When he came, he didn't have the stamina to even go to the shower, he fell asleep right there. Of course, it was not THAT fuck that made Angela's genitals and rectum hurt, but he didn't know that, and literally speaking, blessed be the ignorant!...

The family gathered after a while, and things were as usual. Of course, Johnny took stolen but pretty detailed glimpses of his mother's facial expressions, and could decipher one certain feeling... puzzlement! She was puzzled, something did not fit in her line of thinking...

Of course Johnny knew what that was, and, from his point of view, blessed be the ones that know... he had made love to her, she came a billion times in all kinds of multiple orgasms, and had her first anal sex. The clue is that she thought it was her husband, but it was not... it was Johnny, her son, who gave her the work-out! The nice thing is that she didn't understand who it was, because Johnny and Ralph look very much alike, and speak and whisper the same way. There is, however, a very big difference between father and son, that only Johnny knew, and now Angela, his mom, had experienced: the size of the penises are totally different... Johnny's huge, while Ralph's is "normal", in other words, compared to Johnny's, it was minuscule!...

That was exactly what puzzled his mom, and Johnny knew it... and was very amused by the idea!

Johnny's line of thinking, on the other hand, was very different from Angela's. He had decided to act very cautiously from now on. Lady Luck was definitely very generous to him, but he shouldn't push his luck. If one wants to fuck like a rabbit, one must think like a fox, he thought.

He was going to keep an eye on Angela for the next few days. He would understand her routine in their new premises. He would spy on both of his parents, so that he knew how they arranged their schedules, where they went, what they did, when they slept... everything. Then, he would find a chance to do his thing with her again.

Angela made love to her husband that night, out of sheer curiosity. She felt him as always, nothing huge... well, something was definitely wrong, but she couldn't figure out what. The only male people in the house are Ralph and Johnny, and, obviously, Johnny had nothing to do with that grand fuck. Ralph couldn't have anything to do with it, because he was too small. So, who had fucked her brains out that night?

Angela decided to convince herself that nothing had really happened. It wasn't easy, because her cunt hurt inside, in places that Ralph simply couldn't reach. She did manage to put the whole matter in the back corner of her subconscious though, at least for a while... The next few days passed very, shall we say, normally. Johnny had put his plan to work, and he understood that the best time for him to do his bidding, would be in the night-time. When his parents were not locked in their room, obviously copulating, they would gather in front of the TV, and *sometimes* they watched till they fell asleep right there. Johnny himself usually had the duty of waking them up, so that they would go to their bedroom and sleep like proper human beings!...

Now, what would happen if Johnny *helped* them sleep, like, maybe, drug them a bit?... Ralph sleeps like an ox, and wouldn't hear a thing anyway. However, Johnny couldn't possibly make love to Angela without her juices flowing, because in the morning she would hurt like heck! He had to get her in a sexual-trance kind of mood, where she would feel horny, but not really have a grip on what's happening. So, in the unlikely event that she understood in the morning that she had sex during the night, she wouldn't really remember anything. So, Johnny would be clean, and he would do his thing! This meant that he would have to drug her more lightly than Ralph. Also, he would have to give her a sexual stimulant of some sort, so that he would get her juices flowing easily.

Well, that seems a plan well conceived, Johnny thought...

Johnny worked like a pro the next few days. He opened a private mail-box downtown, that his parents did not know of. He ordered a sexual stimulant in liquid form--drops from an advertisement in an X-rated magazine, and the package was to be delivered to his own mailbox, cash-on-delivery. He bought a science-fiction novel, wrapped it up, and mailed it to his own mailbox.

Finally, he pretended he couldn't sleep for a few days, so his parents took him to a doctor. The latter gave him a prescription for sleeping pills, the ones he needed to accomplish the task. Actually, they were quite heavy-duty pills. He saved them in his room.

After a week, a notice for a C.O.D. order arrived at home. His mother did not expect anything, so she was surprised to see it. She called Johnny.

-Hey, Johnny, a C.O.D. order arrived for a package. It writes your name on it.

-Oh, I had totally forgotten about it.

-What did you order?

-Oh, nothing much, just a book. A science fiction novel.

-Really? Which one?

-It is "Odyssey II" by A. Clarke. I heard there is an "Odyssey III", but I wanna have read the second before going to the third, so I ordered it. Can I borrow the car today?

-Sure, honey! I'll give you the money you need. I'll put it on the table...

Poor Angela, Johnny thought. You are actually paying for your own seduction...

Johnny drove downtown, straight to the post office. He paid for the package and took it. It was large and only had his name on it, no identification of the merchandise. Good...

He went to his mailbox. The book had arrived. He took it.

He entered his car and unwrapped the package. It was big and full of cellophane, put there to protect the small bottle. He hid the bottle in his jacket's inner pocket. Then he drove home.

His mother was very eager to see the book her good son had ordered. It was a beautiful book.

Well, Johnny had everything he needed to put his plan into action. He would seize upon the first chance he got. And so he did...

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