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Jade Ch. II
by Canibewu

The effects of her orgasm had subsided when he moved over her body. He straddled her, his hard cock resting between her breasts. She reached up and pushed them together engulfing his cock in soft skin. He began rocking his hips sliding his cock between her breasts. Each time his cock made an up thrust she let it enter her mouth using her tongue to add to his pleasure.

She looked up at him, his eyes were closed his face showing signs of pleasure and desire. He continued to slide his cock between her breasts for a long time. Each time she thought he was getting ready to cum, he would slow his movements until he was under control. Finally he got up and walked over to the table. He came back to bed with the strawberries. She watched as he took a ripe one and bit into it, the juices running down his chin.

"You want one?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied. He removed another one and placed her to her lips. She opened her mouth and tasted the sweet fruit. Like him she let the juices run down her chin. When she was done, he said "I think I want another." Taking another, he moved it between her legs. He gently slid the fruit along her pussy lips coating it with her juices. When the berry was covered, he brought it up to his mouth. She watched as his tongue began licking the fruit, he was enjoying the taste.

At last he popped it in his mouth and bit down again letting the juices run. He took another and repeated the process. He slid it along her pussy, removing it he took it to her lips where he watched as she tasted herself off the fruit. When she finished eating the berry, he moved his face close to hers. He let his tongue come out where it began to lick the berry juice from her chin, lips and face. She responded in kind allowing her tongue to lick the juice from his hot flesh. She was so turned on by him, she could feel her pussy getting wetter as their tongues continued their sensual dance. He kissed her deeply, a kiss transmitting all the passion and desire he had inside.

"I want you so badly Silk, and I intend to satisfy my desire." He moved on top of her, he continued to kiss her deeply. She felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Her breath caught in her throat as he began to slid it up and down her pussy. Finally, with one thrust he was buried inside of her. They both moaned as the pleasure of the moment hit them. He withdrew to the very tip then plunged back in. Over and over he rocked sliding in and out of her, each stroke taking them closer and closer to fulfillment.

He placed her knees in the crook of his elbows and began to fuck her with reckless abandon. Each time he thrust into her, Silk let out a soft whimper. The steady motion of his cock against her began to have its effect. She felt her orgasm building deep inside her. He continued to thrust into her each thrust more frenzied and powerful than the one before it. She looked at his face, she could tell he was also near his orgasm. He thrust over and over then as if a massive tidal wave sweeps an island clean, his orgasm exploded.

He pushed himself as deep as he could go and his cum exploded from the tip of his cock. She could feel his cum splashing against her walls, that caused her to begin her own climax. Her pussy lips clenched his cock, her body became rigid as waves of pleasure ran through it. He let go of her legs and fell on top of her, his lips crushed to hers as their tongues sought the other. Several minutes later they simply held each other sharing sweet caring kisses. Laying in each others arms, they fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke to the feel of his tongue on her breast, his lips surrounding the nipple the tongue flicking over it sending shivers of pleasure through her. "How a bout a quick shower sweety?" he asked with a mischievous look in his eyes. They got off the bed and hand in hand move to the shower. The water fell on them like rain as they soaped the other. Their hands slipped over the others body and in no time at all they were both hungry for more. Without being asked, she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She was good he thought as her mouth slid up and down his rigid cock. Her hands cupped his balls and massaged then gently.

She sucked his cock for a while until he stepped back, he looked down at her "no not yet Silk, I have something else in mind. Finish your bath I'll wait for you outside." He stepped out of the shower dried and went into the room. Silk let the water run over her as she contemplated what she was feeling. He had arrived in her life like a violent thunder storm washing away all the doubts and inhibitions she had about her sexuality. He had released her from her self imposed prison.

His gentle caring ways, the way he accepted her with all her faults and virtues made her feel liberated about the way she was. All hesitation, inhibitions and regrets were swept away, he wanted her and she wanted him with total surrender and so far that is how it was between them.

When he called she went willingly surrendering her heart, body and soul. Her goal was to please him both in and out of bed. She also knew in her heart that it was his goal to please her. Whenever she called him, he came offering himself to her with all his desires and emotions. She often wondered how she had managed before she met him and now could not imagine herself without him in her life. Then she remembered he was waiting and her body tingled imagining what he had in mind.

To Be Continued...


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