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Jan Ch. III
by The Glove

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Please follow me to the patio," said Jim in a kind of funny sounding voice. I knew Jan had gotten to him. I walked behind both Jim and Jan and the way Jan was swinging that ass I was glad to be there. Her dress was molded against her ass; her ass checks were totally visible. I bet if she had bent over I could have seen her asshole pucker.

When we got to patio I could see Belinda standing waiting for us. I saw a surprised look on her face when she saw Jan. I don't think she expected what she saw, but then I did not expect what I saw either. Belinda had her hair done in a Bo Derick style like in the movie 10. She had on an extremely short tight black skirt that stopped about 6 inches above her knees. Her blouse was a see-through off white color, if it had not for the two pockets above her tits, they would have been completely visible. She also was wearing stockings, black ones, and on her feet were three-inch high heels. Belinda took a quick look at her husband and I know she saw that trace of lipstick because before I knew it she had stepped up to me threw her arms around my waist, pushed herself against me, and gave me quick kiss on the lip's.

"Honey, this is Jan, Jan this is my wife Belinda", said Jim. As with Jim before, Belinda held out her hand to shake Jan's, but Jan moved right in and put her arms around Belinda and gave her a hug.

I could tell that Jan was pushing her tits right against Belinda's, and that her crotch was pushing also against hers. Jan backed up as she said "nice to meet you." Looking at Belinda, I saw that she had to catch her breath as Jan's greeting had caught her totally off guard. When I glanced at Jim his eyes were wide as he was also caught off guard. Oh well, that's my girl.

For the next two hours we sat around talked, eat, and drank. The food and wine were the best, but the company of Jim and Belinda was even better. Jan and myself found that we really liked these two people, they were funny and entertaining. I found Belinda to be extremely sexy and I think Jan found Jim to be the same. Many times during the dinner and the talking afterwards I found Belinda reaching over to touch my arm or hand. Jan was doing the same to Jim. After a bit the bugs started coming out and biting, Jim suggested that we go into the house and continue there. Jan took Jim by the hand and Belinda took mine and into the house we went.

We ended up in this large room that had two large couches, a couple of oversized chairs and a carpet that you could lose a small dog in. Jim asked if we would like to listen to some music and maybe dance, "sure", we all said rather quickly. Jim went to this large entertainment center and put about ten CDs into it. The music he was playing was soft romantic that called for some slow deep grinding dancing. I turned to Belinda and asked if she would like to dance, she was in my arms in no time. Jan just got up swayed over to Jim and ground her body against his. Once I had Belinda in my arms we kind of lost track of Jim and Jan. I was holding her so tight that I knew she felt my dick pocking against her. Her blouse did nothing to hide the fact that her nipples were getting harder against my chest. My right hand slowly went down her back, massaging as it went, when I got it on her ass I could feel that she like Jan had no panties on, but she did have a garter belt holding her stockings up. I ran my hand all over that ass, feeling every inch of it. As I was doing that she pushed against me harder and let her hand run down to my ass. She also felt every inch of it, she whispered in my ear "you got no undies on either." As we made a turned both of us saw Jan and Jim, they were in a deep embrace and they were kissing. Their mouths were open and their tongues were playing tag with each other. We both watched as Jan lifted her right leg up running it behind Jim's and all the way up to his ass. She pulled him closer into her using that leg. As she was doing this her dress rode up, we could both watch as it reached the top for stockings and then slowly higher to reveal her bald pussy. Belinda let out a little gasp when Jan's pussy was revealed. I reached around her neck and pulled her head toward me. Our lip's came together and with some urgency our tongues searched each other out. I reached down with both hands to her ass and pulled her into me, as I did that she groaned into my mouth.

When we broke our kiss we both noticed that Jan and Jim had gotten to the couch and were kissing each other while Jim's hands were running up and down Jan's legs. Jan's hand was on Jim's crotch fondling his dick through his jeans. I moved Belinda in front of me, her back against my front, so that we could both watch Jan and Jim on the couch. Once I had her in that position, I reached in front of her and unbuttoned her blouse. Once unbuttoned, I reached inside and felt her tits. I ran my hands all over her tits and then went to her nipples. I pinched them and pulled on them as they started to swell in my hands. For a small tited women, her nipples were large. Belinda now reached behind her, found my zipper, pulled it down, reached inside and freed my dick. Her breath kind of left her as she got it into her hands.

Jim was working on Jan; he had managed to get her dress way above her knees and was slowly working his fingers to her pussy. We watched as Jan's dress was being pushed higher and higher. Finally Jim got her dress high enough to expose her pussy. Using his index finger Jim ran it up and down her cunt lip's, Belinda and I could see her cunt start to respond as her pussy started to open. Belinda's hand grasped by dick harder and started to jerk me off. Jan opened her knees wide, and Jim entered her cunt with two fingers. He ran them in and out of her cunt, Jan's ass was moving in the same rhythm with his fingers. They finally broke their kiss, and both of them looked at us. Belida's tits were exposed to both of them, her nipples were standing straight up and puffy. I reached down with both hands and started to pull her skirt up. I went very slowly to the get both of them hotter. Her skirt came above her stocking tops, then her garters, finally her cunt was exposed. Jan moaned when she saw that light blond bush and jerked her ass even harder against those two fingers buried in her snatch. I reached down and with both hands spread Belinda's cunt wide open for them. Jan moaned "Oh fuck."

Belinda bent her knees a little, pushed my dick into her ass checks and clinched it there. She then formed her right hand into a small circle and stuck it into her cunt, pushing all five fingers into her snatch right up to the knuckles. Jan's eyes grew larger when she saw that, her hand went to her cunt and shoved three fingers into her cunt to join Jim's. Both women's eyes were locked on to each other as they fingered fucked themselves. Jan was moving her fingers so fast that Jim had to remove his from her cunt. Once he got them out Jan pushed her remaining fingers into her snatch. Both women were now ramming all five fingers into their cunts. Jim unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock, and started to jerk himself. I was still holding Belinda's cunt wide open but my hips were starting to thrust my cock against her ass.

Jan pulled her fingers out of her cunt slid down the couch on to her knees in-between Jim's legs. She took Jim's cock into her hand and shoved it into her mouth. She did not just take it a little, she engulfed it, his complete cock was down her throat. Jim's ass came off the couch even shoving his cock deeper into her. As we watched we could see her tongue licking his cock even though it was buried in her throat. While keeping his cock deep with in, she started to jerk his cock. Jan pushed her ass off her legs so that she was leaning forward, with her dress above her waist, this allowed us to see her ass and pussy as they were pointed right at us. Jim had reached under Jan and his hands were busy kneading her tits through her dress. We could hear groans coming from both of them.

Without delaying Belinda moved away from me, got behind Jan's ass, and dropped to her knees. She spread Jan's ass checks wide open and started to lick Jan's asshole. Jan in turn shoved her ass back into her face and at the same time jerking Jim's cock even faster. In one quick movement Belinda rolled unto her back and slid under Jan's open legs. Jan in turn dropped her cunt right on to Belinda's mouth. Belinda took her pussy, spread it open, and stuck her tongue right in. Belinda spread her legs open and showed me her wide open pussy . I moved quickly to get my head between them. I spread her cunt open to find her clit standing straight up. My lib's closed around her clit and I started to suck it. Her ass pushed that cunt right into my mouth, and she started to hump my mouth. As I was sucking her clit she was running her tongue from Jan's cunt to her asshole, licking both. Belinda finally locked her lip's around Jan's clit and sucked it into her mouth. Jan let out a muffled groan and sucked even harder on Jim's cock. Jim moaned "I'm cumming." He pushed is cock deep into Jan's throat and shoot his hot juices down her throat. Jan swallowed fast as not to let any of his cum escape. At the same time Jan bucked her ass and squirted a load of her cum on Belinda's face. It took Belinda only seconds to place her open mouth against Jan's squirting cunt and swallow her slimy cum juice. Belinda also bucked her ass against my mouth as she started to cum. I continued sucking on her clit and shoved three fingers in her cunt. At that she bucked her ass so hard that I lost my grip on her clit and her cunt was actually fucking my chin. I felt her pussy convulse and her juices flowed out onto my chin. You could smell the sex in the room as we all disengaged from each other. I had Belinda's pussy juice all over my chin, Belinda had Jan's cum all over her face. Jan kneeled in front of me and kissed me deeply, then licking the cum juice from my chin. Belinda stood up, went to her husband, kissed him deeply, and let him lick Jan's cum from her face. After cleaning each other all four of us sat next to each other on the couch.

Jim said " I don't know about the rest of you but that was one of the best cum's I ever had." "Me too, your wife can really suck pussy," said Jan. "Yea and your pussy tastes real good, I was so surprised when you squirted. I had heard that some women can do that but I did not believe it. Thanks." said Belinda. "You may not squirt but your cunt sure does get wet," said I. Belinda looked at Jan "We all had a good cum except for Johann, what you say we get him off?"

With that they both got on their knees in front of me. Jan unbuckled my pants while Belinda pulled them down and off me. My cock was standing rock hard. They both reached for it and felt it. Jan's mouth went around the head and she started to lick. Belinda put her mouth around the base, using her tongue and teeth, she licked and nibbled on it. Jan let my dick out of her mouth and went down to put my balls into her mouth. Jan's mouth was replaced by Belinda's. As Jan was rolling and sucking my balls around in her mouth Belinda used her fingers to open my piss hole and stuck her tongue into it. Jan let go of my balls and ran her tongue down to my asshole and started to lick it, when she pushed it inside I yelled "I'm cumming." Quickly both mouths moved to the head of my dick, one sucking. then the other. They felt my cum start to shoot and placed their mouths on either side. I shot my hot thick white cum out. Globs of it landed on both their foreheads, chins, and checks. Both of them continued to jerk my dick and I continued to shot more cum. Belinda finally took it into her mouth and let the last of it shoot on to her tongue. I feel back on the couch. Belinda took Jan's face in her hands and with her tongue licked my cum from her face. Jan then did the same for her. They then locked lib's and shared my cum. They switched my cum from one tongue to the others until they both swallowed what they had. Not a drop of my cum was left on either face.

"Well, I guess that takes care of all of us," said Jim. While getting sucked I had forgotten Jim was even there. "Why don't you guys sit back and let us put on a little show for you, if that's ok with Jan," Belinda asked. "Lets go into the bathroom and decide what to do," said Jan. We both said "sure." Both women got up and left to work out a plan to entertain us. "Can't wait to see what they are planning to do," said Jim. "Hell we may as well get naked while we are waiting," I said to Jim. "Ok," was all he said as we both pulled off our clothes. We then both clutched a drink and sat back to await the show.

It was not to long before they both walked back into the room. They had cleaned up somewhat. Their hair was redone, as was their makeup. They both had their same outfits on. The only thing different was that Belinda had an overnight bag with her, or at least it looked like one. "You guys sit back and watch us," Jan said. Belinda went to the Stereo system and put a different CD in. The music was of a Latin beat. As it started, they started to dance. Both of them are good dancers. They were gyrating their hips, swinging with the music. Belinda teasingly unbuttons her blouse. As she swings back and forth her blouse opens slightly giving us a glance at her tits. Jan not to be overshadowed, cupped her tits in her hands and pushed them back and forth. This erotic dance was getting to me. I could feel my cock starting to awaken. Then as if on cue Jan reached for the bottom of her dress as Belinda reached behind her skirt. Jan pulled her dress over her head. Belinda let her skirt fall to the carpet. Jan was now dancing with nothing on but her thigh-high stockings. Belinda pulled her blouse off and was dancing in garter belt and stockings. You could now tell that they had different bodies. Jan has above average size tits that hang, with large almost thumb sized nipples, that were right now pocking up. Belinda has small tits, hers do not hang, with smaller nipples then Jan but they were also hard. Jan has more then a mouth-full. Belinda just has a mouth-full. The both have a small waist. As the turn I compare their asses. Jan has a round ass, not to large, her ass crack is thin and long. Her ass does not shake, it bounces. Belinda's ass is larger and somewhat less firm. Hers shakes as she moves. Her ass crack seems to be wider and not as long. They both have nice long slender shapely legs. Their pussies look a lot alike except that Jan has hers shaved, Belinda has light blond hair on hers. Both women look dam good, and as they continue to gyrate in front of us, at times bending over pointing their ass's at us, spreading the cheeks, showing puckered assholes and open cunts, our dicks got harder.

The faced each other, put their arms around each other, and with some urgency their lib's came together. Their tongues intertwined and both ran their hands down to cup each others ass. They rubbed tit against tit, pussy mound against pussy mount all the while their mouths stayed glued to each other. Slowly they lowered themselves to the thick carpet never letting their mouths separate. Jan ended laying flat on her back, Belinda was laying on her side next to her. They broke their deep kiss. Belinda's mouth moved to engulf Jan's tit. Jan's hand moved down Belinda's body to her pussy, she put her hand over it and pushed her middle finger in. Belinda closed her legs and captured the hand with the finger deep in her crack. She started to hump her hips up pushing that finger even deeper into her cunt. I could hear Belinda as she sucked on Jan's tit and nipples. Slowly she raised her mouth from that tit till she just had the nipple between her lip's. She pulled and stretched it with her lip's. Jan was breathing with a open mouth now. Quickly Belinda spread her legs pulling Jan's finger from her cunt, stood up and straddled Jan. She moved up her body till her ass was right over her tits. Squatting down, she spread her cunt open with her own fingers, continued to squat until her cunt lib's were directly over Jan's left tit. She let go of her cunt lip's and they encircled the nipple. She started to push her ass down and up. She was fucking Jan's tit, using her nipple like a small dick. Jan's hands went to Belinda's tits and started kneading her tits, pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The look on Belinda's face was one of pure ecstasy.

Jan pushed Belinda off her and unto her back. She then kneeled above her face keeping her ass just above her nose. Belinda's tongue snaked out and licked Jan from clit to asshole. Jan leaned back and started to pinch her own nipples extremely hard. She moaned, and the slurping between her legs became louder and faster. Looking at Jan I knew she was close to cumming. Just as quick Jan pushed her legs back and laid her body on top of Belinda. They found each others lip's and open-mouthed kissed. Their cunts grinding against each other. Jan went to her knees reached into the bag that was next to her and pulled out a double- headed dildo. She placed one end of it against Belinda's cunt and pushed it in. It went in easy, she was that wet. Jan then placed the other end against her pussy and thrust her ass forward to bury about four inches in her. She was not wet she was dripping wet.

Belinda put her legs around Jan's hips and pulled her down. The dildo disappeared between the two of them. They started to grind against each other. The only noise that was being made was the two of them, moaning and squealing. Belinda started to trust her ass harder and harder against Jan, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fuck me I'm cumming", she screamed. Jan hearing those words really started to grind into her. Jim could not take it anymore, he jumped up, kneeled next to his wife and put his hard dick against her lip's. She needed no encouragement as she sucked it right in. She had just his dick head in her mouth and her tongue was moving all around it. Jan put her head down to his dick and started licking the base of it. I was not going to be left out this time. I moved around to the back of Jan, lifted her hips up so that she was on her knees. The dildo was still inside her and inside of Belinda. Belinda was humping her ass up to get more of it inside her. I spread Jan's ass cheeks apart, reaching down to her cunt, I got my fingers wet by running them around her cunt and collecting her flowing juices. Once my fingers were wet, from her own juices, I placed one finger against her puckered asshole and inserted it. Pushing it in I felt her asshole griping it, trying to pull more in. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass baby," she moaned. I ran my finger in and out lubricating her asshole. She was pushing her ass backwards trying to get more of my finger into her. I puled out and smacked her on the ass, "yes, smack it harder." I hit her on both ass cheeks, not hard, just enough to stink. Jan could not keep her ass still. She rotated it every time my hand made contact. This movement made the dildo in hers and Belinda's cunts move, which drove Belinda to suck harder on her husbands dick. She now had it all the way down her throat sucking as hard as she could. I could hear her making slurping sounds.

I reached for my rock hard dick and guided its head toward Jan's asshole. Placing the head of it against her hole, I pushed gently. Jan did not want gentle. She thrust her ass back and impelled my cock deep into her asshole. "Now fuck me," she screamed. I grabbed her ass and fucked her, thrusting my cock deep and then pulling out till only the head remained inside, then thrusting deep again. Jan was taking all seven inches of cock and wanting more. She reached under herself, finding her clit, started to massage it. Her ass was humping back and forth like a wild animal. All that movement caused the dildo to do some strange wiggling inside Belinda's cunt. Belinda was moaning and screaming "fuck, fuck, I'm cummmming again." As those words came out of her mouth, Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth, and started to jerk himself. "Give me your cum, shot it in my mouth." Jim moaned, placed the head of his cock on her lips, and shot a load of hot white creamy cum. Jan seeing the cum shot from Jim into his wives open waiting mouth, drove Jan to reach behind her. She spread her ass cheeks far apart, and yelled "now mother fucker, cum in my ass." I dug my fingers into her ass checks and drove my dick into her to the hilt. The head of my cock felt like it swelled to twice its size as I shot the first load of cum into her. "Give it to me all," Jan yelled as she clinched her asshole around my dick. I held my cock deep inside her and shot another load, and then another into her. This action drove Jan's complete body down onto Belinda. That caused the dildo to drive completely into both their cunts. The both yelled at the same time "I'm cumming." I could hear and feel Jan's cunt convulsing as she squirted her load of cum out and on to Belinda's soaked cunt.

Jim fell away from Belinda, he was totally worn out. "Don't pull your dick out till I get up," she said. She rolled out from under Jan freeing her end of the dildo, leaving the other end buried in Jan's snatch. On her knees she got right next to me and Jan. Her hand went between Jan's ass cheeks. She took the base of my dick into her hand. As she slowly pulled my cock from Jan's ass her tongue flicked out and she started to lick it. She licked every inch of it as it slowly came out. When she had it all the way out, she sucked the head of into her mouth and licked it clean. She then pushed me away from Jan's ass, got behind her, spread her ass cheeks wide and put her tongue on her asshole. She stuck her tongue into her ass and started to suck my cum from it. When Jan felt her tongue go up her ass she pushed the dildo deeper into her cunt. Jan was using one hand to push and pull the dildo in and out of her cunt. As she went faster and faster Belida would stick her tongue deeper and deeper into her ass. "Suck my shit-hole, I'm cumming again," she screamed and pulled the dildo out of her cunt. Jim and I watched her cunt open and a flood of juices squirt out. Jan squirted twice more then feel to her stomach, she was completely spent. Belinda sat back on her knees, as I looked at her, she used her tongue to lick the last of my cum and Jan's from her lips.

We all rested that's how worn out we were. After some time went by I finally got enough strength together to say "that was great, thanks to all of you." Jan and I got our clothes on and left both Jim and Belinda stretched out on the floor. When we got back to the apartment we fell into bed and went to sleep.

To be continued...

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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