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Julie Ch. III
by Zach

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"Hey honey, where's your sister?" My mom asked leaning her head into my room as I sat back on my bed, thinking about this afternoon.

My mom and sister looked a lot alike. Mom was a bit heavier but still in great shape for her 37 years. Her shoulder length hair was darker than my sister's short bob-cut sandy blonde was, but both were petite and very pretty with smallish breasts.

"Hi mom, I think I heard her in the shower." I said and was glad I could give an honest answer. Ironically, the biggest regret I had about my encounter with Julie was deceiving mom about it. We were a close family (even before this afternoon) especially since our dad had run out on us after Julie was born.

Mom didn't talk about that early part of her life much. We deduced from family gossip and from doing the math with regard to my birthday and our parents wedding day that their's had been a marriage of convenience after she got pregnant with me at a young age. Beyond that, we just knew that dad left her when he found out that Julie was on the way.

"So what did you two do today while I was shopping with your Aunt Megan?" she asked with a half smile on her lips. The way she said it almost had me thinking she knew what we did, then I quickly dismissed the thought; no way would she be this calm about it.

Well mom, I sucked Julie's beautiful tits until she came, then she blew me and I shot my load in her mouth. Did I mention she swallowed every drop? "Well I got the front yard mowed and did some studying." I answered again truthfully albeit partially. Julie saved me from any more questions though as her voice came from the hall.

"Hi mom," My sister said as she suddenly appeared in my doorway for the second time today. She had on her bathrobe and her hair hung over her forehead in half-dried strings. She approached mom from the side and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Mom pushed her soft cheek out to accept her daughter's lips - the same ones that had been wrapped around my dick only a few minutes before; I couldn't help but note. Julie's mouth came away with a smack and I saw she left moisture on mom's face.

"Ooops!" Julie said as she wiped the excess from mom's cheek. "That was a wet one, sorry mom!"

"That's ok dear," she said smiling as she brought her hand to the spot where Julie kissed her, "we're family."

"Hey, didn't you tell me Julie was adopted mom?"

"You see how he is?" Julie pleaded to our mother, "and I was even being nice to him today." She said turning her head slightly so mom would not see her eyes as she lowered her gaze to my crotch. "Very nice." She concluded, and raised her eyes back up to mine to give me a wink. The teasing wench was definitely enjoying the hell out of this.

"Ok you two, enough of that now." Mom said in mock reproach. Mom knew that Julie and I liked to play the sibling rivalry game but had not really fought since we were small kids. Mom still liked to be the peacemaker though, and the exchange between us had the comfort of the familiar.

Mom looked at Julie with folded arms. "Now go give your brother a kiss and make up."

"But he started it!" Julie protested briefly, no doubt enjoying our old game with the new undercurrent of sexuality. Then she marched over to me, melodramatically swinging her arms, doing the scolded daughter routine.

"Aw mom, but she gives wet kisses!"

"You're gonna get the wettest one of all big brother!" Julie exclaimed as she pushed me back on the bed and ground her pursed wet lips into my cheek with a "mmmmmmmm!" noise.

Mom walked over to the bed laughing. "Well since we all seem to be in such a good mood, I propose we don't spoil it with cooking." referring to our shared household duties. Julie and I cooked about half the meals and spread the other housework between us.

"How about we order a pizza tonight?" Mom finished as Julie stopped her slobber attack on my cheek, half on top of me.

"Sure, mom." Julie and I actually spoke in unison.

"See, you are related!" Mom finished and we all laughed.

"I'm going for my shower now then." Mom said moving towards the door. "I'll leave the pizza ordering to you two."

Julie still lay on top of me smiling. We both heard mom start the shower in her room a few moments later.

"When you give a wet kiss Jules, you don't mess around." I grabbed a corner of her robe to wipe the slobber from my face. "The way you've been acting I almost expected you to tongue kiss me right in front of mom."

"I wanted to, but I thought you'd be mad." She pouted.

"Well, mom might not appreciate the fact that I love you as ah, more than a sister." I said honestly, not meaning to sound sappy but the way it came out was sincere and she raised her head and looked at me with soft eyes.

"Aw Tim." she said and moved her lips to mine. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue past my lips to initiate a real lover's kiss between us and in the process, making me hard again.

Feeling me grow hard underneath her, she smiled and broke off our passionate mouthplay, then sat up with her knees straddling my groin.

"You know, mom usually takes long showers..." Julie almost purred as she pulled her robe apart and off, throwing the terrycloth garment on the floor, leaving her naked on top of me.

"You...but....we don't have time for..." I stuttered, but she had already grabbed the waistband of my sweats and pulled them down my legs, unceremoniously exposing my hard prick in the process.

"Don't you like a challenge?" She asked playfully, "I'll even be on top and do all the work! All you have to do is sit there and let me ride your stiff cock for awhile, then cum inside my pussy." She said reveling in her crude language. "I can see you're up for it." She giggled.

"But..." I echoed.

"No time for foreplay though." She interrupted, and tossed my sweats on top of her discarded robe on the floor. With that she straddled me again, trapping my prick between her sex and my belly.

The rational side of me was protesting that this was too risky, but the horny side of me won the internal battle as I grabbed her hips to position her over me, thinking we could just make it before mom was done.

"It's a good thing I'm already wet." she said, and lifted up a bit to reach between us. Julie grabbed the head of my prick and rubbed it up and down her slit for good measure. The sensation of her soft, wet folds on the swollen head of my dick made me utter a low grunt and Julie smiled at that.

She put the engorged head of my prick at the opening to her vagina, and I felt the tip begin to enter her. "Jules..." I said suddenly, but she stopped me.

"Don't worry big brother, " she said reading my mind, "I'm on the pill." And with that my sister eased down, letting her sex engulf me slowly until our pubic hair met.

"Hmmmmm." She purred and she stopped there briefly, letting us both savor the moment.

Julie's sex was tight and warm and I began to wish we had more time for this. She looked down at me with her mouth half-open and her eyes had a lustful glaze. I almost expected her tongue to come rolling out to complete our decadent scene. Then she slowly brought her hips back up, leaving just the head of my prick in her and I noted my shaft was now gleaming with her juices. Julie looked down and examined my our sexual union too, then smiled at me and slammed down on my groin hard, impaling her small body on my shaft, making us both moan from the sudden sensation. She started to thrust quickly, making good on her promise to do all the work. Julie had her knees spread wide on either side of me. Her petite arms were locked at the elbow on either side of my head as she pushed herself back and down, frantically forcing my hard length into her hole. I put my hands under her thighs and helped move her small frame up and down on my shaft. We had not been at it long but I could already tell this would not be a quick one for me.

"Jule's..." I said, a little out of breath myself, "You took the edge off me this afternoon... with your expert blow job. I'm going to last awhile this time."

She stopped her bouncing on a downstroke and rolled her eyes giving a melodramatic sigh, "Men! The one time I actually want a quickie..." She finished as she rose off of me. My now slimy cock slipped out of her and came back with a 'slap' on my belly. "I guess we'll have to take a shortcut then."

Julie backed down my body and knelt between my legs, taking my dick in her mouth, and quickly began to suck her secretions from me with disturbingly loud smacking and moaning sounds. She was really into it and I wondered again at the change in her since I'd sucked her little breasts for the first time. I decided to tell her to keep it down a little and raised my head to speak.

"J..." I only got the first J-sound out before I saw mom.

"Kids, I found some coupons for that pizza place down the street that we like." Our mom's voice shattered our sexual buildup as she came to a stop in the middle of my room, staring at us.

My heart nearly exploded. I leaned up so quickly that my sister's head bumped my chest as she brought her mouth off my dick and turned to look behind her. I wondered briefly if she was aware of her hand still grasping the base of my shaft. Mom was standing in the middle of my room, wearing her bathrobe but still dry, holding up the promised coupons. Julie and I were frozen in place. Julie's ass was pushed into the air and her wet, just-fucked pussy was spread wide, pointing directly at mom.

"I remembered these just before I stepped in the shower." She said and walked closer to us. Mom leaned down and deposited the small squares of paper on the table beside my bed. "I'll just set them here so you'll have them when you call the order in." She said, then she moved closer to Julie and I and stopped at the bed. Mom reached out and placed her hand on Julie's naked back. "Whenever you're finished of course." she concluded raising her hand to give my sister one gentle pat. She smiled softly down on the two of us, letting her fingers trail off of Julie as she turned and walked out of my room.

To Be Continued...


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