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Johnny Pt. III
by Johnny Anonymous

Johnny took a little time to actually grind three sleeping pills into powder, as quietly as possible, and hide the powder in a small plastic pouch. He hid it beside the bottle in a drawer, under his underwear. He then went to the living room, book in hand. He made himself comfortable in a chair, and started reading.

It was captivating indeed, a great novel from one of the masters of science fiction. Too bad he had to use such a masterpiece of sci-fi literature for coverage! He had to have his parents think he is absorbed in the reading of the book. Well, that surely was the impression he gave them, because they tried to talk to him a few times but he seemed reluctant to answer, literally lost in space.

Actually, it was not THAT hard to give them this impression. The book was indeed great, and the whole matter was really very important for him to just let things go on their own; he had conceived a good plan, and now it was the final stage. He HAD not to mess anything up now.

After reading about 130 pages straight, he couldn't read any more; at the very least he deserved a small break. He left the book on the chair, and stretched his body a bit. Angela saw him.

-Tired, honey?

-Yeah, mom. I need to get my eyes of the book for a while. Man, it is a damn good book!

-It sure is beautiful, honey. Would you like to help me a bit, to rest your eyes? You mustn't get blind on me, sweetie pie!

-O.K. mom, but just for a while, O.K.? And don't expect me to be fast, O.K.?

-Sure, baby.

So he helped his mom around the house, as lazily as possible and just a bit, as he said. At one particular instant, his mom sent him to get a few things from the master bedroom. On the way back, Johnny quietly passed by his own room, took the small bottle and the pouch, put them in a pocket, and went back. As his pants were baggy, nobody would see the small bulge in the pocket, or at least so he thought. His heart was beating rather fast for the first few minutes back with his mother, but soon he realized she hadn't noticed a thing.

After some time, Angela told him there were no more chores to be done around the house, and they could rest now. Johnny volunteered to prepare dinner - just a glass of milk, to be consumed slowly in front of the TV. She happily agreed. Soon, Ralph and Angela were in the living room, and Johnny was in the kitchen, heating the milk. His mom wore a nightgown, which was perfect for his purposes; he wouldn't have to undress her. He took three cups from the cupboard. He chose them so that there was a tiny detail visible in each one, so that he wouldn't confuse the cups -- that would surely mean disaster for his plans!

After a while, he turned the stove off and poured milk in the cups. He took the jar that contained sugar, and a spoon. He put sugar in all three cups. He took the pouch with the powder and emptied its contents in the two jars of his parents, taking care to over-drug Ralph and to slightly under-drug Angela. He took the bottle out of his pocket, and dropped 5-6 droplets in his mom's milk. That should do it, he thought.

He took a tray, put the cups on it, and carefully led himself to the living room. He gave each one his own cup, making sure that the cups were right. Then he sat down under the small lamp, sipped a small gulp of his milk, and resumed reading the book, in the same totally absorbed fashion as before. However, what he really did was to wait for his parents to start drinking, hoping they wouldn't detect anything. His heart was beating like a drum.

They were too tired to notice anything. They just sipped their milk, and didn't seem to be annoyed by its taste. Johnny was relieved, and anxious in the same time: he awaited for the drugs to take effect.

The room was dimly lit, but things were clearly visible nevertheless. There was a small lamp, which combined its dim light with the flashes of the TV. The result was a yellow-gray color all over the living room. In this light, Johnny could see the eyes of his parents quite clearly. His father was the first one to feel drowsy. He started getting little naps here and there. In no time, he was fast asleep.

Angela started feeling strange. She felt ... aroused, sexually, and she didn't know why. She also felt sleepy. As time passed, she started feeling very horny. She yearned for a cock inside her... Oh, where is that super cock that fucked her a few days ago? If she had it before her, she would surely... fall asleep with it?... Noooooo, she would fuck it like crazy!... or would she sleep after all?...

Angela felt like she was in trance. She felt horny and sleepy simultaneously. She couldn't understand why she felt this way. This was the last conscious thought she had; she soon started dreaming.

Johnny noticed his father was out for good. His mom seemed to be in a strange kind of mood: she was asleep, but still she seemed to have very vivid dreams, like she kind of was in and out of reality in the same time. He left the book on his chair and advanced forward. His father was definitely out, his mom was something between knocked out and high. He touched her hand. No response. He shook it. Nothing still. He shook her body with a mild force. She half-responded, then feigned back to her trance.

Johnny sat beside her, lie down and helped her body lie down on the couch with him. Soon, she was on the couch, face up, lying half on top of Johnny's body and half on the couch, her head beside his, her pelvis directly over his, his right hand below her shoulder and his left one free to explore her. The perfect position.

After all this involuntary movement, and her condition was unchanged. She still was in her own world. Johnny started fondling her face. No response. His hand went a bit lower. He watched her face closely, at least the left side visible to him, for any facial responses. As he still saw none, he dared to go even lower, at the beginning of her chest. He slowly unbuttoned the three buttons of the nightgown, right above her breasts, and with care slowly slid his hand inside. He started caressing her breasts. Her breath started getting heavier, but she was fast asleep. He started circling her aureoles and soon his fingers were on her nipples. They got erect immediately, a sure sign that the drops were very efficient after all.

Johnny played with her nipples and watched her face. She started getting horny, her expressions definitely were a testimony to that. She breathed heavily, and her face was in sexual anticipation. Time to move on, Johnny thought.

He moved his whole body a bit lower, and positioned himself entirely under Angela's body. All of her body was on top of him now, her mouth beside his nose and her pelvis between his genitals and his belly-button. This position freed both of his hands.

Before he did anything else, he took a look at his father... he was sound asleep. She was too, in her own way.

He slowly and carefully unbuttoned his pants. He had a very big and strong erection, and was relieved to have it unrestrained. He put his hands on her thighs, and started slowly rubbing them, each time advancing a little more towards the incredible place right between her legs, that warm, hot, tight, shallow but deepening - with his help - tunnel that once gave birth to him, and hosted his enormous prick a few days ago. Before long, his hands touched her panties. He saw a faint smile in her face, as if she expected it...

He applied a medium amount of pressure with his fingers, just enough to feel Angela's vagina over her panties. He felt moisture... boy, those drops really did the job! He slid his hand under the panties. He felt heat and moisture. She had accumulated ,without a single orgasm, more fluids than she would normally get with at least a multiple one. God bless the inventors of the drops, he thought. After this philosophical enlightenment, he started playing with her clit.

Angela started panting, and started silent-screaming as well. She truly enjoyed it, her expressions were ones of a woman ready to cum.

Johnny decided to help her out, so he inserted two fingers in her love-tunnel. He felt the heat and moisture intensify. She came.

"Ahhhh... Ohhhh... AAAAAAAArghhhhhh... Ohhhhh...Oooooooooohhhhh..."

With both of his hands inside Angela's cunt, and his eyes on her face, Johnny was very horny. He soon managed to make Angela have a very violent multiple orgasm. She almost woke up. He almost died of fear, having one hand in her cunt and one rubbing her clit... if she woke up for good, there was really no excuse for him. Well, luckily for him, she didn't.

After a while, he had made sure she was fast asleep again. He took his cockhead and put it right outside her gaping cunt hole. He started playing her cunt with it, to get his head moisturized. Then, with one slow motion he started to push it against her hot, wet hole.

He felt the moisture, the heat and the pressure of her cunt lips on his prick, as they slowly opened to allow his gigantic pole to slowly enter her. He heard the "Glisssss" sounds, felt her vagina open, and felt his prick slowly entering her body. Soon, his cockhead was inside her steamy cunt. He continued to enter her, deeper and deeper, always in slow motion. He felt each corner of her inner anatomy, and soon he felt almost all of his massive cock buried inside her hot, watery tunnel of lust. With his hand, he felt her vagina: it was straining to fit him, and it did fit him like a glove. Her cuntlips had formed the perfect circular outline of his prick, they were fully stretched, and the clit was full-swollen.

Angela's breathing was heavy again, and even in her sleep she started to moan and pant like a bitch in heat: "Ahhhh.... Ohhhhh... Yeah...... Fuck me.... Baby..... yesssss...".

It was not hard for Johnny to insert his prick inside Angela's cunt, as she was very well lubricated. He felt the vaginal walls tightly engulf him, he felt the hot, liquid, velvet resistance of her love-tunnel, and it felt super! He started to play her clit while slowly getting in and almost out of her.

She was an awesome sight. Eyes closed, mouth open, heavy breathing, fully-erect nipples, and the looks of a million dollars. She also felt great, both inside and outside. What else could any man ask for? Johnny was as happy as one can be, and she didn't seem any less happy either, getting fucked by his massive cockmeat.

He had soon established a nice, slow rhythm that both enjoyed tremendously. Then terror struck.

Angela had one of many multiple orgasms, she shifted her head left and right like crazy and screamed like a bitch. When the whole thing subsided, she half-opened her eyes, and looked at him.

Johnny was terrified. He could not speak or change his inertia...what was still could only remain still, and what moved could only keep moving. So, he kept pulling and pushing his cock in and out of her cunt, while looking her in the eyes, with as unchanged an expression as he could get, considering the situation at hand.

She didn't say anything; she just looked at him with those beautiful, half-closed eyes of lust. Much to Johnny's surprise, she slowly approached his mouth with hers, and their lips touched, ever so passionately. Johnny was instantly relieved, and felt as if somebody had supercharged him; instinctively, he started fucking her steamy cunt deeper, harder and faster, and poor Angela couldn't ever open her eyes again, she could only cry out. The orgasms were coming like an avalanche. The very last orgasm she had, hit her like a hurricane. It was the same moment that Johnny filled her belly with all his cum, while bumping her insides like a madman. She screamed, he came. She panted, he came some more.

It wasn't long before she completely lost it; she passed out, belly full her son's cum.

It was an incredible experience for Johnny, but things surely got complicated this time. She knew it was him, she had to, she saw him... well, she kissed him anyway...

Johnny was confused and afraid of tomorrow, but happy as one can be, nevertheless.

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