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Jade Ch. III
by Canibewu

She came to the room and found him sitting on the sofa; one leg on the floor the other laid across the cushions. In his hands he held a flute of champagne from which he was sipping. "Come here" he asked. She came to him filled with anticipation as to what he was thinking. "Take off the shirt."

She slowly unbuttoned the shirt taking her time wanting to excite him with her body. The shirt slid down her shoulders and she was naked before him. He motioned for her to sit on the sofa with him. When she was sitting, between his legs her back to him, he brought the flute to her lips and let her taste the chilled wine. She had not noticed how thirsty she was until the cool liquid went down he throat. His hand came up and began to tease her nipple "do you like what I'm doing?"

"Yes, I like it very much." He placed the flute on the table and his other hand began to touch her other nipple. He could feel her becoming excited at his touch. His mouth moved to her neck where he began sampling the smooth flesh there.

"Tell me how much you like what I'm doing Silk."

"Oh, I like it so much, I love the feel of your mouth on my skin, the way your hands make me hot for you." His moved his hands over her body feeling her skin, exciting her, making her want him more and more. He turned her face to his and kissed her deeply allowing himself to deposit all his emotions, all his desires, all his passions in that one kiss.

The kiss took her breath away, it was as if he had torn open his soul and showed her that which was at the core of his being. She responded in kind, there was nothing she would not give him if he asked. She was his no hang-ups, no hesitation, no regrets. His hands continued to caress her body until they found their way to her pussy. Already excited by his kisses and touch, his fingers took her to a new level of arousal.

She felt him spread her lips apart and push his finger inside. He moved them in and out causing her to moan softly from the pleasure he was providing. He began to gently nudge her on her back, she took his cue and she was on her knees. He stood up and walked to the side of the sofa where he stood at her side. He let the robe fall from his shoulders, his cock stood fully erect the head already moist with his pre-cum. He moved closer to her and she opened her mouth taking him in. He slid his cock inside her mouth enjoying the wet, hot sensation of her lips on him. He rocked his hips sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. She tasted him, wanting to devour him completely wanting to please him as much as he pleased her.

"Touch yourself Silk, I want to see you touch yourself." She reached between her legs and began to slide her finger along her pussy lips. She slid it inside then began to rub her clit. He withdrew from her mouth and moved behind her watching as her fingers touched her pussy He leaned forward and let his tongue join her hand. He slid his tongue along her lips finally pushing it inside of her. He fucked her with his tongue thrusting in and out. "Silk I want your ass, I want you to make it ready for my cock," he said.

Her body shook with the thought of him taking her that way. She had never found someone she had trusted enough to give herself to in that manner but from the first time he had mentioned it had become stuck in her mind. Before their relationship had become a physical reality, she had often wondered what it would be like to give herself to him that way. The first time he had taken her, she had been somewhat fearful and worried but he had been patient with her and she found how much she enjoyed it. She began taking her own juices and spreading it along her tight opening, making it ready for him.

"There you go my sweet Silk, make it nice and slippery for me." He continued to watch, his excitement rising as she slid her finger inside her ass coating the entrance with her juices. He moved behind her and began running his cock along her pussy lips letting his cock become covered in her moisture. He then thrust inside her cunt and withdrew, his cock glistening with her essence on him. "Open yourself for me Silk" he asked. She reached back and spread herself for him giving him full access to her tight ass. She felt the tip of his cock touch her, then she felt him begin to press against her. She let out a soft whimper as the head began to ease its way inside.

He relaxed allowing her to become adjusted to him. When she was ready, she let him know by pushing back against him. He began pressing again, her ass opened up to take him, her juices and his pre-cum making it easy. After a few moments, he was buried in her tight ass. Again he relaxed giving her time to become use to his cock. Silk relaxed her body and allowed herself to feel the sensations he was giving her. He withdrew about half way then thrust forward. She let out a soft moan as his cock caused pleasure to radiate through her body. He repeated the process several times, each time it became easier as her ass became accustomed to having him inside.

Then he withdrew to the very tip and came back in. Silk began pushing her ass back against him meeting each of his forward strokes. On they went each movement by one responded to by the other. She reached down and began to rub her clit as his cock continued to work its way in and out of her tight ass. He reached forward and took hold of her shoulders as he thrust deeply into her. They stayed that way for several minutes, then she felt him bury himself fully inside. Taking her by her hips, he pulled her to a sitting position on top of him, his cock completely enclosed in her ass. He moved to the edge of the sofa until her feet were able to touch the floor.

"Now, Silk, ride my cock," he nearly screamed at her. He had never taken her in this way before, using her legs, she raised herself then allowed her body to slide down on his cock. She found she enjoyed being in control and began to rise and fall faster and faster. He reached up and began to touch her nipples taking one in each hand. The sensation was incredible, her ass continued to take him in and out while his hands pinched and pulled on her nipples.

"Silk, touch your nipples" she reached up and took over where his hands had been before. His hands did not remain idle, instead they dropped down and began playing with her pussy. His fingers found her clit and began rubbing it. Her breath became labored her heart raced as they continued to revel in the pleasure they were giving each other. He slid a finger inside her pussy while his other hand continued to rub her clit. She continued to ride him this way for about ten minutes, then he gently pushed her off him. He stood and took her by the hand, leading her around the sofa, he guided her to bend over the back. Her ass high in the air, he moved behind her and push his cock inside her ass again. As he began to move, he called to her "look at me Silk, I want you to look at me while I fuck your ass."

She turned her head, watching his face as he continued to take her like no one had done before. Taking hold of her hips, he began to fuck her, each time withdrawing to the very tip before plunging back in. "Tell me what you want' he asked looking in her eyes.

"Fuck my ass, baby, Oh God please fuck my ass hard!" She knew what he wanted to hear and that is what she wanted him to do. He continued to take her, thrusting faster and faster into her. His balls stiffened as her got closer and closer to his climax. Belinda's orgasm was fast approaching, she was so turned on by watching him as he continued to fuck her ass. She reached down and began to rub her clit. Closer and closer they came to release, suddenly she watched as he lifted his hand a laid a smack against her ass cheek.

The feeling was incredible, she moaned loudly the pleasure of it running from her ass to her brain. Suddenly, their orgasm arrived, his pushed himself deep inside of her, his body became rigid his balls twitched as him cum exploded from the head of his cock. His orgasm sent Belinda over the edge, her ass clamped down on his cock, she could feel his hot cum hitting her walls and every nerve ending in her body fired as one.

It was as powerful and orgasm as either had experienced before. It rocked them to the foundation sending them to a new level of ecstasy. He clung to her as if his life depended on it, calling out her name over and over as pleasure raced through his body. Belinda watched his face as and expression of rapture was displayed. Her own orgasm shaking her body like a violent whirlwind. It seem to last and eternity but slowly they began to regain control of their bodies. He remained inside of her for several moments then withdrew. She stood and they hugged their lips pressed together sharing a range of emotions words alone could not express.

Reaching down he scooped her in his arms, he carried her to the bathroom where they washed each other clean. Then still naked, they crawled under the covers. She placed her head on his chest and was asleep in no time, he a few seconds behind. As his eyes closed, he thanked heaven for having brought this incredible woman into his life.

They slept until the early morning sun streaming through the window woke them, then sharing a long deep kiss, they parted, each anticipating the next time they would be together.

The End (or Should I say, The Beginning?)


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