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Just in Time for Dessert
by Mjolnir

"Jack, it's good to see you. It's been far too long. How are Skie and the girls?" Mark greeted his old friend with a warm hug. He was shocked at the change he saw in the older man, in just eight short years..

Jack, the deep lines in his face making him look far older than his forty-five years, smiled cryptically. "Skie is doing wonderfully. She's visiting her mother this week, or she would have joined us. As for the girls, why don't you ask them?"

"Uncle Mark," came an indignant voice from behind him. "Why haven't you been out to visit since you've been back?" As Mark turned, he couldn't believe what he saw. The voice was coming from a beautiful redhead, who had still been a little girl the last time he had seen her, eight years ago when he had gone off to college. Thinking of that time, when she and her sister had been two of his biggest admirers, he couldn't help but smile.

He remembered the games they used to play, and the fact that she had sworn that she was going to marry him when she grew up. She had always been loving to her "uncle", though the title was honorary. He had merely been a good friend of the O'Hara's, especially the girls' mother, Skie. Mark had smiled and played along, knowing that she would outgrow her crush, but feeling flattered nonetheless. Now, at twenty-one, she was still looking at him with stars in her eyes, though he completely missed them.

"I'm sorry, Liz. I've been too busy, what with making sure that this restaurant succeeds. Besides, last I'd heard, you were all traveling." Elizabeth looked down, apparently pouting, but when she looked up, there was a playful gleam in her eyes that he couldn't help but notice.

Reaching up and lacing her fingers behind his neck, she pulled him closer and whispered in his ear, "I'll forgive you, just this once." She followed this up with a playful nibble on his ear that sent shivers down Mark's spine.

As he was recovering from the shock of seeing the change in the sweet, shy girl he had known years ago, he was unprepared for the next. Elizabeth had always been slight, but her sister had been the total opposite. A tomboy without shame, Darlene had been teased for years about her weight. When she was seven, she came running home crying because of the jokes. It was all her mother could do to convince her she was beautiful. Therefore, Mark was a little surprised to see a toned, athletic young woman come walking up. Unlike her sister, though, Darlene did not play games. She smiled tightly, gave him a quick hug with a whispered. "It's good to see you," and stepped back. Something about the hungry way she stared at him, however, made him a little uncomfortable.

"Shall we, ladies?" Jack, his mind preoccupied with work, had missed the little interchange. Mark extended his arm, which Elizabeth took without hesitation. The four of them went to Mark's personal table. Bowing to his superior knowledge of the menu, the three allowed the restaurateur to order for them, trusting his memory of their tastes. Mark's memory served well, and all three of them were thoroughly impressed with the menu.

As the meal progressed, they caught up on old times. Over the appetizers, a wonderful focaccia bread and delicious stuffed mushrooms, Mark regaled them with tales of his three year world tour. Over the salads, Jack told of the success of his company, thanks, in no small measure, to the sacrifices his wife and family had made of his time, as well as their own. During the entree, Jack veritably glowed as he told of Elizabeth's valedictorian speech, and Darlene's state MVP awards for soccer, basketball, and softball.

While the conversations were going on, Elizabeth made a point to touch Mark's arm as often as possible, while laughing in response to a witty remark, or gratefully acknowledging a compliment. Gradually, she became more bold, finally resting her hand on his thigh. This did not go unnoticed by Mark, who spent the time trying to resolve the respect he had for his old friend, and the increasingly difficult task of controlling the building lust for his two daughters. He was fairly certain that the lust would win the struggle.

Another strike against the respect was the soft feel of Darlene's foot sliding up his shin. At first, Mark was not certain of the touch, as it began somewhat hesitantly. Before long, however, the pressure increased, and the foot became increasingly bold. Mark was impressed with the control the young woman had over her body, as she was stroking his shin and calf with her toes without showing any sign of movement above the table. Gradually, her foot moved higher up his leg, stroking his thigh, and gradually moving to the inside of his leg.

Soon, Darlene's foot was in Mark's lap. She stroked up and down his crotch, her dexterous toes squeezing his rapidly stiffening member. It was all Mark could do to keep his mind on the conversation. Luckily, his control was not tested long. Just as his control was about to slip, and he was about to let a moan out, Jack's phone rang. Darlene froze, glancing sideways at her father, and Elizabeth put a finger to her lips as she listened.

"O'Hara," Jack answered. "What?! That report was done! I'll be there in ten minutes. Don't let them out of your sight." Hanging up the phone, Jack looked guiltily around the table. "Unfortunately, it seems I will have to cut our reunion short. Mark, will you be so kind as to take care of the girls? Unfortunately, I just don't have time to get them home."

"It will be my pleasure," Mark replied, with a pretty good idea of how prophetic those words were. Lust had won the battle, with a bit of help from lady luck.

As soon as Jack was out of sight, Darlene slipped under the table, while the waitress came around to clear the dishes and take the dessert order.

"Would you bring out the Nooner special, Laura? Give us a few moments, and then you can send the staff home for the afternoon. I'll lock up."

Smiling knowingly, the young waitress nodded, and went off to the back, carrying the message.

Darlene was already sliding her hands up and down his legs, and slowly reached up to unfasten his belt. As her hands reached up to untuck his shirt, Mark reached over to her sister, who had been sitting quietly, impatience evident in her face. Pulling her close, he whispered softly, "I have missed out on seeing you grow into such lovely women. I hope--" Elizabeth cut him off by pressing her lips to his, and insistently probing his mouth with her tongue.

At the same moment, Darlene unzipped his pants and pulled them down, releasing his now stiff member. Expertly stroking his cock with her gentle hand, the athletic young woman brought a moan of pleasure from him, which was muffled by the fact that his mouth was currently locked with that of her sister.

Just as the kiss was ending, Darlene brought her soft lips to his manhood. Mark was surprised by the skill she exhibited when planting kisses on his cock. Alternately stroking his member with her hand, gently teasing it with her lips, flicking her tongue over it and his balls, and ever so delicately nibbling on the sensitive flesh, she brought feelings he had rarely experienced. With his attention so focused on those sensations, he could not continue the passionate probing of Liz's mouth.

This did not upset Elizabeth, however, as she had expected him to lose his concentration. She had often seen the effect that her sister's ministrations had on men. Since they were young, they had shared everything. Mark, however, was special. When they heard he was back, the girls knew that they had not been saving themselves for no reason. Their practice in the other areas had been extensive, but they had determined early on in their sexual exploration that only one man was worth the ultimate sacrifice.

With Mark distracted, Elizabeth easily removed his tie and opened his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. Digging an ice cube out of her cup and setting it skillfully between her lips, Liz began running her mouth from Mark's neck to his navel, savoring the feel of his skin as the chill of the ice cube brought goose bumps to his chest. Pausing occasionally to refresh her ice supply, she paid special attention to his nipples, relishing in the more subtle sight of those hardening nubs.

Though his mind was focused on what Darlene was doing to his cock, the sudden shock of the ice running up and down his body caused Mark to divide his attention. Suddenly, as if to compete with her sister, Darlene chose that moment to take him into her mouth, running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft like a lollipop, and then swallowing him whole. Though he was no stranger to oral sex, none of his former partners had approached the task with such obvious gusto and talent. No previous experience had prepared him for this.

Smiling saucily, Laura returned to the table with a covered tray, and absently stroked Liz's fiery hair. "Dessert is served. I just know you'll enjoy it." With a lascivious wink, Laura went back into the kitchen, after making sure that the front door was locked.

Her mind fixed on the task at hand, Elizabeth ignored the tray. Taking another piece of ice, she began planting gentle kisses on Mark's ears and face, gradually moving back to his mouth. At the instant Elizabeth stuck her ice-capped tongue in his mouth, Mark experienced the most intense orgasm he ever had. The combination of Darlene's expert attention to his cock and Elizabeth's skilled touch to his body and face was more than he could handle. He could feel Darlene's throat milking his cock for everything it was worth, and could tell without seeing that she swallowed every drop.

His fists unclenched, and let go the grip they had on Darlene's hair and Elizabeth's skirt. His eyes fluttered open for the first time in minutes, and his senses returned to the world in front of him. The first sight that greeted him was Elizabeth, with a grin that would make a cat in a canary cage proud. The sight of the gorgeous redhead looking at him that way inflamed him. Though his seed was spent, at least momentarily, he could not wait. With strength born of passion, He lifted Liz from her seat, setting her in front of him on the table, between the still untouched dessert platter and the wall.

Without a word, Mark pulled the tight dress over her head in one fluid motion. He was surprised, but only slightly, by the fact that she wore nothing beneath the dress. Her taut, firm body fit so snugly into the custom tailored outfit that undergarments were unnecessary. Hastily removing the lid from the still covered tray, Mark tossed it aside without a glance.

Revealed to Elizabeth's eyes was an assortment of fruits and condiments. A small can of whipped cream, a jar of chocolate sauce, and a bowl of honey were the centerpieces of the tray, surrounded by strawberries and chunks of melon. Never taking his eyes from Liz's luscious body, Mark reached for the honey drizzler from memory, knowing from experience exactly where it lay. While softly kissing her chest and stomach, he guided the small wand to her wet pussy. Dripping a few small dollops of honey on her sex, he looked up and whispered, "I had better clean up my mess. How clumsy of me."

Dropping the stick to free both of his hands, Mark began kissing the girl's thighs, while guiding his fingers expertly into her waiting pussy. Stroking gently, he began gradually guiding his mouth to her sex, teasing, bringing moans and yells of pleasure and growing frustration from her. Finally, removing his hand from her tight hole, he began licking in earnest, doing his best to find every drop of honey.

Hearing her sister screaming in delight had always aroused Darlene, who had spent the last few moments getting out of her jeans and shirt, no small feat in the confines under the table. Just as she was crawling out to investigate, she felt a hand stroke her face, guiding firm fingers to her mouth. With gentle pressure, Mark forced her jaw open, and inserted two of his fingers. Two fingers which had most recently been in the warm confines of her sister's pussy.

This was, of course, not the first time that Darlene had tasted her sister's juices. They had sampled each other firsthand on many occasions. This was, however, the first time it had tasted this sweet. Something was different, though Darlene did not yet know what. Hungrily, she sucked the fingers in her mouth, licking them and the others clean.

At the same time, an equally hungry mouth was licking and sucking on a honey covered pussy. Mark, who considered himself a bit of a gourmet in these matters, had found, to his taste, the sweetest juice in the world. The combination of the honey, the vaginal fluids, and pure feminine sweat, was to him as the nectar of the gods. Elizabeth's was made even sweeter by the fact that he realized, no matter what he had thought when they were younger, he truly loved her and they were meant for each other. That she and her sister had come here today, with a hunger that could not be denied, was fated. Mark decided to give in to fate.

After licking him clean, Darlene was finally able to slip from beneath the table. Knowing what she would see, she was still unprepared for the look of absolute ecstasy on her sister's face. Seeing the tray, and deducing from that what the new taste was, Darlene decided to try a little experiment herself. Taking the chocolate sauce, she dripped a little on her sister's stiff nipples, wanting to sample the flavor. Without hesitation, she leaned over her sister, planting passionate kisses on her chest and neck, and darting her tongue over the chocolate covered skin. She was leaning over from the far side of the table, over her sister's shoulder. In her passion clouded state, Elizabeth reacted in the only way she could think of to the new touch. Gripping her sister's head with the hand that was not buried in Mark's hair, she began pulling it up to her face. When their lips met, Elizabeth's taste buds were bombarded with such a combination of flavors that she momentarily blacked out from the sensory overload.

When she came back to herself, she found that Darlene had returned her attention to her sensitive nubs. Removing her hand from Mark's head, though he was still driving her wild with lust, she began stroking the small of her sister's back, moving down to her taut buns, and pulling her lower body closer. She guided one hand between her sister's legs, to the pussy that she kept cleanly shaven. Darlene stood up, leaning back against the booth, knowing that the burning in her cunt would soon be cooled a bit.

As she worked her fingers in and out of her sister's well lubricated pussy, stroking her clit with practiced pressure, Liz guided her head between Darlene's legs. Just as she began teasing her sister's sensitive clitoris with her tongue, she was hit with an explosive orgasm, causing her to scream loudly in pleasure. During this time, Mark's cock had hardened again, and without Darlene to see to it, he needed to take other steps. With a final kiss to her engorged button, he pulled his mouth away from Liz's warm pussy. She was distracted enough by her sister's sex that she gave only a small moan of displeasure.

Standing at the edge of the table, Mark positioned his stiff member at the opening of the young woman's pussy. Teasing himself a little, he lightly stroked her clit with his manhood. Seeing the look of ecstasy on Darlene's face, and Liz's face buried between her sister's legs, he could not hold back any longer. Gripping her hips with his strong hands, Mark plunged deeply into her cunt, taking her cherry, much to his surprise.

Liz's hands, which were holding tightly to her sister's thighs, suddenly tightened, and her teeth clenched, causing Darlene to yelp in pain. Opening her eyes, she saw Mark buried to the hilt in her sister's patch of hair. Smiling to herself, she leaned forward, and, taking his face in her hands, gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

Mark returned the kiss with as much passion as he received. While still thrusting deeply, he stroked Darlene's sweat soaked face, brushing her hair back. He pulled his lips from hers, and began kissing her cheek, her ear, and moved to her neck. Playfully, he nibbled just a little at her smooth skin. Gradually, he moved down to her tender nipples, and began kissing them. He sucked one into his mouth, while gently stroking the other.

With his other hand, he had begun stroking Elizabeth's clit between thrusts. Gradually, he increased the pace of the pounding he was giving her throbbing pussy.

With her tight hole filled, Liz was having trouble concentrating on the task at hand. She did not let up her pace, however; rather, she tried to duplicate for her sister, with a combination of tongue and fingers, the sensations she was experiencing.

Between Elizabeth at her cunt and Mark's attention to her breasts, Darlene was in ecstasy. She was more often interested in pleasing her lovers than being pleased. Even with her sister, it was usually she who was giving the pleasure. Therefore, it was a somewhat new experience for her to be doing none of the work.

Mark suddenly stopped caressing Darlene's breasts, and leaned back, lost in the moment of his orgasm. As his seed exploded into Liz's eager womb, both Elizabeth and Darlene let out the most primal screams he had ever heard. The combination of their three voices, in unified ecstasy, sent all three of them, briefly, to another plane.

Darlene was the first to come back to herself, but only by a moment. Something had changed in that instant, however, and she knew the three of them would never have exactly the same relationship again. She also knew that they would be together forever.

Mark and Elizabeth came back together, as Darlene was disentangling herself from her sister's embrace. Sliding to the velvet seat with a sigh, Darlene watched as her sister sat up to wrap her arms around Mark, who was still deep inside her. As he finally slipped from inside her, Mark gently kissed Elizabeth's eyelids, which were closed in total relaxation. Reaching around her, he took hold of Darlene's hand, and guided it to the tray. Helping her pluck a strawberry from the platter, he guided her hand to her sister's dripping pussy. Dipping the fruit into the mixed juices, Mark then pulled her hand to his mouth. Taking a small bite of the strawberry, he sighed in pleasure, his eyes closing as he savored the taste.

Curious, Darlene, who now had control of her hand, took a taste of the fruit for herself. The combination of the fluids and the fruit, with just a hint of honey, was the most amazing flavor she had ever tasted. Not wanting her sister to miss out, she popped the rest of the fruit between Liz's unresisting lips.

With a smile as he watched the play between the two girls, Mark reached up to stroke Liz's cheek with the back of his hand. "My sweet treasure," he whispered, using the nickname he had used when they were younger. "I know now what has been missing from my life these last years. It has been you. I doubt you remember the games we played when we were younger, but I want-"

"What games? I have known all my life that we were meant to be together. I'm sorry it has taken you so long to know as well." With a smile to her sister, Liz kissed her childhood sweetheart.

After what felt an eternity of bliss, Mark broke off from her kiss. "I have one question, Liz. Do you want our wedding in the spring, or the fall?"

"I don't know. Darlene, when do you want to marry him?" Laughing at the shocked look on Mark's face, Liz said. "You don't expect me to be separated from my baby sister, do you?"

His loins stirring again, Mark took a long look at Darlene, and said. "No, of course not." Then, with a wicked gleam, added, "Now, have you been saving yourself as well?"

To Be Continued...


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