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Julie Ch. IV
by Zach

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"Uh, mom?" I began, as Julie and I approached our mom seated on the couch in her nightshirt. We stopped at the edge of the pit framed by the couch and two loveseats on either end.

We had sat stunned and naked on my bed for what seemed forever, then Julie left to get dressed.

I went to Julie's room after I pulled on a T-shirt and jeans and she started to apologize but I stopped her as I raised my hand. After all, it 'takes two to tango' as they say, and I told her as much.

Neither of us talked about mom's bizarre, calm demeanor after she discovered us. We sat in my sister's room and listened until the water pipes in the house went silent and we heard mom walk down the stairs. Then we started down to find out the conclusion of this Twilight Zone episode.

"Oh, hi kids. Did you order the pizza?"

"Uh....I guess I forgot..." I managed, and mom smiled, leaning her head back slightly.

"That's ok, I actually ordered it myself after I thought about it. I figured you two would be pre-occupied."

I began to really worry about mom then, thinking she really lost it after discovering us like that.

"Ok, I'll stop being coy, I know you two are wondering why I'm not angry or surprised."

Julie and I fidgeted in sort of non-committal body language, as if to say 'maybe the thought crossed our minds'.

Mom patted the empty cushions on either side of her and we dutifully took our places as she spoke.

"Actually, I was a bit surprised when I came home from shopping and found your sister kneeling between your legs."

So she had seen us there after all. I mentally rolled my eyes and wondered if this was maybe a good time to tell her that I took two dollars from her purse when I was six, but shit, maybe she knew that too. I scanned Julie's face for a reaction to mom's revelation but my sister was maintaining a poker face.

"But that's only because it was the first time I'd seen you two like that." mom continued "Your Aunt Megan dropped me off and I guess you didn't hear me come up the stairs. I went back down and was about to slam a door or something when the phone rang."

"Let me back up a bit though." she said and settled into the couch more "When I was about your age," mom said looking at Julie as she stroked her hair "My mother walked in to my room to find me, Robert and Megan naked."

"Uncle Robert?" My sister spoke my thought, then closed her mouth just as suddenly with an almost audible snap. Neither of us could picture him in that situation. Our Uncle Robert was a great guy, but pretty straight-laced. I'd always just chalked it up to his stint in the military.

Mom smiled at Julie's reaction but continued. "We had been playing 'truth or dare' and eventually we 'dared' each others clothes off, and continued the game. When my mother found us, we were on the floor in a small circle. Robert had an erection I was leaning over Megan's chest with her nipple in my mouth."

I was struggling to digest both that startling information and the mental images that my mother was giving us. It was made all the more difficult by the fact that she previously had not spoken about her teenage years. Her next words made me understand why.

"My mother screamed and began slapping us and calling us dirty and wicked children, saying 'how could we do such a thing'. When my dad got home and my mom told him what we had done, he yelled at all of us but blamed Robert, even though I told dad truthfully that it was my idea. My dad threw my brother against the wall hard. He knocked out two of his teeth and broke his arm below the elbow."

"My father didn't seem to react at all to my brother's injuries. He just threw him in the car screaming in pain and drove him to the hospital. When Robert recovered, they sent him to military school, and for several years we only saw him on holidays. Thank god Megan and I had each other to get through those times..." she trailed off.

We knew Mom and Aunt Megan had always been close and the affection was evident in her voice when she spoke her sister's name. As I thought about mom's words, I wondered if their incestuous lesbian encounter as teens had been only youthful experimentation, or something more.

"I was never close to my parents even before that, as I'm sure you've guessed." We had guessed actually. Julie and I had seen our grandparents maybe five times in our lives, always during a major event like a wedding or funeral and never for very long.

"But after that incident, things went downhill fast." mom continued, "Robert never blamed me but I blamed myself. I also hated my parents for their part. I was always sort of a 'free-spirited' teenager but I began to be rebellious then. I started to run with the 'wrong crowd' so to speak. That's how I met your father. He seemed so strong and sexual to me, just the type my parents hated." she said with a small chuckle. "He got me pregnant pretty fast. My parents were furious of course. Your father's parents were old fashioned enough to insist that he marry me and his father gave him a job at the textile factory where he was a manager. His heart was not in our marriage though and he left me after finding out I was pregnant again."

She stopped then, her words still echoed in our ears. Mom's eyes still had that half-focused look and her face was slack. Then she blinked and took a breath as she leaned back on the couch and stretched her arms around Julie and me, looking at each of us in turn with a smile and pulled us close.

"I don't want either of you to think I regret having you though. You were the only good thing to come out of that bad situation. I never talked about this before but I wanted you to understand, now that I know you ah... take after your mother a bit." She finished tactfully with a knowing smile on her lips.

We sat there with mom's arms around us. I knew she wanted a reaction from us now. Julie and I looked at each other for a several long moments, then I brought my lips up to mom's cheek and Julie followed suit.

"We love you, mom." I said for both of us.

She smiled and hugged us close once more. Julie moved in under mom's arm to snuggle her cheek against mom's breast and hugged her tight around the waist. Mom snuggled back up to her daughter with her hand gently stroking Julie's hair. I noted that the corner of Julie's mouth came right to the edge of where mom's nipple made a small bump in the cotton fabric of her nightshirt. We sat like that without speaking for several minutes.

"Mom?" Julie broke the silence.

"Yes, dear?"

"We never um...finished upstairs."

"Finished..? Oohh,"

"Yeah, we were kind of in shock know..."

Each time she spoke her lips moved up and down over the small bump of mom's cloth-covered nipple. I was sort of entranced by this sight, then I began to listen to what Julie said.

"Anyway, do you mind if we finish before the pizza gets here?" Julie asked, craning her head up to meet my mother's eyes.

"I don't mind sweetie," mom said as she smiled and kissed her daughter on the forehead "but you may want to ask your brother."

Julie pushed herself off the couch and swung over to my side wrapping her arms around my neck as she faced my profile.

"Well big brother?"

I could sense her eagerness and I knew this was a fantasy come true for her. Pretty close for me too, as I thought about it - Still, I decided to make her suffer just a bit for putting me on the spot again.

"Is that the nicest way you can ask then Jules?" I said with a grin, turning my head towards her slightly.

My sister caressed the opposite side of my face, as she leaned in until her lips were touching my ear and whispered so only I could hear: "May I please suck your cock until you come in my mouth big brother? I promise I'll swallow all of it."

Julie kissed my ear and without waiting for an answer, she moved between my legs on the couch and began to unfasten my jeans. She got my zipper down when mom turned to go, presumably to give us some privacy, but Julie grabbed her hand.

"You don't have to leave mom," she said cheerily. "We'll just be a second since Tim's probably so worked up already..." she said and winked at me as she pulled my pants down and off, exposing my once again stiff member to our mom.

"She grabbed the shaft in her small hands and immediately lowered her mouth onto me, making me let out a fast breath at the warm, wet sensation that I never quite got used to.

Mom sat down next to us and watched her daughter's lips glide up and down my shaft. Julie wetly popped her mouth off me after about a minute, still jacking me off with her hand as she spoke to mom.

"I'm trying to hurry mom" she said looking our mother in the eye as she pushed her face down on me once more before coming back up to speak again. Julie's lips were right on the head of my prick like a microphone as she looked up at our mother.

"I think Tim's just holding out to make me look bad." she said with a wink and mom smiled at us as Julie went back to work. The sounds of her slurping and sucking filled the room.

Mom then knelt down next to Julie and put her hand on the back of my sister's bobbing head. Julie turned her face slightly towards our mom, making my prick form a bulge in her cheek.

"You're doing fine sweetheart." Mom said and scooted closer to us until her legs were straddling my calf. She leaned in close and watched her daughter's mouth slide up and down my wet shaft. Mom moved her hand down to the nape of Julie's neck as she monitored my sisters bobbing motions. She slid her other hand over my lower abdomen until her fingers reached Julie's left hand at the base of my cock. Mom slipped her fingers around Julie's and mother and daughter held hands in the nest of my dark pubic hair. My sister's motions increased in speed and intensity as she tried to make me come in her mouth.

Julie then slowed momentarily and rose off of me until her mouth was just over the top of my cock. My sister opened her mouth to let a string of drool and pre-cum flow down from her mouth over my prick, then she licked it up and did it again, all while keeping eye contact with mom.

My sister pulled back a final time and slobbered her slimy mixture down my prick.

"Is that too much spit mom?" she asked leaving the wet string in place. It vibrated from the movement of her lips as she spoke. "or should I swallow some of it."

"Well usually, the wetter the better. It's not all spit though sweetie." Mom said, reaching to grab the slimy rope connecting Julie's mouth and my dick, breaking it between her thumb and forefinger, as she continued: "It's your saliva mixed with Timothy's pre-cum. The pre-cum makes it more stringy." My mom explained unnecessarily to Julie.

I knew my sister was playing dumb to heighten the eroticism and get mom to participate. I didn't know how much our mom really bought it, but as I watched the two of them there, I didn't really care.

"Plain spit is much thinner." mom said and leaned over me with pursed lips to let her own drool fall on to my prick head. The bubbly mass of saliva from my mother ran slowly down my cock.

"But if your brothers sexual lubrication was mixed in there, it would become just like the fluid in your mouth right now."

My sister regarded the clear-bubbles of my mom's saliva sliding slowly down my shaft, then moved forward and slid her lips down my length. Julie slurped up her mothers spit from my prick and gave me several more strokes. Julie then pulled off, and once again drooled the clear gooey string onto the top of my prick head and down my shaft.

"Would you show me mom;" Julie asked, "how you do it?"

My mom looked at me, "Well I..."

"It's ok mom." I said, assuring her.

"Well, ok sweetie."

Julie still had the rope of spit and pre-cum bridging the gulf between her mouth and my cock. When mom agreed to her request, Julie leaned directly over my cock to release the slimy strand from her mouth. It was stronger than plain saliva though, as mom said, and Julie had to gather some fluid from her mouth and spit it on my cock head to break the bond.

"As I was saying," mom continued as she watched Julie's bubbly mass of spit and pre-cum run down my length, "If your brothers fluid is added to the spit in my mouth..." and she leaned over to take almost my entire length in her mouth, drawing up with her lips clamped over my shaft. When she reached the top, she closed her lips tightly over the tip to get as much of my sex-fluid as possible, making me groan, and came up leaving my previously slimy dick relatively clean for the moment.

After mom's lips slipped off the head of my dick, she kept going for 3 more inches, then opened her mouth to let the cum-spit mixture fall from her mouth in a long slimy rope, re-baptizing my prick with all three of our combined secretions. Then mom reached her hand out and slid her forefinger along my shaft. She gathered the thin, gooey wetness on the tip of her finger and brought her hand in front of Julie's face.

"See honey? she asked as she rubbed her thumb and wet forefinger together in front of my sister's eyes.

Julie had actually started to finger herself through the small shorts she wore while mom was doing this. As mom pulled her hand back, she looked at Julie and my sister realized it was her turn to continue as she pulled her hand from her crotch and grabbed me once again. She lowered her mouth over my recently slimed cock and I could see the new fluid my mom had deposited collect at the corner of Julie's mouth. Mom watched her daughter's mouth move on my cock for another few minutes, gently stroking the back of her neck, then stopped her.

"Hold on a second dear," mom said and Julie eased her mouth off the end of me, trailing the same slimy mixture from her lips to the throbbing head of my prick as she looked questioningly at her mother.

"Since you're trying to make him ejaculate as soon as possible, try moving your hand along the base of your brothers penis in time with the bobbing of your head." mom said as she guided my sisters left hand to the base of my shaft. "Try to keep as much of your hand and mouth in contact with the shaft and head as possible."

"Do it consistently and keep a good rhythm" mom explained as she gently brought her daughter's head back onto my prick. Julie let mom guide her as her wet lips slipped over the head of my cock once more, while keeping her eyes on our mom. Julie moved her head and hands up and down as she tried to follow all of mom's instructions. My sister pulled up and off me again with another wet slurp then looked at mom with open, wet lips. "Can you show me that too mom?" She asked grasping my cock.

Mom turned towards me automatically but I spoke before she could.

"Go ahead mom." I said. Far be it from me to stand in the way of an education.

Julie then scooted a bit to the side as mom leaned over and slid the warm wetness of her mouth over my cock. I sighed loudly at the intense sensation of having my own mom suck me and tried not to lose it in her mouth.

"Just keep a rhythm and keep contact." Mom said, pulling off briefly to speak then going back down.

She grasped the base of my cock and moved her hand up and down the shaft along the skin that her mouth did not reach, just as she had been instructing my sister. Mom's experience showed, and she quickly had me approaching critical mass. She did about fifteen strokes then brought her mouth off the end of my prick, taking some of the sex-mixture with her as she licked her lips and I heard the smacking sound of her tongue coming away from the roof of her mouth.

"Like that." mom said, a little out of breath as she passed my cock back to her daughter. Julie then slipped her face back down my cock and kept her questioning eyes on mom.

"Many men respond well if you caress the skin between their legs during oral sex also." With that mom reached out and brought Julie's right hand up to my crotch. Feeling my mom suck me, and the two of them touching me, almost brought me off, but what mom said next was too much.

"Since were in the living room dear," mom said as she gently stroked Julie's short sandy blonde hair while my sister sucked me, "and we don't want to make a mess, just take all the semen in your mouth when your brother ejaculates, ok sweetheart?"

I suddenly grunted and came in thick jets inside Julie's mouth. My sister heard my warning and brought her lips up until she only had the head of my cock in her mouth. I felt several large spurts go out of me and saw Julie start to struggle with the volume of it. She swallowed twice then I saw two pearly white globs form at the corners of her mouth. The globs quickly ran over into streams and down her chin, followed by more escaping cum from her lips.

My mom, still with her left hand on the back of Julie's head, brought her right hand up to form a cup under my sisters now dripping chin and began to catch the strings of goo as they oozed from the bottom of her daughter's face.

Julie seemed to get control of the semen in her mouth after a few moments and she swallowed several times before pulling off of me and opening her slimy lips with a lewd smacking sound.

"Sor..." Julie began, then swallowed once more and tried again, "Sorry mom, that was more cum than I thought!"

Mom still had her hand cupped, and it now contained a fairly good amount of my spunk.

"That's ok dear," she said and brought her clean hand up to Julie's semen-coated chin and began to gather up the dangling goo with her finger. "Just remember; if you make a mess, to clean it up." Mom said still using her finger to clean her daughter's face.

Mom started to scrape the semen from her finger on to her cupped hand but Julie grabbed her wrist and pulled moms cream-covered finger to her mouth and began to suck it clean, her eyes never leaving our mother's. Mom stopped for a moment at that, but then she smiled and let Julie nurse the cum from her finger. When my sister had cleaned it, mom went back to Julie's chin for more cum and fed that to her daughter as well. She pushed it into Julie's mouth as if feeding an infant. Mom worked tenderly, moving her coated finger across Julie's small chin and letting her daughter's lips pull the cum from her finger after each pass.

Our mother finally pushed the last bit of cum past Julie's lips and dropped her hand to her lap. Then my sister leaned her head back a bit and squeezed more out again, making a creamy white line form along her pressed lips. Mom then brought her finger back up and ran it along the crease of Julie's lips. She gathered up the cream and pushed it back in, and her daughter sucked her finger clean once more. Then Julie squeezed it back out on to her face smiling.

"Well, now you're just being silly dear." mom chided but smiled back and pushed the white goo back in to her daughter's mouth again.

"Ok mom," my sister announced after sucking her mom's finger clean for the final time. She opened her mouth wide like a good little girl who finished all her oatmeal, "All gone!"

Mom started up to dispose of the cum she had caught from Julie's dripping chin but again my sister stopped her and brought mom's hand to her mouth. My sister held my mom's cream-filled palm just under her lips for a moment as she looked up into our mom's eyes, then she leaned her head down and pushed her lips into the gooey puddle and began to feed. Mom returned her left hand to the back of Julie's head and caressed the nape of her daughter's neck as Julie lapped and sucked my semen from our mothers cupped hand. Julie's efforts produced an obscene slurping sound as she sucked the thick white substance with abandon. After a minute she had gotten most of it. My sister then began to lick the remnants from her mothers skin and between her fingers until the only trace of it was our mothers palm, shining wet with Julie's spit.

My sister swallowed several times then smiled up at our mother with a wet face. Julie straightened at the hip to stand on her knees and waddled the short distance between them until they were breast to breast.

"Thanks, mom." My sister said and she kissed her mother on the lips. When she pulled back I saw the new cum-wetness reflecting off of our mothers mouth.

"Sorry mom, I guess that was a wet one." Julie said but did not reach up to remove the moisture from mom's face this time.

"That's ok sweetheart," our mother said as her tongue emerged from between her lips to clean the cum-spit mixture that her daughter had deposited there, "we're family."


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