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Julie Loves An Audience Ch. I
by Clayton

Julie was always a lot of fun. She lived with me for several months after my divorce so she could save enough money to go back to college. Like most 22 year old girls she had a flat stomach and a tight butt. She was brunette, 5'4" with long legs, a 23 inch waist and 34B tits.

Julie would usually serve drinks and snacks when my buddies came over for poker on Thursday nights. She normally dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. As a birthday treat for Bob I had Julie dress up in her French maid outfit. She enjoyed all of the extra attention and flirted all evening. Our sex that night was fantastic.

The following week Julie decided she would wear her Halloween costume. Julie only answered to Nurse Keeler all evening. Nurse Keeler had a short skirt, white thigh-highs and high heels, and a plunging neckline. Nurse Keeler was very attentive all evening and the game broke up an hour later than normal. The sex was, again, exceptional afterwards.

The following Tuesday Julie had a package delivered to her. There was no name on the outside or inside of the box. It contained a sheer belly dancers outfit with only the smallest silk coverings for her nipples and a tiny G-string panty. Julie was both delighted and upset. She liked the present but was concerned that it showed too much. I told her that it would show too much only if she didn't wear the G-string. I also told her she had displayed her tits the previous week every time she bent over the table.

On Thursday Julie told me she would not be wearing the Belly Dancer costume. I told her someone really wanted to see her in the outfit and had spent a lot of money on her. Someone had a secret fantasy about her. Julie liked the idea of being someone's fantasy girl.

On Thursday Julie stayed in our bedroom until the first hand of cards was dealt. The music started playing from our room and she made a dramatic entrance. All eyes were on her as she danced into the room and swirled around the table. The costume showed every bit of her luscious body except her nipples and her pussy, but her nipples were attempting to rip through the fabric. I also caught a slight whiff of woman scent as she passed. Julie was flushed and excited, caught up with the idea of every man hard for her.

The card game was a joke; everyone wanted to see Julie dance and most of them patted her ass as she brought drinks to the table. Finally Julie said she wanted to talk. We put down the cards and Julie said she had someone to thank for the outfit. She handed out blank note cards and a pen to each of the guys. The person who sent her the outfit had to write down his name and put it in an envelope. She couldn't figure out who had sent it to her, so a compromise meant she would dance for everyone in turn. After dancing for each of the guys, Julie would guess who sent the outfit.

Julie danced one dance for each of the guys. She rubbed her butt across their laps and flashed her titties in their faces. After all the dances Julie guessed that Jeff had sent her the outfit. I opened the envelope and told Julie she was wrong and she had two more guesses. If she was wrong again, the top had to come off. This time Julie guessed that it was Bob. I told Julie to take off the top. She blushed and slowly removed the sheer top. I warned Julie that the G-string was next. She guessed that it was Mike. All of the guys burst into cheers and Julie looked very nervous. She hesitated and then slipped off the sheer pants and stepped out of the G-string. She had trimmed her pubic into the shape of a tiny heart!

I then told Julie that Jon had sent her the outfit and she was to dance another dance for him. Julie did a long, slow bump and grind for Jon. She rubbed her tits on his face and put one of her high heels on his shoulder while she rubbed her pussy. As a finale she dipped her fingers in her pussy and rubbed them across his lips. When her dance was over Julie slipped into our bedroom and locked the door. After the guys went home Julie finally let me in the bedroom. She had been crying and told me she had never acted like a slut before, and it had her worried about what all the guys would think of her. I told her there were six horny men fucking their wives or girlfriends right now while thinking about Julie. That made Julie incredibly horny and I had the fucking of my life that night.

The next week Julie was more subdued. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt again. After two hours Jeff suggested Julie play cards with the guys. The rules were that the guys would bet $20 and Julie bet her clothes. Julie was allowed to consider her sandals as clothes, but they were only one item.

Julie won $60 and then lost three in a row. She had to take off her sandals, shirt and shorts. She won $40 and then lost her bra. She won another $20 and finally lost her panties. Jeff suggested that Julie play double-or-nothing. Julie said she had nothing left to bet, Jeff said the bet is another $120 if you win - a blow job if you lose. Julie looked at me and I said that $240 was a lot of money. She took the bet and won! Julie was thrilled and immediately went to our bedroom, put on her garter belt and stockings, and trimmed the garter belt with the $20 bills. She strutted around the apartment in her money belt until the guys finally went home. Then she attacked me and I was late for work the next morning.

That week Julie and I talked about our relationship and our future. She was determined to go back to college and I was not interested in marriage for several years. When the Fall Semester started she would be going back to Austin to finish her last year. We decided she could use the Thursday night poker parties to save money for school.

Thursday night Julie dressed again in her Garter belt and heels. She did her hair up and touched up her makeup and nails. Then she put on her robe and waited for the guys to show up. Julie met each at the door and greeted everyone with a kiss. Before the game started Julie told the guys that she was saving her money for college, and that she was willing to be naked for them during the games for $20 per man. She was also willing to play them, one on one, for their winnings. Julie would bet a blowjob against the entire pot on a poker hand. Everyone placed $20 on the table and Julie took off her robe. The poker game was a farce; everyone made crazy bets and Mike finally won everything. Julie watched while Mike counted $120 onto the table, then sat down across from him. I started to deal the cards and Mike stopped me. He looked at Julie and said he was willing to go double or everything.

Julie asked what everything meant. Mike smiled and said if you lose you suck me and fuck me right here on the floor with everyone watching. Julie looked at me and I shook my head. I said Julie had to be able to charge everyone $20 to watch or it was not a good deal for her. Julie looked around and every guy pulled out $20 and waved it at her. I said she would have $120 if she lost and $240 if she won. All she was risking was her pussy. Julie nodded. I dealt her a pair of Kings and Mike held four diamonds. Julie asked for three cards and picked up a second pair. Mike laid down his four diamonds and left his last card face down on the table. He asked Julie if she wanted to go double again. Julie shook her head and waited for Mike to turn over his last card. Mike drew the card up to his chest and peeked at it, then flipped it face up on the table - the two of diamonds.

Julie looked scared, but she didn't try to back out. We threw several blankets and the comforter from the bed onto the livingroom floor, then drew the chairs around in a circle. Julie knelt down and unbuttoned Mike's pants. He slid out of them and Julie removed his shorts. Then she put her hands on his cock and slowly drew it into her mouth. Slowly and sensually she sucked and licked him as the rest of us watched. Finally Julie told Mike to lay down. She licked his prick several more times and started bobbing her head on his rod. She was taking more of him into her mouth with every motion. Mike was enjoying this treat very much and was playing with her nipples as she worked on him.

Finally Julie pulled his cock out of her mouth and straddled him. She settled down over his prick and it slid into her pussy. Julie held Mike in her pussy while she rubbed her fingers across her clit several times and had her first orgasm. She smiled at her audience and then started rocking back and forth on Mike's stiff prick. Slowly she built up speed and started making the little cooing sounds I knew marked a big orgasm building. Mike was thrusting up and Julie was jamming his prick into her pussy when her orgasm hit. Julie started bucking and thrashing from the intensity of the orgasm. Somewhere in the midst of her orgasm, Mike came too. Julie slowed down and came to a stop, then pushed her hair out of her face and smiled at us. She said it was one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had and she was sure it was due to having an audience.

Julie decided she loved having an audience. It was the start of a real hot summer.

To Be Continued...


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