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Julie Loves An Audience Ch. II
by Clayton

Julie was a fun 22 year old brunette who lived with me for several months after my divorce. She was saving enough money to go back to college. She was 5'4" with long legs, a 23 inch waist, a tight butt and 34B tits.

Julie would usually serve drinks and snacks when my buddies came over for poker on Thursday nights. She normally dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. As a birthday treat for one of the guys I had Julie dress up in her French maid outfit. She enjoyed all of the extra attention and flirted all evening. In the weeks that followed, Julie proposed that she would be naked all evening if each guy paid a $20 entrance fee. It was a way to earn and save extra money so she could go back to college.

Julie made that summer memorable for all of us. She met the guys at the door every Thursday night and charged them $20 to enter. She always had a different costume on and still managed to show off her tits and pussy. She sucked and fucked every one of the guys at least once after the games. Her orgasms were always intense due to the comments of the audience.

The week before Labor Day Julie told me not to put out the cards. Instead, she spread the blankets and comforter on the table and brought out her vibrator and 8-inch dildo. When the guys arrived, Julie told them there wasn't going to be an entry fee this week. Every smile disappeared. Then she opened her robe and flashed them her garter belt and stockings and the smiles came back.

When everyone had arrived, Julie took off her robe and climbed up on the table. She licked her vibrator slowly and put it to the lips of her pussy. She lifted her knees and slipped the vibrator into her pussy. She smiled up at us and told us this was a present for us. After she gave us her present she wanted to work for any presents we wanted to give her. Then she started working the vibrator in her pussy. Julie built up speed and soon was slamming the vibrator in and out of her slit at a ferocious rate. She lifted her heels off the table and had her first orgasm of the evening while we just watched in awe.

When Julie pulled the vibrator from her pussy it was covered in her white cream. She grabbed her dildo and slid it into her hole and started building to a second orgasm. This time she rolled her hips and slowly ran the full length of the dildo in and out of her slit. She looked around at our intent faces and smiled. Then she moved the dildo faster and started to shake all over. Her hips rolled and her feet lifted again and she slammed the dildo in and out of her pussy. The cream from her pussy flowed out and splashed every time the dildo was jammed into her slit. Julie finally stopped and removed the dildo. She just smiled up at us and asked for some water. I brought her a glass of water and Julie was still lying there with her legs spread and her cream dripping out of her pussy.

Julie sat up and had a few sips of the water. Then she told the guys that she had fucked every one of them at least once over the summer. It had been terrific sex and she loved having an audience, and the money meant she was able to go back to College. She just had two more car payments to make before she went off to Austin and she intended to earn that from the group tonight. She wanted to be our whore for the evening. She was willing to bet she could suck and fuck each of us before midnight. Anyone wanting to participate could pay $100. Anyone who just wanted to watch had to pay $20. If she couldn't take seven orgasms in her pussy and seven more in her mouth before midnight, she would fuck for free.

We all put up our money and Julie had us draw numbers. Mike drew number 1 and Jon drew number 2. Julie said she was going to give blowjobs first, then would start fucking on round two. We arranged the blankets and comforter on the floor and Julie went to work. Mike shot his first spurt in Julie's mouth and then creamed her face and tits with several more spurts. Jon moved in right away and soon he too unloaded in Julie's mouth. She sucked him dry and then dribbled his cum out both sides of her mouth. Bob and Jeff soon gave their first loads to Julie's mouth and face. Harold took fifth place and Julie really worked to make him cum. Finally he shot his cum in her mouth and held her head so she swallowed it all. Dan was sixth. He had Julie lick his balls and then let her take him deep in her throat. He added his cum to Julie's face and tits. I had Julie take my prick into her mouth and start sucking, then I told Mike to put Julie on all fours and start round two. Julie willingly complied and between the three of us we worked out a rhythm. Julie moved forwards and backwards driving herself onto Mike's prick or sucking mine deeper in her mouth. Mike and I came almost together and Julie had to call a halt to catch her breath.

Julie slipped off to the bathroom and freshened herself, applied a little perfume to her neck and chest, and returned ready to finish round two. The girl was incredible. She rode Jon, Bob and Jeff to orgasms and had four herself. Harold elected to have Julie bend over the table and let him take her from behind. Julie came so hard she almost fell down. Dan had Julie on her back with her legs over his shoulders. Julie came as soon as Dan penetrated her and came again when Dan sprayed deep inside her. I had Julie straddle me and ride my prick to a thunderous orgasm. We looked at the clock and Julie had done it! She had given seven blowjobs and fucked seven times in just over three hours. We all had a drink to celebrate and Julie kissed everyone and let them all have a last feel.

After the guys had left, Julie told me she had only had four guys before me and this summer had been wild and liberating. She liked having an assortment of stiff cocks at her beck and call and really liked having one prick in her mouth and a second in her pussy.

The next day I helped her pack her clothes in her car, then we spent the afternoon and evening in bed. I was sucked dry several times and I spent a lot of time kissing and caressing her tender pussy. I also became the first man to fuck her tight little ass.

It was a great summer.


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