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Jim's Mowing Adventure
by Wagasm

It was a usual day, go to some old fat bitch's house, mow the lawn, cut the bushes into shape, get paid, go home. Thrilling. I rolled up to the house I had to clean up in the morning, with my trailer with all the rakes and that I would need. I strolled up to the door and rang the door bell. It was one of those expensive crappy tune ones, so I knew this bitch would have divorced her wealthy husband and taken the house car and whatever and leaving him to look after the kids, bitch!

She door slowly opened. Not by a butler, surprisingly, but by a beautiful 25ish blonde. She was still tired and only wearing her panties, teddy and nylons. She knew she was at the door half-naked, she didn't care, her large breasts straining against her silk teddy, nipples poking through. "Yes..." she moaned.

"Jim's Mowing, ma'am - I'm here to cut your lawn."

Her beautiful blue eyes opened wide, "Ooohhh, yeah I forgot about you coming, please come in." I didn't know why she was inviting me in, but I walked into her house, all arty farty and rich.

"Nice place" I commented. She took me into the kitchen where she poured herself some bourbon, possibly to wake her up a little. She knocked it back and offered me some. I refused because I didn't want to get drunk and get sacked, I needed the money.

She got me to sit down on a stool by a bench and told me she was going to put some clothes on. She went off into the next room, which happened to be the lounge room, and where I could still see her she bent over, showing off her perfectly shaped thighs and put her fingers in the sides of her panties. To my amazement she pulled them down right there, exposing her sweet little pussy to anybody who wanted to see. She slid them down her long legs and kicked them into a corner. She stood back up and looked around puzzled, and, before she noticed that I had been watching her, I turned my head back around and stared at some sort of statue with a massive cock sticking out of it, pointing across the room. I looked a little closer, the cock was wet! Dirty thoughts flooded my mind as she came back into the kitchen.

"I can't find my fucking clothes!" she screamed, stupid bitch!" She opened up her 3 million litre fridge, which was mainly filled with ice cream, whipped cream, and various health food junk that looked like it had never been touched. "I should get out to those lawns, ma'am," I said stupidly.

"No!" she shouted, "I'm paying you to be here, so sit!"

Sure thing I thought, nothing like getting paid to stare at pussy!

The alcohol started to kick into her and she pulled out a small bucket of ice cream. It had been sitting in the fridge, not the freezer, so it was a little runny. She came back around to the other side of the bench and plonked it down in front of me and opened it up. I looked in, it was some sort of expensive triple layer gourmet shit which most people call chocolate ice cream. She dipped her finger into it and put it up towards my mouth. "Taste it," she beckoned. I wrapped my lips around her finger and licked off the ice cream with my tongue, making her giggle.

"It's good," I replied. She dipped her finger in again and tasted the flavors.

"Mmmm..." she hummed, "Good." She was obviously very into ice cream. She grinned at me like an eight year old girl, and whipped off her silk teddy, exposing her big, tanned, juicy breasts. Her long blonde main fell onto them as she threw her teddy behind me.

Seeing the amazed expression on my face she leaned over the bench, letting her huge melons sway below her and kissed me, sending her wonderfully warm tongue almost down the back of my throat. She giggled some more and climbed up onto the bench, letting me peer at her brown pubic hairs, shaved into shape and her snatch, slightly parted open as she moved her legs wider apart. Her wonderful ass was supported by her sexy feet, still in their nylon coating. I put my hands on her fatless thighs, feeling her pantyhose in my fingers. She quickly slapped my hands away and scolded, "No touching, naughty naughty!"

BITCH! She scooped up a big handful of chocolate ice cream and smeared it all over her breasts, her fingers leaving little trails as she circled her hard nipples.

I watched as a little stream came between her breasts, flowed down her tanned body, just going around her sweet little belly button and down to trickle over her clit and rest perfectly between her lips. A little more flowed down and it started to slowly drip onto the table. She put her chocolate covered hand over her pussy, rubbing a little on her clit, making her gasp. She slit the palm of her hand across her lips and let it back up to rub her breasts. Her small pubic hairs were now coated in ice cream, how I wanted to lick it off. I leaned forward but she pushed me back again, putting ice cream all over my shoulder. "I said no!"

BITCH! She caked on some more ice cream onto her heaving breasts, she heightened, now kneeling in front of me, like she was a stripper at a club. The streams of ice cream flowed down her hot body, flowing down her nylons, making a mess on the bench top.

She swiveled around and rubbed her coated hands all over her hot ass, taking special care to cover it entirely. She then leaned over, as if she was being fucked doggy-style and slid another load of ice cream way up into her chocolate coated pussy. She pulled her hand back out, her fingers less messy from being inside her. She fondled her huge breasts and flexing her pussy lips, as if they were saying 'eat me, eat me.' She moaned a little as some melted ice cream appeared from inside her cunt.

She turned around and sat back down in front of me, her legs spread wide, hanging off the table, feet dangling below. She slide herself forward and back, making patterns on the bench with her chocolate-coated ass. She leaned back, running her hand through her hair, putting chocolate through that as well, and tucked her heels up next to her ass. With one hand supporting her gorgeous body on the desk she took the other and slid it back down to her dripping pussy. She spread her lips wide, letting me see the ice cream covered walls like it was cum in a porno shoot. I again tried to get a feed but was rejected. This was starting to piss me off. I wanted to fuck her cream coated body so badly.

Again she returned to the fridge and pulled out a can of whipped cream she foamed some into her hand and licked it, letting me see it on the edge of her tongue, just before she swallowed it. She came back over and laid down in front of me, placing the can of whipped cream in between her legs, looking into my eyes as she rubbed it all over her hot cunt, her hips rocking about like crazy as she moaned and panted.

She picked up the bucket of now melted chocolate ice cream and poured what was left of it all over her busty chest. She rubbed the wet chocolate all over her body, totally covering her chest and thighs.

She pulled her knees up near her breasts and slowly unrolled her nylons. It looked like her skin was being torn off from all the chocolate on them, and when she had fully taken them off there was a perfect line where they had been. She dropped them to the floor but left her legs up nearer to her head so that she could rub her ass and tickle her pussy. She giggled some more and laid her legs back down.

She grabbed the can of whipped cream and foamed some out around her mouth, licking away as much as she could. She rubbed the rest down her neck and some onto her breasts, where the chocolate was starting to go hard and sticky. She foamed out a mountain of cream all over her breasts and pulled her tit towards her mouth so that she could sensually lick it off. She turned her head towards me, staring deep into my eyes, "Take off all your clothes!"

Finally I was getting somewhere.

I tore off my clothes and she looked at my hard cock, as I was standing it was just at her head level. She foamed out a load of cream into her hand and with the other, pulled my cock towards her. She wrapped it up in the whipped cream and started to pull me off. I felt her warm hand through the cold ice cream, giving me two sensations at once. I reached over and felt her warm breasts, again with the cold cream and sticky chocolate. I squeezed at her breasts, cold cream squelching through my fingers.

"You're lubed up now" she panted, licking the very tip of my cock. She smiled up at me and opened her wet legs wide. I maneuvered around so that I could lay down on top of her amazing body and slid my cock deep inside her, feeling all the warm ice cream that was still in there. She squeezed at my sides with her slippery thighs as I penetrated her as far as I could. I slid the long way back until I was almost out and went deep back inside her again, making her close her eyes and shudder all over. I started pumping in and out of her pussy as my hands slipped and slid all over her wet chest. I stopped after a bit and flipped us over so that she was on top of me. She squeezed her cunt tight around my cock as she slowly slid her self up and down. She rubbed her breasts as she panted heavier and heavier, sliding quicker and quicker on my hard cock.

She grabbed onto the can of whipped cream and slammed her finger on the top, sending it all over the place. I grabbed onto her hand and aimed the can at her slippery cunt, the foamy material sending her off into orgasm, her cunt tightening hard around my cock and she shuddered up and down screaming loudly. The tightness off her lubricated pussy also sent me off, shooting my load deep into her cream covered body.

When I became aware of my surroundings again she was standing up on the bench, directly above my head, letting me stare up at her cream soaked snatch. She got down off of the table and beckoned my to follow her, "Where?" I managed to get out.

"Shower", she replied.

I stumbled up the stairs, following her beautifully dirtied body into her bedroom then into her shower. I slumped down in the shower, sitting on the tiled floor, tired as hell from the fuck I had just had. She stood there, fixing the water with her little handset shower head, so that she could aim the water perfectly at any spot she wanted to, and, that was my cock. Warm water splashed all over my cock, washing off all of the cream that was on it. I stood up and took the handset off of her. She put her hands up against the shower wall, like she was going to be frisked. I ran the water down her perfectly tanned back, noticing that the was not bikini top line across it. I leaned over her naked body, my chest laying on her back, my cock resting on her ass. I used one hand to squirt water onto her body and the other to rub off all the crap, starting with her magnificently big breasts, and going down to her sweet pussy lips. I slid a couple of fingers up her and felt all of the cream that was in there.

Since the handset was smallish and round I could slide it up her tight pussy easily. The sensations she felt with the water flowing inside her and then rushing back out onto the large tiles floor almost sent her off again, as I slid it in and out of her, her tight cunt almost grabbing onto it as I sent it in deeper. I pulled it out of her and stepped back, so that I could wash off her firm ass and grope it at the same time. I wet her hair completely so that it would stick to her dripping wet body. I gave her back the handset so she could attach it to the rest of the shower so that it would act as normal again, and, since she went back to her frisking position, I decided to frisk her. I ran my hands down her arms and onto her juicy melons, to get another squeeze in as I kept going down her side and onto her ass.

I knelt down as I felt the outside of her legs and slid my hands around to the inside. I ran my hands back up her thighs and ended them up and her pussy. I slid between her legs so that I was face to face with her dripping wet pussy lips. She leant back and slid a hand to her cunt so that she could open her lips again for me. This time I got my face into her and sent my tongue out, lapping away at her inner walls. She turned the water down a little do she wouldn't slip over and leant her back on the shower wall, letting the water cascade onto the chest. She moaned and groaned as I licked her cunt and in a furious pleasure frenzy she knocked the handset back down off of the placing. I grabbed onto it and stuck it into her hot ass. That, with me eating out her sweet pussy sent her off again, her juices streaming onto her face and the handset falling back out of her ass.

As she came around I stood up and kissed her for what seemed forever. She then took my cock in her hand again, until I was hard and slid down and sat on the shower floor. I felt her hot lips wrap around my cock and slide down half way, the end of my cock being at least half way down her throat. I wondered how she could take me so far without choking but I soon forgot about it as I enjoyed one of the wettest blowjobs I have ever experienced. Her head bobbing up and down on my cock, I grabbed onto her hair and moved my hips as if I was fucking her head. Her tongue was so skilled at lapping around me that I could not hold on, she grabbed onto my balls as I blew my load into her mouth as she swallowed everything that she could milk out of my exhausted cock.

I became the permanent handyman around at her house after that day, even if she didn't pay me!


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