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Jason, Megan, and Lou
by Danman

Jason walked backed towards his dormitory. It was his last class for the day and he was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, hanging out with some good friends and drinking a few beers. It was the second semester of Jason's freshman year and he was getting really comfortable with living away from home. His roommate Lewis, or Lou as he preferred, had taken some time to get used too, but now got along great. Although Jason certainly had had his share of women, he was no way up to Lou's level. Lou was a stud. Good looking.....dark hair, olive skin, muscular but not over bulky, pearly white teeth, confident without being stuck up, just the kind of guy Jason imagined himself to be. The big advantage to being Lou's roommate was the honeys, they were always around.

As Jason arrived to his dorm room he walked in and his jaw hit the floor.....Lou was lying on his bed with his legs spread and Megan was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. Jason could see the slickness on Lou's rock hard dick. Jason stuttered that he could come back later......Lou moaned and Megan stopped sucking Lou's prick long enough to give Jason the eye and invite him over. Megan was one of the girls who were always hanging out around the dorm. She was hot too. She was wearing short shorts that really rode up high and a spaghetti string top with no bra; her nipples were poking through her shirt. Jason didn't need to be told twice.

He approached Megan, who resumed sucking Lou's prick, and squatted down behind her. His hands automatically went to her nipples, tweaking those hot nubs, Jason had never seen such big nipples and couldn't wait to suck on them. His hands massaged her beautiful globes through her shirt and he began to kiss her neck. His lips traveled all around her neck up to her ear down her shoulders. He pulled one of the straps off her shoulder and exposed her tit. It felt heavy and hot in his hand as fingers searched out for her rigid nipples. Megan moaned as Jason played with her. Jason continued to kiss her and his hand searched out her crotch....he could feel the heat through her denim shorts.

Meanwhile, Megan was sucking hard on Lou's prick. Lou had a nice 7 inch cock with a big silky smooth mushroom head. Megan's lips were concentrating on the head while her hand pumped up and down on his shaft. Her hand went smoothly up and down, Lou's cock thoroughly wet with Megan's spit. Megan shifted and began to lick her tongue up and down the shaft of that beautiful hard rod, her tongue went down and tickled his balls. Lou groaned loud and lifted his ass of the bed. Megan took this opportunity and quickly wetting her fingers slid her finger inbetween Lou's ass cheeks and began to slowly circle her finger around his tight hole. Jason watched mesmerized and wanting badly for his ass to be touched also.

Jason put his hand on Lou's knee and spread his legs wider so he could get access to Megan. His tongue searched out her tit and licked and sucked her hard nipples. His teeth grazed them and he nipped them lightly driving Megan wild. His hand rubbed her crotch through her tight jean shorts. She stood up for a second allowing Jason to unbutton her jeans and slip her shorts and thong panties and remove them. Before she got back down on her knees, Jason stripped and laid himself between Megan's legs. She kneeled down and exposed her glistening pussy to Jason's eager tongue. He quickly put his face right up into her muff and licked furiously, driving Megan wild and soaking his face with her superwet pussy. He concentrated his tongue on Megan's clit. She moaned as loudly as she could with a mouthful of cock, spurring Jason on to more intense efforts. Megan ground her pussy onto Jason's face telling him to lick her harder and faster. Jason could feel with his hands Megan's stomach muscles tightening getting closer and closer to that ultimate goal. Megan suddenly came in a flood, soaking Jason's face, he loved it, drinking her juices and lapping at her swollen clit and pussy lips.

Jason removed himself from underneath Megan and leaned back against the bed catching his breath and feeling good. He sensed Lou's hands behind his head gripping the bed sheets. Lou let out a huge moan as Megan pumped his cock fast. Her mouth was wide open hoping to catch some of Lou's jiz. Lou began to cum, it was a huge fountain of sperm. Long ropes of cum shot out some getting into Megan's mouth and hair, some shot far over and hit Jason's shoulder and cheek. Slightly surprised his finger reached up and touched the hot milky liquid, it was warm and slid easily along his already wet cheek. Curiously he pushed some of the sperm to his lips and tasted it. He liked the way Lou's cum tasted and quickly pushed more into his mouth. He got up and went to kiss Megan, hoping to get some more of Lou's sperm for himself. Megan and Jason began to kiss deeply sharing their tongues and juice that was still leftover. Jason felt a strong hand run through his hair. Lou had sat up and hotly looked down at the two while pushing their heads together, enjoying watching them enjoy themselves. Megan and Jason slowly stood up and laid down on the bed on top of Lou. Lou began kissing Megan, tonguing her ear and telling her how hot she was. He kissed and licked her face all over, getting closer and closer to Jason's who was still tongue locked with Megan. Lou began to kiss both their mouths together, Jason turned his head to meet Lou's mouth for the first time. The first kiss was tentative but quickly became bold. Megan pulled back.....watching these two hot studs kiss passionately. It made her pussy tingle and get even wetter, her hand reached down and fingered her wetness. She extricated her self and moved back to watch for a moment.

Jason and Lou's hands began to roam all over each others bodies. Massaging and rubbing each other everywhere. Lou's hand gripped Jason's ass and pulled him tightly close. He rolled over on top of Jason and kneeled to his side and began to suck Jason's cock. His mouth instinctively knew how another man wanted to be treated and his mouth slowly went up and down his cock, lots of slobber and suction made for an awesome blowjob. Lou was working hard at pleasing Jason. Jason's cock was as hard as it ever had been before and it felt great.

Lou's ass was a wide open invitation to Megan. She came behind him and buried her face in his ass. Her tongue swirled around his asshole and lapped at his balls that were hanging low. Megan made her tongue as hard as she could and jammed into Lou's sweet ass. She dipped her finger into her pussy wetting it good and inserted inside of Lou. He moaned loudly and said he wanted something bigger in his ass. Jason knew Lou meant him and he was up for it definitely. Jason sat up leaning against the headboard. Lou got up and turned his back to Jason and slowly lowered himself onto Jason's love spike. Lou's hole resisted for a second then the entire length of Jason disappeared into Lou's ass. Jason found his cock in the hottest, tightest spot it had ever been in and it was great. Lou rotated his hips, moving Jason prick all around his ass.

Megan was getting so hot watching she had to join in. She climbed up on the bed and began sucking on Lou's dick again. It was hard in seconds. Her hot mouth and Jason's rock hard dick buried inside of him was driving him mad. Megan then climbed up and holding onto the headboard lowered her steaming cunt onto Lou's dick. She began to bounce up and down. He bounce was making some great waves for Jason as his dick moved in and out of Lou's ass. Jason's cock began to swell as big as it ever had. Lou could feel Jason's prick pulsing and feel the sperm coating the inside of his ass. He began to cum again shooting deep into Megan.

The group fell back into a heap and lay still for a few minutes. Jason's hand rested on Lou's ass. Jason could feel his sperm trickle from Lou's hole. Jason shifted his face down to Lou's ass and put his lips to Lou's hole and sucked his own juice from him, savoring the hot taste of the juices mixed together. He then moved onto Megan and sucked Lou's jizz from her pussy, they all met face to face and began to kiss and lick each other sharing the juices.

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