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Jules' Secrets
by BluesmanII

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

(For Julie B., Author at Literotica)

As Jules lay there upon the crisp sheets, a lone fan buzzing and gently washing her nude form in the cool breeze, she listened to the subtle strains of Loreena McKennitt's singing carry her far away.

A single candle flickered and cast grotesque shadows. She imagined the shadows as the forms of the many men she frequently wished were surrounding her, prodding her and using her for their purely sexual pleasures. Her fingers massaged her clit as she spread her legs farther apart and closed her eyes to welcome the dark desire that she harbored.

She thought of her desire as an accretion. A shining, pearlescent, jewel of a whim that grew and grew until, like a pearl, it became something of an irritant to it's host. Then...THEN...dark libidinous thoughts pushed her to real life dangerous situations. Each time she acted upon these desires, it brought her closer and closer to actualizing the fantastic urges that propelled her. She continued to apply pressure to her clit and moaned as she recalled the last episode.


It had been a Friday evening and her husband had gone out for a few drinks with some old acquaintances. She dressed herself in deliberately provocative attire. She wore a filmy, black dress that was very low-cut. It was chosen to feature her 38D breasts which she knew were an attractant. The thinnest of brassieres insured that her nipples would be visible beneath the fabric. They were easily teased to an erect condition by the proximity of strong males and her own salacious thoughts. The hem of the dress was just decently modest for her age, but still too short for any formal situation. She had applied a perfume that was alluring, but faint. One that invited a man to invade her space for a better sampling of it's promise.

Jules had taken a taxi downtown to a large pub that was frequented by younger people and predominantly singles. It was a known "meat market" and she left her wedding ring at home. She had wondered if it might be MORE provocative to wear it? Maybe it would be less threatening. Maybe the men (plural) she wanted to attract would assume that they were fulfilling her fantasies and not be intimidated by the sense that a female without a ring might be seeking more than just an evening's tussle.

As she made her way past the crowd at the door, Jules had sensed that there were eyes upon her. She stepped into a booth and a waitress took her cocktail order. "A martini, please. Bombay Sapphire, straight up, dry, with a twist". While she waited for the drink she innocuously looked about the room. The corner from which she had felt eyes disrobing her was occupied by several large and swarthy men who appeared to be Turkish or Kurdistans. Even as she casually looked in their direction, the fierce intensity of their stares caused the hair at the back of her neck to bristle and she felt a flush of sexual excitement which made her nipples taut and her lips tremble. She looked away, but she thought that they could see clear into her soul and discern the dark nature of her desire.

The waitress arrived with a properly chilled Martini of ambitious proportion and Jules swilled it much too quickly! She was seeking the calm to carry through with her long imagined fantasy; and the very real danger that it posed both excited her and made her fearful for her well-being. Unconsciously, she stroked the inside of her thigh beneath the table taunting her Mr. Hyde libido to surface and overwhelm the sensible girl that she was raised to become. She looked up and saw that she had not been as discreet in the motion as she had thought!

The darkest of the men, a powerful man of indeterminate age (32?) with a full head of tight, dark, curls...a full moustache, and strong, muscular build--- seemed to smile thinly beneath the hair that crowned his lip. His dark eyes glowered at her and he carelessly, (but deliberately... she thought!) ran a hand over the bulge at the front of his dark jeans. His smile erupted into a grin.

Jules ordered another Martini and this time sipped more slowly. A PLAN! she thought. A PLAN is what she needed! Even as she thought about it, nature itself was pushing events forward.

A loud careening screech of wheels followed by a sudden BANG! and the sounds of crashing metal startled everyone in the pub and instantly everyone knew there had been a terrible accident just outside. The door flew open, and even before Jules went out with the rest of the patrons, she noted that her Turk was watching her still.

She saw upon leaving the cozy dark room that the night had chilled, and the scent of burning rubber filled her nostrils. A car had smacked into a Lorry from behind and was now engulfed by flames.

The driver had apparently dove clear and was watching his automobile burn furiously. Jules wondered what the driver was feeling. Elation at being alive? Anger about the accident? Fear because of the immediacy of the event? The martini and the symbiotic thrill of seeing death cheated so, made Jules feel giddy for no particular reason. She turned to find the Turk standing immediately behind her! She spun her head forward, not sure exactly how she should react. Was she actually looking for him? Did his dark looks and powerful build attract her? Could he sense that? The answer was--- apparently so! Through the thin fabric of her dress, she felt a rough hand smooth over the curve of her derriere. The crowd was pressed together and no one could see that the Turk was taking advantage of this situation. Jules was ambivalent. Part of her flight defense mechanism was near actuation, yet somehow deep within, her libido was charging and this unwarranted attention was becoming very arousing.

The fact that she stayed even a second longer without protest was all the consent that the dark stranger required. He was young and virile and he demonstrated that to her by taking her hand. His rough palm cupped her hand and he guided it behind her to where he was pressed against her backside. He directed it toward what she knew was going to be an erection, but what she hadn't expected was that the man was bold enough to place her hand INSIDE his zipper which was now conveniently at half-mast. Her hand, cold from the night air, brushed against a very hairy pubis and stopped at an enormously rigid shaft that seemed to be uncircumcised. Jules was now spinning! How...HOW!!! had this happened? What would come next? The man leaned forward and his cock jumped into her hand as it groped beneath his jeans. She could feel him grind against her and the knob of this animal-cock was now wet with semen that was a foreshadowing of what she had just decided to accept. Strange sex with a strange man. Fantasy just introduced Jules to the warp in it's weave and insinuated a dose of reality to her nighttime ruminations.

The man removed her hand knowing that he had succeeded. She was going to be compliant to his will. He was firm in turning her by her waist and seizing her body so that she faced him. She looked up...his eyes were coals and the eyebrows dark and foreboding. His nostrils flared in animal lust and she quivered as she stubbornly accepted the sequence of events and allowed the momentum to carry her. There was no communication needed. The man nodded at his companions, flashed them a grin and motioned for Jules to follow him to where his automobile was curbed. It was a short walk down the street and she sensed his body coiled inside like a python. He would be savage she thought. Good! Jules had decided that if she were to go through with this, there should be no room for equivocating! He did not touch her on the walk. He merely kept pace with her. They reached the car. It was parked beneath a shop overhang. The shop was long closed and the awning had not been retracted. It was suited to an impromptu liason and she wondered if he had chosen the spot for that very purpose.

She did not have time to think such things. He picked her up with one hand beneath each of her buns and placed her squarely on the bonnet of a BMW that she presumed was his. He pushed her down so that her head rested on the windshield while her legs splayed along the length of the bonnet.

In a moment, somehow lost to her recognition, he had his hands sliding upon her thighs, and fabric yielded to fingers accustomed to having their way. Her dress now up above her waist, panties down, and - the subtle downy fringe of her womanhood exposed thusly - she drew in a breath as his tongue touched (finally!) upon her cleft and she shuddered in anticipation of further exploration.

No words were spoken. He began a symphony of sensations that, each, building from the previous, elevated her arousal to a nearly untenable level. Her hips pressed furiously against his chin and the reward was a tongue that teased forth a spectrum of emotion that ranged from the properly upset to the positively deranged! This middle eastern magician, was penetrating her most private parts with his mouth in a way that only someone with an innate connection to the female anatomy could understand! Who was this man?

Jules could scarcely breathe!!! The dark curls of his head evident beneath her, she cupped them and drew him even further within her! His tongue played havoc upon her clit! She found herself pulling him close... rubbing urgently! Abandon did not describe her complete surrender to this stranger's ministrations. His hands somehow found her tits and she came! Simply as this! Mouth upon viable flesh, soft thighs spread and well treated, supple tits available to rough hands, she found herself completely surrendering to the moment and she shook violently as she came! What on earth could possibly follow?

It seemed after her exhaustive orgasm that time had stood still. But it merely slowed so she could collect herself. She heard her own heavy breathing and noticed as she cooled down the slight chill that the night air had on her exposed tits.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by BluesmanII.

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