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John's Story
by Wicked Baby

This is an original and true story written by me. My master has asked me to post it for all to read. Enjoy!

The names have been changed to protect the Master...

At night before going to bed I checked my email. I always do this for some reason. Wouldn't be able to fall asleep if I didn't. I waited for AOL to connect and heard the familiar "you've got mail". I didn't open the mailbox right away because I was thinking to myself it has to be him. Why is he emailing me out of the blue? I don't even know why I check the mail for this screen name, maybe in hopes that he will write to me. He is the only one who has the name. Maybe it's just junk spammers? If I open it and it's not him I will be disappointed, but I have to open it because it could be him. Well after debating it with myself out loud for a few seconds feeling like a complete idiot for talking to myself out loud I opened the mail center. It was him! He emailed me. I opened the email right away. It only said "Bring your stuff to work tomorrow." Well I signed off quickly and packed a small bag for work the next day.

The next day at work I was wondering to myself if he was going to call or email me or what. I checked my email like 50 times throughout the day. He wasn't online at all. Then the receptionist calls my office and says there is a man named John on the phone. He won't tell us what company he is from or what the call is in reference to. He said you would definitely want to talk to him. He insists that we put him through. Great I thought just what I need the receptionists trying to figure out who he is. I said, "Put him through". I pick up the phone and say, "hello can I help you?"

"Why yes you can. At 6 o'clock be downstairs on Fifth Avenue. I will be there. Just get in the car and don't ask me any questions. Did you do what I asked of you?"

I told him "yes". Then he hung up.

It was 5:30 now. I started to get ready to leave and get my things in order. The owner called to me as I was making my way out of the office. I was looking around at my watch. He said, "you in a rush for something?" I told him I had called a car and it was waiting for me. I had to go. After about five minutes of telling me something that could of waited till tomorrow he let me go. "Great I thought I am late and john is going to kill me.

I finally got downstairs and it was 6:10. He was still there and he didn't look happy. I hopped in the car and didn't say a word. He looked at me and said, "Take up your shirt" I did what he had asked and he took out a pair of scissors and cut my bra off. "Undo your pants and take them down a little," then he proceeded to cut off my panties. He then put two little clamps on my nipples and told me to put the seat back. Then he blindfolded me and put a gag on my mouth. Then he drove on. After about a half hour we stopped. He told me he would be right back.

After about five minutes I was being lifted from the car. I heard a door open and we inside somewhere. He carried me up stairs and laid me down on some sort of table. It felt like a doctors office table. He put cuffs on my wrists and tied them to something at one end of the table. So my arms were reaching above my head. Then he flipped me over onto my stomach and put some pillows beneath me. Then he strapped down my legs. At this point I was nervous. I knew he wasn't happy in the car because I was late. I expected the clamps and the blindfold, but the gag had been new.

He likes to hear me talk, usually. Now this was just way beyond weird. He has barely said two words to me and he has me somewhere that I don't know about and he has never tied me down to a table like this without asking if things were too tight or if I was ok with it. Now I have no say. I can feel him cutting off my shirt and my pants. He had flung my shoes across the room somewhere because I heard them hit the floor. He was breathing really heavy. Then he left. I must have been in this position for about half an hour. I was crying and I was nervous. I can't believe that 10 minutes made him so mad. He knew what it was like for me to get out of work at night. I am lucky I got out that early. I must have dozed off because I didn't hear the door reopen. I awoke to the stinging of a whip on my ass. I tried to cry out but with the gag on he wouldn't hear me.

He hits me nine more times and then stopped. He came up to my ear and whispered" one for each minute you were late. Never again. When I say 6 I mean 6". Then he left. 15 minutes or so later he returned. He started to rub some oil or something on my ass while pushing his fingers in and out of my asshole and my vagina. Then he started to rub my back and my shoulders. I could hear him rummaging around in a drawer or a box. Then I heard a vibrator turn on. He was rubbing it up and down my back and shoulders. It felt so good after being tied here for so long. It was a small vibrator if I am right it was my set of silver bullet vibrators. He was rubbing it on my ass and dripping more oil on me. Then he shoved the one in my ass. I had been very turned on even though I was so nervous and scared. When he pushed that in I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Thank god I didn't. I wouldn't have been able to tell him I was Cumming with the gag on and he always told me to make sure I tell him right before it's going to happen.

Well he started to untie me. Then he flipped me over on to my back and helped me off the table I was on. He led me to another table where he bent me face first over the table and then strapped my legs to something. I guess he strapped them to the legs of the table because it wasn't a very wide table. If I reached my arms out I could feel the ends of the table. Then he was in front of me tying my wrists to something. He left for a few minutes and then came back.

I could feel my wetness dripping down my legs. Then I felt an ice cube on my back. It was sooo cold. I started to shiver. I tried to squirm but it wasn't easy considering the position I was tied in. he pulled the vibrator out of my ass and turned it off. Next he started to strap something around me thighs. As he did this I could feel a large dildo being pushed into my cunt.

"Where the hell did this toy come from I thought?" well he tightened the straps and it stayed in place. He put one of his looser clamps on my clit and then left again. When he returned he was fiddling with something. I could hear him moving things around. Then the dildo inside of me started to vibrate. Between this and the clamp on my clit I was never going to make it. I knew I was going to cum shortly. He came up behind me. I could feel his hardness touching me. He reached over and untied my gag.

"Hear drink from the straw" I felt a straw come near my mouth and started to drink from it greedily. My mouth was so dry. "Are you sorry he asked?" "Yes sir I am sorry" "Will it happen again?"

"No sir I will not let it happen again."

"Good now did you miss me baby doll?"

"Yes sir"

"A lot?"

"Of course sir"

"Well, well I don't think I have punished you enough just yet. But you will surely feel as though you have been when I am done. Is that vibrator bring you close to the edge?"

"Yes sir it is"

"Good then I will bring you over it. I know you will cry out but I also know you have wanted this and I think it is time we get you use to it. Do you love me?"

"Yes sir with all my heart"

"Good you have my permission to cum and you do not have to let me know before you do. You do however have to cry out when it happens. I love to hear you scream when you come."

"Yes sir" With that all said and done. He walked away. What is it that he is going to do? I couldn't figure out what he meant by "I know you have wanted this and it's time to get you use to It."

then all of a sudden he was up behind me again. Pushing his cock into my asshole. "ohh,ohh" I screamed out. Why? Why now is he trying this? He knows I am not use to this and it hurts every time he tries. He pushes it all the way in anyway. I am trying to squirm. It hurts but it feels so good at the same time. Plus with the vibrator in my cunt I don't know if I am feeling pleasure or pain. He has it all the way in me.

He starts to slowly pull it out and push it back in. I can feel him dripping oil on it when he pulls it back out. He is grasping my hips and pushing in and out slowly. He starts to get faster and then I lose it. I start Cumming and Cumming. Moaning out and screaming. It hurts but feels so good. I want him to go faster. And harder. Either he senses this or maybe I said it out loud, I do not remember. But he starts to go faster. He's pounding me harder now. Then I hear his breathing getting short and I am still moaning. I can feel his cock swell inside of me and my muscles tighten around it. Then he explodes inside of me. He has his hands on my shoulders now and he is moaning loudly. Grasping my shoulders hard.

He's still Cumming inside of me. I feel as though I am going to pass out. He pulls out of me and turns the vibrator off. Untying me he tells me to start taking off my clamps and my blindfold.

"Don't worry the light won't hurt your eyes. I have them off" I take of the blindfold slowly and he was right it didn't really hurt my eyes but it took me a few seconds to adjust. He had candles lit everywhere, I still did not know where we were. Taking me by the hands he leads me down a short hallway into a bathroom. He picks me up and lowers me into the tub. For the next hour or so he just washes me slowly telling me how much he missed me and how he didn't want to punish me too harshly but felt that since it has been so long he thinks I should have made and extra effort to be waiting for him at 6.

I murmur an apology because I feel so drowsy I can barely talk. He picks me up out of the bath and brings me to the bedroom down the hall. Once there he towels me dry and puts me under the covers. After drying himself off he climbs under the covers next to me.

Getting on top of me he says, "I am sorry I was away so long. I will never leave you like that again. I had some things to straighten out and now they are done. I am sorry I hurt you. I want you to know I will always be here for you and I love you." then we proceeded to make love until exhausted we both fell asleep.


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