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Jungle Shower
by Shane Gray

You awake to a driving rain. It takes you several seconds to force your mind to capture the situation. Costa Rica. Deep in the no-man's land of a virginal jungle. A flash of lightening. White light exploded in every inch of the universe. Crashing thunder shakes the trees. Your hammock sways violently in the howling wind.

Lightning and driving rain. Rare in the green cocoon that you have called home for the last four months. Lightening is a thing of the distant latitudes. This kind of crashing lightening is almost unheard of. And the rain. Not that rain is rare. On the contrary. You live in rain. Every day it drifts down like soupy ether. You struggle to see the top of the three-canopy jungle. Driving rain stings your eyes and you look back toward your hammock. Normally the complex labyrinth of trees, vines, and bromeliads repels all attackers. Only the fine mist can make it through the emerald fabric.

But today, for some reason, the pattern doesn't hold. The lightening flashes and the thunder booms. You turn your face into the hammock and clutch the cords, holding on for life. You hold out against the storm for what seems forever. Searing bursts of light. Driving rain. Crashing thunder. You hold on tighter still.

Suddenly the point of a spear of noise pricks your dulling senses. You strain to filter this new sound from all the background blaring that envelops you. At first you think that it must be the sound of the creek at the foot of the hill. Trapped in a narrow gorge, it swells with the rain and grows louder by the minute. But as you lean your mind toward the creek another sound comes into focus. Footsteps.

You turn abruptly and find him standing there. Looking down at you. You are shocked at first. He looks as tall as a mountain. You look up at him as you are lying in your hammock. His face is framed by streaks of lightening.

This man. So distant. So involved in the project. This man. So immune. You are surprised that he has come to pay you such devout attention. You are surprised he even acknowledges your existence. You wonder to yourself, "do you call a frigid man frigid? Or is there some other word if it's a man?" But as you look up at him he seems to be genuinely concerned.

"Are you okay?" he shouts against the storm.

His eyes. There are boring through you. Eyes the color of pewter. Never wavering. But now, for the first time, filled with feeling. It occurs to you that he might be genuinely worried about you. As you fill yourself with his eyes it suddenly occurs to you that the rain has soaked you shirt. The flimsy material clings to your naked clammy skin. For a moment you feel ... vulnerable. Embarrassed. You can feel your nipples grow beneath the shear wet fabric. You tell yourself that it's only the cold. But you track his eyes for one more moment. You wonder if he notices your round hard nipples, reaching out for freedom from the shear wet fabric.

But this moment passes and you answer him. "I'm okay." You lie.

You watch him watch you for another moment. You will your nipples down. But they grow harder still. And reach out to him. It's just the cold. Nothing more.

Then you reassure him again him that you are okay. Another minute passes and the rain begins to slacken. You are drawn to his eyes. Strong eyes. Maybe they aren't pewter. It's Levis. His eyes are the color of faded denim. Transparent eyes. With that your eyes drop down and brush across the faded Levis cutoffs that he wears. Against your will they roam along the seams that run down his legs. Between his legs. The seams are worn. And tight. Your heart is beating. Just a little faster. You are drawn back to his eyes. Are his eyes really searching yours?

"Pretty bad storm," he says. You watch him for another moment. It appears that he could actually be human. Or at least humanoid. You continue to watch him as he looks down upon you. You can see just the hint of a smile forming on his face. It occurs to you that he is a beautiful man. When he smiles. The moment hangs in balance. He continues to watch you. His face warm. Kind. Considerate.

You watch him but are stone silent. Your eyes track across his lips and you trace the outline of his cheek with your eyes. He watches you for another moment. But you do not answer. Then he turns slowly back toward the forest. Frozen for a moment you race to fling an answer in his direction. Words. Any words. Quickly. "Are you okay?" you ask. And feel a little lame.

Four months together. The deepest conversation you have had to date. He's all business. All the project. Finding that new serum. Making the project a success.

"Actually, I was pretty scared," he says. Softly. He watches the movement in your eyes.

You are more than surprised. You are astounded. "You were scared?" you confirm.

"That was a pretty terrible storm."

"Yes. I was scared too."

He moves closer and you continue to watch him. Without moving. Without rising. You lay on the hammock. Awkwardly. Afraid to get up. Afraid to break the moment. You have been so lonely. So desperately lonely. Your heart begins to pound as you see his smile again. You can feel your breasts swelling out toward him. Your nipples are hard as nails. They push the fabric of you shirt up like tiny tent poles. And you know it isn't just the cold. You long to feel him touch them. Even a feather's touch. Your eyes once more graze across the seams in his levis. Your gaze slides slowly down. Starting at the steel button at the top. Sliding down, slowly inspecting each button as you go. You can feel the buttons. You imagine that they are feeling pressure. Growing against them.

At last he moves closer and reaches out his hand. "I was worried about you," he says. You reach up slowly to take his hand. You can feel it closing around your. A strong hand. A kind hand. It feels so warm. It feels so nice. All the months of loneliness begin to shatter and fall in pieces all around you. You have wanted him for so long. Wanted to touch him. Wanted to feel him. Wanted to feel him touching you. His fingers are drawing tiny circles on your smooth skin. You can feel your skin begin to warm where he touches it. And you realize. He is all you've ever wanted.

Then without warning you grab tight to his hand and use it to lift yourself from the hammock. But suddenly you feel yourself falling. By reaching up you lost your balance in the hammock. His hand pulls against yours. Hard. His feet slip in the wet warm mud. Mud formed from the thick red clay of costa rica. The structure of the soil has completely disintegrated with the rain. It is now deep red mud. Warm red deep mud.

You pull harder and his footing completely gives way. In a moment it is over. You tumble from the hammock and fall to the ground. Sliding down the hill in the warm rust mud. You come to a sudden stop at the bottom of a little hill. You look up. But only for a moment. In a moment he falls on top of you. You can feel his body. Pressing down on yours. You feel the warmth of his lips as they fall into your neck. His chest. Pressing down your swelling breasts. His heavy chest slides slowly across your breasts. Stretching your hard nipples. The steel buttons. The hard tight seams. They scrape against your side and then roll slowly across your stomach. In a moment he has you in his arms. Holding you tightly. Your breasts press into his chest. Your nipples ache with pleasure as they slide against his chest. And you can feel those buttons. And you imagine what's behind them. It presses into your mound as he locks his legs around your body. Entwined together you both roll all the way over. Once, maybe twice. Then you settle at the bottom of the hill. And the warm deep mud slowly oozes up all around you as you slowly sink into it.

You are laughing. Your whole soul laughs. The mud is so soft and so warm. The air is heavy and scented with the fragrance of tuberous, shaken by the rain. The sounds of birds fill the forest all around you. And the warm golden sunlight begins to filter down through the trees. You hear the sound of the creek. Running quickly down the canyon just beyond. The water sounds happy.

And you feel him on top of you. Pushing you down into the mud. Your breasts are pushing up even harder. They are so firm they almost push him from you body. Your nipples ache for freedom. And you can feel wetness forming between your legs. You can sense your feelings focus there. You can feel it begin to tighten. To tingle. You can feel the wetness building. Preparing for him. Preparing to take him deep inside you.

You hesitate for one more moment. You want him to take you. You want him to want you. But then in a heartbeat you reach up and wrap your arms around his waist. You slip his shirt off and toss it to the side. Then you slide your encircling arms up along his back. You arms slip across his muddy skin. Then you push him down onto you. You hold him. Take him. Use him. You slide his chest back and forth across your breasts. His skin pushes on the fabric of your shirt. You hold him to you. Feeling the warmth and closeness of his body. Feeling the presence of his soul. Then you move his body slowly back and forth. Rubbing on your nipples. Stretching your nipples. You hold him with your nipples stretched so hard. As you feel your heart pound and the delicious aching in your breasts.

Then you move quickly down and reach for the treasured button. You feel it in your hands. So hard. Your fingers play with its hardness. Then you pull it free. Then the next one. And the next. You slide his shorts off. You hold your breath for a second as you watch his penis springing from his shorts. It is long and hard and curving up. In a second you press hard against his butt. You can feel his penis. You push it down into your stomach. You can feel the long hard shaft. You can feel the rough hard surface slide across your stomach. The head presses down into you. You can hear him sigh. Then you push on his hips and drive him downward. You hold him hard against you. You can feel his penis hard against you. Pressing through the fabric of your shorts. You move him back and forth. In little circles. You are so wet now that it begins to trickle from you.

He breaks from your grasp and rises to his knees. He is watching your eyes. Searching your eyes. His hands move toward you. His fingers. Running through your hair. One fingers. He touches your temple. Then he slides it slowly down your cheek. Tracing the outline of your jaw. You feel the head of his penis. Pushing into your stomach. His fingers slide across your lips. Wiping off the mud. Then he leans toward you. His mouth. Playing with your earlobe. Sucking gently. Blowing. Sucking. Ahhh... The feel of his hand shocks you. Excites you. You begin to breathe harder. You can feel his hands. Loosening the buttons on your shirt. Sliding down your back. His lips slowly touch you cheek as his hand slips the shirt off of your shoulders.

His lips touch yours softly at first. His hand is playing with your chest. His kisses come faster. You press your lips into his. And move them over his. His hand moves closer to your breast. His fingers trace large circles all around your breast. You slip your hand behind his neck and draw his face closer. The circles become smaller. His fingers slide around the outside of your breast. You move up and kiss him. Hard. You drive your hungry mouth into his full lips. Ahhh.. Then you slowly move your tongue. His fingers close in toward your nipple. It is hard as stone and pushing up toward him. You slip your tongue between his lips just as his fingers brush like a feather tip across the tip of your hard nipple. You cry out. Ahhh. You arch you back up. Suddenly. Trying to drive your breast into his hand. You want to feel his fingers on your nipples. You arch up further and drive your breast up harder as your tongue slides deep into his mouth.

Ohhhhh. His tongue circles around yours as his takes your nipple in his fingers. He sucks gently on your tongue. His mouth is on your neck. Kissing. Sucking. His fingers move in rapid stokes. Drawing up your nipple. You arch up once again to feel his fingers. His penis drives into your stomach. His mouth is on your ear. Kissing your neck. Fingers draw your hand nipple. First one breast. Then the other. His tongue is in your mouth. Sliding in and out. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Your heart is pounding. Your fingers search to find his penis. You want to feel the shaft. To run you fingers over the head.

At last your fingers reach between your stomachs and find his penis He gasps. Your fingers curl around it. His whole body shutters. Instantly his hands are on your breasts. He is pulling them. Hard. His tongue drives into your mouth. Over and over he probes your mouth and slides his tongue around yours. His hands pull hard on your nipples. They feel like fire as the skin stretches in his hands.

You hand slides along the skin of his penis. It is so warm and so hard. You can feel the fire building between your legs as you feel the loose skin around his balls.

Ahhh. You can feel his tongue as he sucks your breast into his mouth. You pull hard on his penis. He thrusts it deep into your hand. He is sucking on your nipple. Biting sucking. Then he opens his mouth wide and sucks deeply on your breast as your hand runs hard to the base of his shaft. He crys out. You can hear him grit his teeth as you draw your fingers back to the deep purple head. He begins to trust his penis into your hand. But suddenly you release him. He stops suddenly and then draws himself up off your chest. Your breast aches to have him back. But instead you reach up and cup his face in your hands. You draw him down toward you. And you kiss him. Once. Then again. Then you move your mouth to his ear and whisper. Sounds that only he can hear. Again your fingers stoke lightly on his penis. Running along the shaft. Playing with the head. Again he shutters. Then you whisper. "Now Jimmy. Take me. I want to feel you sliding deep inside me. Fuck me Jimmy. Do it like it's your first time. Fuck me like I'm your first one."

In one smooth mouth he rolls over and you are lying on top of him. His hands slide your shorts off and he pushes them away. In one smooth motion he moves you forward. His fingers. Wiping the mud off your mound. They slip inside your lips. They slip inside your pussy. One inch. He holds one pussy lip between his thumb and fingers. Then he slides along it. You can feel his tongue. Hard and wet. Licking your pussy. Playing with your cunt. You shutter as his tongue probes slowly between your pussy lips. He moves it quickly back and forth. Your pussy tightens. His hands are on your breasts now. Playing with your nipples. His tongue probes deeper. Then he moves it around quickly. Fingers pull your nipples. Mouth sucking on your cunt. Sucking it harder and harder. Hands grinding against your breasts.

His tongue is searching for your clit. Your heart is beating and you are breathing harder and harder. You slide your hand around. Searching for his penis. Hands pull hard on your breasts. His tongue drills down along the little sheath that covers your clit. You search harder. You need to feel his penis. You feel his tongue digging out your clit. Your hips shake. You drive your cunt down onto his tongue. Your fingers finally find their target. You curl your fingers around it. And grind your clit down against his mouth. He sucks it hard. You scream and it echoes through the forest. You pull him. Hard.

Then in one more second his is sliding back up. Your face is looking down at his. You can feel the head. So close. You want it. You want to feel it. This time he whispers to you. "You fuck me. Fuck me Lisa. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before."

You brush back his hair. And kiss his cheek. Then his mouth. You tongue drives into his mouth. His hands pull hard on your breasts. Then you reach out and grab his shaft. And lower yourself onto it.

The head slides slowly between your lips. The shaft slithers into your pussy like a snake. You can feel it hard and long. Pushing up inside you. You tighten your pussy. Holding hard against him as he slides up deep inside you. You hold him there for a moment. Squeezing with your pussy. Moving slowly up and down.

Then his mouth is on your breast. His tongue slides around your nipple. You drive down. His is deep inside you. His mouth. Sucking hard on your tits. You drive your pussy over his cock. Your grind your tits into his mouth. He's biting on the nipples. Your cunt is so wet. And so wild. You move your hips up and then drive back down on his dick, tightening it so hard as you feel the head. The shaft slides along the walls of your pussy. His hard cock stretches out your clit. You fuck him. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. His hands push down on your hips. Driving himself deeper inside you.

You pump faster and faster. You clit is aching. He sucks on your tits as you lift up. This time you scream. No one can hear you. You are two creatures. Mating in the forest. "Oh God Jimmy. Fuck me harder." You drive your cunt down on his cock. He forces your hips down and arches his back as he thrusts his cock up deep inside you. He is screaming. "Oh Lisa. Lisa. Ahhh. God Lisa. Make me cum."

You can feel the warmth. Forming in your clit. Spreading all around. You are fucking him wildly. Frantically. Faster and faster. You want to cum. You want to cum so bad. Your tits are sore. Your pussy aches. But you fuck him even faster. Then you see the changes on his face. His skin grows flushes. And you can feel his shaft throbbing. "Now Lisa." With one stabbing thrust he rams his cock up inside you. You drive your pussy down as deep as you can go. You tighten your pussy walls around his shaft. Tighten like a vice. His face distorts. You can feel the first wave of hot, thick, white cum as it drills inside you. His cock is smashing hard against your clit. You can feel the waves of pleasure forming. You hold him tight inside you. You use the hard bone at the front of your pussy to press against his dick. You tighten your pussy even tighter and move it up and down, just a half an inch. You milk the cum out. Squeeze and slide. Squeeze and slide. You can feel the hot cum drilling up inside you.

At last he screams out your name. Lisa. Then with one final thrust he drives his cock up inside you and holds it as wave after wave of cum pumps into your pussy. You feel the waves as they move through you. As each wave drives inside you his cock shutters and a wave of pleasure moves throughout your body. The pleasure moves like waves on the ocean. Spreading out from your clit. Through your whole pussy. Into your body. Over and over the waves flow through you. Thrilling. Warm. Delicious. Incredible. The waves keep coming and coming until at last you feel them dying down. Reflecting off the shores at the edges of your body then finally begin to subside. Rocking you gently back and forth.

He continues to hold you for so long. Then his grip relaxes. His now soft cock slides from your pussy. A cocktail of cum and your juices slide out with it. You stay still. For another delicious moment.

Then you look into his beautiful eyes and ask him outright, "Okay Jack. How come you never paid me one shred of attention until now?"

He looks at you and chuckles. "I thought you were too far above me to care." And you lay together. For another hour. For another week. You don't know. And you don't care. You are lost in a place without space or time. Just another day in an endless million years. And the winds of Eden blow smooth and warm across your face.


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