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Jan Pt. V
by The Glove

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When I got home from Jan's house it was past midnight. I showered and went to bed.

Saturday around 10 A.M. Jan called me. We talked and she said how happy she has been since being with me. How I opened her up to different sexual situations. Her ex-husband was not like me. She thanked me for being so open. I could care less, with whom she has sex with, as long as I get mine. I know that at age 23 I did not want to be tied down to only one individual. We talked for an hour. We agreed to go out for dinner Sunday evening.

As soon as I got off the phone there was a knock on my door. It was my landlord Jim.

"Belinda sent me up here because your phones been busy. We would like to invite you to a party this evening. It's at a friend's house. Nothing fancy."

"What kind of party," I asked.

"Lets just say it will surprise you and keep you entertained."

"Sounds good, what time and how do I get there."

"Around eight and you will be going with us. I guarantee you will have the time of your life. Come to the house around seven for a couple of drinks before we go."

"OK, you got it, do I need to bring anything?"

"No just your body," he said with a little laugh.

I had a nap that afternoon, figuring that this could be an all-nighter. I wanted to be well rested. Around five I started to get ready for this party. I showered, shaved and put on my Dockers and Polo shirt that showed my upper body well. At seven I rang the bell at my landlords house. Jim opened the door; he was dressed about the same as I.

"Come on in. Let's go to the study for a drink."

"Belinda will join us in a few minutes, she is putting on the finishing touches."

Jim made us whisky sours and we made small talk.

"You know I really enjoyed our last get together."

"Yea, I had a good time, your wife is a hot number."

"That was nothing, she gets more carried away at some of these parties. I also think your friend Jan is one hot woman."

"Jan and Belinda seem to get along well."

"Hell you got to get along after eating each other."

"Who was eating whom," said Belinda as she walked in.

"You're looking good baby," said Jim.

That was the understatement of the year. She did not look "good" she looked magnificent. She has changed her hairdo. Her blond hair is short, straight, with bangs. Her makeup is perfect accenting her lips and eyes. A white peasant blouse pulled down over the shoulders is the perfect match for her short skin-tight skirt. The white skirt has a slit on each side. Through the slits I can see black stockings. To set off the outfit she accents it with black thigh high boots.

"You like," she asks as she whirls around.

I don't know about her husband but my cock twitched. Belinda has one hell of an ass. The skirt's so tight that her ass crack is clearly visible. I could spend hours appreciating her ass. The hell with the party I want to play with her ass now, I thought to myself.

"Your looking dashingly handsome," she said has she hugged me.

I tilted her head and gave her a kiss. Her tongue probed my lips. Our tongues meet and she pressed her crotch against mine. My hands went to her ass cheeks and I clutched them. Her ass is stroft that is strong but soft. Pliable under my hands, I squeeze they come back for more. The hug also told me that she is bra-less. Her nipples puffed-up as our tongues explored each other.

We broke our embrace. Both of us were somewhat breathless. Seems like; we got turned on by each other. Jim handed her a drink.

"Thanks darling."

She sat in a chair across from us. For the next thirty minutes we talked as Belinda put a show on. Unconsciously or consciously she continuously to cross her legs. Whenever her legs crossed the skirt would elevate on her legs. First the top of the stockings were visible; then the upper inner thighs. Finally, I could see the small triangle of her black panties. They were extremely small and thin. Her pussy hair curls are sticking out the sides. She must be wet because the panties are bonded to her cunt.

"Now that both of you have hard ones its time to go," she said. "What a tease."

On the way I found out that our host and hostess names are John and Michelle. John is in his middle fifties while Michelle is in her early thirties. I was also told that these parties happen once a month. It is always something different but always sexual in nature. There are four couples in the group but today one woman was alone; hence me. In fact the single woman was our hostess Michelle. Her husband who is a banker was called out of town on business.

We pulled up to what I will call "The Manor House." It was huge, off the road about a mile. Surrounded by woods. Privacy all around. These people are rich.

We were greeted at the front door by one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. She has short black hair, pixie cut. Her face is flawless. The outfit she has on does nothing to hide a perfect body. She has on a slinky blue dress, not tight but loose. It has a high neck that is closed with three small buttons. The dress ends about two inches above her knees. Shimmery silver stockings in three inch blue pumps completes the outfit.

Belinda hugs her and gives her a kiss on the lips.

"You're looking good," she says.

"Thanks and you're looking delicious," replies Belinda.

Belinda is right I could eat her right by the front door. I am hoping that this is my partner for tonight.

"Hello, Jim how are you," she asks.

"Doing great looking forward to this evening."

She allows herself to be held and kissed by Jim. In fact I do believe that their tongues did interact.

"I hope that you are Johann."

"Yes, I am and you I hope are Michelle."

"Yes, I am your partner for this evening. Belinda thank you, he is everything you said he was," as she kissed her on the cheek.

"Let's go in and get the party started."

Michelle placed her arm in mine and directed us in.

We entered her living room. It's big enough to play basketball in. There were two other couples waiting for us. Michelle introduced me to all. There is Jennifer and her husband Mike and Sandy and her husband Tom.

Jennifer is in her late twenties. She has long straight black hair. She has a very deep tan. She looks of Spanish decent. She is wearing a short black dress with white stockings and black heels. Her best features are her pretty face and legs. She has very small breasts. Her legs are perfectly propionate to her body. Her husband Mike is around thirty. He is losing his hair and putting on weight.

Sandy is the opposite of Jennifer. She is fair, looks like she could use some sun. She is tall with medium length red hair. She has a frilly short purple skirt with a tight white button down blouse on. The blouse covers a magnificent set of breasts. She like Belinda is wearing boots, hers' end just below her knees. Mike is tall and blond. He has an athletic build like a runner.

For the next hour we just talked and got to know each other. The alcohol flowed freely. I found that I had no problem fitting in. The women were flirtatious and the men pleasant. However, the air was filled with sexual anticipation.

Mike and Belinda start to dance. All the music is slow dance music. Belinda has ground her body into his. As they dance Mike moves his hands down to her ass.

Sandy gets up and takes Jim to dance. He looks like the cat that ate the canary when she squashes her chest against him.

Tom and Jennifer start to dance with each other. I ask Michelle to dance.

"Sure but I want you to really close to me."

"How close?"

"Close enough so that I will know what you got in them jeans."

I pull her close. As we move to the music, I pushed my hips into her. I run my hand up and down her back. She does have a bra on. My hands go lower and grip her ass cheeks. She has a thong on. Her body fits mine flawlessly. Her fingers are caressing my neck. Her lips nibbling up and down my neck.

"If I blow in your ear, will you follow me anywhere"?

"I would follow you anywhere whether you blow in my ear or not."

She places her hand under my shirt. Her fingernails blaze a trail up and down my back. Her nails feel like a hot poker. Her hand works its way to my chest. Brushing her nails across my nipples. She sticks her tongue into my ear. My nipple becomes firm under the treatment from her nails.

"Your nipples are very sensitive."

"That's not all that's hard."

"I know I can feel you pressing into me. Let's sit down and watch the other."

We go into one corner of the room and sit on a couch.

"Look at Belinda and Mike," she says.

They have stopped dancing. Their bodies are clinched together. He has pushed the skirt over her ass. His fingers are kneading her ass cheeks. Separating and lifting them at the same time. Her black panties are buried deep in her ass. Their mouths are glued together, tongues working against each other. She shoves and rubs her crotch against his. His hips push against hers. They are dry humping each other with some urgency. As we watch Michelle moves her hand to my crotch. She cups my crotch and rubs her hand up and down.

I look over to Jim and Sandy. Jim has unbuttoned her blouse. Those magnificent breasts are unfastened and free. Jim moved behind her. He moves his hands from her waist to her breasts. He placed his hands under them and pushed them up. Sandy put her head back against his shoulders and closes her eyes. As he massaged her nipples her mouth falls open and her breathing becomes irregular. Her nipples are aroused and turn a bright pink color. She has small pointy nipples. He manipulates her tits, tweaking and swirling her nipples between his fingers. She swivels her ass against his crotch.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by The Glove.

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